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AWS Master Training Course

Self-learning Program

(4.8/5 ) | 1.5K+ Ratings

Don’t have time to sit for scheduled AWS training online? Don’t worry, now you can learn at your pace!

With AWS Self-Learning Program you will:

Price USD 549  USD 329

What does the AWS self-learning Program have to offer?

40+ Hours of Class Recordings

30 HD PPTs

Hands-on Assignments

Salesforce eBook

Hands-on Practice Test

Dashboard Lifetime Access

Become a job-ready AWS professional for core industries with our all-in-one self-learning kit of AWS training online.

Why should AWS be your preferred career option?

There are few facts explaining, why you need to make an explicit career in AWS field:

Suited Best For Students/Professionals

We help you to learn the skills required for various Job Roles including:

  • AWS Solution Architect
  • Cloud Developer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • AWS SysOps Administrator


Urgent Requirement

1264 companies have urgent requirements for AWS solution Architect.


Average Salary

$100K is the average salary for the AWS developer who completes their AWS training and certifications.


Fastest growing public cloud

AWS is the fastest-growing public cloud and is predicted to increase from 42% in 2017 to 52% by 2022.

60% AWS

Public cloud job postings

Around 60% of all public cloud job postings in the market are related to AWS.

Don’t let the busy schedule or expensive live classes get in the way of your successful AWS career!

Course Curriculum for Our AWS Self-learning Program

Covers everything from Basic to Advanced concepts

AWS Master Training

The Self-learning Program Curated Especially For You

Become a job-ready AWS professional with our full-packaged, quick-to-download Self-learning program of AWS training online.

  • Watch and study as per your time availability
  • Learn all the basic to advanced AWS concepts
  • Add the right skills to your resume & become job-ready
  • Impart knowledge that’s asked for the AWS certification examination
  • Join the league of high-paying AWS professionals faster

AWS Master Training - Self-learning Program

(4.8/5 ) | 1.5K+ Ratings

Polish your AWS technology handling skills with self-learning video sessions and online course material prepared by the experts. Watch, learn & get AWS training & certifications now at your own pace.

What you’ll learn?

  • AWS cloud security concepts
  • AWS access control
  • Data encryption methods
  • Database and application services
  • Price USD 549

  • SAVE 40%

USD 329

Package Includes

  • 40+H Live Class recording
  • 30 HD PPTs
  • 15+ Problems Assignment
  • eBook
  • 2+ Practice Test
  • Dashboard Lifetime Access

Need to know about the AWS Self-learning program in detail?

How our AWS Self-learning Programs is effective for Beginners as well as Working Professionals?

Explore how our AWS self-learning program has helped or is helping beginners to professionals, who have either shortage or time or monetary resources to sit for the scheduled online training for AWS certifications.

Is there any difference between the AWS self-learning program and Amazon AWS training?

When you take training for AWS certification from us, you get the utmost quality. Whether you take our AWS self-learning kit or go for our scheduled & regular AWS training certification classes, in both of them, you get the same quality teaching and material. The only difference is of time and cost. If you are someone who has time & budget limitations, our AWS self-learning kit is an affordable solution for you, whereas, if you believe in continuous learning and have no restriction to special time sparing, you can go for your AWS training online - for which you can start with our AWS training free demo classes, to get the taste of our regular virtual classroom learnings.

Does AWS training cost heavy?

If you take AWS training online with us, you get affordable learning solutions. To meet the budget expectations of our students & professionals, we have especially prepared our AWS self-learning kit, which is budget-friendly, has complete course material in the form of videos, PPTs, eBooks and questions banks, and the videos are recorded version of our live classrooms, there if you have no time to sit for regular classes, you can take this kit and watch and learn from the videos on the go. If you find our regular AWS training classes a tad bit heavy on the budget, check out our AWS self-learning program, they are an absolute bargain.

Does this AWS self-learning kit help with AWS certification jobs related assistance?

Yes our AWS self-learning kit does help with AWS certification jobs related assistance. Throughout our course, you get complete exposure to the questions that are explicitly asked during the recruitment processes. And even our instructors are readily available to guide you round the clock on the resume building and personality traits to be carried during the interviews. Since our instructors have closely been in the AWS market, they know what market demands and will help you imbibe the key things for the interview processes. With us, you get complete AWS training and certification portal access and examination related guidance.

Why should I learn from self-learning videos of AWS training online?

With these recorded AWS training videos & other course materials, you can:

  • Download the entire classroom taught session and watch it anywhere on the go, be it in a cab or while in the office lunch break.
  • Watch it whenever you have time.
  • Ask the doubts and queries via emails and chats directly from the instructors.
  • The recordings will feature real-time students asking doubts, which will help you understand the course better.
  • Offline instructional classes delivered by the certified senior AWS professionals.
Is AWS good for a career?

AWS is a preferable field, as it is the market’s leading cloud computing platform. If you find it interesting to learn about cloud computing concepts, then AWS training is for you. Cloud computing platforms are adopted now by every small scale to big scale enterprise. Making a career in this field can help you bag a handsome remuneration of $113,000 per year. And you can unfold to multiple job roles like AWS solution Architect, AWS cloud developer and more by successfully completing your AWS training and certifications with us.

What Students Say

What to say about this amazing course of AWS Solution Architect training, it is just awesome. It can easily be taken by a novice too. You don’t need a deep or profound AWS knowledge to take this. The instructor does an excellent job of describing the material and also keeps you engaged and rooted during the entire training and certification course. This course provides great information to help study for the AWS Solution Architect Certification exam. I would highly recommend this course to everyone. The instructor does a great job of covering all aspects very methodically.

Nicola Sequeira

I am sure that JanBask Training is a platform that leaves no chance or method to make you the best professional in your field. Their course is short and job-oriented. They know what the recruiters want and prepare you accordingly. This is a very short span of training that would change your life for good. They have very intelligent and patient mentors who would never shy away from answering even the silliest of the doubts for you. All you have to do is to invest some honest time to learn, and the amazing team takes care of the rest.

Garry Arathon

The AWS Solution Architect curriculum is quite up-to-date. My instructor is a very passionate fellow. I had a great time while learning this training course. Also, my certification exam went quite well, and I am hopeful about hearing positive results very soon. My job applications have also been selected. I am just waiting for my certification now. Thank you, JanBask Training, for making all of this possible. I will highly recommend this lecture for getting certified in the field of AWS or cloud computing. The course is very detailed yet short. You don't have to join with any skills or a particular background.

Disha Khosla

Well, to be honest, I had a lot of fun while taking my AWS Solution Architect Training Course. The course support system is amazing. You can approach them anytime and be assured of getting an answer within a timeframe of a few minutes. I must say that it is an amazing online training program with excellent mentors, interesting curriculum, special focus certification sessions, etc. I would recommend to everyone. A very comprehensive yet short duration course on AWS Solutions Architect that will make you a candidate that every organization out there is looking for. The course is very short, as well as precise.

Vivian Demorest

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