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Remarkable Digital Marketing Training & Certification Course

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  •  Master Strategic Marketing Concepts
  •  Practical training in tools to address brand Communication
  •  Up-to-date Curriculum to meet the needs of the Digital World
  •  Tailored Sessions on the fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Unique Facts about a Career in Digital Marketing

Increase in digital ad spends


Increase in digital ad spends by 2020.


Average entry-level salary


Companies prefer using digital means to market their brand or services


Increase in demand of a digital marketing professional within the last quarter of 2018

Salary Trend

Salary Trends

Facts that will Entice you into a Career in Digital Marketing

A Few Compelling Facts A Few Compelling Facts

The world of marketing has seen a great revolution in the past few years whether it is advertising, promotion or sales. Even those who were unsure of the potential of digital marketing in the last decade have now dived into this ocean of opportunities offered by the internet.

Future of SQL Server Future of Digital Marketing

Compared to traditional marketing strategies and media, online marketing offers a whole lot more freedom in general. The way people are getting smartphones and tablets for anything and everything, it is apparent that demand for digital marketers will only increase in the coming the time.

Job Market Job Market

There has been a huge surge in the demand for a digital marketing professional due to all these reasons. More and more people are signing up for a digital marketing course. Many digital marketing certifications are also available that you can get to testify for your skills.

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Our Reviews

Experienced Mentors

"Interesting learning sessions under the guidance of the maestros"

Instructor-led live training as we believe there is nothing that can replace the touch of a real Guru and a real-time class.

Interactive Sessions

"A debate can open doors to many opportunities"

You can directly interact with the trainer through our live virtual classroom interface. Not only this you can discuss things with your co-learners too.

Regular Assignments

“Nothing can replace the practical training”

Each class is followed by the assignment of a practical assignment which helps you to apply the concepts taught during the class.

Myriad of Learning Resources

"Learn innovation with a variety of learning streams"

We provide you with podcasts, blogs, live-quizzes etc to enhance your learning experience. This way you never get bored with your learning.

Affordable Prices

"Get everything that you need in the least investment"

The course is very popularly priced. You get to avail all these benefits sitting at home with no time and cost spent on commuting.

Certification made easy

"Crack your certification in
one go"

With an always-on support team of our competent counselors would readily prepare you for your Digital Marketing certification.

Course Objective

The aim of this online course on digital marketing is to give you comprehensive training for mastering the concepts of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Analytics, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Conversion Optimization.
The main target of this Digital Marketing training course is to give you an insight into the upbeat and exciting prospects of Digital Marketing. The course aims to provide you the knowledge to will help you deploy digital marketing strategies and tools on your job.
You will learn about the practical functioning of the key Digital Marketing tools as well as workflows which are used in intelligent marketing campaigns along with steps for implementing agile digital marketing strategies.

Skills you will learn with our Online Digital Marketing Training

This online training course offers you hands-on training in Digital Marketing along with theoretical training to help you develop a broader understanding of the digital marketing course.
You will learn about using digital marketing to drive business objectives. You will learn to build concrete digital marketing campaigns, bring new customers through lead generation techniques.


  • For the beginners, the course starts with a brief introduction of different components of digital marketing, SEO, SMO, digital marketing tools.
  • No technical background is needed but you should have to have the willingness to learn something new, trendy and challenging.
  • The course will teach you about ad generation and campaign building from the very scratch so that you can get a broader understanding of the strategies.
  • As soon as you are done with the beginner’s level, this is the right time for you to switch to the advanced stage.

Objectives for advanced stage learners:

  • In the advanced stage, we first brush up all the basic concepts you have learned earlier at the beginner's level.
  • This is time to read in detail about digital marketing tools, knowledge in building engaging campaigns by using varied social media and digital media channels.
  • Moving ahead, our instructors will make you adept in concepts and industry best-practices of SEO, backlinking, Content Optimization etc.

Who should take the Digital Marketing Certification training course?

