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iOS App Developer Training & Certification

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Why Should You Take IPhone App Development Training?

Best Career


Best career choice for IOS App Developers.


of the market share holds on iOS


apps are on the deck of the iOS App Store.


companies use Apple iOS.

Salary Trend

Salary Trends

A Few Compelling Facts A Few Compelling Facts

In the category of Operating Systems, the world famous Apple IOS has a market share of approximately 10.9%. A recent survey shows that among the entire set of companies that are utilizing the Apple IOS, a widely held (71%) are small, 19% are big and 10% are somewhat medium-sized.

Future of SQL Server Future of IOS

As the competition on the marketplace of apps, the App Store is getting tougher day by day, more and more of the high-paying iOS development work is being offered from big corporate houses requiring a mobile presence. This has given a boost to the entire iOS development sector in terms of remuneration.

Job Market Job Market

Therefore, if you want to achieve those much dreamt about high pedestrians of career goals, then what are you waiting for? Sign up for our online iOS Developer Training right away and add differentiable skills to the curriculum vitae that will help you achieve your professional ambitions surely.

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iOS Developer Training

Your goal is our responsibility!

"Blended learning delivery model, enterprise-class LMS, and hands-on assignments to help you build IOS development skills."

Our Reviews

Practical training

"Practice your skills daily to become a pro at tools and concepts."

We believe in giving you as much practical exposure as possible. Each one of our sessions is followed by some practical assignment that helps you grasp the most out of a concept.

Round-the-clock support

"We are your handy-man for everything and at any given time."

We run a 24*7 support channel that can resolve any query related to your course within minutes. All you got to do is to drop us a ping or an email on the address provided to you.

Learn iOS UX and UI

"Be the next-gen developer whose skills are adept for the future too."

Our introductory sessions start with teaching you the basics of UI and UX their inter-connection, their differences etc. This is the foundation of your iOS developer journey and we do everything to make it strong.

Learn Swift and XCode

"Learn about the most advanced concepts in the easiest possible manner."

Swift and XCode are present at every level of coding and creating your app. If you can learn these two concepts in entirety, then you already have a good hold of iOS development ecosystem.

Advanced iOS development

"Choose the right platform for a new beginning in your dream career."

We start your training from the day 1 in a fashion that you grasp the toughest of the concepts with an ease. This helps you become a pro and has a better edge over your competitors.

Learn User Interface Creation

"Possess the skills that will help you turn your ideas to apps."

With our carefully designed curriculum, you will be easily able to understand the concepts related to Design pattern MVC, App event handling, IB outlet, MAP kit framework, working with XML and RSS.

Course Objectives of Online IOS Developer Training

  • Our iOS Development Training has been crafted very diligently to take you through this entire journey without any bumps.
  • The first few sessions will clear the air about different terminologies such as core data, the functioning of core data, Map KIT, Annotation etc.
  • The course has already covered topics that would frequent your certification exam to help you get your iOS Developer Certification easily and quickly.
  • You will get a hands-on learning in everything to convert yours or your client's ideas in a beautiful and easy to use iOS App.

Skills you will learn?

In our intense approximately 6 week's program on iOS Developer Training, you will get a hands-on experience in using various codes of C#, Ruby, Python etc. You will get to learn everything beginning from the UX and UI of iOS to the ways of deploying and finally posting your app on Apple's App Store.
By the end of your iPhone App Development Training, you will have mastered the art of creating faster, more scalable and reliable apps. You will be able to make the dead apps work like new ones by the proficiency that you will pick up during your training with us.
You would know about using UIKit, Xcode fundamentals, objective C programming, Plist concept, dealing with XML and RSS. You would learn address book usage of iOS, testing in iOS, Programmatic User Interface Creation.
Bsically, you will master the big data skills and derive the meaningful insights by analyzing the existing data. Further, you would be able to write SAS code for complex business problems. Be a tableau expert and learn data integration, data blending, graphs, charts etc.

Beginner’s Program

  • In this program, you will get a general knowledge with respect to the functioning of iOS.
  • manipulation, evaluation, acquisition, experimentation etc.
  • You will get to learn the functioning of basic components.
  • The course would be more theoretical than practical as it is important for you to first understand the basics.
  • Towards the end of this course, you will start learning basic technical things about the iOS ecosystem such as the difference between the UX and UI.

Advance Professional's Program

  • This program will make you an amazing iOS developer.
  • You will learn backend and front-end coding related to iOS development.
  • You will be able to learn real as well as hands-on proficiency tied with a good insight into the main iOS designing patterns, developmental procedures, and best practices.
  • The course will teach you objective C programming that will hone your skills in coding that is a chief component of iOS development.

What kind of people should pursue this course?

The online iOS development training and the certification program is good for any individual who is interested in mastering his coding and app building skills, particularly:

  • Students pursuing any IT course
  • IT managers
  • Product managers
  • App Builders
  • Individuals looking to build a career in App Building
  • System administrators
  • Developers

iOS Training Exam and Certification

There are no special prerequisites that are required for you to appear in the iOS Developer Certification exam, but having hands-on experience in building iOS app development, coding basics or advanced concepts would surely be an added advantage.

