Data Analytics Course - Master Analytics Tools and Techniques

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Master analytics tools and techniques with Data Analytics Training. Sign up for the JanBask Data analytics programs to gain expertise in Data Visualization, Mining, Refining, and Interpretation. Understand the roles, events, artifacts, and rules of an ideal Data Analyst.

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Job Assistance Program

Unwavering support in securing your dream job.

At JanBask Training, we understand that landing the right job is essential for your career growth and success. That's why we've cultivated strong partnerships with trusted job placement experts and organizations to help you take your Data Analytics career to the next level.

Data Analytics Course Curriculum

Structured curriculum to develop essential skills and knowledge to unleash the power of data with the best Data Analytics Certification.

  • Introduction to Data Analytics
  • Data Analytics Overview Lesson 
  • Dealing with Different Types of Data Lesson
  • Data Visualization for Decision making Lesson 
  • Data Science, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning Lesson
  • Data Analytics in Different Sectors Lesson
  • Analytics Framework and Latest trends
  • Understand various data types
  • Explain Population and Sample
  • Discuss sampling techniques
  • Formatting Conditional Formatting and Important Functions
  • Analysing Data with Pivot Tables
  • Dash boarding
  • Business Analytics with Excel, Data Analysis Using Statistics
  • Important formulas in Excel Working with Dynamic table
  • Working with Macros in Excel and VBA

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  • Introduction to SQL Database
  • Introduction to DBMS, Concepts of RDBMS
  • Normalization and entity-relationship model
  • SQL operators Working with SQL: Join, tables, and variables
  • SQL Commands, Data Query Language, DML & DDL Commands
  • Views and Index
  • Deep dive into SQL Functions Working with Sub queries 
  • SQL views, functions, and stored procedures
  • Database Constraints
  • SQL Transactions
  • Integrity, Constraints, CASE Statements and Case Studies
  • Joins, Sub Queries, and Nested Queries
  • Views and Database constraints
  • Stored Procedures and Functions

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  • Introduction to Data Science using Python
  • Python Environment Setup and Essentials
  • Python Environment Setup and Essentials
  • Python basic constructs
  • Python Operators
  • Flow Control Statements -If Statements -While Loops
  • Data & time modules in python -Interfaces in Python -For Loops
  • Data Manipulation with Pandas
  • Maths for DS-Statistics & Probability
  • Oops in Python (self-paced)
  • Numpy for mathematical computing
  • Scipy for scientific computing Data
  • Manipulation Data visualization with Matplotlib

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  • Introduction to data visualization
  • Architecture of Tableau
  • Working with metadata and data blending
  • Creating Calculated Fields
  • Creating Charts in Tableau
  • Working with Metadata
  • Filters in Tableau
  • Tableau-Joins and Data Pane
  • What are Joins in Tableau
  • Types Of Joins in Tablea
  • Applying Analytics to the worksheet
  • Working with mapping
  • Working with calculations and expressions
  • Working with parameters Charts and graphs
  • Dashboards and stories

  • Data Types, Measure Of central tendency, Measures of Dispersion
  • Graphical Techniques, Skewness & Kurtosis, Box Plot
  • Descriptive Stats
  • Random Variable, Probability, Probility Distribution, Normal Distribution, SND, Expected Value
  • Sampling Funnel, Sampling Variation, Central Limit Theorem, Confidence interval
  • Introduction to Hypothesis Testing
  • Hypothesis Testing (2 proportion test, 2 t sample t test)
  • Anova and Chisquare
  • Data Cleaning
  • Imputation Techniques
  • Scatter Diagram
  • Correlation Analysis

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  • Machine Learning using Python
  • Supervised learning
  • Unsupervised learning
  • Dimensionality reduction
  • Time-series forecasting
  • AI & Deep Learning using TensorFlow
  • Multi-layered Neural Networks

Data Analytics Course Highlights

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Data Analytics Training Classes Details


Live Class

90+ Hours of remote classes

USD 169915% Off

USD 1999

Course Duration : 12 WEEKS

Batch Type


Start Date

30 May


09.00 - 10.30 PM EST


10 Jun

09.00 - 10.30 PM EST


01 Jun

10.00 - 01.00 PM EST

  • Lifetime access to study material, PPT and videos
  • Learn from industry-best instructors with decades of big-tech experience
  • Real-time live chats, discussions, and Q&A sessions
  • Receive Data Analytics certification post completion of the course
  • Watch recorded sessions anytime
  • 24*7 support from the experts
  • 4 week job assistance program
  • Help to market your profile
  • Hands-on experience with real-time projects
  • Customized LMS with top-notch content

