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AWS Solution Architect Training & Certification

Become the cloud expert with next-gen AWS Certification Training that industries are actively looking for. Transform your career with Live AWS Training. Get hands-on Amazon Web Services training that gives you good exposure to tools, technologies, etc.

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Why AWS Solution Architect Training?

A few quick facts that will encourage you to sign up for AWS Certification Course


Million is the expected market of AWS Solution Architects by 2025.

$151 K+

The average Aws Cloud Architect salary in USA is $151,250 per year


Growth in demand for AWS Solution Architects within the last two years.

24 K+

Vacant job profiles of AWS Solution Architects in the US alone.


Is the year by when the Demand for AWS Solution Architects will grow to a few thousand to millions.

Dive deep into the AWS Career

Learn about Career benefits, in-demand skills, average salaries and tips to Crack Job Interview.


Are the vacant job profiles of AWS Solution Architects in the US alone as per indeed.com.

Instructor-led Live Online AWS Training Classes

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AWS Training Course Roadmap

Scroll through the concepts that we cover in our AWS Course

Cloud Computing, AWS & Fundamentals of Linux

    1. What is cloud computing?
    2. Different models of cloud computing
    3. Future Scope of cloud computing and AWS
    4. Setting up of AWS account
    5. AWS free tier- Limits and usagesv
    6. Introduction to AWS Management Console
    7. AWS Solutions Architect Service Overview
    8. Introduction of Linux OS
    9. Linux Vs. Windows
    10. The directory structure of Linux
    11. Files, Files types and permissions
    12. Basic Linux commands and Administration
    13. Understanding of Linux troubleshooting protocols

Identity Access Management & Amazon Simple Storage Service

    1. Creation of user accounts & Group
    2. Manage IAM roles and their permission
    3. Difference between Roles & policies
    4. Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) authentication
    5. Access key & Secret Key
    6. Adding objects, Creating and deleting buckets
    7. Creation of Static website using S3 Storage
    8. Working with permissions of S3
    9. Security and storage with S3
    10. S3 Lifecycle Management and Glacier
    11. S3 Advanced Features
    12. CloudFront Overview & CDNs

Elastic Compute Cloud & Elastic Block Storage

    1. Amazon EC2 Overview
    2. Building EC2 windows & Linux Instances
    3. Working with Security Groups
    4. Private IP, Public IP, Elastic IP
    5. Creating your own AMI
    6. EC2 Instance Types
    7. Amazon Elastic Container Service
    8. Overview of Amazon EBS
    9. Differentiation of EBS Volume Types
    10. Creating Volumes and AMI's from Snapshots
    11. Load Balancing with Ec2
    12. Creating and configuring the ELB
    13. Auto Scaling component & configuration
    14. Types of auto scaling & lunch configuration

Databases Overview & Amazon Route 53

    1. Introduction to Database
    2. Brief explanation on Different types of Databases
    3. Introduction to Amazon Relational Database Services
    4. Difference Between RDBMS and Amazon RDS
    5. Types of Amazon RDS
    6. Redshift, DynamoDB & Elasticache
    7. Database Instances
    8. Clusters and Nodes
    9. Backup and Recovery
    10. Configuring Amazon Route 53 as your DNS Service
    11. Registering a Domain Name and configuring as the DNS Service
    12. Public and Private hosted zones
    13. Traffic Routing and policies
    14. Latency ,Failover & Geolocation Routing Policy.

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, SES,SQS & SNS

    1. Introduction to Software-defined networking
    2. IP Addressing Classes, Schema, IP Ranges
    3. Components of VPC - Subnets, Route Tables, Gateways, Routes
    4. Amazon EC2 Classic and Amazon VPC
    5. Subnets & Route Tables
    6. Internet Gateway
    7. Creating a New VPC
    8. ACL & Security Groups
    9. Creation of Internet Gateway
    10. Connecting to instances in the gateway
    11. VPN & Direct Connect
    12. Setting notification for EC2 instance changes
    13. Creating An SNS Topic, Queue creations & Retention periods

Cloud Watch, Cloud Formation & CloudFront

    1. Introduction to Amazon Cloudwatch
    2. Monitoring the AWS Service Health Dashboard
    3. Setting up your metrics & notifications
    4. Getting Statistics for specific EC2 Instance
    5. Building AWS infrastructure as a code
    6. Utilization of sample templates
    7. Debugging cloud related issues
    8. How to create Custom metrics
    9. Cloud formation templates Complete resources
    10. How Cloud front delivers content
    11. Serving private content through cloud front
    12. Working with CloudFront Distributions

AWS Solution Architect Training

  • Have a look at the milestones that you will achieve in your Amazon AWS Certification Path

    With the help of our Latest AWS Solution Architect Training Syllabus, our learners have managed to excel in the industry. They have secured some of the highest pay packages and great job roles. Here is what we cover in our course-

