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AI Certification Training Online

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  •  Practical AI machine learning
  •  Interactive content to help you with AI certifications
  •  Awesome support by expert mentors
  •  Hands-on expertize in neural networks, AI tools, intelligent systems etc.

Why is Artificial Intelligence most demanding career choice for tech professionals?


AI is the most innovative engine of advancement


The average salary of AI professional is $172,000 per year in the USA


AI is huge and job opportunities are also huge for aspirants.


For AI engineers will grow to millions by 2015 and beyond.

Salary Trend

 A Few Compelling Facts

AI is one of the most demanding and fast-growing IT fields in the technology marketplace. The depth learning of AI tools and different machine learning concepts is always appreciated by Companies and the demand for AI experts will continue to increase in near future too. JanBask Training offers AI certification courses in TensorFlow and AI tools to help you to take advantage of career opportunities in machine learning.

 Future of AI

Become an in-demand AI engineer with professional training that puts you on the path to the exciting career that will grow sharply by 2015 and beyond. Soon, AI will be a part of our routine life and its applications could be seen everywhere around us. Also, it can be used for different industry verticals too like Healthcare, Transport, insurance, call-centers, IT industries etc.

 Job Market

The present and future demands for AI engineers is stagnant. Even the New York Times reports a shortage of AI professional worldwide. As of now, there are only 10,000 AI professionals fill the jobs and taking an average salary of $172,000 per year in the USA with the necessary skills. So, your chance of getting your dream job is very high once you are done with AI training online.

. How will it impact your career ?

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AI Certification Training Online

Your goal is our responsibility!

"We ensure that you learn AI completely, and not only become AI Certified but also get ready for AI Job Interviews."

Our Reviews

Instructor-led AI Sessions

"Become an actual expert and not a theory master."

The best part of the training is that you will not get any pre-recorded session. Each of the trainers is selected carefully after a careful consideration and skills evaluation.

Lifetime Access

"Choose from the latest live or recorded webcasts."

You will get lifetime access to our learning management system (LMS) where recorded classes can be viewed anytime, anywhere as per your convenience.

Project-Based Learning

"Project Based Practical AI practical training program"

If you wanted to get selected by top MNCs then theoretical knowledge is not enough. Keep this consideration in mind, we promise to sharpen your skills with practical Artificial intelligence training on different machine learning concepts.

Collaborative Learning

"Enhancing students engagement & problem-solving approach."

The collaborative learning is highly important and primary consideration to take the career at the top. We at JanBask Training support collaborative AI learning when you could learn and grow in groups.

Special Live Session

"Special live session for Actually Utilized AI tools"

The AI learning is incomplete if you are not sure of how to use AI tools. For this purpose, we have arranged special live classes for AI tools are actually utilized in the workplaces.

Affordable Course

"Affordable & Cost Effective machine learning course"

With JanBask Training, you had an opportunity to learn Artificial Intelligence at affordable prices like never before under the assistance of expert educators and become a successful AI professional right away.

Course Objective

  • The course is designed with an objective to help students in mastering the AI in a more comprehensive way.
  • The course ensures job success and helps you to pass the certification exam with tailored study materials and the hands-on assignments.
  • The course will teach you how can you configure the AI so that you can collect, retrieve or analyze the data precisely related to your customer base.
  • Further, you will learn AI platform to develop and deploy next-generation technologies with confidence.

Skills you will learn?

By the end of the AI machine learning certification program, you would be able to accomplish the following skills -

  • Design your own AI system, intelligent agents, neural networks, machine learning models, logistic models, knowledge base systems, decision-making functions.
  • Also understand the various AI concepts, its functions, operations, principles of machine learning, and various mathematics concepts too.
  • Learn how to write AI algorithms, understand neural networks, multi-layer abstraction, and utilize your data like never before.
  • Get a comprehensive learning of various theoretical concepts and get hands-on expertize in various practical aspects of machine learning too.
  • Master a plenty of advanced AI topics like recurrent neural network, logistic regression, high-lev interfaces etc, that can be applied across various industry verticals.
  • Master the machine learning tools that are used by the innovative team of AI experts across worldwide to develop most intelligent solutions to real-world challenges.

Artificial Intelligence training objectives for beginners:

  • JanBask offers comprehensive AI training in-depth to help you to work at the edge of Artificial Intelligence. At the basic level, you will master various AI concepts, machine learning tools, logistic regression, neural networks, vectorization, binary classifications, python, and more.
  • The training is a perfect blend of theoretical and practical concepts to make you more suitable for the industry needs.
  • You can request to personalize your learning as per your convenience and requirements.
  • Also, you will get interactive learning contents prepared as per the latest market trends with high-quality videos and audios.

