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Build job-ready skills for an in-demand career as a Business Analyst with globally recognized Business Analyst Courses. Our courses enable students to learn the latest tools and methodologies that help them solve real-world problems.

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Business Analyst Courses Curriculum

Unlock your potential in Business analytics. Gain insights about business data strategies with our online Business Analyst courses & join the industry's largest teams of Certified Business Analyst professionals. Check out our Business Analyst course's Curriculum below:

Why Should You Make a Career in Business Analysis

Master the core competencies of business analytics with numerous industry-based case studies and projects delivered by experts to keep you relevant in this dynamic working environment.



Highest-paying IT jobs in the U.S.

As big firms turn to data to make key decisions, the salary trends for business analysts are moving up the growth trajectory. With a growth up to 10x with the right online business analyst certification, this is among the highest-paid jobs of 2022.



Job Growth in B.A.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the country's most trusted source for career prospects, business analyst demand is expected to grow by 25% by 2030. Certification in business analyst courses is mandatory for a bright career as B.A.


2.72 Million

Jobs Available in B.A.

Demand for business analysts is very high across businesses. With an estimated 2.72 million vacancies across top companies, the suitable online business analyst courses will open new ventures and help you grow as a successful business analyst.



Annual Average salary for B.A.

As per Indeed reports, for 2022, the median income for all Business analysts was approx $82,327, while with a certification in business analyst courses, their average salary scaled to approx $110K+.

Why Should You Join Our Business Analyst Courses

Upgrade yourself with advanced Business Analyst courses. Our online business analyst certification courses are delivered by industry experts and prepare you for lucrative internships and job opportunities.

 Why Should You Join Our Business Analyst Courses Course

What Skills Will You Acquire in The Business Analyst courses?

  • Learn to comprehend business problems and understand which solutions can maximize value to the organization.
  • With our online business analyst beginner courses, you develop critical thinking and analytical skills that enable you to prioritize business requirements.
  • Gain Business decision-making, programming & negotiation skills by working on real-life projects simulations.
 Who Should do Business Analyst courses? Course

Who Should do Business Analyst courses?

  • Aspiring business analysts, including recent college grads and those seeking to make a career shift.
  • Individuals who have studied accounting, financial modeling, business, law & communications, or marketing in graduation.
  • IT professionals, Project managers, Banking and finance professionals, and Sales professionals who want to advance in their careers.
 What are the Unique Features of Business Analyst courses: Course

What are the Unique Features of Business Analyst courses:

  • 10x higher interaction in live online classes conducted by industry experts
  • 24*7 support system through robust membership.
  • Curriculum that brings the current course module, the best case studies, and projects for an all-inclusive learning experience.

Why Online Business Analyst Courses Are Better Than Offline?

Learn at your pace, acquire the latest skill-sets and gain a competitive edge with online Business Analyst courses that can lead to new opportunities.

 Why Online Business Analyst Courses Are Better Than Offline? Course
Level-up with Online Salesforce Courses:
  • With the online Business Analyst courses, get the undivided attention of instructors and mentors 24*7. Connect anytime and from anywhere to resolve your queries.
  • Be in control of your Business Analyst career path with flexible training sessions and study anytime you want without compromising your work schedule.
  • Earn lifetime access to top online business analyst certification courses tailor-made to suit the changing industry dynamics.
  • Our Business Analyst courses expose students to learning using different LMSs (Learning Management Systems), incorporate audio/video into assignments, participate in online training workshops and further enhance their technical skills.
 Level-up with Online Salesforce Courses:  Course
Offline Business Analyst Courses Are Obsolete:
  • Offline study lacks flexibility, as the class schedule is fixed every day
  • Offline studies are difficult to opt for working people.
  • There is no repetition of lectures in offline classes
  • Offline courses are sometimes too costly to afford.
  • The centers of learning in offline courses are often too far off from the residences.
  • The quality of tutors may not always be very good and suitable for the students.
  • Offline courses may not offer all the materials that are being offered by online classes.

The Building Blocks of a Comprehensive Business Analyst Certifications Program

Unlock your potential with our online Business Analyst courses. Build job-ready skills for an in-demand career with our student-centric admission process that suits the needs of our learners.

 Prerequisites for Business Analyst Certification Course

Prerequisites for Business Analyst Certification

Learners require a minimum of a graduate degree in Business administration, Computer science, Accounting, or similar fields. Professionals who have previously held positions relating to business, analytics, data science, IT, or HR would be an advantage for the online Business Analyst courses.

 Business Analyst Admission Process Course

Business Analyst Admission Process

Business Analyst Certification does not have any specified entrance tests. You need to have the required eligibility criteria, show your certifications and enroll for the course. The Business Analyst Certification course lets you gain expertise in all the critical tools and methodologies.

 Business Analyst Professional Exams Course

Business Analyst Professional Exams

Our Business Analyst course for beginners not only makes you industry ready but also prepares you for higher professional accreditations such as Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®), PMI Professional in Business Analysis (PBA), IIBA Certification in Business Data Analytics (CBDA)

 Business Analyst Without Entrance Course

Business Analyst Without Entrance

To obtain better employment opportunities and work in exceptional teams in large organizations, you must clear the certification exam or at least complete business analyst courses for beginners; without qualification, employment opportunities will be restricted.

