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  •  Learn the importance of project management
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  •  Practical training in PMP tools

Fascinating Facets that will entice you about a career in Project Management

Job growth


of high-performing projects use PMP credentialed project managers.


Average entry-level salary


will see an increase in project management by 15.7 million professionals globally


Increase in demand of a PMP professional within the last quarter of 2018

Salary Trend

Salary Trends

Thought Provoking Considerations that will charm you into learning Project Management

A Few Compelling Facts A Few Compelling Facts

In the current world where the mean family income of the biggest economy on earth (United States) is $55,775, Project Management Professionals or Certified PMPs bring home a normal pay of $109,405—practically twofold of the normal!

Future of SQL Server Future of PMP

The PMP isn't only the most reputable Project Management certification, but also one of the best certifications to acquire. Numerous experts would like to accomplish a PMP training, and when taking a gander at the numbers it's clear why. The main highlight of pursuing a PMP certification keeps on to be the high salary.

Job Market Job Market

For whatever length of time that human venture exists, Project Managers will stay high in demand. A study directed by Enterprise Agile Coach Andrew Kallman on shows that there are more Project Manager employments in the market than there are for Agile Coaches, Agile Project Managers, CSMs, PMI-ACP, or CSPs.

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Our Reviews

Real-time Classes

"Learn in live sessions for most interactive learning”

We provide live classes and not recorded ones at all. They are just like sitting in a real classroom, jotting down points etc.

Regular Practice Assignments

"Mandatory regular assignments after every session"

With our regular assignments based on operations management, project life-cycles, learners get a good understanding of concepts.

Methodical Content Delivery

“Best learning resources to make you the best."

Live sessions, Recordings, Study Materials, PPTs, mini & major projects to deliver vivid learning exposure.

Interactive Sessions

“A healthy discussion can clear many doubts”

You can directly interact with the mentor through our high-end live virtual classroom interface. Not only this you can discuss things with other learners too.

Economic Prices

“Best curriculum in
the least price”

The course is very popularly priced. You get to avail all these benefits sitting at home with no time and cost spent on commuting.

Certification made easy

"Successfully get your certification in one go"

With an always-on support team of our competent counselors would readily prepare you for your PMP certification.

Course Objective

The aim of this online course on PMP is to give you comprehensive training for mastering the concepts of Project Phase & Phase Gate, Project and Development Lifecycles, Process Groups, Project Management Data & Information, Project Management Processes ETC.

The main target of this PMP training course is to give you an insight into the upbeat and exciting prospects of PMP certification. The course aims to provide you the knowledge to will help you deploy PMP strategies and tools on your job.

You will learn about the practical functioning of the key PMP tools as well as workflows which are used in intelligent marketing campaigns along with steps for implementing agile PMP strategies.

Skills you will learn with our Online PMP Training

This online training course offers you hands-on training in project management along with theoretical training to help you develop a broader understanding of the PMP course. You will learn about using project management to drive business objectives. You will learn how to drive cost management, building project case etc.

Different levels of a Different set of Learners

  • For the beginners, the course starts with a brief introduction of different components of project management, Project Charter & Project Management Plan, Project Success Measures etc.
  • No technical background is required but you should have to have the readiness to study something novel, fashionable and stimulating.
  • The course will teach you about cost saving and venture management from the very scratch so that you can get a broader understanding of the strategies.
  • As soon as you are done with the beginner’s level, this is the right time for you to switch to the advanced stage.

Objectives for advanced stage learners:

  • In the advanced stage, we first brush up all the basic concepts you have learned earlier at the beginner's level.
  • This is time to read in detail about PMP tools, knowledge in building quick project release strategies by using varied PMP strategies and channels.
  • Moving ahead, our instructors will make you adept in concepts and industry best-practices of Project, Program and Portfolio Management, PMO, Project Life Cycle management, Tailoring the Project Success Measures

Who should take the PMP Certification training course?

Since the online PMP Course starts with the very basics of all the concepts, anyone can join, however, the most regular attendees of this course are-

  • Project Managers
  • Associate/Assistant Project Managers
  • Team Leads/Team Managers
  • Project Executives/Project Engineers
  • Software Developers
  • Any professional aspiring to be a Project Manager

PMP Exam and Certification

There are no explicit fundamentals that you require for the exam or the certification, but having a good practical experience in project management basics or tools would be an added advantage certainly.

  • Once you have completed your training course and have submitted the final project, it will be reviewed by our panel of experts. You will be given a PMP Certification as per the recommendation of our experts.
  • You will also get distinct guidance on taking the trending certification exams, how to apply for the job interviews, what are the most frequently asked questions of those job interviews etc.

