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JanBask Community of Achievers

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It was an excellent overview of Salesforce course at JanBask. I had nothing more than a cursory knowledge of Salesforce when I began, and I think now I've got a pretty good grasp of the fundamentals after finishing the course.

- Bill Robinson

quotes1 icon

Very good course. Probably the best one for the beginners like I was. The course is worth all the money I have spent on it. The Presentation is excellent, crisp simple and easy to understand. The trainer seemed very experienced and knowledgeable. A typical high-level process flow was useful.

- Ryan Patterson

quotes1 icon

This course covers a lot of information in a short span of time. You can tell that the instructor is well versed in the material and knows how to relate the info to the student and the real world in a very straight-forward manner.

- Linda Moore

quotes1 icon

This is exactly what I was looking for, as a Senior Manager. I do not need to go in too much weeds of the system. So this course gave me enough to understand the nuts and bolts of Salesforce.

- Austin Collins

quotes1 icon

Thanks for the wonderful course. I am a Program Manager / Functional Consultant and I didn't have had much knowledge about salesforce platform. But your course helped me to understand the concepts within a short span of time and the practice test encouraged me to take the admin certification exam.

- Kunal Sinha

quotes1 icon

I have cleared the admin exam in the first attempt. Thank You Janbask for this wonderfully structured course. Being a novice to salesforce platform, this course really helped me to achieve my goal of clearing the exam.

- Steven Watson

quotes1 icon

You'll learn so much through his course, it's incredible. I would suggest working on Beginner, Intermediate, and the Advanced Administrator trailheads while taking this course. If you do all of that you'll definitely be prepared.

- Daniel Hill

quotes1 icon

The course objectives and corresponding lessons clearly explain beginning Administrator functions. The information is clear and concise throughout the course. The instructor gives very detailed information that breaks down all the certification requirements in an easy to understand format.

- Grace Jackson

quotes1 icon

For someone with a basic understanding and some practice as a Salesforce admin, the pace and content were good. You can speed up what you already know and slow or pause to study and practice items that are new to you. Went through end-to-end in several days.

- Priyanka Ahuja

quotes1 icon

Good course to understand the basics of Salesforce, if you combine it with Salesforce trailheads then it becomes a great course as you can apply what Wheeler talks about in an actual live salesforce environment! Goes into good detail of every aspect that relates to the Salesforce admin exam.

- Brian Miller

quotes1 icon

The scenario and examples used to explain how we use the functionality is absolutely Brilliant.! Great course for anybody who is experienced to work on SFDC or is a beginner.

- Devin Bennett

quotes1 icon

I have taken my time to thoroughly explore this course coupled with trail head. The instructor does a wonderful job of explaining how the system works and how to navigate it, as well as answering questions. Overall it is a wonderful introductory course to Salesforce and the Salesforce admin exam.

- Rajat Jain

quotes1 icon

I have looked at several Salesforce Administrator courses over the past six weeks. This one is by far the absolute best and most effective. You stick with it and you'll walk away well armed with knowledge. With this course combined with Trailhead, you can't go wrong. This is a rock solid source of material.

- Peter Lock

quotes1 icon

This course is great for touching on the broad range of topics covered by the 201 certifications. I think the quiz and test sections can be beefed up to better reflect the challenge of the actual exam.

- Daniel Szuster

quotes1 icon

This course covers all the basic areas of Salesforce Sales, Service, and Community Cloud administration. For me, an experienced Admin with a few successful implementations, it was a good refresher and filled in some unfamiliar areas too.

- Susan Findlay

quotes1 icon

This course proceeds in the path of the certification exam. Overall I am thankful to for designing and 'constantly improving' this course. Needless to say, I look forward to enrolling in the upcoming courses with Janbask too.

- Luke Hughes

quotes1 icon

Excellent walk-through of Salesforce and study guide. It is well organized and I highly recommend this to anyone interested in learning Salesforce or becoming a certified Admin.

- Liam Carter

quotes1 icon

This course is a wonderful supplement to study for the Salesforce Admin certification exam. I went through the entire course, you can be well-prepared if you pair this course with hands-on practice.

- Patrick Butler

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