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SSAS Training Course

Experience a wonderful online SSAS training program and lead the landscape of Analysis services. Get an amazing exposure to the industry at a very affordable price and clear your SSAS certification exam in the very first go.

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Why SSAS Certification Training Course?

Answer why should one opt for SSAS Certification


Increase in demand for SSAS professionals.


According to ziprecruiter.com, the average annual salary of SSAS professionals in the USA.


SSAS jobs posted between January 2019 to July 2019 in the USA alone.

INR 2,56,789

Entry-level salary of SSAS professionals in India


Job growth is expected by the year 2020

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Jobs are posted in the year 2019 for SQL server skills as per indeed.com

Instructor-led Live Online SQL Server Analysis Services Classes

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Earn your SSAS Certificate

Best-in-class content by leading faculty & industry leaders in the form of videos and projects, assignments & live sessions.

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SSAS Course Roadmap

Have a look at the milestone of your SSAS training that you will achieve while taking this SSAS online training with us.

SSAS Introduction & Installation Process

    • What is SSAS & Why we need that.
    • Architecture of SSAS
    • Multidimensional Mode Configuration
    • Tabular Mode Configuration, In-Memory
    • Testing SSAS Workspace Servers in SSDT
    • Need for OLAP Databases and Mining
    • Need for Cubes and Faster Reports
    • What are OLAP Cube & Uses of OLAP Cube.
    • Identifying OLAP / Analysis Entities
    • Kimball and Inmon Methods - BI Design
    • SSAS Usage and Target Access Methods

Important SAAS Terminology

    • Data Source
    • Data Source View
    • Cube
    • Dimension Table
    • Dimension
    • Level
    • Fact Table
    • Measure
    • Schema

Dimension & Cube Wizard

    • Creating Multi-Dimensional Entities
    • Attributes and Key Member Names
    • Cube Dimension Templates and Options
    • Duplicate Attribute Key Errors
    • Common Deployment & Security Errors
    • Deployment Warnings in Real-World
    • Cube Design - Regular Templates
    • Cube Measures and Dimension Keys
    • Additive and Semi-Additive Measures
    • Cube Customization Options and MDX
    • Dimension Type & KPI

Usage-Based Optimization

    • What is UBQ
    • Need for Optimization
    • Designing Aggregations
    • Aggregations For Optimization Levels
    • Audit Query Filters
    • Reuse Options
    • OLAP Restore Options
    • XMLA

SSAS Data Source & MDX

    • Introduction of SSAS Data Source
    • SSAS Data Source View
    • Add or Remove Tables from Data Source View in SSAS
    • Star schema
    • Snowflake schema in SSAS 2012
    • STAR SCHEMA in SSAS Example
    • Object Level Access and Dynamic MDX
    • Item Security and DAX Expressions
    • Dynamic Cube Security with MDX

Type of Models in SSAS & SSAS Project

    • Multidimensional Data Model
    • Tabular Modeling
    • Tabular vs. Multidimensional Model
    • Key Features of SSAS
    • SSAS vs. PowerPivot
    • Best practices of using SSAS
    • Schedules & SSAS Upgrades
    • SSAS Project
    • SSAS Q&A

SSAS Course Roadmap

  • Have a look at the milestone of your SSAS training that you will achieve while taking this SSAS online training with us.

    All our curriculums are very carefully prepared. This is done to ensure that our learners can land the dream jobs that they are looking forward to undertaking. Not only this our course curriculums contain the concepts of the most recognized certification platforms already. This ensures that your certification journey becomes nothing short of a joy ride.

Course Curriculum

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