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JanBask Training is a dynamic, highly professional, and a global online training provider committed to propelling the next generation of technology learners with a whole new way of training experience.

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Microsoft’s Azure training I received from JanBask Training was so worth it. Their quality classes, real industry assignments, variety of e-learning tools, professionals as instructors, everything together added to my learnings greatly. Thanks for the great learnings and endless support!

- Cris Norman

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I would like to recommend anyone who wants to get trained in BA. Explanations are clean, clear, and easy to understand. The support team works very well and the structure of the course and its contents are perhaps well up to the industry- level requirements.

- Sanjana Malhotra

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The course Salesforce will leave one owning all the information that is required to shape up and grow. From Instructor to the support team has always made sure that every individual gets the entire volume of the subject.

- Daniel Szuster

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Frequently Asked Questions

JanBask Training is different from all the other online course providers or e-training platforms because we have developed the ultimate virtual classrooms using the latest next-gen technology to make your learning a seamless experience and provide you with future-proof careers.

Here, the online courses are designed after considering the objectives of real-time learning and job-related technical skills. The skill development courses with the latest curriculum and instructor-led live sessions help you achieve the certification goals and prepare for your dream job and interview.

With us, you are the controller of your career advancement. You can control the session speed in e-learning courses, the number of topics to be discussed, etc. Also, we are not just about mechanical learning; we believe in practice, and therefore, we provide you with plenty of that, too, with our hands-on training structure. Opt for upskilling courses and launch your career.

It's a streamlined process. It is effortless; you just have to follow the given steps- Select one of the online certification courses that you are interested in. When you have landed on the online courses page and are convinced that this is the course for you, select the enroll option on the top right-hand corner of that page, as given in the screenshot below-
how_to_enrol icon

Of course, yes! We believe in supporting our learners to the best of our ability. You get all-time support during training and visits to our website and its pages. We are there with you at every step of your course journey, so we claim to be one of the best online learning platforms.
We are also easily approachable even when you have successfully cleared your professional development courses for any doubts, queries, or guidance.

We at JanBask Training, one of the top online learning platforms, understand the importance of complete knowledge and holistic development, and that is why we provide you with a plethora of varied learning resources in their structures and forms for future-proof careers.

We provide e-books, informational blogs, videos, podcasts, etc, to supplement whatever you learn from the online training session. Not only this, but once the session is over, the recording is also delivered to you for anytime access during all skill development courses for career advancement.

Once you are through with your online courses, you will see that all the concepts related to your respective courses' certification examinations have already been covered thoroughly because we pre-blend them in our updated training curriculum. Our professional development courses aim to make you industry-ready, so we are ranked the best e-learning platform by our community.

Also, once the online certification courses training is complete, you get specialized sessions on certification examinations, wherein we teach you some good techniques to manage your time, study schedule, etc., for your certification and future-proof careers.

That is a straightforward thing. You can visit our website and request a callback or avail yourself of the live chat option. Our student support executive will contact you, clear all your doubts, and answer your queries regarding all online certification courses.

The career counselor or executive will examine your profile, educational background, experience, and interest area and suggest which online courses you can take to rejuvenate or boost your career.

With theoretical & practical Training, we provide additional support that could help you transform and future-proof your career. At JanBask Training, with online certification courses program:

  • Keep you familiar with real-time events of the job market/businesses/industries with their current facts & figures. Information on the actual scenarios of the industries/companies, their behavior of hiring, time of hiring, and the hiring process, and everything else that could help you step on lucrative job options.
  • Along with online certification examination preparation, we provide innovative ways to determine the best time to enter the job market.
  • Take our online courses and be in-demand professionals that every recruiter would want to hire.

We also help draft and review your resume for your dream jobs. Our trainers are from the direct working industry, and they know what kind of resume/CV the recruiters hiring for professional roles expect from the candidate. They know how resumes are needed to be built from scratch. You just share your briefs and info, and they will explain to you how to frame your entire resume without any gaps or committing any mistakes.

