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QA Software Testing Training

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Do You Know Why QA Training is Necessary to Grow Your Career?


Companies have urgent requirement of software QA testers and QA certified professionals


Jobs to be Projected in Next 2 Years


Software QA testing jobs are posted on in 2019 in the US alone


is the entry-level average salary of a QA tester as per

Salary Trend

 A Few Compelling Facts

Quality assurance is no longer the last thing you do before the software launches; it weaves through the entire software life cycle, with business goals attached. It can be very well anticipated that the jobs, career opportunities and the requirements in QA testing field are on an ever-increasing path.

 Future of QA

It can be well assumed that today while the software development field is rapidly evolving, as more and more enterprises are adopting agile development methodologies, the need for QA professionals is set to rise. On top of that one famous survey has shown how QA professionals are just about the happiest workers of all trades!

 Job Market

So, aren't you amazed already? If you are, then join our QA Software Testing Training program right away and learn and add the necessary skills to your resume with the help of online QA Training that will take your career to the whole new level of heights that it has never seen before.

. How will it impact your career ?

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QA Testing Training

Dare to Dream & Push your Limits, Leave the Training On Us

"We are committed to making your dream job in QA Testing field a quick reality by our simplified learning solutions"

Our Reviews

Learn QA Techniques and Tools

"Become an actual QA expert by Learning QA Techniques"

Learn various testing techniques & tools of QA such as Compatibility Testing, Performance Testing, Functional Testing, Selenium, GitHub, Appium, Cucumber with live examples & projects.

Corporate Training Solutions

"Transform to a QA Professional By QA Expert's"

Live sessions hone your skills at a whole new level and not only make you certification ready but also industry ready. The idea is to give more and more practical exposure.

Special Sessions on Selenium

"Learn Selenium for Automation and easy executions""

The session on Selenium will provide you full hands-on training on how you can automate various web-based applications and execute various apparatuses such as Data driven, Hybrid, Page Object model etc.

Regular Assignments

"Challenge to get better with each session"

Exercises such as Test case design exercise, identifying use paths in a given database, preparing bug reports, are regularly given and checked to help you get hold of practical aspects better.

Rich learning resources

"Get a myriad of learning resources to become an expert"

We provide countless types of learning resources such as recording of your session, links to various blogs and Whitepapers and a list of books to read for better understanding.

Get QA Certification online

"Become an accredited QA Expert & Get QA Certification online"

JanBask Training gives you QA testing certification training & software testing training in consonance with the project model and curriculum layout carefully engineered by our core team of subject experts.

Course Objective

Our Professional Trainers have designed the QA training course to provide you with the guidance for QA testing certifications as per the standards of ISTQB which is a recognised certification all across the globe.

This QA Training syllabus aims at providing you with hands-on practice & live projects coupled with the theoretical knowledge that will help you in distinguishing between the concepts of Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Quality Planning

We aim to provide you with a very comprehensive and competitive QA software testing training to help you understand about quality issues and speedy resolution of non-compliance issues

You will get not only software QA testing training, but also the project management processes including SDLC, STLC, Agile, and Waterfall models.

Once you are associated with us, it is forever as we are always there to help you prepare for your interviews, job change interviews, certifications anything.

Skills you will learn?

When you are done with your QA training and QA testing certification training, you will get a hand at various concepts of QA testing such as quality assurance, quality control, regression testing, ERP testing, Selenium framework etc. You will be able to master the different testing options such as Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Functional Testing, System Testing, Stress Testing, Performance Testing, Usability Testing, Acceptance Testing etc.
You will also be able to deploy and run various types of test cases, run debugging programs, troubleshoot quality control lacks etc. You will be able to concentrate on the quality of product/service that you would be providing to your customers during or after the implementation of software.
Also, you will learn how to implement automation, debug software errors, validate data, and automating optimization with the help of our software QA training. You will be able to deliver services that each and every industry is currently hunting for.

QA training objectives for Beginners:

  • QA Live Session makes you learn from the introduction and also upgrade your Testing skills.
  • The beginner’s course goes at a slower pace as it will first clear up your concepts related to Software Testing, its tools, techniques then you would move up the ladder towards testing tools.
  • You will get an idea of the working of various testing tools such as QTP, Selenium, Appium etc up to their basic or trial version.
  • With our QA training course module, you get a fair idea of Theoretical as well as the Practical components.
  • This approach helps you to learn QA from the very scratch & build up an outstanding concept of the platform. It will help you understand about things like SQA planning, execution and Reporting.
  • Right after you clear your QA beginner’s course you will be promoted to advance learning stage.