  • Once you have successfully completed the Online iOS Developer Training and the end of the training project. Your project will be thoroughly reviewed by our team of industry experts, you will be given your due Certification.
  • You will be certified as an iOS Developer or Swift Developer based on the project that has been reviewed or marked by our panel of experts.

Course RoadMap

Course Curriculum

Introduction to IOS

  • Introduction to App store and application development
  • iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices overview
  • Introduction Swift (programming language for iOS apps)
  • Introduction to Xcode and compilation tools.
  • Understanding the advantages and Limitations of Simulator
  • Working with Interface Builder, Creating Graphical User Interfaces

Introduction Objective-C

  • Evolution of Objective C
  • Object Creation & Messaging Overview
  • Data Type and Variables and Constant
  • Data type Modifiers ,Operators and Expression
  • OOP concepts in Objective C
  • Creating Objective C classes and Methods
  • Creating Properties and methods
  • Inheritance, Polymorphism, Dynamic Typing ,Dynamic Binding
  • Xib, StoryBoard and Interface builder
  • Creating and building simple applications
  • Foundation Framework and Initialization
  • Exception and Error Handling
  • Memory Management (MRR and ARC)

Introduction to Swift

  • Getting Started with Swift Environment
  • Swift Standard Library Intro and Basic Operators
  • Data Collection - Array , Dictionary and Set
  • Working with Swift Playground,Structs and Classes
  • Control Flow and Conditional Statements
  • Enumeration, Struct and Classes
  • Initializers, Methods, Inheritance, and Deinitialization
  • Type Casting And Nested Types
  • Protocols- Property, Method, and Mutating
  • Memory Management - ARC
  • Bridge Headers

IOS Development

  • Installing XCode and iOS SDK
  • Architecture of Xcode IDE
  • Workflow of Application development
  • Introduction to Xcode workspace and Interface Builder
  • Understanding XCode and ios SDK
  • Creating a simple iOS app
  • Introduction to ios app development-Tools- XCode
  • Apple Human Interface Design Guidelines

Storyboard and Layouts

  • Introduction to Layout and Views
  • Introduction to iOS Storyboard
  • Designing responsive interfaces with Auto layout
  • Creating Multi View Controller Application
  • Working with iOS UITableView & UITableViewController
  • Container ViewControllers and NavigationController
  • Introduction to UINavigation Controller
  • PopOver and UIPopoverPresentationController
  • DesignPattern- MVC, Singleton, Target Action
  • iOS View Controllers, Walkthrough of controllers
  • Creating UI and Create a sample UI

Data Handling

  • Understanding the Controller States in Life Cycle
  • Understanding Application Document Structure
  • Understanding the Product Folder Structure
  • The Application Default Folders and File Manager
  • Capturing Files form Bundles
  • Storing and retrieving data from Files
  • Storing and Retrieving data from Plists

Animation, Location, Maps & Social Sharing

  • SplashView and Basic animation
  • Adding Views with animation
  • Social Framework-Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  • Working with Maps- Map kit Framework
  • Adding Markers/Custom Markers on MapView
  • Background location updates of user.
  • Understanding Core Location.

Audio/video player

  • Introduction to Audio Player
  • Different operations using Audio like play, pause, stop
  • Working with multiple Audios
  • Introduction to Video Player
  • Different operations using Video
  • Working with multiple Videos
  • Media interaction- AVAudio player, MedaiPlayer

Databases Storage

  • Introduction & Implementation to Data Storage
  • Exploring Different frameworks for Data Persistence
  • Working with Core Data and Sqlite3, and MySql
  • Introduction to the MySql, Usage of Sql queries
  • MySql functions and result codes
  • Create, Find, Select, Insert data using Mysql
  • Managing data in database-DDL and DML statements
  • Types of data base- MySql , Plist, and Coredata.

Testing and Deployment of the App

  • Overview of the Process
  • Deploying to a device
  • Create a distribution file

Sample Project and Certification

  • Project for hands on practice
  • Study material for practice
  • Multiple choice question (FAQs)
  • Preparation for certification
  • AAA Certificate Services
  • Actalis Authentication Root CA

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Frequently Asked Questions - IOS app Development Course

What is the area of location for this course?

The course is directed online in this way the area does not make a difference. However, we can tell you that we have regular iOS learners coming from the following cities of USA and India - New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Canada, Washington D.C, Los Angeles, Bangaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and many more.

Who will be my instructor?

Your instructor would be someone who is a certified iOS Developer and has got a substantial work experience. He is selected after a series of checks and interview rounds so that we have the best to make you the best. Be assured that he will be someone who is remarkably good at his work as we take but the best for our students.

What is a Demo Class?

A demo class is our way of taking yours through the experience of our training sessions. Once you have enrolled in a course with us, you can take a demo class for that course to see the quality of sessions, your peers etc.

Can I get a recording of my class?

Yes, you most certainly can. Once a session has been taken we post the recording of that session in our Learning Management System (LMS) for you to access and revive your memories of your lecture.

What is the advantage of Live Session?

In a Live Session, you can experience learning in a real classroom-like experience. In this session you can ask for clarifications of your doubts right when the topic is being discussed, you get to interact with other learners too.

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