Artificial Intelligence training objectives at advanced stage:

  • First, you need to brush up the basic concepts before you start with advanced level training.
  • Learn from renowned JanBask Training faculty and industry leader practitioners.
  • Learn effective machine learning skills to design powerful AI systems. Design your own AI system, intelligent agents, neural networks, machine learning models, logistic models, knowledge base systems, decision-making functions.
  • You would be able to understand the AI challenges at the workplaces.
  • Once you have completed your training in machine learning and AI, you can start applying for multiple posts and jobs globally.

Who should take the AI certification training course?

The AI certification and training course can be taken by almost anyone interested in learning machine learning concepts or AI tools. Here, is a quick look who should take AI certification courses preferably –

  • Analyst Managers guiding a team of analysts.
  • Analytical Professionals have extensive experience in AI and machine learning.
  • Information architects having wide exposure in designing AI algorithms.
  • Any graduate looking to make a career in Artificial Intelligence
  • Experienced professionals who want to change their domain or wanted to explore their knowledge base.

Artificial Intelligence Exam and Certification

The course is designed wisely to clear the AI certification exam in first attempt only. The content is prepared by industry experts and experienced educators to help you in getting the best jobs in top MNCs.
With real-time project learning, you can always accelerate your career growth effortlessly. When you will complete the training, you can participate in quizzes and respective certification courses as per your knowledge and expertise.
Our course completion certificate will be given in the end once you have completed your project work successfully and scored well on quizzes. With our certification, you would able to apply for multiple posts and global MNCs worldwide.

Course Roadmap

Course Curriculum


  • A brief review of AI history
  • What is artificial intelligence?
  • Future and Market Trends in Artificial Intelligence
  • Components of Artificial intelligence
  • Related research fields
  • Applications of Machine Learning
  • Why Machine Learning is the Future

Machine Learning

  • What Is Machine Learning?
  • Categories of Machine Learning
  • Supervised Machine Learning
    • Regression (Linear, Multiple, Logistic)
    • Classification (k-NN, na

Deep Learning

  • Neural Network Basics
  • Deep Neural Networks
  • Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN)
  • Deep Learning applied to Images using CNN
  • Tensor Flow for Neural Networks & Deep Learning

Nutural Language Processing

  • Statistical NLP and text similarity
  • Syntax and Parsing techniques
  • Text Summarization Techniques
  • Semantics and Generation Neural Networks

Neural Network

  • Understanding Artificial Neural Network
  • Neural Network Architecture
  • Object Recognition With Neural Nets
  • Recurrent Neural Networks

Reinforcement Learning

  • Q-Learning Introduction
  • Policy-based methods
  • Reinforcement Learning concepts
  • Marcov Decision Process
  • Temporal Difference
  • Q-learning Visualization

Computer Vision

  • Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Basics of Computer Vision and OpenCV
  • Keras library for deep learning in Python
  • Object Detection & Face Detection techniques
  • Pre-processing Image Data
  • Motion Analysis and Object Tracking

Sample Project & Certification

  • Assignments to do hands on practice
  • Real time projects for hands-on practice
  • What are the certifications available in Artificial Intelligence
  • Guidance & Study Material to get AI Certified
  • Sets of Multiple choice questions (MCQs)
  • Study materials

Upcoming Batches

Starting Duration Price  
Mon - Fri
6 Weeks
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6 Weeks
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6 Weeks

FAQs – Learn AI online with JanBask Training

Who will deliver the AI certification training online?

The training will be given by the expert educators working with global IT Companies. We make sure that each of the trainers must possess the following attributes as discussed below –

  • Certifications in different AI courses

  • Hands-on expertize in machine learning tools, AI concepts, and various real-time projects too.

  • Wide industry experience and relevant teaching experience too.

Apart from this, they will be tested for their passion to deliver training classes with maximum technical capabilities. Further, this is necessary for trainers to go through mandatory induction program to make them familiar with basic norms and learning methodologies.

Are there any prerequisites to learn Artificial Intelligence course online?

There are no specific prerequisites but the understanding of python programming, statistics, and machine learning basics would definitely be an added advantage.

What can I expect from artificial intelligence certification course at JanBask Training?

Well, there are a plenty of benefits when you join the AI training course with us. A few of them are discussed below –

  • You will get an immediate access to e-learning content as soon as you join our course online.

  • You will get access to forums prepared by expert mentors and industry experts.

  • Hands-on expertize in various real-life projects.

  • You could apply for various AI certification courses once training is complete.

Is there any global teaching assistance given by the expert mentors?

The course content is prepared so well by our expert mentors and subject matter experts that you could clear the certification exams in first attempt only. Further, you will get an opportunity to enrich your learning experience and get definite job assistance too. Keep in mind that we only give placement assistance but not a placement agency.

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