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QTP/UFT Training & Certification

Our QTP/ UFT training is completely based on the automation testing that will help you to master various concepts of test automation in detail. You will learn everything practically, including functional and regression testing. Because of the high demand for QTP exerts in the modern IT space, this training program can help you to become a successful tester.

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Why Online QTP/UFT Certifications?

The certification training will help you in shaping your career and leverage the growing demand for certified QTP/UFT professionals. Let us have a quick look at the most compelling facts that make QTP/UFT certification so popular these days.


Automation testing tool and a growing career option


Jobs are posted for automation testing experts in the USA alone in the year 2019.

QA Growth


Average Salary of an Automation Testing Engineer in the USA


Growth is estimated in software testing jobs by 2020.


Companies are hiring Automation Testing experts on an urgent basis.

Do You Know Why QTP/UFT Training is Necessary to Grow Your Career?

QA jobs


Increase in demand for skilled QTP/UFT experts since 2018.

Instructor-led Live Online QTP/UFT Classes

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Earn your QTP/UFT Certificate

Best-in-class content by leading faculty & industry leaders in the form of videos and projects, assignments & live sessions.

Career Counselling

Career Counselling

Resume Feedback

Resume Feedback

Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation

QTP/UFT Training Course Roadmap

Here are the milestones that you will achieve with our QTP/UFT Course Training

Introduction to QTP

    • Introduction to QTP
    • History of QTP
    • Benefits of QTP Over Other Automation Tools
    • QTP IDE, Basic Components in QTP, Adding Manager
    • How does QTP works/Object recognition concept?
    • Record a sample Test
    • Understand the Script
    • Execution of a Test
    • Enhancement of recorded script
    • What is Automation Testing?
    • When Automation is needed
    • When Automation is not needed
    • Advantages & Disadvantages of Automation Testing
    • What are the popular Automation Tools in the industry?
    • What is the difference between various Automation Testing Tools?

Framework & Object Repository In QTP

    • What is a Framework?
    • Types of Framework
    • Management of Frameworks
    • Different ways of Test Results Generation
    • Automation Management
    • Data, Keyword & Modular Driven
    • Introduction to Objects and Classes
    • Introduction to Properties and Methods
    • Object Repository & Options Available
    • QTP Classes and Objects
    • Details of OR & Types of OR
    • How to create OR
    • Test Object vs. Run time Object
    • Configuring Object identification
    • Object Spy & Properties
    • Mandatory/Assistive properties /Ordinal identifier

Automation Process in QTP

    • Difference Between Manual vs. Automation Testing.
    • Benefits of Automation with UFT.
    • Planning the Test with Respect to Application & Automation
    • Identifying the Automation Test Scenario
    • Recording the Test
    • Enhancing & Debugging the Test
    • Running & Planning the Test
    • Analyzing the Results and Reporting Defects
    • Create PDF in your applications with the Pdfcrowd HTML to PDF API PDFCROWD

Parameterization, Actions & Check Points

    • What is Parameterization & why it's needed
    • Types of Parameterization
    • Data table, Random Number and Environment Number Parameterization
    • How to access data from Global Sheet and Local sheet
    • Through Data Table
    • Environment Variables
    • User-Defined Internal & External
    • Types of Actions
    • Non-Reusable & Reusable Actions
    • Internal & External Action
    • Action Properties
    • Standard Checkpoint
    • Image & Bitmap Check Point
    • Text Check & Text Area Point
    • Database & Accessibility Check Point
    • XML File & XML Page Check Point

Regular Expressions, Debugging, Modes & Recovery Scenarios

    • Regular Expression
    • When to Use Regular Expressions?
    • How to use Regular Expression in Descriptive Programming
    • Using in Repositories & Check Points
    • Using in Descriptive Level Programming
    • Regular Expression Evaluator
    • Insert/Remove Breakpoints
    • Step In, Step Out and Step Over
    • Debug Viewer Pane
    • Update & Maintenance Run Mode
    • Normal & Fast Mode
    • Handling the exception using Recovery Scenario Manager
    • Usage of Recovery Scenario Wizard
    • Completing a Recovery Scenario
    • Creation and Association of QRS file for Recovery Scenario

Introduction to VB Scripting

    • Introduction to VB Scripting
    • Introduction to Scripting Languages
    • Basics of VB Scripting
    • Data Types, Variables, and Constants Conditional Statements
    • Operators-Arithmetic, Comparison, Concatenation, Logical
    • Conditional construct If Then Else and Select Case
    • Looping Construct Do, While, For Next, For Each Next
    • Arrays and Functions
    • Important Inbuilt functions
    • General Functions and Statements
    • VB Script Objects

QTP/UFT Training Course Roadmap

  • Here are the milestones that you will achieve with our QTP/UFT Course Training

    Our customized curriculum for QTP/UFT training course has already helped hundreds of students to qualify their certification exams and they are working with most reputed companies today worldwide. Automation testing is one of the sought-after skills and demand for automation testing experts is sure to increase further. The demand will stay exponential for QTP/UFT experts for at least the next 10 years.

    Here is what we cover in our online QTP/UFT Course to make you a QTP/UFT Expert. Each topic has been detailed with the sub-topic that we cover.

Course Curriculum

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QTP/UFT Corporate Training

QTP/UFT Online Corporate Training & Certification

Being one of the most premier training institutes, our QTP/UFT Corporate Training will help your workforce to build a strong foundation and gain hands-on experience in automation testing tools and testing fundamentals.

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