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Take control of your learning journey, stay ahead, and rule the future with industry-relevant skills indifferent to changing market demands. Learn AWS, Business Analyst, SQL Server, QA, Salesforce, Tableau, Data Science, ML, and more at your own pace and convenience. Our affordable and flexible approach allows you to study from anywhere, anytime, empowering you to become a highly sought-after professional in your field. Sign up now and embark on your self-paced learning adventure

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A Comprehensive Overview Of Self Paced Online Courses

JanBask offers the best self paced online courses from top industry experts. Our self paced online courses are designed to help individuals learn and employ the best practices in the IT industry. Get access to timely, insightful learning at your own pace!

Why Self Paced Online Courses?

Tailored for busy professionals, our self-paced online courses offer the flexibility and convenience you need to boost your skills on your own terms. Learn to solve problems, perform a skill, or master a complex subject. Self-paced learning is easier and faster than conventional teaching methods.



Growth Rate In IT Jobs

IT jobs are expected to have a growth rate of 20% percent by the end of 2024. Self paced learning can skyrocket your career and make you successful in the technology world.



Active Jobs in 2024

After years of layoffs, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a significant uptick in employment in early 2024, with 392K+ active job listings recently, which makes Self-Paced Training crucial.



No Of IT Companies

The IT sector, comprising 3.4% of global GDP, offers vast opportunities. Our self-paced online courses give you a competitive edge, providing essential skills to launch your career.

What Makes Our Self Learning Course Outstanding?

Our self learning course brings the learners and top renowned industry experts together. Students will have access to virtual video lectures, test knowledge with quizzes, and access helpful reading materials in a cost-effective way.

What Makes Our Self Learning Course Outstanding?  Course

Enroll In Our Self Paced Online Courses To Gain :

  • A deeper understanding of advanced technologies & how to operate them

  • Master industry-relevant skills and become an expert in this field!

  • Hands-on project-based learning to transform your career.

  • Study at your own pace and develop better time management skills.

  • Enjoy flexibility, study around your work, and other commitments.

Skills Acquired From Our Self Paced Online Courses : Course

Skills Acquired From Our Self Paced Online Courses :

  • Advanced analytical and problem-solving abilities.

  • Proficiency in technical IT skills.

  • Expertise in database management.

  • Quality assurance and software testing proficiency.

  • Mastery of cutting-edge technologies, and more

Exceptional Features Of Our Self Learning Courses : Course

Exceptional Features Of Our Self Learning Courses :

  • Develop your technical skills to become job ready

  • Live interaction classes from industry experts 

  • Doubt clearing sessions.

  • Advanced self learning course Certification Program

  • Access to live sessions, self paced videos to refresh concepts

  • Real-life industry training with QA, AWS, Tableau & much more.

Why is online Self Learning better than Offline Self Learning training

Uncover the effectiveness of Online Self Learning over offline self-learning training

 Why is online Self Learning better than Offline Self Learning training Course
What Makes Online Self-paced Training Exceptional?
  • Connect with elearners and mentors 24*7 to resolve your queries. Connect anytime and anywhere. Get access to self paced videos.
  • Led by industry experts, these certification courses will ensure you are ready to survive in the industry changing dynamics.
  • These programs can help you develop technical skills that will make you job ready.
  • Online self learning courses can be found in virtually every sector. They can range from beginner courses to advanced certifications, or even both!
  • You can find plenty of resources which will give you an idea of what it's like before you decide whether or not it's right for you.
What Makes Online Self-paced Training Exceptional?  Course
Why Is Offline Learning Not The Right Fit?
  • Limited access to mentors for round-the-clock query resolution. trainer videos may not be readily available & lack live interactive and doubt-clearing sessions Offline Courses are often not geared to meet the modern-day corporate sector challenges posed by changing market needs.
  • Offline Self Learning courses lack focus on newer advanced skills required for job readiness.
  • The offline courses are not convenient for all to access. Sometimes, there are issues with course relevancy, timings, and the location of the training centers.
  • Resources are limited, which renders learners with fewer choices. You might not find the most relevant topic that complements your profession or expertise.
  • Most offline courses are expensive and time-consuming.

Admission Process for Self Learning Course

Improve specific skills, make valuable career changes, or simply discover what interests you with self-learning courses from JanBask Training. These courses will help you gain mastery over in-demand skills, so that you can advance your career.

Eligibility Criteria For Self Paced Learning Course Course

Eligibility Criteria For Self Paced Learning Course

There are no rigid eligibility criteria; anyone interested about acquiring new skills is welcome to enroll in our self-paced courses. Regardless of, whether you’re an experienced IT personnel looking to expand your expertise or just eager to explore new horizons, our courses cater to learners from all backgrounds/experience levels.

How To Choose My Self Learning Course Course

How To Choose My Self Learning Course

Choosing your self-learning course is effortless! Simply navigate to our website's top menu, select Courses, then Self-Learning. Browse through our diverse range of courses, pick your desired one, and proceed to the checkout page. Don't miss our limited-time offer: enjoy a 50% discount on your course purchase! Buy now!

Self Learning Professional Entrance Exams  Course

Self Learning Professional Entrance Exams

Whether you are a seasoned IT professional or just starting, getting certified can help you advance your career. No matter which exam you decide to take, be sure to do your research, prepare thoroughly, and choose the right course, this is important.