100% Job Assistance

One on One Module

90+ Hours of e-learning content

USD 339915% Off

USD 3999

Course Duration : 12 WEEKS

Batch Type


Start Date

30 May


09.00 - 10.30 PM EST


01 Jun

10.00 - 01.00 PM EST

  • 100% Job Assistance
  • One-on-One Student Interaction
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Live Project Discussion
  • Lifetime access to study material/PPT
  • Learn from industry-best instructors with decades of big-tech experience
  • Connect with the instructor on video call to resolve queries
  • Real-time live chats, discussions, and Q&A sessions
  • Receive Data Analytics certification post completion of the course
  • 24*7 support from the instructor
  • 4 week job assistance program
  • Help to market your profile
  • Hands-on experience with real-time projects
  • Customized LMS with top-notch content

Self Learning

90+ Hours of e-learning content

USD 49950% Off

USD 998

Flexible Learning

  • Lifetime access to study material/PPT
  • Watch recorded sessions anytime
  • Assignment/recordings by experts
  • Receive Data Analytics certification post completion of the course
  • Customized LMS with top-notch content

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Future Proof Career With Data Wizards With Data Analytics Course

Grasp best Data Analyst course online to stay ahead with Data Analyst certification for beginners and professionals.

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$393.35 Billion

The global data analytics market size accounted for USD 30 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach around USD 393.35 billion by 2032.

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The number of hired Data Analysts is expected to grow by 25% from 2020 to 2030, with over 10,000 openings projected, particularly in metropolitan cities.

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The global data analytics market is poised to grow at a CAGR of 29.4% from 2023 to 2032.

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Top Companies

Top companies hiring are Bloomberg L. P, Amazon, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Accenture, Google, etc. Secure Data Analytics Certification Online and catch the significant opportunities.

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614000 +

Today's top 614,000+ Data Analysts jobs are available. Leverage the excellent skills you gained from the data analytics course and get hired.

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$125 K

The top Data Analyst salary in the United States is $125k. Earn such lucrative salaries with data analytics training.

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The average salary for a Data Analyst is $82,148 per year in the United States.

Data Analytics Course Certificate

Stand out with resume-worthy Data Analyst Certification Online. It's time to get your Data Analytics certification!

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What Our Data Analysts Learners Have to Say

review icon1 review icon2 review icon3 review icon4 review icon5 (4.8) | 1.9K+ Ratings

Darryl Mathews icon

Darryl Mathews

Darryl Mathews review 5 icon0 Darryl Mathews review 5 icon1 Darryl Mathews review 5 icon2 Darryl Mathews review 5 icon3 Darryl Mathews review 5 icon4


JanBask is a revolution in data analytics training. I was a beginner and now have hands on the technology after the training. The study material of all the courses is excellent and resourceful. Moreover, the instructors ...
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Max Williams icon

Max Williams

Max Williams review 4 icon0 Max Williams review 4 icon1 Max Williams review 4 icon2 Max Williams review 4 icon3 Max Williams review 4 icon41


I joined JanBask for Big Data and Data Analytics courses. A vast range of useful concepts is covered in these courses. The knowledge delivered during the course was totally job oriented and detailed. It really helped me...
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Roy Davis icon

Roy Davis

Roy Davis review 5 icon0 Roy Davis review 5 icon1 Roy Davis review 5 icon2 Roy Davis review 5 icon3 Roy Davis review 5 icon4


JanBask helped me get my dream job easily and trained me in all the concepts. The instructors of the course are much helpful and have resolved all queries. The course content provided is satisfactory too.

Gracy Gibson icon

Gracy Gibson

Gracy Gibson review 5 icon0 Gracy Gibson review 5 icon1 Gracy Gibson review 5 icon2 Gracy Gibson review 5 icon3 Gracy Gibson review 5 icon4


I joined Data Analytics course at JanBask and I was just a beginner so did not have much knowledge of the technology. With the help of excellent faculty of JanBask, I was able to understand all topics and cracked the int...
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Smiriti Verma icon

Smiriti Verma

Smiriti Verma review 4 icon0 Smiriti Verma review 4 icon1 Smiriti Verma review 4 icon2 Smiriti Verma review 4 icon3 Smiriti Verma review 4 icon41


I have been a student of JanBask and joined the Data Analytics course, as it is the leading market technology. Now I have become a certified professional in Data Analytics, just due to the course content of JanBask. It h...
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Lee Hui icon

Lee Hui

Lee Hui review 5 icon0 Lee Hui review 5 icon1 Lee Hui review 5 icon2 Lee Hui review 5 icon3 Lee Hui review 5 icon4


I have been associated with JanBask from a long time. I recommend JanBask to all those who are serious about their career and want to pursue any such course. The Data Analytics course and the experts who delivered the co...
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Mike Timberson icon

Mike Timberson

Mike Timberson review 4 icon0 Mike Timberson review 4 icon1 Mike Timberson review 4 icon2 Mike Timberson review 4 icon3 Mike Timberson review 4 icon41


I was a novice in many IT skills when I had joined the course of Data Analytics offered by JanBask. But after successful completion of my course I can myself feel the difference in my skills-set. The study material which...
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Sebin George icon

