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Microsoft .Net Training & Certification Courses

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  •  Intensive 8-week program
  •  Combined Projects with Instructor
  •  Master Programming, WPA, WPF, ASP
  •  Learn tools like.Net Core CLI, IntelliJ and Re Sharper

Do You Know Why Microsoft .NetTraining is Necessary to Grow Your Career?

Job growth


For Career in Market.

$20 billion

Global.Net market will be worth By 2024, the.


Increase in salaries and demand in this field by 2019.


Companies are looking, for.Net Developers.

Salary Trend

Salary Trends

A Few Compelling Facts A Few Compelling Facts

.Net is todays leading platform. It is the current trend and the generation next web development platform. Dot NET has benefits that make it a preferred language of today and tomorrow. Dot Net with its outstanding features to build innovative apps is increasing rapidly with time.

Future of SQL Server Future of .NET

An average salary of a .NET developer is about $70K - $92K annually. The biggest job search sites on .NET give 1.5 billion job searches per month. NET Developers are in high demand across eight of nine regions as it is the most in-demand skill.

Job Market Job Market

With the numerous versions of .NET Framework released so far, it is quite evident that Microsoft has been thinking about the architecture of .NET Framework from the future perspective framework is continuously being improved to stay up-to-date and for rapid development of applications across platforms.

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Microsoft Dot Net Training

Our online dot net training module witnesses:

"Successful applications for the role of .NET Developer and learn how to expand the career opportunities with intense learning"

Our Reviews

Adaptive Course Curriculum

"We adapt our course path according to our learners and their comfort."

We ensure that our sessions and course path always match up the grasping power of our attendees. We adjust the sessions and course according to them.

Career Guide

"It is not just the destination but a journey as a whole that matters."

We don't just train you in .Net but we want you to have a profitable career in it. We train and then guide you with respect to your career goals too.

Assured Value Money

"Make your best investment today and reap the results tomorrow."

Invest your hard earned money in our The.Net training program and we will make sure that it is worth every penny that you have spent.

Learn Web Development

"Easily learn WPF, WPA and APS principles in a live interactive session"

We make sure that you understand the basic concepts of .Net training such as WPF, WPA, and APS easily with the help of our 50+ assignments.

Build Apps in No Time

"The building of apps made easy with our training and learning resources."

We hone your coding and programming skills to help you use VB.Net, Basic.Net,  programming, ASP.NET Web API with  and ASP.NET Core MVC.

Get Your Accreditations Easily

"Crack your certification exam in one go with our comprehensive training."

We prepare you in such a way that your certifications such as Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) become a child's play for you.

Microsoft .NET Developer Training - Course Objectives

  • We aim at ensuring dynamic pages are easily developed using .NET by teaching ASP code mixed with HTML.
  • Learn about .NET framework deployment, the ASP code and the HTML working.
  • Learn about many supporting tools for development like the Visual Developer IDE, Paint.Net, OneDrive, LINQPad.
  • We aim at making your industry ready by making sure that High performance is ensured by teaching you about early binding, JIT compilation, caching services, and native optimization.

Proficiency you can expect

After our training program, you will be able to tackle several tasks according to your project's requirements. You will be easily able to take all your ideas and turn them into good tangible products required by your clients.

Once you are done with your advanced training you will be well versed with concepts such as Windows Forms Application, Windows Communication Foundation, Dot Net MVC, Entity Framework etc.

By the end of your training, you will be well versed with.Net frameworks, .Net tools and all the related workings of .Net environment. All this will enable you to get your certifications easily.


  • Dot net training starts with elaborating basic programming concepts and helps you to make your base stronger with the necessary skills that are required to learn Dot Net.
  • The ASP Dot net training program is a perfect blend of theoretical concepts and the practical knowledge together that helps you to unfold every single aspect of the technology.
  • Once you are completed with the basic concepts gracefully, you are entitled to start with the advanced stage immediately.


  • First, your basic skills will be polished up to move ahead.
  • Further hands-on training will be given on various Dot net concepts like Introduction,  programming, WinForms WPF programming, ASP Development, and web programming etc.
  • Effective content delivery to the students through live sessions, recorded classes, PPTs, and study materials.
  • The complete Dot Net training and certification program makes you certified .NET developer and skilled enough to apply for a plethora of IT jobs.

Regular Online .Net Course takers

Our online .Net training course is perfect for any person who is enthused about mastering the programming and coding skills, however here is a list of a few individuals who will definitely be benefited by this course.

