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Data Science Master Training

Self-learning Program

(4.8/5 ) | 1.5K+ Ratings

Now, do not worry if you don’t have time to attend live classes. Learn Data Science at your own pace!

With the self-learning data science training program, you will:

Price USD 549  USD 329

What does the Self-learning Data Science training has to offer?

40+ Hours of Class Recordings

30 HD PPTs

Hands-on Assignments

Data Science eBook

Hands-on Practice Test

Dashboard Lifetime Access

Become a job-ready Data Scientist for core industries with our all-in-one Self-learning kit

Why should Data Science training be your preferred choice?

Following facts would help you make a decisive choice for your career:

Suited Best For Students/Professionals

We help you to learn the skills required for various Job Roles including:

  • Data Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer


Expected growth

DataScience industry expected to touch the US $16B by 2025


Task automation

It is expected that by the end of 2020, 40% of the DataScience tasks would be automated.


Average Salary

Certified Data scientists can earn an average of $106,010 as per payscale.com

190K Jobs

By next year

The number of job profiles for all the US Data Scientists will increase to 1,90,000

Don’t let the busy schedule or expensive live classes get in the way of your successful Data Science career!

Course Curriculum for our Online Self-learning Data Science Training

Covering all Industrial Project-based Concepts from basic to advanced

Data Science Master Training

The Self-learning Data Science training Program Curated Especially For You

Study with our easy-to-comprehend full packaged, self-learning Data Science training material to become a demanded professional in no time.

  • Watch and study as per your time availability
  • Learn all the basic to advanced Data Science concepts
  • Add the right skills to your resume & become job-ready
  • Impart knowledge that’s asked for Data Science certification
  • Join the league of high-paying Data Science professionals faster

Data Science Master Training - Self-learning Program

(4.8/5 ) | 1.5K+ Ratings

Buy our self-learning Data Science training program created by the Data Science experts that is easy-to-learn with diverse study resources and assignments.

What you’ll learn?

  • Data Analysis and Data Mining
  • Analytics tools
  • R, and Big Data, Hadoop, Spark, and Machine Learning
  • Regression Analysis
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Price USD 549

  • SAVE 40%

USD 329

Package Includes

  • 40+H Live Class recording
  • 30 HD PPTs
  • 15+ Problems Assignment
  • eBook
  • 2+ Practice Test
  • Dashboard Lifetime Access

Need To Understand the self-learning Data Science training Program in Detail?

How Our online self-learning Data Science training is helping beginners and professionals?

Find out how our Self-learning Data Science training program can be a foundation for your accelerating career in the next growth market.

How does this Self-learning data science training course exactly teach?

Our specifically designed Self-learning data science training program is specially crafted for the professionals who have the desire to learn but don’t have time or have a limited budget. In this data scientist training online, you will have access to experts created Data Science training ppt, eBooks, questions banks, recorded videos from live classroom sessions. With this Self-learning data science training online, you can easily manage to study at any place and at any time, maybe before an office meeting or while going home after the shift.

Is this Online Self-learning data science training similar to live classroom sessions?

The Self-learning data science training program is designed in such a way that there is a great essence of real-classroom programs. The videos are recorded in the full-HD with sound display and audio quality, giving you the experience just like the real-time classroom. The only difference is of time and cost. If you are someone who has time & budget limitations, then you may opt for our Self-learning data science training and if there is no constraint on time and money and if you believe in continuous learning then you can join our data science training online and start with our DataScience training free demo classes.

For clearing the certification exam, will the Self-learning data science training online be enough?

Our both Self-learning data science training program and scheduled data science training program are well designed with the same quality material. We have covered all the basic to advanced Data Science concepts that are asked in the Data Science certification exam and in all the rounds of the interview. The module is compacted with detailed theoretical and practical concepts of database querying and management.

How to enroll in Self-learning data science training?

It is quite an easy process to get access to the Self-learning data science training program. You only have to login by filling in the details including all the payment details. Once you have filled in all the details, you would be redirected to a personalized student dashboard, where you will have the access to a complete easy-to-access Data Science self-learning curriculum.

Why JanBask Training for Self-learning data science training program?

If you decide to opt for Self-learning data science training online with us then you would be in a position where you get:

  • Diverse course materials as videos, PDFs, eBooks, covering all the Data Science certification exam topics
  • Complete counseling on your career choices by our career experts
  • Prompt insights into the job market scenario
  • Thorough course content that is required to clear the Data Science examination
  • Skill-building to ace the interview rounds

What Students Say

This course was amazing. Great way to learn some of the practical elements of data science. Coming from a maths background I really appreciated the fact that the theory behind the models we built was explained. A wonderful course and I am now about to enroll in other courses.

Donny Papic

This is a pretty good beginner course for anyone totally new to this field. Still, this course is a subset of Machine Learning A-Z course by the same team. Almost everything covered in this course is covered in that plus it is Hands-On in Python and R. This course basically provides a whole workflow of a data science project.


An absolutely great course. I'm new to learning about Data Science and Kirill's explanation really is step-by-step and makes no assumptions about what you should know. He explains why each action is done and how it applies to the real world. By the time you finish this course, you'll really feel much more capable of analyzing data.

Chenaj Teja Potu

Really this course is very helpful and I have learned a lot of new areas in data science especially data preparation, data cleaning and data analysis. I have learned about data modeling using logistic regression which will be very helpful in my day to day work.

Bosun Sogeke

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