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Secure industry-best digital marketing jobs with our comprehensive Digital Marketing Course Program. Master content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, PPC, Analytics, and more with our robust Digital Marketing training.

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Digital Marketing Courses Curriculum

Transform your Digital Marketing career with distinct learning opportunities & join the industry's largest teams of certified Digital Marketing professionals.

Platform For Outstanding Career Growth

Boost your career with our unique online Digital Marketing course. Start your journey with comprehensive learning designed and delivered by Industry Experts to keep you relevant in this dynamic working environment.



Fortune 500 companies use Digital Marketing

Secure exciting digital marketing job opportunities across the top organizations with our digital marketing courses online. With a 32% growth in Digital Marketing jobs across Fortune 500 companies in 2022, start your Digital Marketing journey today.



Average Digital Marketer’s Salary

Digital marketers are in high demand, and their wages reflect this; if you are digital marketing professionals who have completed digital marketing online courses and certifications, you can earn anywhere between $92,731 – $133,248.


$100 Billion

Global spending on Digital Marketing

Internet expenditures recorded a growth of 15.4 percent in 2021. The global industry is projected to spend 876 billion dollars by 2026. Individuals with experience in digital marketing courses and certifications are set to be preferred in 2022.



Digital Marketing Jobs

Digital Marketing Specialists are among the top 10 most in-demand jobs of 2022. With a shortage of about 230,000 digital marketing professionals in the U.S alone, now is the perfect time to upgrade yourself with online Digital Marketing courses.

Discover Value with Online Digital Marketing Courses

Unlock the ability to leverage data-driven insights with our Online Digital Marketing Courses. Build your portfolio and advance your career with our Digital Marketing courses online.

 Discover Value with Online Digital Marketing Courses Course

What Skills Will You Acquire in Online Digital Marketing Courses?

  • Understand the motivations that drive marketing professionals' data collection and analysis methods.
  • Familiarize yourself with the unique measurement possibilities and challenges.
  • Learn the frameworks and approaches to measuring consumers' digital actions with online courses for digital marketing.
 Who Can Apply for the Digital Marketing Courses Online Course

Who Can Apply for the Digital Marketing Courses Online

  • Individuals with a bachelor's degree and a keen interest in learning Digital Marketing and Marketing Analytics
  • IT professionals who want to build a career in Digital Marketing and Analytics
  • Students pursuing a BBA, MSc/MBA program can apply for online courses for digital marketing.
What are the unique features of Online Digital Marketing Courses?  Course

What are the unique features of Online Digital Marketing Courses?

  • 24x7 Learn from mentors and peer community with similar perspectives to resolve any conceptual doubt.
  • Learn from experts who bring current best practices and case studies to sessions that fit into your work sessions.
  • Cutting-edge curriculum designed in guidance with industry and academia to develop job-ready skills

Benefits of Online Digital Marketing Courses

Build and showcase your Digital Marketing skills, and get a competitive edge with online digital marketing courses to excel in the marketing domain.

 Benefits of Online Digital Marketing Courses Course
Join Online Digital Marketing Courses & Be a Life-long Learner:
  • With the online Digital Marketing courses, get the undivided attention of instructors and mentors 24*7. Connect anytime and from anywhere to resolve your queries.
  • Be in control of your Digital Marketing career path with flexible training sessions and study anytime you want without compromising your work schedule.
  • Earn lifetime access to advanced digital marketing courses online, tailor-made to suit the changing industry dynamics.
  • Online Digital Marketing courses expose the student to learning using different LMSs (learning management systems), incorporate audio/video into assignments, participate in online training workshops and further enhance their technical skills.
Join Online Digital Marketing Courses & Be a Life-long Learner:   Course
Offline Courses Are Outdated:
  • Offline Digital Marketing classes lack flexibility
  • The offline study is an expensive research mode and leads to unplanned utilization of time and resources.
  • You may miss out on life-long accessibility to study material, projects, and presentations available in online classes.
  • More communication barriers between the instructor and the students.

Digital Marketing Admission Process

Boost your career in Digital Marketing with online Digital Marketing courses aligned to meet industry standards. Master essential digital marketing skills with a comprehensive and student-centric admission process to jump-start your career.

Who Should go for Online Courses for Digital Marketing  Course

Who Should go for Online Courses for Digital Marketing

There are no eligibility criteria for the course. The Online Digital Marketing Courses are best suited for individuals from Marketing & PR Professions, BBA/MBA students, or graduates looking to build a career as Digital Marketing specialists.

 Digital Marketing Online Admission 2022 Course

Digital Marketing Online Admission 2022

Submit your credentials, pay online fees, and prepare for a comprehensive digital marketing program. The program has been designed to enable budding professionals to meet the challenges of the modern-day corporate world successfully.

Digital Marketing Professional Exams  Course

Digital Marketing Professional Exams

Online digital marketing courses make you industry-ready and prepare you for higher professional accreditations such as Google AdWords Certification. These courses have been so tailored that make you confident to face any challenge.

#1 Worlds Fastest Growing Industry - Digital Marketing

According to LinkedIn, the “Digital Marketing Specialist” role is among the top 10 most in-demand jobs, with 860,000 job openings in 2022. Further, after completion of Online Digital Marketing Courses, the average salary of a Digital Marketing professional ranges from approx 8,40,000, backed up by lucrative perks and top-notch job roles.

