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Data Analytics Training & Certification

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  •  Live instructor-led classes with systematic content delivery
  •  Learn to work with various data analytics tools & systems
  •  Experts educators with real-time experience in the industry
  •  Assimilate various data analyst concepts online

Why Data Analytics Training is a Big Career Move for all the Learners?


Best career choice.


Projected to grow by 2025.


Data analytics jobs by 2020.

1.5 M

Shortage of 1.5 million data analytics professionals in the US.

Salary Trend

 A Few Compelling Facts

Data Analytics is one of the future growing technologies and can be the best career option. All renowned companies use Data Analytics today to process data. The demand for certified data analysts is, therefore, increasing rapidly. There are around 1.5 Million career opportunities for analysts capable of leveraging data analysis and modeling techniques.

 Future of CRM

Data Analytics certification would assist you to move to a senior level and become specialized in Data Modelling, R, SAS, Tableau, Python, BI, and Big Data. A data analyst with the right skillset may earn an average salary of $ 120K annually. The various job titles may include Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Data Science Analyst, Quantitative analysts etc.

 Job Market

With our Data analytic certification training program, get trained with Sr. Data Analytics Consultants, Explore the Subject in-depth, Earn Certification and Get Ready for Data Analytics Jobs. Our highly specialized curriculum of Data Analytics course is specifically career oriented and is designed to provide you a tremendous future growth and a successful IT career.

. How will it impact your career ?

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Data Analytics Training

Our Training Module Promise you:

"Get certified with Data Analytics - A Market Leading and Future Technology"

Our Reviews

Live instructor-led Classes

"Learn in a healthy classroom like environment to develop your skills."

There is comprehensive hands-on data analytics training facility based on real-world examples. You can avail the benefit of live instructor-led classes online that are highly interactive and mentors pay full attention to every individual candidate.

Systematic Content Delivery

"No stopping when it comes to having learning material to make you the best."

Live sessions, Recordings, Study Materials, PPTs, mini & major projects and lot other things are shared with candidates to deliver brilliant learning exposure.

Experts educators with real-time experience in the industry

"Learn from the best professionals in the industry to become one."

Our training is a perfect blend of theoretical and practical concepts where you would learn how to use different data analytics tools or systems like R studio, Spotfire etc.

Learn to work with various data analytics tools& systems

"Practical training creatively blended with theoretical training to maximize your learning."

Familiarize yourself with various big data analytics concepts and get in-depth learning of statistical techniques, SAS programming, Tableau, R programming etc.

Get in-depth training on Stats, SAS, Tableau, &Data analytics with R

"Pick-up the most difficult concepts in the easiest possible manner."

The data analytics training course not only teaches you different big data analytics skills but also makes you ready for different job roles too.

Assimilate various data analyst concepts online

"The most innovative learning delivered at your doorstep, just keep a good internet connection."

The data analytics certification is a proof of your skills that make you different from the crowd and gives you the flexibility to enjoy higher salary packages.

Course Objective

  • The Data Analytics course at JanBask includes all essential and required concepts so that the students, enrolled for the course can get a better understanding and crack the interviews as well.
  • The course is intended to give high career boost to the aspirants and provide a better job with good salary.
  • Get hands-on expertise in data analysis, data manipulation, data experimentation, data evaluation etc.
  • With this complete Data analytics boot camp training course, get in-depth learning of various big data concepts, project life cycle, data acquisition, data analysis, statistical method or machine learning algorithms etc.
  • The data analytics certification training program lets you master the data analytics techniques, R statistical computing, clustering, connecting R with Hadoop framework.

Skills you will learn?

With data analytics training & certification program online, you will learn various statistical techniques, data visualization, advanced SAS procedures, Tableau programming, sentiment analysis, Data regression, data mining, data manipulation, data modeling, Bayesian inference, probability, R programming, Data integration with R or exploratory analysis etc.

Basically, you will master the big data skills and derive the meaningful insights by analyzing the existing data. Further, you would be able to write SAS code for complex business problems. Be a tableau expert and learn data integration, data blending, graphs, charts etc.