Sebin George

Sebin George review 5 icon0 Sebin George review 5 icon1 Sebin George review 5 icon2 Sebin George review 5 icon3 Sebin George review 5 icon4


I had always wanted to have a career in Data Analytics but did not have the required credentials. Also I always wanted to do a job that I was happy to do and not some burdensome job that I have to do just to support mys...
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Leena Nair icon

Leena Nair

Leena Nair review 4 icon0 Leena Nair review 4 icon1 Leena Nair review 4 icon2 Leena Nair review 4 icon3 Leena Nair review 4 icon41


As Data Analytics was the leading technology in market, I wanted to learn it fast. I joined JanBask’s Data Analytics course and got my certification too in no time. They are a bunch of the sweetest people I have ever c...
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Steve Staurt icon

Steve Staurt

Steve Staurt review 5 icon0 Steve Staurt review 5 icon1 Steve Staurt review 5 icon2 Steve Staurt review 5 icon3 Steve Staurt review 5 icon4


I wanted to make it big in Data Analytics and to realize my true potential I joined the Data Analytics Course which was offered by JanBask. The course had covered every possible thing related to Data Analytics. Today I h...
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Devina D’souza icon

Devina D’souza

Devina D’souza review 4 icon0 Devina D’souza review 4 icon1 Devina D’souza review 4 icon2 Devina D’souza review 4 icon3 Devina D’souza review 4 icon41


I was in a bad phase of my career, a friend of mine suggested me to undertake the Data Analytics course because I had the pre-requisites. I decided to take training for the same by JanBask and it changed my career comple...
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Krul Saun icon

Krul Saun

Krul Saun review 5 icon0 Krul Saun review 5 icon1 Krul Saun review 5 icon2 Krul Saun review 5 icon3 Krul Saun review 5 icon4


I would say that if you seriously want to redesign your career goals, choose JanBask. The Data Analytics course as well as the industry experts who had delivered the course content, both were extremely helpful and consid...
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Roger icon


Roger review 5 icon0 Roger review 5 icon1 Roger review 5 icon2 Roger review 5 icon3 Roger review 5 icon4


I have been associated with JanBask for a while now. My journey with them had started with Big Data course and I also undertook Data Analytics course. All the courses of JanBask are very industriously designed to give us...
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Franco Paul icon

Franco Paul

Franco Paul review 5 icon0 Franco Paul review 5 icon1 Franco Paul review 5 icon2 Franco Paul review 5 icon3 Franco Paul review 5 icon4


I am not a person from technical background typically, but since Data Analytics was in rage I had decided to learn this. JanBask made this journey of being a non-IT professional to an IT professional very easy. They made...
Read More

Soger Bill icon

Soger Bill

Soger Bill review 5 icon0 Soger Bill review 5 icon1 Soger Bill review 5 icon2 Soger Bill review 5 icon3 Soger Bill review 5 icon4


I am very thankful to JanBask and its great team for all the guidance that they have given me with respect to my course on Data Analytics. They train you with respect to industry standards. Starting from the class sessio...
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Shane Brooks icon

Shane Brooks

Shane Brooks review 5 icon0 Shane Brooks review 5 icon1 Shane Brooks review 5 icon2 Shane Brooks review 5 icon3 Shane Brooks review 5 icon4


It will not be an exaggeration to say that JanBask is a revolution when it comes to Data Analytics. The study material of the course is outstanding and very practical. In addition to that, the instructors are also very a...
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Arpit Mehta icon

Arpit Mehta

Arpit Mehta review 5 icon0 Arpit Mehta review 5 icon1 Arpit Mehta review 5 icon2 Arpit Mehta review 5 icon3 Arpit Mehta review 5 icon4


I cannot thank JanBask enough for their help and support in my Data Analytics course. I was a beginner and things seemed to be very tough for me. But their constant support and help made it very easy for me to complete ...
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Leonita Fernands icon

Leonita Fernands

Leonita Fernands review 5 icon0 Leonita Fernands review 5 icon1 Leonita Fernands review 5 icon2 Leonita Fernands review 5 icon3 Leonita Fernands review 5 icon4


I had joined JanBask for the Data Analytics course. A good range of useful concepts was covered in this course. The knowledge that was delivered during the course was thoroughly job oriented and comprehensive. It really...
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Data Analytics Training Career Path


Course Completion

You will receive a Data Analytics certification after completing the course requirements. The certification is a validation of your Data analytics skills and knowledge.


Build a Portfolio

We work with you on building a portfolio of your Data Analyst projects and assignments. A strong portfolio showcases your practical skills to potential employers.


Interview Preparation

We assist in preparing a professional resume highlighting your skills and Data Analytics certification. Sharpen up your interview skills to discuss your qualifications confidently.


Job Search

Start your job search by applying for Data analyst positions. Utilize job search websites, industry-specific job boards, and professional networking platforms.


Job Applications

Submit tailored job applications and cover letters for Data analyst positions that align with your skills and career goals. We assist you every step of the way.

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