Take the First Step Towards A Winning Career!

#1 Worlds Fastest Growing Industry - Digital Marketing Course

Leverage Profile Through Inclusive Online Digital Marketing Courses

Be industry ready, with the highly recognized and well-paid job profiles that our Digital Marketing Courses online will get you. Build a lucrative career by mastering strategic marketing concepts and a data-driven approach in a digital world.

Student Testimonials

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Microsoft’s Azure training I received from JanBask Training was so worth it. Their quality classes, real industry assignments, variety of e-learning tools, professionals as instructors, everything together added to my learnings greatly. Thanks for the great learnings and endless support!

- Ethan Murray

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I am already a working professional with a leading firm, I wanted to learn Azure for career advancements. Someone recommended me JanBask’s Azure and I took their free demo class and ended up continuing on the complete training journey. I had a fun time solving and working on realtime industry projects.

- Albert Martinez

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I took their Azure Solution Architect Training and must say it was much needed. Their way of teaching and the e-learning tools they teach with were impeccable. I had great learnings. And the trainer was so cooperative to respond to my every doubt. I highly recommend this training to every cloud computing lovers out there!

- Paul Peterson

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The most striking part of the Full stack training is that you will gain meaningful insights and new learnings. You would be able to discover your hidden strengths and move ahead like a pro. Not only successful implementations but it helped us to generate immense career growth in the workplace. I become able to overcome my fears and become a more confident person to showcase my expertise. Today, I am a more established and confident person than usual and we give all this credit to JanBask Training. My salary package has been also increased at an excellent rate and we earned significant benefits from each of the programs at JanBask trainers.

- Johnathon

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Before I joined the Full stack training from JanBask, I did spend a lot of time, money, and energy in learning web technologies that was a mere waste for me. The JanBask Training platform helped me to build the right skills base and grow eventually in a focused manner. Now, we are much sure about our skills and how to implement them in the workplace. Most importantly, we learned a golden lesson on how to establish career in the competitive IT space. It was an excellent decision getting associated with JanBask Training team and I learned more than my expectations. I would recommend the JanBask Training to everyone who wants to grow and succeed in the IT space.

- Jameel

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After joining JanBask Training, I got to know the actual meaning of Full stack Development and started enjoying my career like never before. I decided on my vision statement and it became possible only because of JanBask Training Team. After taking training with JanBask, I started analyzing my mission, vision, and career growth every 3 months. I did also learn the art of executing skills in the workplace smartly. I did focus on the right selling techniques more and JanBask Training suggested the best Entrepreneurial solutions for all tough business challenges. I absolutely thank my training GURU, JanBask Training who did make the learning a memorable experience to me.

- Halimah

FAQs On Digital Marketing Courses

Digital marketing, coined as online marketing, uses mobiles, computers, or other digital channels to reach, market, and sell to the target audience. As the principles of digital marketing are based on traditional forms, many businesses have started implementing the right mix of both that is adaptable to modern ways of selling. So, gaining expertise in digital marketing tools, analytics, channels, and techniques helps you comprehend your customers and offer the best possible solutions through your product or services.

For instance, social media platforms have opened up a new form of marketing known as inbound marketing that lets you attract customers through the right analytics and SEO techniques.

Yes! Everyone with a graduate course with a basic understanding of computers and zero coding experience can apply for our online digital marketing course. But having technical knowledge would be an added advantage in learning the concepts. Digital Marketing Certification by Janbask training is a 10-week course that helps you start an online marketing career regardless of your work background, experience level, or coding knowledge.

A few fundamental things and skills that can help you learn digital marketing better are

  • SEO techniques
  • Online keyword and content research
  • Content writing to create content for an audio, video and written formats
  • Social media

When you have these skills along with experience in data and strategic thinking, it is more than enough to earn your certifications.

With a 32% growth in Digital Marketing jobs in 2021, India has over 7.2 Lakh professionals. There are 90,000+ job openings in India. This also is a reason why a huge population of professionals are opting for digital marketing online short course to boost their careers in digital marketing.

Some of the job profiles under digital marketing include Digital Marketing Executive, Digital Marketing Associate, Digital Marketing Specialist, Email Marketing Executive, SEO Executive, Social Media Executive, and many others in the Digital Marketing field. This is why professionals and freshers are opting to change their jobs and launch their careers to the next level with online courses for digital marketing

Whenever you as our student face certain doubts, you will have every right to ask for clearing your simple to complex doubts.

  • Our instructors extend special teaching methods, during which they ensure that every student they are teaching is getting the concepts/skills taught in the Digital Marketing training class with equal capacity. If our trainers identify that you are stuck at a particular topic of the course, they would take extra time in hand to explain to you that difficult topic/concept again, until you don’t get it completely.
  • Our trainers supply their special teaching methods, based on the practical application of the Digital Marketing topic, to make it easier for you to understand that difficult topic very well & speedily.
  • If you face doubts outside the scheduled Digital Marketing training class, you can shoot those doubts via an email or any other mode to our training support & assistance team. Our Digital Marketing course and placement team would acknowledge & clarify your every doubt quickly and round the clock.

In our Digital Marketing online training course, your doubts of every complexity or importance are always taken seriously. Our team trains you in a way where you have great learnings without any doubts.


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