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SQL Server Training & Certification

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  •  Instructor-led SQL server training
  •  SQL learning- Basics to Advance
  •  Project-based SQL learning
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Do You Know Why SQL Training is Necessary to Grow Your Career?


World's leading open-source database


is the average salary for a skilled SQL database professional as per


increase in demand for SQL skills is expected by the year 2022


Jobs are posted in the year 2019 for SQL server skills as per

Salary Trend

 A Few Compelling Facts

SQL server is one such skill that offers one of the most stable careers with consistent growth even today. No matter in which part of the globe you are, online SQL server training and certification program could secure you a job as the database is used everywhere and therefore a DBA is needed to manage the databases worldwide.

 Future of SQL

Microsoft SQL Server is still one of the preferred choices when it comes to enterprise database management. SQL Server's ease of use, availability and tight Windows operating system integration makes it an easy choice for firms that choose Microsoft products for their enterprises.

 Job Market

MS SQL is loaded with more bells and whistles than any other similar product in the market. If you are excited to explore endless job prospects for a tremendous career growth, then join online SQL training and certification course right away and add most demanding skills to your resume to give a new push to your career.

. How will it impact your career ?

Best Industry Recruiters: SQL Server Top Customers and Partners

Microsoft SQL Server Training & Certification

Extend your Career Horizon with our online SQL Server Training and Certification Program

"You can expand the endless career prospects and apply for a plethora of jobs worldwide"

Our Reviews

Personalized user experiences

"Customized courses for you to feel valued and understood."

SQL Training Mentor, tailors and formulates the sessions and curriculum as per your level of understanding and taking into consideration your expertise and previous knowledge.

Immediate Answers

"Help at every step of your entire training course."

SQL Trainer would start the next session only if doubts for the current session are clear and students are satisfied. He makes sure that he has catered to each and every query.

Tailored SQL Training Program

"Adapt your course to yourself and see the amazing transformation."

If you are confused about some concept or it is going faster than your expectations then SQL training and certification program will be adjusted quickly based on your feedback.

Learn from your comfort

"Be in your comfort zone to learn skills you have been dreaming of."

This training gives you the flexibility to learn and study online in a comfortable environment where you don't have to face any distractions.

Best Prices Guaranteed

"Value for your hard earned money and your time too."

You can avail SQL certification training online for developers and administrators at the best prices that is almost half as compared to other training institutes.

Project-based SQL server training

"Practical is as important as theory to become a pro."

The training has hands-on assignments to gain practical knowledge of each concept. You will also get a chance to work on real-time projects and collaborate with other team members.

The SQL program is specially designed to help learners in mastering the various database concepts like installation, configuration, SQL server development, DBA components, SSIA, SSRS, and SSAS etc.

Learn SQL server program online and explore wider job options with tailored course content, hands-on assignments, and project-based SQL learning.

Our aim is to make your placement and certification easy. That is why we have incorporated concepts of all the major certifications in our curriculum, such as Microsoft, My SQL etc,

Learn SQL course to manage, retrieve, store, collect, filter, or analyze voluminous data precisely in a more comprehensive way.

Further, you will learn SQL to effectively use a server-side scripting language, like PHP or ASP which is essential to building a website that differentiates data from the database.

The database skills are easy to master with the right SQL certification training online. With our SQL training program, you will get deep knowledge of various concepts like SQL basics, SQL versions, installing or configuring SQL, SQL server development, DBA components, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, Microsoft Business intelligence, reporting, ETL tools, SQL architecture, SQL certifications etc.

Also, by the end of SQL developer and administrator training online, you will get various hands-on assignments and projects to gain practical knowledge of different concepts. With the SQL server development training, developers would know how to manage, store, retrieve, analyze or filter data more accurately without any errors.

SQL Server training objectives for Beginners:

  • The SQL training online begins with the introduction and basic concepts that are necessary to learn to start a career in SQL.
  • SQL training not only focuses on theoretical concepts online but practical knowledge is also given for a deep understanding of the concepts.
  • Once the beginners level is cleared successfully, you can move ahead with the advanced SQL learning.
  • Beginner's level will introduce you to the SQL Server, its introduction and versions.
  • It will cement your knowledge in installing and configuring SQL.

