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AWS Developer Training

Become the much-acknowledged industry professional with an AWS Developer Course that will help you in honing your cloud computing skills to the next level. Get hands-on AWS Developer Training that will give you an insight into the best industry-practices along with a great working knowledge of AWS tools and techniques.

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AWS Developer Certification Course Roadmap

Our AWS Developer Learning Path that will give you a glimpse of what lies ahead

AWS Overview & Software Developer

    • Learn about the basic concepts of Cloud Computing
    • Get an overview of cloud & the types of cloud services
    • Get Cloud models, features of the cloud, different cloud vendors
    • Get an AWS Fundamental Overview
    • Learn about the fundamentals of the AWS Services and Security
    • Get a brief introduction to the Certified Developer Course
    • Learn about
    • AWS service catalog,
    • AWS Paradigm,
    • AWS console,
    • Get a brief overview of the below services along with their usage
    • The Compute Service,
    • The Storage Service & Database Service
    • The Content Delivery Service, Network Service & Application Service
    • The Deploy & Management Service
    • The Java SDK Installation & Configuration
    • The Java program and access AWS resources
    • The AWS CLI tool kit, Step by step Java SDK installation
    • The Configuration of the sample java program and access mechanism of the AWS resources

IMA & Elastic Compute Cloud

    • Learn how to protect your AWS by the different authentication system
    • Learn how to set password policies set for users
    • Learn about AWS User Account and Groups in detail
    • Get a working knowledge on creating custom policies in AWS
    • Get an introduction about Roles and their use
    • Learn how to create roles and associating policies
    • Learn about creating programmatic access and management console access for users
    • Get a practical knowledge on how to associate policies to the user and groups
    • Learn how to-
    • Launch a basic EC2 instance
    • Create Different Types of Instances Reserved, On-demand, Spot, Dedicated
    • Device Security groups and tags for EC2 instance
    • What is Public key & Private key
    • Get an introduction on protecting EC2 with keys
    • Learn how to
    • Launch an ec2 instance from an AMI
    • Create custom AMI and working with a different region
    • Manage the configuration of your application
    • Deploying a new instance from the created AMI

AWS DB Services & Object Storage

    • Get an Introduction to RDS
    • Learn about Different database services Amazon RDS, DynamoDB, Redshift, etc.
    • Learn how to create MYSQL RDS Instance, Oracle RDS Instance, MS SQL RDS Instance
    • Get practical knowledge of
    • Configuring the database & backups
    • Configuring the maintenance windows
    • Other Database Services
    • Get a session on Understanding S3 durability and redundancy
    • Get an Introduction about S3 Buckets
    • Learn
    • How S3 Uploading works and how to Download it.
    • How to launch S3 Permissions
    • How to implement S3 Object Versioning S3 Lifecycle Policies
    • Get a working knowledge of Storage Gateway
    • Learn about Import Export
    • Learn about S3 Transfer Acceleration
    • Get knowledge of Glacier storage

Auto-scaling & Load Balancing

    • Learn about Started with Auto Scaling Using the Console
    • Learn about Creating Launch configurations and make use of it for autoscaling groups
    • Get a hands-on knowledge on how to maintain a Fixed Number of Running EC2 Instances
    • Learn about-
    • Dynamic Scaling
    • The lifecycle of autoscaling
    • Policies of autoscaling
    • Get an introduction to Loadbalancer (ELB)
    • Learn about the different types of load balancers in AWS
    • Get a working knowledge about the Application Load balancer
    • Learn what is network load balancer & Classic Load balancer
    • Learn about migrating classic load balancer to new load balancer
    • What are the components and types of load balancing?

Virtual Private Cloud, Route53

    • You will get an introduction to the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).
    • Learn about VPC Advantages and understanding IP addressing CIDR
    • Learn about Default and Non-default VPC, and it's component
    • Get a piece of knowledge on describing, creating, and managing Amazon Virtual Private Cloud
    • Learn about Amazon VPC, Private Subnet, and Public Subnet
    • Learn about AWS Networking, Security Groups, and Network ACLs
    • Get knowledge of configuration and management of VPN connectivity
    • Learn about Subnet and Subnet Mask
    • Learn to describe the Hosted zones and Domain name understanding
    • Learn How to create hosted zones
    • Get knowledge about hosting a website with a custom domain name
    • Get hands-on experience on understanding routing policies

AWS Security & DevOps Fundamentals

    • Describing Security Practices for Cloud Deployment
    • AWS Shared Responsibilities and Securities
    • Importance of Cloud Trail
    • Describing Trust advisor
    • AWS Regulatory and Environment security
    • AWS Security for Various AWS Services
    • An understanding of DevOps and the modern DevOps toolsets
    • Source code management tools – CVS, Git
    • Build tools – Apache ant, Maven
    • Test automation tools – JUnit
    • Continuous Integration Tools – Jenkins, Team city
    • Configuration management tools – Chef, Puppet, Ansible

AWS Developer Certification Course Roadmap

  • Our AWS Developer Learning Path that will give you a glimpse of what lies ahead

    At JanBask training, we try to formulate our course syllabus with the utmost expertise. Our AWS Developer Experts conduct rigorous market research before they sit down to prepare the session plan that includes syllabus, study material, assignments, etc. Only after analyzing our market research, we develop a comprehensive course curriculum that trains you to be nothing but the best. Our AWS Developer Training & Certification course helps you to gain the skills that the industry experts are looking for.