Gain Certification On Completion Of Self learning Course Course

Gain Certification On Completion Of Self learning Course

You will receive self-learning course Certification under our Brand in addition to training from professionals. The completion certificate for the self-taught learning you will receive from us is highly respected in the global market. By including the certificate in your portfolio, you will get a lot of recognition and demand in the job market

Elevate Your Career with Self-Paced Online Courses

The IT industry has been growing at an exponential rate. The number of jobs in this sector will keep on increasing in the upcoming years. There will be more than 2 million openings for IT professionals this year. The demand for IT professionals has increased due to the need to support the growth of technology and digital transformation. These professionals can help businesses adapt as technology changes, which means they can provide valuable insights into what's coming next.

Progress Towards A Winning Career!

Elevate Your Career with Self-Paced Online Courses Course

Top IT Specializations

For a prolific IT career, choosing the right specialization is critical. Our range of in-demand self-paced courses aligns with the skills demanded by the leading IT sectors, including industry giants like Google, Microsoft, and more. Explore now!

Student Testimonials

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Microsoft’s Azure training I received from JanBask Training was so worth it. Their quality classes, real industry assignments, variety of e-learning tools, professionals as instructors, everything together added to my learnings greatly. Thanks for the great learnings and endless support!

- Ethan Murray

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I am already a working professional with a leading firm, I wanted to learn Azure for career advancements. Someone recommended me JanBask’s Azure and I took their free demo class and ended up continuing on the complete training journey. I had a fun time solving and working on realtime industry projects.

- Albert Martinez

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I took their Azure Solution Architect Training and must say it was much needed. Their way of teaching and the e-learning tools they teach with were impeccable. I had great learnings. And the trainer was so cooperative to respond to my every doubt. I highly recommend this training to every cloud computing lovers out there!

- Paul Peterson

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The most striking part of the Full stack training is that you will gain meaningful insights and new learnings. You would be able to discover your hidden strengths and move ahead like a pro. Not only successful implementations but it helped us to generate immense career growth in the workplace. I become able to overcome my fears and become a more confident person to showcase my expertise. Today, I am a more established and confident person than usual and we give all this credit to JanBask Training. My salary package has been also increased at an excellent rate and we earned significant benefits from each of the programs at JanBask trainers.

- Johnathon

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Before I joined the Full stack training from JanBask, I did spend a lot of time, money, and energy in learning web technologies that was a mere waste for me. The JanBask Training platform helped me to build the right skills base and grow eventually in a focused manner. Now, we are much sure about our skills and how to implement them in the workplace. Most importantly, we learned a golden lesson on how to establish career in the competitive IT space. It was an excellent decision getting associated with JanBask Training team and I learned more than my expectations. I would recommend the JanBask Training to everyone who wants to grow and succeed in the IT space.

- Jameel

quotes1 icon

After joining JanBask Training, I got to know the actual meaning of Full stack Development and started enjoying my career like never before. I decided on my vision statement and it became possible only because of JanBask Training Team. After taking training with JanBask, I started analyzing my mission, vision, and career growth every 3 months. I did also learn the art of executing skills in the workplace smartly. I did focus on the right selling techniques more and JanBask Training suggested the best Entrepreneurial solutions for all tough business challenges. I absolutely thank my training GURU, JanBask Training who did make the learning a memorable experience to me.

- Halimah

FAQs On Self-learning Courses

You can acquire a new skill or grow your career in any field by enrolling in the Self Paced Online Courses. Most people fall in the second category as they want to grow their career and stay ahead of the competition. Some of the popular self learning courses that we offer are AWS, Tableau, QA, BA, Data Scientist and Salesforce.

You should understand how this course will benefit you. Will it help me get a better job position? If the answer is yes, then you should enroll this self learning course.

Our self taught learning for beginners to corporates has been consciously designed and framed in a way where recorded sessions feel similar to real-time classrooms. The recordings have a clear display and sound quality. The learners can watch and learn from the video while maybe commuting from a cab or during the breaks. If you have doubts pertaining to certain concepts, you can straightway ask from our instructors via quick emails and chats.

The self paced online courses is open to every professional working in a technical field as well as students prioritizing their degrees. Work experience is not a prerequisite to enrol in this certification programme. You will have access to a variety of expanding job profiles, including senior QA analysts, business analysts, software testers or engineers, if you choose to enrol in this self-learning certification programme. If you are unsure about the job path to choose, our counsellors will first assist you to solve your queries.

The benefits of enrolling with us are countless. You will receive self learning course certification under our brand in addition to receiving training from the professionals. The completion certificate for the self taught learning you will receive from us is highly respected in the global market. You will get a lot of recognition and demand in the job market by including that course completion certificate in your portfolio.

You must understand the system you will be learning on since technology is crucial to online learning. Is the interface simple and easy to use? When taking the self taught learning course, will you feel at ease navigating the system? If the CMS is too difficult, you can get frustrated and stop taking the course in the midway.

This answer depends on your preferences and level of comfort. If pre-recorded self paced online courses are your preference, be sure the online course you choose offers excellent customer support and is pre-recorded. To study in an interactive environment, you must select courses that provide live online sessions. In order to give you the best of both real-time and an enhanced learning experience, JanBask Training provides a combination of recorded and live lessons.


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