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Complete Syllabus including C#, ASP.Net, WPF, WCF, & MVC

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6 Weeks
09.00 - 10.00 PM
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Integral Features
  • Free Demo Classes to get good understanding on course offerings & Teaching Style
  • Trained & Helped many students to get their Microsoft Certifications & Training
  • Get trained by Microsoft certified working professionals and get hands on real time Microsoft C# and .Net projects.
  • Weekdays & Weekends classes based on Student’s convenience.


Dot NET Training Course - Syllabus

Basics of Computer Science and Programming

Introduction to Programming Languages, Control Structures and Program Flow, Programming Paradigms

Introduction to .Net Programming Environment

History and background of .Net, PLA independent, History and background of .Net"

Introduction to C# programming language

Structure of a C# Program, Contracts and Interfaces in C#, Collections and Iterators in C#

Data Access in .Net using C# version

ADO.NET Overview, Data Type Mappings in ADO.NET, Retrieving and Modifying Data

Windows (Winforms) Programming (C# Version)

WinForms Overview,Building and running forms, Event arguments, Validating forms"

WPF Programming (C# Version)

WPF basics, Basic WPF controls, Handling events, Advanced Event, Model in WPF, The concept of binding

Basics of Web Development

Webpage and it's components, Styling using CSS, Javascript basics, JQuery, AJAX

ASP.Net Development (C# Version)

ASP.NET Basics, ASP.Net Webservices, Validation controls


Getting started with MVC

Online Dot Net Training

Career in Microsoft C# and .NET Technologies – Growing & Stable Job Market

The .NET Framework is a software framework developed by Microsoft that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows. It includes a large library and provides language interoperability (each language can use code written in other languages) across several programming languages. In other words we can say that .NET Framework is a technology that supports building and running the next generation of applications and XML Web services

  • It provides a consistent programming model, and Microsoft ever green technology
  • It has simplified development efforts with new upcoming frameworks and features
  • Involves less coding for the developers as its framework works on object-oriented programming
  • Considered one of the best platforms to develop fully functioning and interactive websites with exclusive user experience
  • Provides a base-class library that supports innovative web development
  • One can fulfill varied functions like file reading, graphic rendering etc.
  • Developers and system administrators can specify method level security
  • Verities of Certification (MCSD, MCM & MCA) available for getting recognition and certified
  • It is growing at a rapid rate of 30% and making business of more than 5B USD per annum and expected to grow more
  • Research and Advanced analytics market will be worth $29.53 Billion by 2019
  • Several growing Job Opportunities with very good salary ranging from 75K to 150K
Online Dot Net Training
Student's Testimonials
Online Dot Net Training

The .NET Programming course from JanBask allowed me to review and discuss every single code snippet and the project work in the end was awesome. The trainers are very approachable and always available to clear your doubts.

Online Dot Net Training

I have enrolled for the .Net course at JanBask Training and feel extremely happy with the attitude of trainers and support personnel. I am hoping that after course completion, I will surely land a job as a .NET developer in an IT firm.

Online Dot Net Training

I was always aware that that there is a multitude of job opportunities in .NET but somehow, I was not able to locate the right institute. A friend suggested JanBask Training and after enrolling into this program and completing the project work, I successfully cleared my Exam

Do you have questions before you start your .Net Training?

We have helped hundreds of students every month helping them start their career in IT with Microsoft .NET and C# developer courses. Our Training Team and .NET Experts have provided complete support by providing students the in-depth knowledge, and hands-on practical examples to improve their programming knowledge.

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Why Demand of .NET is increasing in industry

ASP.NET developers are building scalable, data-driven, server-side web applications

.NET is a popular powerful framework/ programming language that is used by several programmer’s all over the world. Most of the already available frameworks like Java or PHP take care of one layer or a part of the application development. But .NET provides application development in Object Oriented Programming model and support to develop Windows Application, Web Application and Web Services. .NET also permits the development of applications in different Layered/Tiered models to work on the main business logic rather than worrying about non-application code. Visual studio has many features like reference highlighting, code snippets which makes the application development fast and increases the productivity of developers.

JanBask Training is the best MS.NET e-training portal which provides you with high quality ASP.NET training materials and practice test. Our industry experts and trainers have curated all the topics in the coursework and tutorial videos, which cover MS.NET essentials like C#, ASP.NET, MVC, WPF, WCF etc. in-depth. We follow a 50-50 teaching methodology which comprises of in-depth theoretical training as well as hands-on practical demonstration of the subject. After course completion, you are given a project to complete. Our online training course is customized for beginners and experienced professionals so that each of you can become an advanced .NET developer.

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Online Dot Net Training
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Online Dot Net Training
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Online Dot Net Training
Significance to learn this course with JanBask!
Online Dot Net Training

Instructor-Led Live Classes

The Live Classes will be driven by 10+ year industrial experienced professional from the same sector. These classes will help you to interact with the instructor as per your need and it improves your learning experience.

Online Dot Net Training

Real Time Examples & Case Studies

Learning becomes interesting as we discuss real time examples in our daily classes with the experts. Real time examples from Microsoft world will keep you connected and focused with the classes.

Online Dot Net Training

Hands-on Assignments & Doubt Clarifications

We understand your career goal, and we provide your daily assignments. This helps you to practice your tasks as per your learning needs. Your interaction with our instructor helps you to clear your doubts after every class.

Online Dot Net Training

Certification & Daily Support

We ensure a real world approach for the Microsoft .NET Training and Certification. We emphasize on providing the key skills to the students, in order to perform well.

Dot NET Training - FAQs

Who will be the Instructor?

Our instructors are working professionals from the Industry with relevant experience of 10-12 yrs. They are the experts and well trained for providing online training so that candidates get a great learning experience.

What if I’m not from an IT Background?

We deliver the training from very basics so Trainer would start from the Scratch, It’s not necessary to be from an IT background to become a master of a certain technology, all you need is enthusiasm and guidance from our instructor.

Are there course textbooks?

There are no required textbooks for JanBask courses. We often recommend additional resources and books that you may find helpful, but any materials you need are usually free or optional.

What about the Hands on Experience?

The training is going to be more what we call as practical; you’ll be given exposure to the real time project.

Can I get a demo session?

Yes, we can help you out with 1 demo class or a previous class recording so that you can understand about the Online Classes.

How can I enroll?

To enroll, you can Register on our website or can send us an e-mail at training@janbask.com and also you can give us a call at +1 908 652 6151.