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Microsoft SQL Server Training & Certification - Developer & Administrator

Start Your Career With The Highest Growing & Most Promising Profession of SQL Developer/DBA.

Know The Reason behind, Why SQL Is bringing The higher Employment!

SQL is one such skill that even today offers one of the most stable careers with consistent growth. No matter in which part of the globe you are, this one skill could secure you a job as the database is used everywhere and so are the DBA needed to manage the databases.

Of all the RDMS systems, Microsoft SQL Server is still one of the preferred choices when it comes to enterprise database management. SQL Server's ease of use, availability and tight Windows operating system integration makes it an easy choice for firms that choose Microsoft products for their enterprises.

MS SQL also is loaded with more bells and whistles than any other similar product in the market, its feature set include, reporting, ETL, replication, REST full interoperability, programming languages integration, advanced analytics, Cloud, master data management, workload replay, tracing, Data Quality control and hundreds of more features.

  • There are more than 156,986 companies that use Microsoft SQL Server as per idatalabs
  • A Database Administrator (DBA) with Microsoft SQL Server skills earns an average salary of $74,885 per year
  • SQL (Structural Query Language) is the base to manage the Data queries.
  • Today even for software professional’s knowledge of Database management & SQL is desired by the companies.
  • SQL Server is one such technology that has sustained demands for more than two decades in the job market
  • MS SQL is easy to learn with syntaxes like SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE etc. Even not so hard core IT geeks or without programming background can grasp its concept and acquire mastery in a few months
  • SQL Server as a database engine is both a relational one, and InMemory. It is both Fast and secure and is hence choice of majority of enterprise today.
  • There are many SQL certifications available from Microsoft that if earned, further enhances once ability to get recognized in job market.
  • There are several future expansion paths that lead straight into Azure, Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Data Warehouse, etc. Thus complete future proof skill.
  • Database Administrators & Developers enjoy bright prospects in the job market; with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting that demand for DBAs will grow 15% from 2012 to 2022, far better than the average demand growth of just 10.8% for all occupations.

For Beginners:

  • Module begins with the introduction of SQL & developing all important skills required to learn and grow to make a career in SQL.
  • SQL Program consist a Unique blend of strong Theoretical and Practical components.
  • This dual combination makes you to learn SQL from scratch & develop a deep understanding.
  • After successfully clearing the Basic level will go with advanced level of SQL Training.

At Advanced Stage:

  • Revisiting & revising the basic concepts of SQL.
  • Hands-on training, beginning with the overview of SQL & all important terminology, learning concepts of SQL BI and DBA as well.
  • Apart from the Live Sessions, Recordings, Study Materials, ppt’s etc are also provided associated with the sessions.
  • SQL Program enables you to apply and achieve Various Certifications, which is a mandatory requirement for any IT Company to shortlist a resource.
  • Committed to every SQL Candidate: Experienced SQL Mentor tailors the approach and answers every single query individually.
  • Immediate Answers to every question raised: SQL Trainer wouldn’t move ahead until all doubts are resolved with appropriates answers.
  • Learning From Other SQL Trainees: Group Discussion, working on SQL Live project with other candidates develops the thought process & team building quality.
  • Moving ahead after Learners Comfortableness: If any topic confuses, going too slow or too fast, the instructor will immediately adjust the teaching plan to accommodate real-time feedback.
  • Higher Retention of Learning: Rich visuals, SQL Live Projects to convey content effectively.
  • Learn more in a place where you’re comfortable and can avoid distractions.

SQL Training Classes Schedule

Starting Duration Price  
Mon - Fri
6 Weeks
09.00 - 10.00 PM
( EST )
USD 549
Mon - Fri
6 Weeks
09.00 - 10.00 PM
( EST )
USD 549

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Our SQL Training Module Promise you:
Successfully Apply For SQL Roles And Learn To Expand SQL Opportunities. 

SQL Server Training Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions - SQL Server Training Program

All our trainers are Sr. MS SQL Server and BI certified consultants, and are all working professionals mostly from leading global corporations.

They go through JanBask`s rigorous selection procedure before on boarding, unlike traditional trainers, these professionals are tested for their passion for imparting knowledge, besides their technical knack.

Every trainer is then made to pursue a 20 hours mandatory induction program that helps them get Familiar with JanBask learning Edge methodologies.

Thus ensuring that every trainer brings their best and does their best to deliver the best possible knowledge in best possible manner.

SQL Server offers various job roles such as Administrators, Developers, and Business Analysts etc. Companies are hiring professionals who have strong knowledge of Microsoft® SQL Server administration and development as well.

Most of the recruiter will look for if you to have the complete hands on knowledge on SQL Server BI (Business Intelligence) along with SQL Development knowledge.

Thus if you are planning to choose a career in SQL, our best recommendation would be to learn it completely instead of picking one between Admin, Developer or BI role.

This will maximize the chances of securing job with top organizations, and ensuring long term career growth.

SQL is one of the easiest skills to learn for all those willing to dive in IT domain. As SQL does not mandates any prior programming knowledge or any special criteria. For anyone with little knack for IT and solving business problems, this could be one of the most easiest and fun skills to learn.

For those who do not wish to choose a career in coding or programming despite having an IT background, SQL server could be an option.

You start by writing simple text queries, and learn to play with small set of data and within weeks you end up solving real life data problems. Exciting Huh!

As all our programs are Instructor led and delivered in live environment, and not mere recorded sessions.

Rest assured for getting ample of opportunities to interact with not only the Instructor, but also with the other students who are participating in the class.

We also have a couple of group sessions dedicated to this kind of trainer-learner interaction.

All our demo sessions are available free of cost to all serious learners. After enrollment you may choose to opt for a free demo class. After Demo class, if you feel our program is not matching your expectation you may choose to cancel and ask for refund.