Course RoadMap

Course Curriculum

Overview of the PMP Credential

  • Overview of the PMP Credential
  • Introduction On Project Management
  • Timeline of the PMP Credential Process
  • PMP Role Delineation (Job Analysis)
  • PMP Eligibility Requirements

Project Management Framework

  • Definition of Project & Involved Process
  • Project management, Program management, and portfolio management
  • Project management office (PMO), Project constraints
  • Organization structure, Stakeholder management
  • Project lifecycle Vs Product lifecycle

Project Management Processes

  • Project lifecycle Vs Project management processes
  • The five project management process groups
  • About PMP exam
  • Process groups, and related knowledge areas
  • project management process mapping

Project Integration Management

  • Definition of Project, Project integration management
  • Role of the project manager, project team and project sponsor
  • Project selection methods, Develop Project Charter
  • Develop Project Management Plan
  • Direct and Manage Project Work, Monitor & Control Project Work
  • Perform Integrated Change Control

Project Scope Management

  • Project scope management, terms in project scope management
  • Difference Product scope Vs Project scope
  • Define Scope, Plan scope management, Validate Scope
  • Collect Requirements, Create WBS

Project Time and Cost Management

  • Project time management, terms in project time management
  • Project schedule, project time management processes
  • Plan Schedule Management
  • Define Activities, Sequence Activates, Estimate Activity Resources
  • Develop Schedule, Control Schedule, and Schedule Network Analysis techniques
  • project cost management, Difference between cost estimating and cost budgeting
  • Project cost management processes, Plan Cost Management
  • Estimate Costs, Determine Budget, Control Costs, and Earned value management

Project Quality and Human Resource Management

  • Cost of quality, project quality management processes
  • Plan Quality Management, Perform Quality Assurance
  • Control Quality, Seven basic tools of quality
  • Overview to Six Sigma, human resource management
  • Functional manager Vs project manager
  • Plan Human Resource Management, Plan Schedule Management
  • Acquire Project Team, Develop Project Team, Manage Project Team
  • Conflict management, Organization theories

Project Communications Management

  • Communication methods, technology & channels
  • Basic communication model
  • Project communications management knowledge.
  • Plan Communications Management, Manage Communications
  • Determine Budget, and Control Communications

Project Risk & Procurement Management

  • Risk calculation, Risk categorization, and Risk reserve
  • Decision tree, Identify Risks, and Plan Risk Management
  • Qualitative Risk Analysis, Quantitative Risk Analysis, Plan Risk Responses
  • Different types of contract, Centralized Vs decentralized contracting
  • Procurements Management, Conduct Procurements
  • Control Procurements, and Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis

Project Stakeholder Management

  • Common stakeholders, Stakeholder classification models
  • Manage stakeholders, Stakeholder Engagement assessment matrix
  • Identify stakeholders, Plan stakeholder management
  • Manage stakeholder engagement, Control stakeholder engagement

Upcoming Batches

Starting Duration Price  
Mon - Fri
6 Weeks
Mon - Fri
6 Weeks
Mon - Fri
6 Weeks

Frequently Asked Questions - PMP Training Program

What would be the location of this course?

The location of the PMP course is of no importance as it is online training. However, we do have a few cities such as the following from where we see recurrent students coming from- Bangaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Delhi, Hyderabad, Washington D.C, San Francisco and many more.

What is the concept of a Demo Class, and am I required to pay for it?

All the demo classes that we offer are free of cost to all the interested learners. After you have enrolled you may elect to opt for a free demo class. After the Demo class is over if you feel that our program is not as per your anticipation you may opt to cancel and ask for a refund.

How will the training help me to learn, is it interactive?

All our sessions are LIVE, we do not instruct with recorded sessions. You get to ask questions and doubts right there during the session. You also get chances to interact with other learners of the class. LIVE sessions are any day better for a deeper understanding of all the things are clear right from the inception itself.
We also have a couple of group sessions committed to special kind of trainer-learner interactions solely. All this becomes very helpful when you are trying to get your online PMP Certification.

Who will take my sessions?

We have strict selection criteria while selecting our trainers including the following guidelines-

  • They must have industry relevant experience of 3 to 5 years,
  • Academic qualifications should be stronger,
  • They need to hold at least one data analytics certification,
  • Prior teaching background, and
  • Good big data skills

Based on the above parameters, a cumulative scorecard will be prepared and only the best data analytics trainers will be hired to teach you. After the selection, they need to go through our 20 hours induction program to make sure about learning methodologies that we follow at JanBask Training.

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