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Selenium Certification Training

Gain excellent testing skills with a new-age Selenium training and certification course. Join this Selenium training and get great exposure to the best industry-wide practices and methodologies.

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Instructor-led Live Online Selenium Classes

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Best-in-class content by leading faculty & industry leaders in the form of videos and projects, assignments & live sessions.

Career Counselling

Career Counselling

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Resume Feedback

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Interview Preparation

Selenium Certification Training Course Roadmap

Get a glimpse of your Course Syllabus here!

Introduction to Selenium

    • Get into the depths of What is Selenium and Why Selenium
    • Learn about History and various versions of selenium
    • Get an Introduction of selenium Components
    • Learn about the Advantages of using Selenium over other tools
    Automation Testing

    • Learn about Use of Automation Testing
    • Get to know the Explanation of Selenium and its advantages
    • Learn about Differences between Selenium and QTP
    • Learn about the Drawbacks of Manual Testing
    • Get to know what test cases can be converted into automation

OOPs Concepts & Java

    • Get an introduction to Java, Why Java for Selenium
    • Get to know about Java Setup and configuration
    • Learn about OOPs concepts
    • Get to know about Setup Java environment – Download JDK and Setup eclipse
    • Learn about Java programming concepts
    • Learn about Advanced Java Programming
    Locators of Selenium
    • Get an Introduction about locator concept
    • Get a Brief explanation of different locator techniques
    • Learn about Xpath techniques explanation with different kind of scenarios
    • Learn to use the Tools to identify elements and objects
    • Learn about Google Chrome developer tools
    • Learn about Locating elements by ID, Name, Link Text, XPath

Introduction of Selenium IDE, Concepts & Commands

    • Get to know about Download and Installation
    • Learn about Modifying the script using IDE
    • Learn about Converting the IDE script into RC script
    • Learn about Validating the locator value using IDE
    • Learn about the Main features of Selenium IDE
    • Learn about Selenium IDE Icons
    • Get knowledge of the First test with Selenium IDE
    • Learn about Building Test cases using Selenium IDE
    • Learn about Creating test suites
    • Get a knowledge of Selenium IDE commands, Adding Selenium IDE commands
    • Get knowledge of Selenium IDE Menus, IDE context menu
    • Get knowledge of Commands- go back, refresh, keys simulation, Highlight

Selenium WebDriver

    • Get an Introduction to WebDriver & Comparison with Selenium RC
    • Get knowledge of the Architecture of selenium Webdriver
    • Get knowledge of Downloading and configuring Webdriver in Eclipse
    • Learn about Converting Selenium IDE test to a programming language (JAVA)
    • Learn about Understanding Object Identification
    • Learn about Extracting Xpaths, CssSelectors
    • Learn about Downloading and configuring Java WebDriver in eclipse
    • Learn about WebDriver Interface
    • Learn about Working with Firefox, IE, Chrome browsers
    • Learn about Identifying Web-Elements using id, name, nickname, class, XPath, tag name
    • Learn about Handling various WebElement using WebDriver

Testing framework & Tool

    • Get an Introduction of Testing framework
    • Learn about Benefits and Features of TestNG
    • Learn about Types of frameworks
    • Get a hand at the Tools for developing Test Framework
    • Learn about TestNG introduction and Configuration with eclipse
    • Learn about TestNG Annotations and Data Providers
    • Learn how to Creating Test Suit with TestNG
    • Get knowledge of Test Case sequencing in TestNG
    • Get knowledge of TestNG Reporters, TestNG Assets, TestNG Parameters
    • Get knowledge of Multi-Browser testing, Parallel testing in TestNG

Selenium Waits, Alerts & Switch Windows

    • Get knowledge of Use Expected Conditions with Waits
    • Learn about Implicit and Explicit waits
    • Learn about Get a knowledge of PageLoadTimeout & SetScriptTimeout property
    • Get knowledge of Simple use of Thread Sleep
    • Learn about Concept of Fluent Wait in Selenium
    • Get knowledge of Strategy to poll for an object
    • Get knowledge of WebDriverWait and its uses
    • Learn about the Different WaitUntil Conditions
    • Learn about Managing Ajax-based components
    • Get knowledge of the Ways to handle Simple, Confirmation & Prompt Alert
    • Get knowledge of Concepts of Set Interface in Java
    • Learn about the Difference between Window Handle & Handles
    • Learn about Switching & Closing Windows, Tabs & PopUps
    • Learn about Extracting window IDs with a Selenium Object reference
    Concepts of Framework
    • Introduction to Framework, Types Of Framework
    • About framework, Design a framework, Use of framework
    • Different types of packages in the framework
    • Difference between Data-Driven, Keyword Driven, and Hybrid Driven Framework
    • Development of Page Object Model
    • Development of Framework
    • Third-Party Tools

Selenium Certification Training Course Roadmap

  • Get a glimpse of your Course Syllabus here!

    Let us go through all the interesting milestones you will be covering in your Selenium certification training. Here is a glimpse of the principles that are elaborately covered in this online Selenium training that is specially designed for you. With us, you can be assured of the most recent course syllabus. This is because our research and development team is always and constantly gathering the market data and is analyzing it continuously to make sure that you get but the best training that you deserve.

Course Curriculum

Get the Complete Course Curriculum

Selenium Corporate Training

Selenium Corporate Training

Create a team of superb testing ninjas with our Selenium Corporate Training program, a course specially crafted for the corporates.

FAQs on Selenium Certification Course and Training

Selenium FAQs

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Our Reviews

6K + Learners | 1594 Reviews

Customer Reviews

Anuj Garg

I had great fun in my Selenium training course. I never knew learning could be so easy and interesting. The technology is interesting that these guys made it more interesting with PPTs, MCQs, etc. The entire training module was just amazing. My training started with the very basic concepts of OOP, IDE commands, Java, etc. It was very interesting to learn everything in a live environment.

Nitesh Tyagi

Well, to be honest, we started slow so I was not very sure where this was going. But it picked up the pace once everyone was on board with the basics. It was deliberately set this way to help us to get accustomed to Selenium terms easily. Once we were familiar with basics, the course picked up speed. The entire team was very professional. My teacher was also very keen on teaching. He always helped in doubts.

Gideon Marge

It was a great course on Selenium. Most of the concepts were discussed quite elaborately and also right from the start. This was a very pleasant experience for me as it was my first remote learning program. We were encouraged to speak in sessions and discuss the concepts with the teacher and other fellow session takers. The course was current in terms of the syllabus.

Johnathon Stewart

The Selenium Training and Certification course is given by JanBask Training was pretty amazing. It was very affordable. This training changed my career path for good. I cleared my certification in the very first go. Not only this, I even had a very smooth stint with my job applications and interviews. They train you for all these things in a brilliant manner. The course is of very short duration and is very light on your pocket too.

Gurparit Singh

I was very satisfied with my Selenium Training course. I had subscribed for Selenium Training and Certification. It was very affordable and short. The course comes with a very good and elaborate syllabus along with varied forms of learning resources such as PPTs, YouTube Videos, MCQs, and regular assignments that make every concept very easy to learn. The resolutions’ team is very prompt in query resolution.

Vaibhavi Patel

I would say overall a good course. I would give five stars for quality and affordability. Everything was quite perfect. They have a very prompt query resolution. Special doubt sessions are what I like the most. The tutor was a very knowledgeable fellow. He was always very welcoming about doubts and everything. I enjoyed my online debated and discussions. It was great. I used to look forward to the sessions eagerly.

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