  • Students pursuing any course in IT stream
  • Professionals looking to build a career in testing
  • Database administrators
  • IT managers
  • Product Developers
  • App Developers and testers
  • Developers

Microsoft .NET Certification

There are many online Microsoft.Net certifications that are available in the academia all over the world to ensure that all companies follow the required Standards for web development process. Clients and also the regular employers or hiring companies, fix this as the main qualifying criterion when they are selecting a .Net Developer.

  • Once you have completed the Microsoft.Net training course your final project will be carefully graded by an expert panel that we have with us, they then counsel you through the further procedure of online Microsoft.Net certification.
  • You will be certified as a Web Developer or a windows developer based on the online Microsoft.Net certification course you plan on choosing.
  • You need to score at least 60% in any one of the two tests that are conducted for certification.
  • You also need to complete 85% of your online data science course

Course Guidebook

Course Modules

Introduction to Computer Programming, OOPS, Dot Net, ADO Dot Net

  • Computer Science Basics.
  • Programming Basics.
  • Getting Started with .
  • Object Oriented Programming.

Windows Forms Application (WFA)

  • Windows Forms Overview.
  • Creating a new Windows Form.
  • Creating Event Handlers in Windows Forms.
  • Adjusting the Size and Scale of Windows Forms.
  • Changing the appearance of Windows Forms.
  • Windows Forms Controls.
  • User Input in Windows Forms.
  • Dialog Boxes in Windows Forms.
  • Windows Forms Data Binding.
  • Windows Forms Security.
  • ClickOnce Deployment for Windows Forms.
  • Enhancing Windows Forms Applications.

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

  • Windows Communication Foundation (WPF) Architecture.
  • WCF Fundamentals.
  • Messaging and Endpoints.
  • Communication Protocols.
  • Message Patterns.
  • WCF Terms.

Windows Presentation Foundation Application (WPF)

  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Architecture.
  • System.Object.
  • Presentation Framework.
  • Presentation Core.
  • System.Threading.DispatcherObject.
  • System.Windows.DependencyObject.
  • System.Windows.Media.Visual.
  • System.Windows.UIElement.
  • System.Windows.FrameworkElement.
  • System.Windows.Controls.Control.

Web Development (HTML, CSS, Java Script) & ASP Dot Net

  • Introduction to Web Development (HTML, CSS, Java Script).
  • Advanced Web Development Concepts.
  • Introduction to ASP Dot Net.
  • Architecture of ASP Dot Net.
  • Advantages of ASP Dot Net.
  • Separation of Code from HTML.
  • Support for compiled languages.
  • Use services provided by the .NET Framework.
  • Graphical Development Environment.
  • State management.
  • Update files while the server is running.
  • XML-Based Configuration Files.
  • ASP Dot Net Web Forms (ASPX) applications.
  • Advanced concepts of ASP Dot Net Web Forms & its configuration.
  • ASP Dot Net Web Services (ASMX) applications.
  • Advanced concepts of ASP Dot Net Web Services & its configuration.

ASP Dot Net MVC (Model, View, Controller)

  • ASP Dot Net MVC Overview.
  • Support for Test Driven Development.
  • When to create an MVC Application.
  • Advantages of MVC-Based Web Application.
  • Features of ASP Dot Net MVC Framework.

Entity Framework

  • Introduction to Entity Framework, Modeling & Mapping.
  • Entity Framework Overview.
  • Mapping Objects to Data.
  • Accessing and Changing Entity Data.
  • Data Providers.
  • Entity Data Model Tools.
  • Advances Configurations and Considerations.

Projects and Professional Dot Net Certifications Overview

  • Hands-on practice for Dot net related projects
  • Daily and weekly Assignments on Dot net.
  • MCQs practice and sample questions for certification practice
  • Guidance for Microsoft dot net related certifications
  • MCP

Upcoming Batches

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Mon - Fri
6 weeks
Mon - Fri
6 weeks
Mon - Fri
6 weeks

Frequently Asked Questions - .NET Training Program

Elucidate about the course location?

The course is online so it can be taken from anywhere that has got a good internet connection and as long as you are duly enrolled with us. We have observed that our majority of .net students have joined us from the following cities- Washington D.C, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangaluru, Chennai, Delhi.

Can you please explain about the Demo class? Do I need to pay anything for Demo Class?
Demo classes facility can be availed by every registered student online and you can enrol only if you like the demo class. And the best part is that you don’t have to pay anything to attend the demo class
How online dot net training and certification could help in building a bright career?

The training classes given by our experts are highly interactive and you can immediately discuss your doubts and give your feedback to enhance your learning experience. We have live project training facility to help you with the career growth and learn dot net course online at your fingertips.

How soon will I get access to the content as soon as I sign up for the account?

You will get complete access to learning management system i.e. LMS as soon as you sign up for asp dot net training and certification program. You can check live sessions and recorded classes both as per your convenience.

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