    You will also get a Good Knowledge about the following

    • Learn What is cloud computing?
    • Get a hand on the Concepts of Cloud Computing.
    • Get an Introduction to AWS
    • Learn about the Global Infrastructure of AWS
    • Get an AWS Services Walkthrough-High Level
    • Learn about the AWS Benchmarks
    • Learn about AWS Account Creation
    • Get a complete Management Console Walkthrough
    • Basic Account Management Setting
    • Learn about Introduction to Billing Dashboard & Cost Explorer
    • Learn about Setting up Billing Alarm & Budget
    • Learn about Setting-Up AWS CLI on the local machine
    • Learn about Creating Users and groups using AWS CLI
    • Learn about Creating & Managing Policy using AWS CLI
    • Learn about Creating and Managing IAM Roles using AWS CLI
    • Learn about AWS CLI Command Syntax walkthrough
    • Gather the basics of Linux for AWS
    • Learn about Linux Installation and Basic commands overview
    • Learn what is Web Server and Services Configurations
    • Get an introduction to Identity & Access Management
    • What are the Components of IAM
    • Learn about Creating and Managing Users & Groups
    • Learn about Creating and Managing IAM Policies
    • What are Roles and its use cases
    • What is Multi-Factor Authentication - [MFA]
    • What are the Security Features in IAM
    • What are the best practices of IAM
    • Learn about the Basic Concepts of IAM
    • IAM Terminology
    • I Learn about AM Best Practices and Important Facts
    • Access Keys and Security Credentials
    • Learn about AWS Identity Federation
    • Use IAM roles to access resources from different AWS accounts
    • Basic Concepts of RDS
    • Learn about RDS Backups and Replicas
    • RDS Management and Maintenance
    • Learn about Other Database Services
    • Practice Assignment: AWS DB Services
    • Learn about Concepts of DynamoDB
    • Capacity and Throughput Management
    • Learn about Access Control and Data Migration
    • Practice Assignment: Amazon DynamoDB
    • Learn about Cost Management
    • Management Tools, Lambda, and Kinesis
    • Learn about
    • Basic Concepts of Cloud Formation
    • Basic Concepts of Elastic Beanstalk
    • Basic Concepts of Lambda
    • Basic Concepts of Kinesis
    • Cloud Formation
    • S3, Glacier, and CloudFront
    • Create an S3 Bucket
    • Version Control
    • Cross-Region Replication
    • Lifecycle Management & Glacier
    • CloudFront CDN Overview
    • S3 - Security & Encryption
    • Storage Gateway
    • Snowball
    • Launch EC2 Instance
    • How To Use Putty
    • Security Groups Basics
    • Upgrading EBS Volume Types
    • Create An AMI – Lab
    • Load Balancers & Health Checks
    • Using IAM roles with EC2
    • Using Bootstrap Scripts
    • EC2 Instance Metadata
    • Instance Metadata and User Data
    • Autoscaling
    • EC2 Placement Groups - An Exam Must Know!
    • EFS – Concepts
    • Build A Serverless Webpage
    • Important Components of Lambda
    • Creating a simple function in Lambda
    • Creating and Managing triggers in Lambda
    • Sample Code run using Lambda
    • Limitations & Best Practice of Lambda
    • Difference Between OLTP and OLAP
    • Components of Redshift
    • Important Features of Redshift
    • Architecture of Reshift
    • Creating and Managing a cluster in RedShift
    • Connecting to Redshift Cluster Using SQL workbench
    • Creating table and loading data into RedShift
    • Bach-up and monitoring in RedShift
    • Data Security in RedShift
    • Pricing in RedShift
    • Best Practices - RedShift
    • Concepts of SQS
    • SQS – Deep Dive
    • Simple Notification Service – Overview
    • Other Application Services – Overview
    • Practice Assignment: AWS Application Services
    • What is CI/CD?
    • CodeCommit
    • CodeCommit Lab
    • CodeDeploy
    • CodeDeploy Lab 1, 2 & 3
    • CodePipeline
    • CodePipeline Lab
    • Advanced CodeDeploy the AppSpec File
    • Docker and CodeBuild Lab 1 &2
    • Advanced IAM
    • Web Identity Federation
    • Cognito User Pools
    • Inline Policies vs Managed Policies vs. Custom Policies

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