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AWS Cloud Migration Training & Certification

Our AWS Cloud Migration Course is curated by industry experts and assists you in learning various AWS cloud migration strategies and procedures. You will learn about basic AWS services, AWS Cloud Framework, Security architecture, migration techniques, etc. The course aims at teaching you the best migration practices for servers, databases, and apps through our practical demonstration sessions and assessments. So, register now and get AWS certified with us right away!

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Why an Online AWS Cloud Migration Certification?

Our advanced AWS Cloud Migration Training helps you in shaping your career in the dynamic field of cloud space. Let us discuss a few interesting facts that will make you signup and register for the course immediately.


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Instructor-led Live Online Classes – AWS Cloud Migration Certification

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Earn your Certificate

Best-in-class content by leading faculty & industry leaders in the form of videos and projects, assignments & live sessions.

Career Counselling

Career Counselling

Resume Feedback

Resume Feedback

Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation

AWS Cloud Migration Training Course Roadmap

Here are the milestones that you will achieve with our AWS Cloud Migration Course Training

Introduction AWS Services

    • Migrating to AWS - An Overview
    • Discovery, Analysis and Planning
    • Migration Planning and Design
    • Exploring Amazon Web Services
    • Creating an AWS account
    • AWS Compute and Storage
    • AWS Compute, Storage, networking Services AWS EC2
    • Instance Launch Demo
    • AWS S3 Demo
    • Cloud Watch, Auto Scaling, Load Balancing
    • AWS security model and Security Services

Overview of Cloud Migration

    • Why Migrate to the Cloud?
    • What is the process of Cloud Migration?
    • Introduction to Migration Tools
    • Managing EC2 Instances from AWS CLI
    • Creating EC2 Instance from AWS CLI
    • Migration Strategies
    • AWS CAF Cloud Adoption Framework
    • 6R Migration Pattern
    • AWS Well Architecture Framework

Application Migration To AWS

    • Introduction to Database services
    • Brief into Database Migration
    • Application discovery services
    • Server Migration services
    • Server Migration with and without Agent
    • Agent-based and agentless server migration service
    • Migration on Premises Microsoft Hyper VM to AWS AMI
    • Migration on Premises VMware VM to AWS AMI

Database Migration

    • Overview of Database Migration
    • Database Migration Planning
    • Database Migration Checklist
    • DB Migration challenges
    • AWS DB Services
    • AWS DB Migration services
    • AWS Pre during and post-migration task
    • Database Migration Preparation
    • SQL Server Configuration
    • Homogeneous Migration Using AWS Database Migration Service
    • Troubleshooting and Clean up
    • Schema Conversion Using AWS Schema Conversion Tool
    • Heterogeneous Migration Using AWS Database Migration Service

Data Migration To AWS

    • Introduction to Database Migration
    • Storage Gateway
    • Kinesis Firehose
    • Snowball, Snowball edge and Snowball Mobile Direct Connect
    • 53 Transfer Acceleration
    • Leveraging S3 for Migration
    • Data migration to Amazon S3.
    • Migrate data from MySQL to S3

Monolithic application to AWS with Docker

    • Introduction to Docker
    • Understand the Docker Ecosystem
    • Learn how docker is used for monolithic applications
    • Introduction to Elastic Container Service (ECS
    • Orchestrate docker containers
    • Understand how ECS and docker work together
    • How can docker be used to package a monolithic application inside a docker container?
    • Understanding how ECS works with docker
    • Orchestrate a docker container-based system


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Course Curriculum

Learn what you'll get after successful enrollment

AWS Cloud Migration Corporate Training

AWS Cloud Migration Corporate Training & Certification

The AWS Cloud Migration Corporate Training will help your workforce to build a strong foundation and gain hands-on experience in building and deploying AWS Cloud Migration-based
web apps.

FAQs on AWS Cloud Migration Training

AWS Cloud Migration FAQs

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Customer Reviews

Nicola Sequeira

What to say about this amazing course of AWS Solution Architect training, it is just awesome. It is a course that contains excellent learning sessions that are very easy to follow and understand. It can easily be taken by a novice too. You don’t need a deep or profound AWS knowledge to take this. The instructor does an excellent job of describing the material and also keeps you engaged and rooted during the entire training and certification course. This course provides great information to help study for the AWS Solution Architect Certification exam. I would highly recommend this course to everyone. The instructor does a great job of covering all aspects very methodically.

Garry Arathon

I am sure that JanBask Training is a platform that leaves no chance or method to make you the best professional in your field. Their course is short and job-oriented. They know what the recruiters want and prepare you accordingly. This is a very short span of training that would change your life for good. They have very intelligent and patient mentors who would never shy away from answering even the silliest of the doubts for you. All you have to do is to invest some honest time to learn, and the amazing team takes care of the rest.

Josh Patel

At JanBask Training You get special doubt clearing sessions, tips for resume writing, interview questions and answers, etc. The course also comes with regular tests, MCQ sessions, etc. An amazing course to get a good grip on the concepts of computing. I was a novice when I had joined JanBask Training and today I can proudly say that I am a certified AWS Solution Architect expert. The platform provides an amazing curriculum that shows the planning effort of a good and knowledgeable team. You get trained in high-quality digital sessions where you can debate with the mentor and classmates just like an old-school regular classroom. You get a very collaborative learning environment.

Vivian Demorest

Well, to be honest, I had a lot of fun while taking my AWS Solution Architect Training Course. The course support system is amazing. You can approach them anytime and be assured of getting an answer within a timeframe of a few minutes. I must say that it is an amazing online training program with excellent mentors, interesting curriculum, special focus certification sessions, etc. I would recommend to everyone. A very comprehensive yet short duration course on AWS Solutions Architect that will make you a candidate that every organization out there is looking for. The course is very short, as well as precise.

Disha Khosla

The AWS Solution Architect curriculum is quite up-to-date. My instructor is a very passionate fellow. I had a great time while learning this training course. Also, my certification exam went quite well, and I am hopeful about hearing positive results very soon. My job applications have also been selected. I am just waiting for my certification now. Thank you, JanBask Training, for making all of this possible. I will highly recommend this lecture for getting certified in the field of AWS or cloud computing. The course is very detailed yet short. You don't have to join with any skills or a particular background.

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