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Artificial Intelligence Certification Training

Gain excellent AI skills with a contemporary Artificial Intelligence training and certification course. Join this AI training and get great exposure to industry practices. Be the most wanted candidate in the industry with this online AI training course.

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Artificial Intelligence Certification Training Course Roadmap

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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

    • Get a full-fledged Introduction to AI
    • Learn about the Components of AI
    • Learn about the advantages of using AI?
    • Learn about the Applications of AI in various industries
    • Learn about the Meaning, Scope, and Stages Of Artificial Intelligence
    • Get a sound introduction to the installation of Anaconda
    • Learn about the Creating of Environment with stable Python version
    • Get a sound Introduction to TensorFlow, Keras, OpenCV, Caffe, Theano
    • Learn about Installation of required libraries
    • Get knowledge of Industry Applications of AI
    • Learn about the benefits Multiple Industries

Neural Networks

    • Get a sound Introduction to Neural Networks
    • Learn about the Gradient Descent
    • Get an Introduction to Perceptron & Neural Networks
    • Learn about the Batch Normalization procedures
    • Learn about the Activation and Loss functions
    • Learn about the Hyperparameter tuning
    • Learn about the Deep Neural Networks
    • Get knowledge of Tensor Flow & Keras for Neural Networks & Artificial Intelligence
    • Get knowledge of Understand Neural Networks in Detail
    • Get knowledge of Illustrating Multi-Layer Perceptron
    • Learn about the Backpropagation – Learning Algorithm
    • Learn about the Understanding of Backpropagation – Using Neural Network Example
    • Learn about the MLP Digit-Classifier using TensorFlow
    • Learn about the Building of a multi-layered perceptron for classification

Convolutional Neural Networks

    • What is a Convolutional Neural Network
    • Get an Understanding the architecture of CNN
    • Learn about the Use cases of CNN
    • What is a pooling layer
    • How to visualize using CNN
    • How to fine-tune a Convolutional Neural Network
    • What is Transfer Learning
    • Get an Understanding of Recurrent Neural Networks
    • Learn about the feature maps, Kernel filter, pooling
    • Learn about the Deploying convolutional neural network in TensorFlow

Restricted Boltzmann Machine (RBM) and Autoencoders

    • Get an introduction to RBM and autoencoders
    • Learn about the Restricted Boltzmann Machine
    • Learn about the Applications of RBM
    • Get an Introduction to Autoencoders
    • Learn about the Autoencoders applications
    • Get a good Understanding Autoencoders
    • Learn about the Building an Autoencoder model
    • Learn about the Collaborative Filtering with RBM
    • Learn how to deploy it for deep neural networks

Generative Artificial Intelligence, Generative Adversarial Networks

    • Learn about the Text generation using LSTM and generative recurrent networks
    • Get ab Understanding about DeepDream algorithm
    • Learn about the Image generation using variational autoencoders
    • Get an understanding of GANs theory and practical models
    • Learn about The Generator, the Discriminator, the Adversarial network
    • Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial networks
    • Learn about the Producing audio using GAN
    • Learn about Unsupervised learning using Autoencoders

MLP And Regularization Techniques

    • Learn about the Binary classification problem using MLP on IMDB dataset
    • Learn about the Multi-class classification problem using MLP on Reuters dataset
    • Learn about the Regression problem using MLP on Boston Housing dataset
    • Get a good knowledge of the Types of Machine Learning outcomes
    • Learn about the Handling imbalanced datasets and avoiding overfitting and underfitting
    • Learn about the Simple hold-out validation
    • Learn about the K-Fold validation
    • What is Iterated K-fold validation with shuffling
    • Learn what is Adding weight regularization
    • Learn about the Drop Out and Drop Connect
    • Get knowledge of Adding Noise – Data Noise, Label Noise, Gradient Noise
    • Learn about the Batch Normalization
    • Learn about the Data Augmentation
    • Learn about the Weight initialization technique


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Artificial Intelligence  Corporate Training

Artificial Intelligence Corporate Training

Equip your staff with the best AI Corporate Training. Our Artificial Intelligence Corporate Training comes with great syllabus crafted especially for the corporate setup.

FAQs on Artificial Intelligence Certification Course and Training

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Aayushi Malhotra

JanBask offered highly interactive learning content for AI certification training. The video content and PPTs were also appreciable as prepared by experienced tutors. I would recommend Artificial Training at JanBask to everyone interested in machine learning and AI tools.

Gajraj Singh

The AI training and certification at JanBask simplified the basics of artificial intelligence and machine learning for me. Today, I had hands-on expertize in tough concepts too and able to grep my dream job within a month only. Thank you JanBask and knowledge experts too!

Shiv Sharma

At JanBask Training, we don’t only learn the theoretical concepts only but got a wonderful exposure in various real-life applications too. I must say the AI certification course is highly up to the mark and recommended for everyone.

Aditi Roy

The course content of the AI program is designed so well that anyone can easily clear the certification exam in first attempt only. JanBask Training is just the perfect platform to fill the gaps in career growth. Thank you, guys!

John Williams

I would like to give a big thanks to my trainer and JanBask for the wonderful training and 24/7 constant support. Every time when I faced a problem, it was resolved by the team gracefully and they helped me in getting my dream job too.

Gracy Singh

JanBask Training is the best learning platform with cost-effective certification courses and interacting study materials. I would like to thank trainers for such a wonderful support who are just passionate about training. Good job guys!

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