Data analyst training course objectives for Beginners:

  • Data analytics program starts with a customized introduction for beginners to make them strong with concepts & also introduces to all required skills which are important to learn Data Science.
  • Hands-on Data analytics training that hones your data analysis skills and various data analytics terminologies like manipulation, evaluation, acquisition, experimentation etc.
  • At the basic level, you will also learn basic R programming, Tableau programming and familiarize yourself with open source data analytics tool i.e. R Studio or Spotfire etc.
  • Strong Theoretical knowledge along with and Practical components, this unique blend empowers this program to bring the best out of the training.
  • Once the candidate clears the basic level is entitled to go for advanced.

Data analyst training course objectives at advanced stage:

  • Clearing up the basic knowledge to get started with Advanced version.
  • Stepping ahead with hands-on advanced training on various concepts like
    • Data Science Introduction
    • Hadoop & Spark Overview
    • Python Learning
    • Advanced R programming
    • R studio
    • Tableau Training
    • SAS programming
    • Advanced analytics
    • Spotfire Overview
    • Basic Statistics or Data sampling
    • Data inputting, Manipulation, Mining, Visualization etc.
  • Live sessions, Recordings, Study Materials, PPTs, mini & major projects and lot other things are shared with candidates to deliver brilliant learning exposure.
  • This Data Analytics Training Modules prepare you to successfully apply and conquer the Certifications. All these projects & environment builds you to go and compete for any IT Job.

Who should attend Data analytic online training course?

The training is designed for those who want to have a long-lasting career in Data Analytics. Mainly the professionals from the following fields can join the course:

  • IT developers, testers or machine learning experts
  • Data Scientists, big data specialists, business analysts
  • Project Managers, Statisticians, information architects
  • Organizational employees who want to develop a functional Tableau desktop
  • Professionals who want to be a certified Tableau expert or certified data analyst

Data Analytics Courses Exam and Certification

On registration, you will get access to course modules and start attending instructor-lead live sessions from anywhere.

  • On successful completion of data analytics training modules for beginners and advanced users, including hands-on assignments, and project, you are eligible to apply for data analytics certification courses online.
  • Once certification is awarded, you can start applying for multiple data analytics roles and explore wide job options with attractive salaries.

Course RoadMap

Data Analytics Syllabus

Introduction to data analytics

  • Introduction to Data analytics and why is it so important?
  • Data Analytics process flow, Types and Source of Data.
  • Tools used for Data Analytics, Applications of Data analytics
  • Different kinds of analytics, Various analytics tools
  • Analytics project methodology, Case study
  • Understand the different Data Processing skills.
  • Real-Time Analysis on Large Data.

Data Analysis using SQL Server

  • Introduction to SQL
  • SQL data types & operators
  • Useful operations in SQL
  • Aggregating data in SQL
  • Writing sub-queries in SQL
  • Understating & creating database, Importing data into table
  • Common function & Analytics functions in SQL
  • DML & DDL statements in SQL
  • Using constraints in SQL, SQL joins, &

Introduction to Excel

  • Define the terms spreadsheet and worksheet.
  • Data Type in Excel, Function in Excel
  • Start Excel, open an existing workbook, and save a workbook.
  • Zoom, preview, and print a worksheet.
  • Close a workbook and exit Excel.
  • Building Chart and Pivot in excel & Dashboard
  • Cleaning the data & Analyzing the data in excel
  • Saving and sharing the excel dashboard.

Fundamentals of R

  • Getting started with R
  • Installing, Running, and Interacting with R
  • Basic and Advanced Data types in R
  • Variable operators in R
  • Reading and writing data files to R
  • Merging, Subsetting Data and sorting data

Data analysis using script in R

  • Importing Data in R
  • Define Variable & Summarize Data
  • Use of R scripting in tools
  • Writing simple script
  • Saving and using the chart
  • Working with different types of chart
  • Connecting R with other software

Introduction to Tableau

  • Introduction to Tableau
  • Understanding the Tableau workspace
  • Connecting Data Sources in Tableau
  • Adding Dynamism to a View with Parameters
  • Saving and Sharing your work-overview
  • Individual Axes, Blended Axes, Dual Axes & Combination
  • Bar Charts & Stacked Bars
  • Line Graphs with Date & Without Date
  • Tableau Report & dashboard
  • Report Migration to different environment