A carefully drafted resume is a source via which recruiters narrow down the interviewee's name. So drafting a careful & professional resume is very important to become a top preference during the interview.

At our certification training program, we don’t just help you prepare your resume; we even help you with interview preparation. We arrange mock interviews, in which our trainers question you about the concepts you have covered in our online course, and these questions are careful to note as they will be asked during the actual interviews. Personality traits are equally important too, which is why our professional trainers also make you well-prepared with a few people's skills, like how to communicate, conduct, or present yourself in front of hiring staff or managers with humility and professional behavior. Enroll for our 360-degree training to get the necessary resources to become industry-ready.

We have 3 learning modules for our varied range of learners. They are:

  • Live Class- In live classes, the objective is to provide you with a certification course online that gives experiences similar to offline classrooms and saves you from the struggles of traveling to the physical classes, incurring expenses, and spending energy & time. To give you a complete discipline preparation by covering concepts, skills, and techniques that certifications & job role demands. To provide a unified and comprehensive training that imparts you basic to advanced concepts/skills of techniques & processes - examined for an individual in the online Certification examination - via immersive, exciting e-learning tools & industry experts-led classes. To deliver every fundamental to advanced learning required for you to be an industry-ready professional and to develop an ability within you to read and go through the business’s objective to create powerful strategies so businesses could migrate their information over cloud storage with extreme security.
    To identify the roadmap of our online training in-depth, enroll for our free course counseling and demo class, as it will give you a clear view of what you need to expect throughout our online training course.
  • One-on-One Module- One-on-one module comes with a personalized and customized learning experience where you receive individualized learning sessions and the attention of an expert instructor. The Training Online Study Guide For Beginners & Professionals offers tailored instructions, allowing you to progress at your own pace. You can directly ask questions and seek clarification directly from the instructor. This focused approach to learning helps you learn at ease without the discomfort of extended batches and seek in-depth expertise on any subject matter in the Online Training Courses. The Online Training one-on-one module suits all learners, beginners looking to build foundational knowledge, or professionals seeking in-depth expertise.
  • Self-Learning- If you have enough time to sit at fixed hours every day to learn, you can go for the scheduled Certification Training with us. But suppose you are a working professional who doesn’t have a fixed time each day to learn. In that case, you can go for the self-learning certification course online, where you just have to sign up, pay an affordable amount, and get access to training live session recordings that you can watch and learn from, like web series. The self-learning module has been consciously designed and framed to make recorded sessions similar to real-time classes. The recordings have a clear display and sound quality. For working professionals who have no time to sit for scheduled Training Online, by buying the full-packaged self-learning Online Training, they will
  • Quickly comprehend Course Certification concepts as soon as possible.
  • Have clear instructions recorded live Certification Training sessions with students' voices asking their doubts.
  • Get quality course content, including recorded Online Training class videos, PDFs, eBooks, Training And Certification, and interview questions.
  • Additional doubt-clearing sessions with the instructors via email and chats.

There are hundreds of perks to enrolling with us. You'll get a Training And Certification under our name. The Certification you will get from us is recognized globally. Adding that training completion certificate to your portfolio will give you great recognition and demand in the job market. Upon completing the Certification Course Online, you’ll likely receive a Course Certification, and you can further apply your profound knowledge or skills to seek further career advancements. You also get 4 week job assistance in our exclusive program where you are groomed for interviews, assisted with preparing job worthy resumes and more.

Shape your career with the latest curriculum by JanBask Training. The structured curriculum helps master online courses, develop essential skills, and earn certification of your choice. Check out the prgram highlight that will boost your career to the next level.

  • Courses Taught By Industry Experts
  • Lifetime Access to Learning Resources
  • Hands-On Experience Real-Time Project
  • 4 week Job Assistance Program
  • Earn Globally Recognized Certificate On Course Completion
  • LMS Platform With Top-Notch Learning Content

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