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Android App Development Certification Training

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Why should you take Android App Development Training ?

Job growth


growth in jobs since 2016


jobs projected by the year 2024

3.5 million

apps already present on Google app store


Jobs posted in the USA alone within a period of 18 months

Salary Trend

Salary Trends

A Few Compelling Facts A Few Compelling Facts

Android developers are the people who are in charge of creating successful mobile applications by translating various designs along with the wireframes into high-value codes. They have to ensure the best probable performance and receptiveness of the application they develop.

Future of SQL Server Future of Android

A good knowledge of the programming languages such as Java coupled with the knowledge of User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) expertise is required. You also need Front-end and Back-end integration skills. The developers are hired to work right from the concept or the design phase to the software structural design development, coding as well as testing phases.

Job Market Job Market

All this may sound very intriguing and believe it or not, it surely is. Taking an Android App Development Training and Android Developer Certification can prove to be life-changing. Do not wait for a great career opportunity to pass by, grab it with both your hands and get that dream job of yours.

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Android App Developer Training

Our Training Module Promise you:

"Successfully Apply For Android Developer Roles And Learn To Expand Android Opportunities."

Our Reviews

Interactive Sessions

"Debate with your co-learners and learn simultaneously from those debates."

All our sessions are taken in live classes, wherein you learn, discuss debate and repeat. We have designed this session to be as interactive as possible to promote better learning experience.

Rich Learning Content

"Good reads lead to good readers as well as best industry professionals."

We supply a wide variety of learning resources to our learners during their Android Developer Training. You can choose whatever that interests you the most, books, blogs, videos, articles anything that you like.

Learn to create User Interface

"Learn the basics of an Android interface easily by our training program."

Our introductory sessions are to give you a round-up of the basics of android app development such as User Interface, User Input, creating multiple App screens, data storage etc.

Introduction to Android Studio

"Get your basics right because right beginning is half the battle won."

We help you to get a hand at the basic things like list views, try and catch files, cache memory concepts, basic coding etc. All these are primary skills and need a good understanding

Harness the power of Coding

"Code and earn- it becomes as easy as it sounds with a little help from us."

You will learn to write codes for various apps starting from the scratch; troubleshoot coding issues of other apps. All this enhances your ability as an app builder and makes sure you get paid well too.

Regular Assignments

"Practice what you learn on regular basis and become a master."

We give you enough assignments to practise all the concepts related to app-building that can change your career graph totally. Good knowledge and accurate practical experience go a long way

Course Objectives of Android Development Training

  • The course will take you through a lot of coding which is essential in developing android apps.
  • It will help you learn the skills such as building Android Studio files, building UI elements, advanced string manipulation, try and catch methods etc.
  • We aim at making you an industry ready professional and that is why we incorporate real industry case studies and projects to help you hone your skills.
  • Our programme has been kept very short to facilitate quick learning and getting the better job opportunities sooner.
  • We help you with your certification too so that you have an accreditation to your name that can help you a long way in your career.

Skills you will learn?

Our intense 6-week programme will give you a holistic learning of theory as well as practical concepts, with the help of which you can easily manage to create an app or take forward a dormant app easily.

The end-to-end Online Android Developer Training programme helps you learn the most of the Android Studio, customizing apps, the concept of the action bar, etc.


  • If you are someone who is new to coding then you should take beginner's course first.
  • The beginner's course begins with basic concepts of Android Studio, Android files, Java variables, deep dive, manipulation of commands etc.
  • The aim of this course is to first give you a good picture of what Android App Development really is.
  • You would also be given a lesson on coding in Java, Python etc because without coding you cannot create apps.


  • This is the course where the real biting of the nails kind of situations starts as you are pushed deep further into the world of coding.
  • You are taught how to develop a scalable, reliable and efficient app that solves the purpose for which it is being created.
  • You will learn concepts of text fields, format fields, split screen concept, arrays, matrices etc.
  • All this coupled with many more concepts will make you a professional that no company can miss on hiring.

Who are the regulars of Online Android Developer Training?

This course is primarily open to all as there are no pre-requisites as such. However, the following are the regular crowd of this course:

  • IT enthusiast,
  • App Developers,
  • Individuals looking to build a career in App Building
  • System administrators
  • Developers

Android Developer Training Exam and Certification

Well, there are no extraordinary fundamentals that are compulsory for you to appear in the Android Developer Certification exam, but having a good and extensive practical experience in building Android apps, basics of coding or advanced concepts on Android Studia would surely be an added advantage.

  • Once you have fruitfully finished the Online Android Developer Training and have completed your training project. Your project will be methodically reviewed by our expert panellists and you will be given your due Certification. .
  • You will be certified as an Android App Developer based completely on the project that has been reviewed and duly marked by our panellists.

