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MSBI Training & Certification

Our MSBI Training enables you to master popular MSBI tools like SSIS, SSRS, and SSAS using SQL Server. As part of the training, you will gain hands-on expertize in reports creation, data integration, dashboards, cubes, data analysis, etc. The training will assist you with clearing the MCSE: Business Intelligence Certification. So, certify your skills with us and accelerate your career!

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Why Online MSBI Certification?

Give new heights to your career in the dynamic field of SQL Server with advanced MSBI training. Let us have a quick look at facts that makes you sure why MSBI certification training is just the right choice for you.


Platform in BI and Analytics market for the 9th consecutive year


Jobs are available in the USA alone as per the indeed.com

SQL Growth


An average salary is taken by skilled MSBI professional.


Growth expected in Worldwide BI and analytics in terms of revenues


Growth in annualized job prediction with an attractive market share.

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Learn about Career benefits, in-demand skills, average salaries and tips to Crack Job Interview.

SQL jobs


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Instructor-led Live Online MSBI Classes

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Earn your MSBI Certificate

Best-in-class content by leading faculty & industry leaders in the form of videos and projects, assignments & live sessions.

Career Counselling

Career Counselling

Resume Feedback

Resume Feedback

Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation

MSBI Training Course Roadmap

Milestones that you can achieve with our MSBI Course Training Online

Introduction MSBI And Data Warehouse

    • What is MSBI
    • What is a Data Warehouse?
    • Why choose MSBI?
    • Various Keys used
    • What is Data Warehouse
    • Why we need Data Warehouse
    • Star Vs Snowflake schema
    • ETL – SSIS
    • Reporting – SSRS
    • OLAP - SSAS

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

    • Introduction to SSIS Packages and Legacy DTS Packages
    • Introduction of (BIDS) and Explanation of All tool boxes
    • SSIS Architecture and DW Concepts
    • Transformations
    • Control Flow & Debugging
    • Deployment Procedures
    • Event Logging, Event Handling
    • SSIS Package Security and Upgrades
    • How to implement Checkpoints.
    • SSIS Package Deployment

SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)

    • SSAS Introduction & Installation
    • Understanding Dimension Modelling
    • Creating Data source and Data source views
    • Creating the Cube through Wizard and through UDM
    • Creating Dimensions and Measures in SSAS and how to add those in Cube.
    • Partitions and Aggregations Design in cube and Processing Options in cube.
    • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) , Perspectives and Translations
    • What is Build, Deploy and process in cube?
    • How to do Slice and Dice in the Cube.
    • How to retrieve the data in Cube i.e. Through MDX.
    • Full Coverage of MDX and its functions from Basics to Advanced

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

    • What is the Terminology involved in SSRS
    • SSRS Architecture and how to configure SSRS?
    • What is Shared Data source and How to Create an Ad-hoc Report from Wizard.
    • Creating Expressions and Conditional Formatting.
    • How to Calculate Total and Percentage and how to create Drill-Down reports.
    • Creating Report Parameter and Debugging Parameter issues.
    • How to create a Basic Matrix Report, Tablix Report and Charts.
    • How to Create a Standard and Data-driven Subscription and managing subscriptions.
    • Managing Reports, Security and how to use Web-based Report Manager

Cube Storage, Aggregation & OLAP Modeling

    • Storage topics – basic aggregations, MOLAP
    • Advanced Storage Design – MOLAP, ROLAP, HOLAP
    • Partitions – relational and Analysis Services partitions
    • Customizing Aggregation Design – Processing Design
    • Rapidly changing dimensions / ROLAP dimensions
    • Welcome to the Real-Time – Proactive Caching
    • Cube processing options
    • Modeling source schemas
    • Understanding dimensional modeling
    • Understanding fact (measures) and cube modeling
    • Other types of modeling

Data Flow Transformations

    • Data Flow Overview
    • Data Sources
    • Data Destinations
    • Data Transformations
    • The Copy Column Transformation
    • The Derived Column Transformation
    • The Data Conversion Transformation
    • The Conditional Split Transformation
    • The Aggregate Transformation
    • The Sort Transformation

MSBI Training Course Roadmap

Course Curriculum

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MSBI Corporate Training

MSBI Online Corporate Training & Certification

Being the industry leader in the IT Training, our MSBI corporate training will help your workforce to build a strong foundation and gain hands-on proficiency on different MSBI tools like SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS using SQL Server.

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