QA testing training goals for Experienced professionals

  • Revising and clearing doubts related to QA basic concepts.
  • Practical expertise starts with the Testing Fundamentals and moves ahead with Manual Testing followed by Automation section including rigorous training in Selenium, QTP etc to experienced levels and not just limited to the basic trial versions.
  • You will get a fair idea about Quality Metrics and Measurements.
  • Now, with QA Live Sessions, Recordings, Study Materials, ppts etc. are also handed to the students to learn and revise.
  • You also get step by step guidance on also take up case studies and caselets.
  • Applying & achieving various Certifications related to QA becomes so easy after this training, as it is an important aspect to consider a resource in any IT Company.

Who should enroll in this course?

The online QA testing course and the online QA testing training are perfect for every individual who is interested in mastering the testing skills, however here is a list of a few individuals who will surely be benefited with this course.

  • Students pursuing IT courses
  • Department Managers
  • Database administrators
  • IT enthusiats
  • Quality Assurance Managers
  • Training Managers
  • Customer Service Professionals
  • Team Supervisors
  • Human Resource Managers

QA testing Exams and Certifications

There are many online QA certifications that are available in the industry to make sure that companies follow the required Standards Quality Processes. Customers, as well as employers, make this as a primary qualifying criterion when they are selecting a software vendor.

  • Once you have completed the QA training course your final project will be graded by the expert panel that we have in place, they then guide you through the further process of online QA certification.
  • You will be certified as a QA tester or a QA testing engineer based on the online QA certification course you plan on choosing.
  • QA testing certifications such as ISTQB, ISO 9000, CMMI level are well renowned and you can take any of these.

Course RoadMap

Course Curriculum

Introduction On Software Testing - Introduction and Importance

  • IT Projects, Project Team, basics of Project Management Process
  • Role, responsibilities, and importance of QA Tester in various projects
  • Relation between projects and processes in IT
  • Seven Fundamental Principles of Testing
  • Software Testing Life Cycle, SDLC Vs STLC
  • Testing Methodology - Agile Testing, Scrum & extreme Programming
  • Business Requirements, Documents, Use Cases, Process Flow diagrams
  • Business Users - project stakeholders, and SMEs

QA – Various Types of Testing

  • Manual Testing, Automation Testing
  • White Box Testing, Black Box Testing, Web Application Testing
  • Unit Testing, Database Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing, Performance Testing, Load Testing
  • Smoke & Sanity Testing, Regression Testing
  • Functional & Non- Functional Testing, Mobile Testing

Testing Techniques, Test Management, Tools, Test Plan, Defects

  • Equivalence Partitioning & Boundary Value Analysis, Decision Table Testing
  • State Transition Diagram, Use Case Testing, Testing Review,
  • Test Estimations, Test Strategy, Test Plan, Test Cases
  • Test Case Development, Test Scenario, Traceability Matrix
  • Testing Tools & Overview - QC, JIRA, ALM, Bugzilla, SOAP UI
  • Defects, Defect Life Cycle, Defect Tracking and Fixing
  • Documentations - Software Test Plan, Test Strategy, Test Analysis Report

Database Fundamentals, Verification and Validations

  • Introduction on various databases and data tables
  • Comparison with Popular Databases – Oracle, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2
  • SQL Server fundamentals, Data Definition Language DDL, DML
  • ERD-Entity Relationship Diagrams, Data Tables and Relationships
  • Data Migration and database testing overview

Selenium (Automation Testing)

  • Introduction to Automation Testing, Selenium Testing, Selenium IDE
  • Install Selenium IDE and Firebug
  • Selenium IDE Script, Locators in Selenium IDE
  • Java Intro, Control Structures, File Handling, Exception Handling, Data Structures,
  • Source Control, Debugging Techniques, JDBC, HTML, CSS
  • Selenium Web Driver & Comparison with Selenium RC
  • Installation of Selenium Web Driver, Scripts in Web Driver
  • Accessing Forms in Web Driver, Links & Tables
  • Keyboard Mouse Events, Uploading Files- Web Driver
  • Web-Elements, Validation, Wait, Types of waits, Web Driver commands
  • How TestNG makes Selenium tests easier, ReportNG, Console Report
  • Types of Frameworks, Hybrid Framework, Data Driven Framework
  • Overview on Selenium Grid, Page Object Model, Page Factory
  • Various Tools - Jenkins, Sikuli & flash, and AutoIT, GUIs, Eclipse
  • Intro on Appium , and UIautomatorViewer, AUT