SQL server training objectives at advanced Stage

  • Quickly go through all basic concepts of the SQL.
  • Hands-on experience with various SQL technologies that are necessary to learn to become a successful BI expert, DBA, and Developer.
  • Apart from Live classes, access to recorded classes, PPTs, and other important study material is also given for learning retention.
  • Once you are completed with SQL training program online, you can apply for various certifications and get shortlisted by top IT Companies to grab your dream job immediately.

Who Should Attend?

The online SQL developer and administrator training program is perfect for any individual who is interested in mastering the database skills and SQL server development, particularly:

  • Students enrolled for any IT program
  • Anyone looking to establish a career in SQL
  • System administrators
  • IT managers or programmers
  • System Developers
  • Server builders

SQL server Exam and Certification

There are no specific prerequisites for SQL server exam or certification but handful knowledge of basic or advanced SQL concepts would be an added advantage certainly for the learners.

  • Once you have successfully completed the SQL developer and administrator training program and projects, it will be reviewed carefully by our experts and you will be entitled to SQL certifications accordingly.
  • You will get the certification either as a developer or administrator based on the project you have completed with your team members.
  • The SQL certification given by us are widely recognized by top industry recruiters and leading MNCs like Cisco, Toyota, Phillips, Vodafone etc.

Course Milestones

Course Preview

Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server

  • Overview of SQL Server Management Studio and Transact-SQL language
  • History of SQL Server – versions, and Editions available
  • SQL Server Versions and Editions, service, and component
  • An Overview of DBMS Technology
  • Distinction between client server and file server databases
  • SQL Table basics, data types and functions.
  • Installation of SQL server - editions , authentication modes ,and services
  • Roles and responsibilities of DBA
  • Tools used in server side client in SQL

Installing and Configuring SQL

  • Pre installation steps, Installations 2012/2014/2016
  • Viewing installation process with LOG files.
  • Adding or removing components, installing service packs
  • Configuring various Services, Startup Parameters
  • Configuring default backup folder and Configuring services

SQL Server Development – Tables, Data Types, Views, Constraints

  • Overview of System Databases, Filegroups and Files
  • Database Architecture.-Data Files, Log Files, Extents, Page architecture
  • Database Configuration Options, Creating a Database, Database Snapshots
  • System Tables and System Views, System Data Types
  • Creating a Table, Table Variables vs. Temporary Tables
  • Special Data Types, User-Defined Data Types, Table Types
  • Primary Key, Foreign Key and Unique Constraint
  • Partitioning Setup, Operations on a Partitioned Table
  • Purpose Of Views, Simple and Complex Views
  • Clustered Index, Non Clustered Index, Creating , Altering and Dropping Indexes
  • Encryption and Schema Binding Options in creating views

Stored Procedures, SQL Top and Clause

  • Stored Procedure Interfaces, Creating and Executing Stored Procedures
  • Advantages Of Stored Sub Programs compared to Independent SQL Statements
  • Types Of User Defined Functions Scalar Functions , and Table Valued Functions
  • Permissions On User Defined Functions
  • Purpose of Triggers, Creating, Altering and Dropping Triggers
  • Differences Between Stored Procedures and User Defined Functions and Triggers
  • Overview, Types of Joins, Explanation of Joins
  • Conditional Statements- If else, and Goto
  • Loops- WHILE, For, FOR Each, Break, Continue

Overview and Intro on SQL Server DBA

  • Blocking & Deadlocks, Backup Strategies Restore Techniques
  • Replication Entities, Replication Architecture, Replication Agents.
  • Types of Replications, Configuring Replication, Snapshot Replication
  • Handling the Exception using TRY...CATCH
  • SQL server Indentation & Guidelines for writing Code
  • SQL Developer Summary using Live Project

Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI) & Architecture

  • Introduction to Business Intelligence- SSIS, SSRS, SSAS
  • BI Solutions Planning Solutions Designing Data Warehouses
  • Introducing SQL Server Reporting Services, Managing Reporting Services
  • Testing, Tuning BI Solutions, Performance Measurements,
  • Creating a Metadata Database

SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) Overview

  • SSIS History, SSIS Architecture, Creating a Simple Package
  • SSIS Tools- Import and Export Wizard, SQL Server Data Tools
  • SQL Server Management Studio, Command-Line Utilities
  • SSIS Tasks- Looping and Sequence Tasks, Data Preparation Tasks, Workflow Tasks
  • Administration Tasks, Execute Package Task
  • Sequence Containers, For Loop Container, Groups
  • Data Flow, and Sources & Destinations
  • SSIS transaction, error handling, Event Handling
  • Using Variables, Parameters and Expressions
  • Deployment Models, Package Configuration, Security

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

  • Creating Tabular and List Reports, Grouping and Sorting, and Calculation and Formatting
  • Report Types, Creating Matrix Reports, and Charts
  • Learn how to enable and control report caching
  • Managing Reporting Services and configure for deployment
  • Creating a Report Template, and Saving the Report Template
  • Designing the Header and Adding a Header and Footer
  • Setting Report Properties, and Renaming Report Items

SQL Analysis Service (SSAS)

  • Overview to SSAS,OLTP and OLAP
  • Configuring Dimensions with SSAS, Build, Deploy, and Process, and Browsing the Dimension
  • Creating and Configuring SSAS Cubes, Making a Test Copy of a Cube
  • Schema's and Dimensions, Measures and Aggregates
  • Creating Cube and Browsing Cube, Working with Data Source
  • SSAR reporting, Types of Reports, Creating Groups, and Exporting Reports

SQL Server Projects & Certifications

  • Mini And Main Projects for Hands on practice on SQL Concepts
  • Daily Assignments and Case Studies
  • Certification guidance for Microsoft SQL server certifications
  • MCSA: SQL Database Development Certification
  • MCSA: SQL Database Administration Certification
  • MCSA: Business Intelligence Certification
  • Practice and Sample MCQs on SQL certification preparation

Upcoming Batches

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Mon - Fri
6 weeks
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Mon - Fri
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USD 749
Mon - Fri
6 weeks
USD 749

FAQs – Learn SQL server online

Explain the course location.

The course is online so it can be taken from anyplace that has a decent web association and as long as you are appropriately enlisted with us. We can, however, tell you that a good number of our SQL learners are coming from the accompanying urban areas- New York, Canada, San Francisco, Washington D.C, Los Angeles, Chicago, Bangaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi and many more. 

What is the Demo Class, and do I need to pay for it?

All our demo sessions are available free of cost to all serious learners. After enrollment you may choose to opt for a free demo class. After Demo class, if you feel our program is not matching your expectation you may choose to cancel and ask for refund.

Is the training interactive, how will it help me to learn?

As all our programs are Instructor led and delivered in live environment, and not mere recorded sessions.

Rest assured for getting ample of opportunities to interact with not only the Instructor, but also with the other students who are participating in the class.

We also have a couple of group sessions dedicated to this kind of trainer-learner interaction.

Who would be the instructors for Microsoft SQL training and certification course online?

The trainers are working professionals having working experience of minimum 3 years or more. They deliver the best content in a proactive manner to guide the students throughout the SQL training program.

You would be able to start by writing simple text queries and learn to play with a small set of data and within weeks you end up solving real-life data problems. Exciting Huh!

Please guide me for different SQL server roles and which one is good for my career?

SQL server has different job roles like Admin, BA (business analyst) or SQL developer etc. All the three have good career prospects but you should have complete hands-on experience and practical knowledge of the particular domain you are interested in. Moreover, you should try to learn SQL server online completely instead of choosing any one domain to increase the overall job options for you.

Is it necessary to have an IT background to learn SQL server online?

SQL is one of the easiest skills to learn for all those willing to dive in the IT domain. As SQL does not mandate any prior programming knowledge or any special criteria. For anyone with a little knack for IT and solving business problems, this could be one of the easiest and fun skills to learn.

For those who do not wish to choose a career in coding or programming despite having an IT background, SQL server could be an option.

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