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Data Science Certification Training using R

Time to scale up and learn the much trending Data Science skills. Register for a Data Science Training that can boost your skill set and get you a very high paying job. This modern-day online Data Science Training is like one of the necessities in this technology era that you need to learn in order to excel in the present-day job market.

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Why Data Science with R Certification?

Some latest facts to assess why Data Science using R Programming Training is trending these days


Of the workers employed in the field are happy with their Data Science career


The rise in the number of students taking data science certification training

Data Science Growth


Data Science related jobs posted in one single month of September 2019 on Indeed.com


Is the average annual salary of a data science expert in the USA


More than the average annual salary for other IT professionals in the USA

Dive deep into the Data Science Career

Learn about Career benefits, in-demand skills, average salaries and tips to Crack Job Interview.

Data Science jobs


Increase in demand for Data Science professionals all across the globe within 2019

Instructor-led Live Online Data Science Using R Classes

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Earn your Data Science Certificate

Best-in-class content by leading faculty & industry leaders in the form of videos and projects, assignments & live sessions.

Career Counselling

Career Counselling

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Resume Feedback

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Interview Preparation

Data Science Certification Course Roadmap

With JanBask Training, you can be assured of one thing for sure, and that is The Contemporary Syllabus

Data Science with R Programming

    • Learn about getting to Know R: Download and Install R
    • Get a good knowledge about Functions and Data Structures
    • Learn about Loops and Flow Control
    • Get a good knowledge about working with Vector and Matrix
    • Learn about Reading and Writing Data in R
    • Get a good knowledge about working with Data
    • Learn about Manipulating Data
    • Get a good knowledge of Data Modeling
    • Learn about Graphics in R
    • Get a good knowledge about Case Study

Statistical Analysis

    • Get a good knowledge about an introduction to Statistical Analysis
    • Learn about- why is statistical analysis required
    • Get a good knowledge about Random Variables, Probability Distribution
    • Learn about Properties of Normal Distribution
    • Get a good knowledge about Sampling Variation & Central Limit Theorem
    • Learn about Confidence Interval
    • Get a good knowledge about Hypothesis Testing: Single and 2 tailed Tests
    • Learn about Comparison of two population
    • Get a good knowledge about ANOVA
    • Learn about Data Processing

Supervised & Unsupervised

    • Learn about Linear Regression
    • Get a good knowledge about Logistic regression
    • Learn about K nearest neighbor
    • Get a good knowledge about Decision Trees
    • Get a good knowledge about Random Forest
    • Learn about Adaboost
    • Get a good knowledge about Naïve Bayes
    • Get a good knowledge about SVM
    • Learn about Introduction
    • Get a good knowledge of Clustering Algorithms
    • Get a good knowledge about Market Basket Analysis 1
    • Learn about Principal Component Analysis

Time Series Forecasting & Data Visualization

    • Get an introduction of Time Series Forecasting
    • Learn about Performance Evaluation
    • Learn about Forecasting Methods
    • Learn about Smoothing Methods
    • Learn about Regression-Based Models
    • Data Visualization
    • Get an Introduction to Tableau
    • Learn about Establishing Connections
    • Learn about Joints and Union
    • Get to learn about Data Blending
    • Learn about Creating Dashboards
    • Get to learn about Creating Stories

AI & Deep Learning

    • You will get an introduction to Neural Network
    • Learn about Functioning & Usage
    • Learn About the Advantages and Disadvantages
    • Get a good knowledge of Convolutional Networks
    • Learn about Recurrent Neural Networks
    • Learn about AutoEncoders
    • Get a good knowledge of Long Short Term Memory
    • Learn about Deep Learning with Keras
    • Learn about Deep learning with TensorFlow
    • Get a working knowledge of Practical implementation of all these

Data Science with Python

    • Get an Introduction to Python
    • Learn about Installing Python
    • Learn about the Key features of Python
    • Learn about Python variables
    • Learn about Key Data Structures
    • Get a working knowledge of the Data Structures & key libraries in Python
    • Learn about Key Data Structures - Contd.
    • Get a good knowledge of Control Flows
    • Learn about Numpy 1 & Numpy 2
    • Learn about Pandas basics
    • Learn about Pandas 2
    • Get knowledge of Matplotlib

Data Science Certification Course Roadmap

  • With JanBask Training, you can be assured of one thing for sure, and that is The Contemporary Syllabus. Our team does extensive market research before penning down every topic that they choose to teach in this Data Science with R Certification Course. We know what the industry demands. Our Data Science Learning Path is something that will easily prepare you for a thriving data science career.

    You will also learn about the following supporting concepts

    • Need for Data Scientists
    • Foundation of Data Science
    • What is Business Intelligence
    • How is data science different from BI and Reporting?
    • What is Data Analysis, Data Mining, and Machine Learning
    • Analytics vs Data Science
    • What is the day to day job of Data Scientist
    • Value Chain
    • Types of Analytics
    • Lifecycle Probability
    • Analytics Project Lifecycle

Course Curriculum

Get the Complete Course Curriculum

Data Science Using R Corporate Training

Data Science Corporate Training

Make Data Science using R concepts easy for your team with a cutting-edge Data Science Corporate training module. A Data Science using R programming training that is custom-fitted to the biggest corporates and their needs.

FAQs on Data Science with R Certification Course and Training

Data Science Using R FAQs

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Our well-defined learning path for Data Science promises:

"Unlimited job options for certified Data science professionals and get hired by leading MNCs worldwide successfully"

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Customer Reviews

Yasmine Pithawala

I had a good time and experience while learning Data Science with JanBask Training. The entire training module was just amazing. My training started with the very basic concepts of data mining, AI, Machine learning terminologies. It was very interesting to learn everything in a live environment.

Saurabh Jain

I had a great time learning in the online Data Science course from JanBask Training. This is because in their training classes everything starts from scratch. Also, the course is very short, crisp and affordable. if you are looking for a quick and affordable way to change jobs, this is it.. It never felt like it was happening in a virtual space.

Krishna Kumar

Training amazing, sessions amazing, trainer amazing, learning amazing, and the list goes on and on. My training stint with JanBask Training was just amazing. I was a little hesitant about it as it was my first online training experience. The training sessions were very engaging. A lot of reading material was shared with us. There were MCQs, PPTs, Case-Studies, etc. We were encouraged to speak and discuss the concepts. The course was current in terms of the syllabus.

Vivian Rogers

The Data Science Training and Certification course which is offered by JanBask Training is pretty amazing. This training changed my career. I cleared my certification in the first go. Not only this, I even had a very smooth stint with my job applications and interviews. They train you for all these things in a brilliant manner. The course is of very short duration and is very affordable.

Wahad Reem

I had subscribed for Data Science Training and Certification. The course comes with a very dynamic syllabus and varied forms of learning resources such as PPTs, YouTube Videos, MCQs, and regular assignments that make every concept very easy to learn. It has excellent instructors and a great support team. They are very prompt in query resolution..

Ganesh Vishwasacharya

A great course on Data Science training and certification. This course is all you need to clear your Data Science certification exam. It is very comprehensive. The course ensures two things- you clear your certification exam and get a job that you have your eyes set on. What else one needs. The doubt session after every training session used to be quite informative.

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