Since the Digital Marketing Course starts with the very basics of all the concepts, anyone can join, however, the most regular attendees of this course are-

  • Engineers
  • IT enthusiasts
  • Journalists
  • Management Enthusiasts
  • Sales Reps

Digital Marketing Exam and Certification

There are no explicit fundamentals that you require for the exam or the certification, but having a good practical experience in digital marketing basics or tools would be an added advantage certainly.

  • Once you have completed your training course and have submitted the final project, it will be reviewed by our panel of experts. You will be given a Digital Marketing Certification as per the recommendation of our experts.
  • You will also get distinct guidance on taking the trending certification exams, how to apply for the job interviews, what are the most frequently asked questions of those job interviews etc.

Course RoadMap

Course Curriculum

Digital Consumer Behavior And Digital Landscape

  • Consumer Psychology, and Marketing Needs
  • Online Marketing overview, and fundamentals
  • Digital Consumer and their expectations
  • Digital Marketing Overview
  • Digital Transformation
  • Target Audience and User Experience
  • Data Matrix, Data Analysis, KPIs, ROI, CAC

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • History of Search & Introduction to SEO
  • On-Page Best Practices
  • Keyword Research & Competitive Analysis
  • SEO-Friendly Design & Architecture
  • Technical Website Optimization
  • Social, Local, Mobile (SoLoMo) SEO Strategies
  • Link-Building, SEO Site Audit, The Future of SEO

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  • Search Campaign Creation and optimization, Mobile Marketing
  • Google and Bing AdWords Campaigns, KPIs, CTRs, Quality Score
  • Dynamic keywords, Negative Keywords, Strategy
  • Display Advertising, Bounce Rate, Add Copy
  • Video Advertising, Traffic Generation, KPIs for SEM
  • Shopping Advertising, PLA, Remarketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

  • Why care about Social Media?
  • Social Media Customer Care and Social Media Tools
  • Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing and Advertising, Retargeting
  • LinkedIn Marketing and You tube Adds

Inbound Marketing, Content Strategy, & Conversions

  • Attracting your potential customers into conversion funnel
  • Converting your prospects into leads using emails
  • Landing Page Creation and Optimization, UI/UX Elements
  • Conversion Optimization (CRO), A/B Testing and Tools
  • Conversion Optimization Patterns for Engaging website Visitors
  • Creating Content Strategy, Tactics, and its importance
  • Key messaging, and content mapping with right keywords

Email Marketing & Strategy

  • Strategy, Deliverability, Effective Email Content
  • Resources to do situational analysis and progressive updates
  • Customer Acquisition Strategies, Subscriptions
  • Email Automation, Lifecycle Emails, Email Copy

Data Analytics

  • Introduction and importance of analytics
  • Social CRM & Analysis
  • Google Analytics, Digital Analytics, Goal & Conversion Tracking
  • Content Performance Analysis, Performance Reports and Matrices
  • Platform Principles, Visitors Analysis,
  • Data analysis

Upcoming Batches

Starting Duration Price  
Mon - Fri
6 Weeks
Mon - Fri
6 Weeks
Mon - Fri
6 Weeks

Frequently Asked Questions - Digital Marketing Program

What would be the location of this course?
The location of the Digital Marketing course is of no consequence as it is an online training. However, we do have a few cities such as the following from where we see frequent students coming from- Bangaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Delhi, Hyderabad, Washington D.C, San Francisco and many more.
What is the concept of a Demo Class, and am I required to pay for it?

All the demo classes that we offer are free of cost to all the determined learners. After you have enrolled you may elect to opt for a free demo class. After the Demo class is over if you feel that our program is not as per your anticipation you may opt to cancel and ask for a refund.

How will the training help me to learn, is it interactive?

All our sessions are LIVE, we do not instruct with recorded sessions. You get to ask questions and doubts right there during the session. You also get chances to interact with other learners of the class. LIVE sessions are any day better for a deeper understanding of all the things are clear right from the inception itself. We also have a couple of group sessions committed to special kind of trainer-learner interactions solely. All this becomes very helpful when you are trying to get your online Digital Marketing Certification.

Who will take my sessions?

Your sessions are conducted by industry experts. They usually are certified experts who are working with many dignified organizations around the world. They help you with a balanced learning approach by providing you with the knowledge of the world of books and the world of real professionals.

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