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Salesforce Training & Certifications

Learn Salesforce from Sr. Salesforce Consultants, Earn Certifications, and Get Ready For Salesforce Jobs

Wonder Why Salesforce Is A Trending Magnet?

Today more than 200,000 customer companies are leveraging cloud solutions with trust for their critical business functions. Without any infrastructure to buy you can access the world’s no 1 CRM platform that can be accessed entirely over the net.

Salesforce is globally one of the most sought-after skills today, and the demand is sure to increase further. Some expert estimate future demand for Salesforce skills to stay exponential for at least next 20 years..

If you are Salesforce certified you will be the preferred choice for recruiters and thus would stand a high chance of grabbing some good opportunity at your dream company. The practical hands-on training approach would make you job ready.

  • As per the latest statistics, Salesforce is the leading Cloud Computing System and the CRM Solution Provider around the world.
  • Majority of fortune 500 companies are banking upon Salesforce solutions for their critical business functions.
  • The number of IT professionals pursuing online Salesforce training and Salesforce Certification training are growing day by day.
  • Salesforce provides pre-integrated apps on the AppExchange marketplace, world's largest business app marketplace.
  • It also offers various cloud products such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Wave Analytics, Community Cloud, and Salesforce one for Mobile Apps.
  • There is a huge and increasing demand for Salesforce experts and skillset. A few popular career choices in Salesforce are to be Salesforce Developers, Salesforce Administrators, Salesforce Consultant etc.
  • Salesforce Admin certificated professional’s avg. take home salaries hover around $112,000+.

For Beginners:

  • The module starts with a brief introduction of Salesforce and also on developing all the prerequisite skills that are essential to learn Salesforce and grow in this particular technology.
  • Our Salesforce Training Program is based on an Innovative blend of balanced Theoretical and Practical concepts to help you learn Salesforce in a better manner.
  • This will enable you to learn everything from square one & develop a broader understanding of the technology. It will also help in applying for Salesforce Certification.
  • After this, the training to go for an Advanced level would be started.

At Advanced Stage:

  • Brushing up the basic concepts of the Beginners Salesforce training courses.
  • Hands-on experience, starting from Salesforce Admin going towards Salesforce Developer and a part of App builder along with lightning as well.
  • Moving ahead, Salesforce Training Program equips you well to apply and attain Various Certifications, which is a mandatory need for any organization to select a resource.
  • Along with the Live Classes, earners also get Recordings, Study Materials, ppt’s etc are also provided related to sessions.
  • Individual Attention to every Salesforce Learner: Experienced Salesforce instructor tailors the approaches and answer specific questions one-o-one.
  • Doubt Clarification & Instant Discussion: Salesforce expert wouldn’t move an inch until all the doubts are addressed with a detailed discussion.
  • Learning From Other Participants: Group Discussion, working in a Salesforce project with other participants increases leadership quality & the ability to learn more quickly.
  • Immediate Feedback: Anything confusing, whether the speed of the session being too slow or too fast, the instructor can instantly regulate the teaching plan to have a room for real-time feedback.
  • Higher Understanding and Retention while Learning Self-explanatory visuals, Salesforce Projects to convey the course content efficiently. This makes you a better candidate for Salesforce Certification.
  • Evolve and attain more in an environment where you’re relieved and can keep away from diversions.

Salesforce Training Classes Schedule

Starting Duration Price  
Mon - Fri
6 Weeks
09.00 - 10.00 PM
( EST )
USD 599
Mon - Fri
6 Weeks
09.00 - 10.00 PM
( EST )
USD 599
Mon - Fri
6 Weeks
09.00 - 10.00 PM
( EST )
USD 599

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Salesforce Course Reviews

"We ensure that you learn Salesforce completely, and not only become Salesforce Certified but also get ready for Salesforce Job Interviews."

Salesforce Training Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions - Salesforce Training Program

All the individuals on our trainer panel are Sr. Salesforce certified individuals, and are mostly working professionals coming from foremost global Salesforce corporations.

They undergo JanBask`s elaborate and strict selection process before getting on board, unlike many traditional trainers, these professionals are stringently tested for their enthusiasm for imparting knowledge, besides the technical expertise that they have.

Thereafter each trainer mandatorily goes through 20 hours of our induction program which helps them to get accustomed to JanBask’s learning Edge methods. This ensures that every trainer imports their best and does their best to impart the best possible knowledge in transcendent possible manner.

Primarily, Salesforce platform offers job options as Administrators, Developers, and Analysts.

Companies usually focus on hiring professionals who have strong knowledge of Salesforce administrators and development as well, as that saves them from hiring two different people to do similar kind of job.

Owing to its structure a developer automatically becomes familiar with the Admin concepts (Salesforce Out of box features).

In case you are planning to pursue a career in Salesforce, our best suggestion would be to become skilled at it in entirety i-e opting for entire Salesforce traing courses, instead of selecting between Salesforce Developer Course or Salesforce Administrator Course. This will enhance your chances of landing a job with top organizations and safeguard a long-term career growth.

There are various levels of certifications available at To name few, there are Certified Administrator & Advanced Administrator, Certified Platform Developer and Advanced Developer, Salesforce Certified App Builder, Certified Sales & Service cloud consultant, Certified Solution Architect, and many more (Please visit Salesforce website to view complete list)

Since, it is the resume which speaks first to the companies; if the hiring manager likes a resume, only then decision of personal interview is made.

In order to maximize the chances of getting interviewed one must have an appealing resume that clearly highlights the skills that stands out. Certifications are one such thing, when mentioned on a resume grabs the attention of the recruiters.

This increases chances of short listing as certified professionals are the preferred choice for any organization.

If you are starting your training from the scratch, JanBask Salesforce Training Program is capable of equipping you to acquire complete knowledge of Administrator, Developer as well as App builder.

After completing program you may plan to get at least these two to three basic level of certification(s). And subsequently as you gain more learning you can progress and add more senior level certifications.

All of our training sessions are Instructor-led and are delivered in a live environment, and not in recorded sessions. Therefore, it will be interactive.
Be assured for getting plenty of occasions to interact with not only your course Instructor but also with the other students who are taking the same course.
We also have a couple of group sessions committed to this kind of trainer-learner interactions solely. All this becomes very helpful when you are trying to get your online Salesforce Certification.

All the demo classes that we offer are free of cost to all the determined learners. After you have enrolled you may elect to opt for a free demo class. After the Demo class is over if you feel that our program is not as per your anticipation you may opt to cancel and ask for a refund.