DevOps Master Training Course

Self-learning Program

(4.8/5 ) | 1.5K+ Ratings

Struggling to manage time to attend online live classes? Learn DevOps at your own pace!

With DevOps Self-Learning Program you will:

Price USD 499  USD 399

What does the DevOps self-learning Program has to offer?

40+ Hours of Class Recording

30 HD PPTs

Hands-on Assignments

DevOps eBook

Hands-on Practice Test

Dashboard Lifetime Access

Become a job-ready DevOps professional for core industries with our all-in-one self-learning kit of DevOps training online.

Why should DevOps be your preferred career option?

Few facts explaining, why self-learning DevOps training online should be your priority

Suited Best For Students/Professionals

We help you to learn the skills required for various Job Roles including:

  • DevOps Engineer
  • DevOps Release Manager
  • DevOps Automation Expert
  • DevOps Testing Professional


IT Skill

DevOps is the most in-demand IT skill surpassing cloud and DataScience skills.


Average Salary

$140,002 is the average salary for the DevOps professional who completes their DevOps training and certifications

80% Fortune

Companies using DevOps

As per the CA report, 80% of the Global Fortune organizations have adopted the DevOps technology


Market Size

As per Grand View Research, Inc, DevOps Market size would raise to $12.85B by 2025

Don’t let the busy schedule or expensive live classes get in the way of your successful DevOps career!

Course Curriculum for Our DevOps Self-learning Program

Covers everything from Basic to Advanced concepts

DevOps Master Training

The Self-learning Program Curated Especially For You

Become a job-ready DevOps professional with our full-packaged, quick-to-download Self-learning program of DevOps training online.

  • Watch and study as per your time availability
  • Learn all the basic to advanced DevOps concepts
  • Add the right skills to your resume & become job-ready
  • Impart knowledge that’s asked for the DevOps certification examination
  • Join the league of high-paying DevOps professionals faster

DevOps Master Training - Self-learning Program

(4.8/5 ) | 1.5K+ Ratings

Work on your DevOps skills with self-learning video sessions and online course material prepared by the experts. Watch, learn & get DevOps training & certifications now at your own pace.

What you’ll learn?

  • DevOps tools
  • DevOps culture
  • SDLC & Agile
  • Cloud, virtualization and physical infra
  • Price USD 499

  • SAVE 20%

USD 399

Package Includes

  • 40+H Live Class recording
  • 30 HD PPTs
  • 15+ Problems Assignment
  • eBook
  • 2+ Practice Test
  • Dashboard Lifetime Access

Need to learn about the DevOps Self-learning program in detail?

How our DevOps Self-learning Programs is helping Beginners as well as Working Professionals?

Explore how our DevOps self-learning program is helping beginners to professionals, who have no time to attend the scheduled online training for DevOps certifications.

Which one to opt for, DevOps self-learning program or live DevOps training courses?

Be assured. You would get the best quality training whether you take our DevOps self-learning kit or opt for our scheduled & regular DevOps training certification classes, as for you would be provided with the same quality teaching and material. If you want to have continuous learning and also have time then you may go our DevOps training online - for which you can start with our DevOps training free demo classes, to get the taste of our regular virtual classroom learnings. And if you have a time limitation and some budget restriction and want to learn at your own pace then buy our self-learning DevOps training course program

IS DevOps Training expensive?

If you plan to take DevOps training online with us, you surely will find some affordable and helpful learning solutions. We have specifically designed our DevOps self-learning kit which systematically comprises of our DevOps training plan inclusive of the complete course material - DevOps training topics, DevOps training content, DevOps training tutorial in the form of PPts, eBooks, and videos are recorded version of our live classrooms. So that if you don't have time for the scheduled class you can take this kit and watch and learn from the videos. If you want to go for a reasonable option, then check out our DevOps self-learning program.

Does the DevOps self-learning kit help with DevOps certification job assistance?

Yes, Our course is designed in such a way that throughout the course, you go through several random verbal tests to increase your knowledge and confidence. Our instructors try giving you complete exposure with different questions that are generally asked during the interview sessions. We give you complete DevOps training and certification portal access and also examination related guidance.

Is it worth it if I learn from the self-learning videos of DevOps training online?

Yes, it is actually worth the option for the DevOps self-learning training online as there are no prerequisites for DevOps training, with these recorded DevOps training videos & other course materials, you can:

  • Easily download the entire classroom taught session and watch it anywhere and anytime on the go, be it when you are traveling or some spare time.
  • Clear your doubts and queries via emails and chats directly from the instructors.
  • The DevOps recordings will feature real-time students asking doubts, which will help you understand the course better.
  • Offline instructional classes delivered by the certified senior DevOps professionals.
What will I learn from the DevOps self-learning program?

With our DevOps self-learning kit, you will get all the material created by experts as - syllabus covering detailed videos, DevOps training tutorial, PPTs, eBooks, question banks related to the certification exams & job interview rounds and real industry-based projects to make you industry-ready.

With our self-learning program, you will be learning every inch about DevOps handling as it would be your DevOps engineer training online. You would learn:

  • DevOps culture
  • SDLC
  • Shell Scripting and writing scripts
  • Linux, Basic and advanced Linux commands, Administration command and file system
  • DevOps engineer's roles and responsibilities

What Students Say

I had a great experience of learning Devops course from JanBask Training. Course instructor was very knowledgeable, and handed the class very well in terms of making it interactive and interesting.

Nicola Sequeira

I had a great experience of learning Devops course from JanBask Training. Course instructor was very knowledgeable, and handed the class very well in terms of making it interactive and interesting.

Garry Arathon

I went through a DevOps course in my college 2 semesters ago; I found the course far too superficial and far too fast without much motivation from the professor. This course has a much easier pace, better examples and provides motivation for what we are studying. The JanBask team gives its best to support us.

Disha Khosla

As a beginner to DevOps, this course gives a solid foundation to build upon.The descriptions of concepts and working examples are crisp and to the point without being a drag. Allover it’s a good course.

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