Course RoadMap

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Android Development

  • Android Introduction, History & Versions of Android, Android Features
  • Setting up development environment, Mobile Application Development
  • Dalvik, Virtual Machine & .apk file extension
  • Application Building Blocks
  • Android Architecture, and Build Process of an Android Application
  • Android Installation
  • Java & JDK, Eclipse IDE, Android SDK
  • Eclipse, ADT, Plugin
  • Creating Android Virtual Device

Setup of Android Development Environment

  • System Requirements,, Android Manifest file
  • Java, Eclipse and Android SDK Installation
  • Android SDK & Tools
  • Android Virtual Devices & Device Definitions
  • Toast Notifications, Localization
  • Activity Lifecycle, Intents
  • Daye & Time Pickers
  • Selection Components, Adapters
  • Card View, Web View, Grid View, Gallery View, Recycler View
  • Drawer Layout, TabHost, Canvas & Paint, Progress Bar
  • Supporting Multiple Screens & Devices
  • Styles & Themes, Custom Themes

Publishing to the Play Store

  • Release process & Release build of Android Application
  • Signing the .apk file
  • Preparing the Store Listing page
  • Content Rating, Distributing the Application
  • Merchant Registration for Paid Applications
  • About XML

User Interfaces (UI)

  • Creating the Activity, Tabbed Activities
  • XML versus Java UI, Create activity layouts programmatically
  • Adapters, Menus and Dialogs, and Navigation Drawer
  • Selection Widgets, Using fonts, Animations
  • Common UI components, and Complex UI components
  • Handling UI events, Testing and optimizing UI

Telephony, Bluetooth & Multimedia in Android

  • Telephony background, Accessing telephony information
  • Monitoring data activity and connectivity
  • Working with messaging SMS, Controlling local Bluetooth device
  • Discovering and bonding with Bluetooth devices
  • Managing Bluetooth connections, Communicating with Bluetooth
  • Playing Audio, Video, Recording Audio & Video
  • Customizing Camera & Capturing Photos
  • Voice Recognition, Text To Speech

Android Material Design & Resources

  • Material properties, Material Patterns
  • Material Styling / Animations
  • Overview of Android Resources, Creating Resources
  • Using Resources, Drawable Resources, and Animation Resources

Intent, Intent Filters and Broadcast Receivers

  • Broadcast receiver usage patterns
  • Implementing a broadcast receiver, Creating Broadcast receiver
  • Filters in dynamic Broadcast Receivers
  • Registering a broadcast receiver via the manifest file
  • Registering a broadcast receiver programmatically
  • Role of filters, Intent-matching rules

Background Services

  • Overview of Android services
  • Service lifecycle, Declaring a service, and Registering a service
  • Starting and stopping a service
  • Threads and other concurrency considerations with services
  • Bound versus unbound services, Remote versus local services

Storing and Retrieving Data

  • Android File System, Storage Model selection criteria
  • Internal storage, External storage
  • Introducing SQLite, SQLiteOpenHelper and creating a database
  • Opening and closing a database
  • Working with cursors, Inserts, updates, and deletes

Native Content & Custom Content Providers

  • Content provider types, Custom Content Provider classes
  • Searching for content, Adding, changing, and removing content
  • Native Android Content Providers, Publishing content providers
  • Accessing Contact Book, Calendar

Web Services

  • Understanding Web Services, Web Services Architecture
  • Building Server side components, Publishing web services
  • REST based web services, Accessing Web Services
  • Integrating Web Services with mobile client
  • Overview of networking, Checking the network status, and Checking the web service status
  • Working with HTTP to access the web services
  • Parsing, Parsers
  • Document Object Model ( DOM )
  • Simple API for XML ( SAX )
  • JavaScript Object Notation ( JSON )
  • Parsing XML and JSON

Location Based Services & Integrating Google Maps

  • Using Location Manager, Location Provider, GPS and Network based tracking
  • Testing the application using KML files
  • Simulation of the locations on the active device
  • Location Listeners and Proximity Alerts
  • API Version 2 of Google Maps, API key generation
  • Registrations in the manifest file, Adding Markers, Circles, Polylines
  • Google Map, Camera Positions, Google Maps Directions API

Debugging and Testing Android Apps

  • Logcat, Debugger
  • Traceview, HierarchyViewer
  • Monkey Runner, UIAutomator

Google Developers Certifications

  • Hands on practice on project
  • Study material for practice
  • Associate Android Developer
  • Mobile Web Specialist
  • Google Certified

Upcoming Batches

Starting Duration Price  
Mon - Fri
6 Weeks
Mon - Fri
6 Weeks
Mon - Fri
6 Weeks

Frequently Asked Questions - Android Training Program

What about the course location?

You do not have to worry about this as it is an online program. As long as you are connected to the internet, you can take this course sitting anywhere in this world. Our Android learners are spread across the length and breadth of the world and many of them are from the following areas of USA and India- Washington D.C, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangaluru, Chennai, Mumbai and many more.

Who takes the training session?

Your teacher would be somebody who is a Certified Android Developer and has a generous work involvement. He is chosen after a progression of checks and meeting rounds so we have the best teacher for you to make you the best. Be guaranteed that he will be somebody who is surprisingly great at his work as we take nothing but the best.

Explain the concept of Demo Class?

A demo class is our method for taking you through the experience of our instructional courses. When you have enlisted in a course with us, you can take a demo class for that course to see the nature of sessions, your companions and so on.

Is there any recording of my class?

Yes, we record all our sessions. Once a session has been taken we post the recording of that session in our Learning Management System (LMS) for you to get to and resuscitate your memories of your class.

How is a Live Session helpful?

In a Live Session, you can encounter learning in a genuine classroom-like involvement. In this session you can request elucidations of your questions right when the theme is being talked about, you get the chance to connect with different students as well.

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