QTP (Automation Testing)

  • Introduction to QTP11.00
  • Working with Test Objects and Object Repositories
  • User Defined Functions
  • VB Script Language Overview
  • Advanced VB Scripting
  • Synchronization
  • Checkpoints
  • Transactions
  • Working with Actions
  • Working with WebTables AOM Scripts
  • Working with WebTables AOM Scripts

Projects & Case Study

  • Mini Projects covering Test Cases, and their executions.
  • Projects on Manual Testing, and Automation Testing
  • Projects on Selenium and QTP covering advanced topics and scenarios
  • Assignments to do hands on practice on various types of testing

Upcoming Batches

Starting Duration Price  
Mon - Fri
6 weeks
USD 649
Mon - Fri
6 weeks
USD 649
Mon - Fri
6 weeks
USD 649

Frequently Asked Questions - QA Training Program

What about the course location?

Our courses are live and online which means it can be attended to from any place. However, we do have most of our QA attendees from the following cities - New York, San Francisco, Canada, Chicago, Washington D.C, Los Angeles, Hyderabad, Bangaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and many more.

What is a Demo Class, are there any charges associated with it?

We make available all of our demo sessions for free to all genuine learners. After enrollment, you may elect to go for an absolutely free demo class. After you have taken the Demo class if you feel that our program is not as per your expectations you may choose to opt out and ask us for a refund of any charges paid.

Do I get live training? If yes, how is it beneficial for my QA Course?

Manual testing is relatively very easy to learn; that also means, there will be so many people learning mostly manual testing owing to its ease. This implies that there is going to be a high competition in the manual testing job market because so many of us would prefer to only learn this easy QA area.

One always begins with learning QA training with Manual Testing concepts and thus building a foundation to make further advances.

That highlights the importance of Automation Testing. In order to get good and highly paid jobs in a timely manner, and survive in the IT job market once needs to be proficient in Automation testing. In Automation testing you will be writing small- small scripts initially to automate your test cases. Some cases might also need large scripts. These are easy to learn if you are determined and decided to grow your career as a QA Tester. Don’t be afraid about learning technical things and be prepared to become a Technology Person as you are about to start IT career. Therefore it’s always good to have a technical background, but it’s not mandatory. You just need to determine to study hard and learn complete manual as well as automation testing.

Is the training interactive, how will it help me to learn?

As all our programs are Instructor led sessions, and they are delivered in live environment. Rest assured for getting ample of opportunities to interact with not only the Instructor, but also with the other students who are participating in the class. We also have a couple of group sessions dedicated to this kind of trainer-learner interaction.

During your QA training, you will not only learn all different concepts, but also do hands on with instructor to write live business requirements, documentations, use cases, and perform real time study on various applications.

Which Software Testing Role is better for me– Manual, Automation or Both?

Every application or software needs to be thoroughly tested before it can be published live for end users use.

There could be large or small applications in companies which are being built on time to time basis by software Developers. Those application needs to go through regression testing every time there are any development changes made. Initially, some of the companies used to only perform manual testing, and some have been using automation testing process based on their complex business needs. Nowadays; most of the companies are willing to automate their Test Cases so that they don’t have to spend so much of time and money to perform end to end testing using manual testing approaches.

Thus in order to have a successful career in Software QA Testing domain, we would suggest that you should be learning to test comprehensively, i.e., inclusive of both manual and automation tools. You don’t have to be afraid of Automation tools complexity; once you start learning and completing the chapters one by one in Selenium or QTP; slowly you will be able to build your confidence and continue gaining expertise. This will optimize the odds of securing your dream job with the best companies and guaranteeing you a fruitful long-term career growth as a QA Consultant.

Who will be the Instructor?

All our trainers are extremely experienced Sr. Quality Assurance Leads or Consultants from various IT domains. They all are working professionals associated with the most reputed IT firms of the world.

They undergo JanBask Training’s strict selection procedure comprising many rounds before on boarding, unlike many other trainers, these professionals are then tested for their enthusiasm for distributing good understanding of concepts, in addition to their technical qualifications.

Every instructor is then made to sit through a 20 hours fixed induction program that helps them get accustomed to JanBask Training’s innovative teaching methods.

Thus we ensure that every trainer we have on board gives the best possible training in the best possible manner.

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