#1 Worlds Highest Paid IT Job - Business Analyst

With a projected growth of 25% from 2020 to 2030 & about 99,400 openings for Business analysts projected each year, on an average, over the decade. Business Analyst is a thriving job market. Further, after completing online Business Analyst courses, the average salary of a BA professional ranges from approx 7,62,500, backed up by lucrative perks and top-notch job roles.

Take the First Step Towards A Winning Career!

#1 Worlds Highest Paid IT Job - Business Analyst Course

Top Profiles You Achieve Through Online Business Analyst Certification Programs

Empower your career with Business Analyst courses that prepare you for some of the most reputable job roles.

Student Testimonials

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Microsoft’s Azure training I received from JanBask Training was so worth it. Their quality classes, real industry assignments, variety of e-learning tools, professionals as instructors, everything together added to my learnings greatly. Thanks for the great learnings and endless support!

- Ethan Murray

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I am already a working professional with a leading firm, I wanted to learn Azure for career advancements. Someone recommended me JanBask’s Azure and I took their free demo class and ended up continuing on the complete training journey. I had a fun time solving and working on realtime industry projects.

- Albert Martinez

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I took their Azure Solution Architect Training and must say it was much needed. Their way of teaching and the e-learning tools they teach with were impeccable. I had great learnings. And the trainer was so cooperative to respond to my every doubt. I highly recommend this training to every cloud computing lovers out there!

- Paul Peterson

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The most striking part of the Full stack training is that you will gain meaningful insights and new learnings. You would be able to discover your hidden strengths and move ahead like a pro. Not only successful implementations but it helped us to generate immense career growth in the workplace. I become able to overcome my fears and become a more confident person to showcase my expertise. Today, I am a more established and confident person than usual and we give all this credit to JanBask Training. My salary package has been also increased at an excellent rate and we earned significant benefits from each of the programs at JanBask trainers.

- Johnathon

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Before I joined the Full stack training from JanBask, I did spend a lot of time, money, and energy in learning web technologies that was a mere waste for me. The JanBask Training platform helped me to build the right skills base and grow eventually in a focused manner. Now, we are much sure about our skills and how to implement them in the workplace. Most importantly, we learned a golden lesson on how to establish career in the competitive IT space. It was an excellent decision getting associated with JanBask Training team and I learned more than my expectations. I would recommend the JanBask Training to everyone who wants to grow and succeed in the IT space.

- Jameel

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After joining JanBask Training, I got to know the actual meaning of Full stack Development and started enjoying my career like never before. I decided on my vision statement and it became possible only because of JanBask Training Team. After taking training with JanBask, I started analyzing my mission, vision, and career growth every 3 months. I did also learn the art of executing skills in the workplace smartly. I did focus on the right selling techniques more and JanBask Training suggested the best Entrepreneurial solutions for all tough business challenges. I absolutely thank my training GURU, JanBask Training who did make the learning a memorable experience to me.

- Halimah

FAQs On Business Analyst Courses

The primary objective of this course is to provide an understanding of the essence of the Business Analysis profession and the content via a professional Business Analysts online course, that sets a global standard for your career. The training helps participants understand the specific terminology and its proper use. Furthermore, the course is also useful for those who wish to achieve IIBA certification through a better understanding of the certification requirements and how to prepare.

The outlook for a business analysis career is excellent, with the demand for BAs growing every year. Companies in information technology, finance, business consulting, healthcare, government agencies, and more, look for a business analyst certification when hiring skilled BAs. Moreover, candidates who have completed business analyst courses and have a business analyst certificate, specifically IIBA® certifications, improve their marketability, employability, and earning potential significantly.

A good Business Analyst is someone who uses their knowledge of business development to provide company executives with expert advice about the direction of their company. They should also have superb analytical skills that enable them to review financial statements, customer demographics and other data figures. Our business analyst courses also provide them with the necessary training so they exhibit excellent written and verbal communication as they may need to write reports or give presentations. A good Business Analyst should also have an innovative mindset to come up with creative solutions to budget limitations, communication barriers, and training needs.

  • Our business analyst courses for beginners are not just about conveying theoretical knowledge for just qualifying for a certification exam, we aim to deliver knowledge that is applicable to practical life. This is why we surround you with a knowledge base that's based on real-industry scenarios, case studies & practical assignments along with theoretical practice. We foster you with learnings that will make you ready for real-time use cases of business analysis techniques.
  • In our online Business Analyst course, we have involved well-researched & practical assignments/case studies related to business analysis techniques & measures- that you will be required to solve alongside the guidance of our industry-recognized trainers.
  • The purpose of providing you the knowledge of practical case studies & assignments is to prepare & test your ability for real-time industry job roles. We aim to equip you with the knowledge/skills of a Business Analyst that you would be required to perform in the actual job fields, during your course of employment.
  • At JanBask Training, our business analyst courses don’t just prepare you to qualify for the Business Analyst certification exams, we prepare you with the resources that could establish you as a qualified Business Analyst for the market's leading businesses/industries.

Let’s help you learn and grow in the Business Analysis discipline with our intensive, real-case scenario-based Business Analyst training.

Data and business analytics are becoming a necessity for all industries and are no more a choice. Hence, there is a critical demand for quality data professionals and because the supply is constrained, our business analyst courses provide you an opportunity to achieve one of the most lucrative career options across industries.


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