    • What is Cloud Computing?
    • Advantages of Cloud Computing
    • Types of Cloud Computing
    • Global Infrastructure
    • Amazon Web Services Cloud Platform
    • The History of AWS So Far
    • AWS - Overview 1 - Networking & Compute
    • AWS - Overview 2 - Storage, Databases, Migration & Analytics
    • AWS - Overview 3 - Security and Management Tools
    • AWS - Overview 4 - Application Services and Developer Tools
    • AWS - Overview 5 - Mobile and IoT
    • AWS - Overview 6 - A.I.Messaging and Conclusion
    • AWS Certification Details Prerequisites
    • AWS Solutions Architect Certification Blueprint
    • AWS Solutions Architect Service Overview
    • AWS Installation & Setup
    • Introduction to IAM
    • IAM Resources (User, Group, Role, Permission, and Policy)
    • Access Management Create a billing
    • IAM Summary
    • Introduction to S3
    • Create an S3 bucket
    • Version Control
    • Cross-Region Replication
    • LifeCycle management and Glacier
    • CloudFront CDN Overview
    • Create a CloudFront CDN
    • S3 - Security and Encryption
    • Storage Gateway
    • Snowball
    • Transfer Acceleration
    • Create a Static website using S3
    • S3 Summary
    • Introduction to EC2
    • Introduction to EC2 Launch an EC2
    • Launch an EC2 How to use Putty (windows users only)
    • How to use Putty (windows users only) Security group basics
    • Security group basics EBS Volumes and its types
    • EBS Volumes and its types Upgrading EBS Volume Types
    • Upgrading EBS Volume Types
    • The AWS Command Line
    • EC2 Using IAM roles with EC2
    • S3 CLI and Regions Using Bootstrap scripts
    • EC2 Instance Metadata
    • Launch Configurations and Auto Scaling Groups
    • EC2 Placement Groups
    • EFS concepts
    • Lambda concepts
    • Build a serverless webpage
    • EC2 Summary
    • DNS concepts
    • Route53
    • DNS Management Domain Registration Traffic Management
    • Availability and Health Management
    • Setup our EC2 instances
    • Simple Routing Policy
    • Weighted Routing Policy
    • Latency Routing Policy
    • Failover Routing Policy
    • Geolocation Routing Policy
    • Route53 Summary
    • Introduction to databases on AWS
    • Launching an RDS instance RDS Backups, Multi-AZ and Read Replicas
    • DynamoDB
    • AWS RDS (MySQL) and its Connectivity
    • Redshift
    • Elasticache
    • Aurora
    • Databases Summary
    • Introduction to DynamoDB
    • Creating a DynamoDB Table
    • DynamoDB Indexes
    • Scan Vs Query API
    • DynamoDB & Provisioned Throughput
    • DynamoDB Summary
    • Introduction and overview
    • Build Your Own Custom VPC - I
    • Build Your Own Custom VPC - II
    • Network Address Translation (NAT)
    • Network Access Control Lists (ACL) vs Security Groups
    • Custom VPCs and ELBs
    • VPC Flow Logs
    • NATs vs Bastions
    • VPC Endpoints
    • VPC Clean-up
    • VPC Summary
    • Overview Of ElasticBeanStalk
    • Architectural Flow of AWS elastic beanstalk
    • Elastic BeanStalk Platforms
    • AWS Elastic BeanStalk Concepts
    • Practical Demo for AWS Elastic BeanStalk
    • Managing Elastic Beanstalk Environments
    • AWS Elastic BeanStalk Limitations
    • Overview of CodeStar
    • Overview of CodeCommit
    • Overview of CodeBuild
    • Overview of Code Deploy
    • Overview of Cloud9
    • Overview of X-ray
    • Architecting for AWS cloud - Best Practices
    • Introduction to Well Architected Framework
    • Pillar One – Security
    • Pillar Two - Reliability
    • Pillar Three - Performance Efficiency
    • Pillar Four - Cost Optimization
    • Pillar Five - Operational Excellence
    • Summary of Well Architected Framework
    • Consolidated Billing
    • AWS Organizations Lab Cross Account access
    • Resource Groups and Tagging VPC
    • Peering Direct Connect Security T
    • Oken Service Active Directory Integration Workspaces
    • ECS Part1 - What is Docker?
    • ECS Part2 - What is ECS

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Bharath Srinivasan

This training is best in Mind box training. Information-packed practical training starting from basics to advanced testing techniques; I very much liked the Practical assignments at the end of every session. Very good course.

Hezron Mainga Muia

Didn't have any cloud or AWS background, I just followed this course material and some white papers and was able to clear the solution architect associate exam. Definitely, recommend this

Dhairya Mitawalkar

This course is one of the most comprehensive in helping students to study for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam. The instructor’s ability to teach very dense and dry materials and the energy he brings to the lectures make studying for the exam a much more pleasant task.

Mark Etwaru

Super course, I did not know anything about AWS. After completing the course, I had an awesome feeling about the course. I acquired a new skillset to improve my career profile. The course is very clear and explained in a better way.

Alejandro Romero

It is a great course to learn obviously considering the thirst for cloud platforms where Amazon is playing the key role. But the way instructor has organised the stuff and the way he trained throughout the videos is outstanding and I certainly recommend this course.

Kunal Bagaria

It is very concrete and hands-on and that is great. The concepts are explained very clearly. The tutor rocks. Overall it is an amazing training for this certificate for such a broad student audience.

Shelley Mortimer

I did not know anything about AWS. But now after this training, I now know all the services that AWS offers. This is a very good resource for test preparation.

Tim Sifford

Broken up into nicely sized manageable chunks I am getting a great understanding of the masses of useful services that AWS offers. Thank you JanBask for such a wonderful course.

Syreeta Lockett

Very intense and understandable lecture for AWS beginners. I highly recommend this lecture for getting certified in AWS solution architect exam.

Jeff Chen

One of the best and most structured course for aspirants, with ample and quality questions to solve and head towards getting certified.

Brad Babin

This course very clearly articulates the various AWS services not just from a Certification standpoint. I can clearly understand some of the tough topics like VPC in a better manner. It will be better if you can include more case studies/scenarios for all topics for certification preparation

Adili Rajasekharan

I really found this course very helpful not only for clearing the (Solution Architect -Associate) certification exams but for the overall knowledge of AWS services and deep dive and quick labs on few AWS services.

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