Data analysis using Python

  • Introduction to Python/li>
  • The Python Shell & its Python Modules
  • Variables, Comments
  • Operators, Relational Operators, & Logical Operators
  • Expressions, & Math Functions
  • If Statement & for Loop
  • Range, Strings, &Indexing Strings
  • Tuples & Lists

Importing Data using script in Python

  • Importing Data in Python
  • Define variable, summarize Data, & cleaning the Data.
  • Use of Python scripting in tools
  • Writing simple script
  • Plot the chart
  • Saving and using the chart
  • Working with different types of chart
  • Use of Python scripting in tools
  • Connecting Python with other software

Visualization and dashboard

  • Reporting & Dashboard
  • Importance of Reporting
  • Visualization & types of Visualization and Report
  • How to choose best visualization
  • Best reporting practice
  • Available Reporting tools available in market
  • Exploring the powerful dashboard

Overview to Spotfire

  • Introduction to spotfire
  • Installation of spotfire
  • Tibco product & its Benefits
  • Spotfire Architecture
  • Spotfire Shared folder
  • Connecting to Data & Introduction to data source concepts
  • Understanding the Spotfire workspace
  • Saving and Sharing your work-overview
  • Importing Data in Spotfire
  • Understanding and Building Chart
  • Building interactive dashboard

Machine Learning

  • Introduction Machine Learning
  • Classification of Machine Learning
  • Varieties of Machine Learning
  • Defining Algorithm
  • Introduction and building Model
  • Understanding of AI
  • Understanding of Neural Network
  • Tools used in Building ML models
  • Future aspect of ML and AI

Project & Certification

  • Guidance & Study Material to get salesforce Certified
  • Sets of Multiple choice questions (MCQs)
  • Study materials
  • Cloudera Certified Professional: Data Scientist (CCP: DS)
  • EMC Data Science Associate
  • NFORMS Certified Analytics Professional (CAP)

Upcoming Batches

Starting Duration Price  
Mon - Fri
6 weeks
Mon - Fri
6 weeks
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6 weeks

Frequently Asked Questions - Data Analytics Training Program

Please provide the details of the location of this course.

The course would be conducted online and therefore the location does not matter. Our online Data Analytics training is frequently opted by the people of the following cities of India and US - Washington D.C, San Francisco, New York, Mumbai, Los Angeles, Chicago, Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, Bangaluru and many more.

Will I get the demo sessions before I enroll in Data Science classes?

We provide the demo session to all the registered learners freely. Enrolled students may and may not choose the demo session, even if you feel that program is not as per your expectation then you may ask for a refund.

Who will be trainers to deliver data analytics classes?

We have strict selection criteria while selecting our trainers including the following guidelines-

  • They must have industry relevant experience of 3 to 5 years,
  • Academic qualifications should be stronger,
  • They need to hold at least one data analytics certification,
  • Prior teaching background, and
  • Good big data skills

Based on above parameters, a cumulative scorecard will be prepared and only the best data analytics trainers will be hired to teach you. After the selection, they need to go through our 20 hours induction program to make sure about learning methodologies that we follow at JanBask.

How will the data analytics online training help you to master the big data skills?

As our program is online and instructor-led so the students get ample of opportunities to interact with the instructor and clear their doubts. The students can directly interact with the trainers and group discussions are also organized to explore the topic.

Why should I learn data analytics with R?

The training is designed for those who want to have a long-lasting career in Business Analytics. Mainly the professionals from the following fields can join the course:

  • IT developers and testers
  • Data Scientists
  • Beginners or People from non-IT background
  • Project Managers
  • Organizational employees who want to develop a functional Tableau desktop
  • Professionals who want to be a certified Tableau certified
What is course objective?

This data analytics course will certify you in the most popular and preferred technology R, which provides statistical, geographical capabilities to the data scientists and is budget friendly as well. Having analytics certification can provide you the best learning path and upgrade the skill as well.

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