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Salesforce App Builder Training

Get a new-age online Salesforce App Builder training that guides you through the concepts of Salesforce App Development to give you more advanced exposure in the field of Salesforce and its app. It’s your golden chance for becoming the most demanded Salesforce App Builder by signing up for an industry-oriented online Training

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Why Salesforce App Builder Certification?

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Earn your Salesforce Certificate

Best-in-class content by leading faculty & industry leaders in the form of videos and projects, assignments & live sessions.

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Career Counselling

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Resume Feedback

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Interview Preparation

Salesforce App Builder Training Course Roadmap

Scroll through the concepts that we cover in our Salesforce App Builder Training to make you a leading Salesforce App Builder

Salesforce introduction & Data Modeling management

  • Salesforce Fundamentals & Data Modeling

    • Introduction to Cloud Computing
    • Types of cloud
    • Intro to IAAS, PAAS, SAAS
    • Introduction to CRM (Intro & Need)
    • Salesforce Quick Navigation Walk Through
    • Types of object available in salesforce
    • Introduction to tab, Types of tab
    • Intro on Data Types & Various fields creation
    • Field tracking history and field dependency
    • Introduction to Relationships & Types of relationship
    • Master-Details, Lookup, Many-to-many relationships (Junction object)
    • Difference between master-detail and lookup relationship
    • How to convert master to lookup and vise Versa.

Rollup Summary, Formula Field & Validation rules

  • Formula Field, Validation rules & Rollup Summary

    • Understanding of formula fields
    • Use of formula fields
    • Creation formula field
    • Text/Logic/Math / Date functions & Other popular functions
    • Introduction to validation rule, Need, and Various popular functions
    • Intro to record Record Types
    • Use of Record Type
    • Introduction to roll-Up Summary Fields
    • Feature of roll-Up Summary
    • What is the difference between the formula field and Rollup summary in Salesforce?

Data Security Model

  • Security Model

    1. Introduction to User Management, User Object
    2. Different types of user licenses available - Salesforce, salesforce Platform
    3. Roles, Profiles & Permission Sets
    4. Record Sharing
    5. OWD - Public Read/Write, Public Read, private only
    6. Field Accessibility by profile and record type.
    7. Role Hierarchies- share record as per role
    8. Sharing record - Manual and owner based
    9. Sharing Settings and Granting Access Using Hierarchies
    10. Difference between profile & permission setting

Workflow, Approval process & Process builder

  • Business Logic and Process Automation Introduction

    • Introduction to automated process.
    • Introduction to Workflow Rules
    • Types of evaluation criteria in Workflow rules
    • Different workflow actions- Update, Email alert, Task, the outbound message
    • Introduction to Approval Process
    • Understanding Approval steps, Approval actions, Rejection actions
    • Email Templates for Email Notifications
    • Introduction to process builder and its action
    • What is the difference between workflow and process builder
    • Order of Execution in Salesforce

Data Management & Data Visualization

  • Data Management & report & Dashboard

    1. Introduction to Data migration
    2. Overview to Data loader and its installation process
    3. Data Loader action-Insert, Update, Delete, Hard delete
    4. Introduction to salesforce import wizard
    5. Difference between Data loader and import wizard
    6. Introduction to Data Visualization-Reports and Dashboard
    7. Types of report-Tabular, summary, Matrix, and joint report
    8. Understanding -Reporting Snapshots, Report types
    9. Understanding formula field and bucket field.
    10. Add a chart and a few other features like highlighting
    11. Overview to dashboard and its types
    12. What is dynamic dashboard
    13. Understanding Sharing & Security of Reports-Dashboards

User interface & Lightning Components

  • UI Design & Lightning Components

    1. Introduction to User Interface
    2. Introducing the Enhanced Page Layout Editor
    3. Working with Buttons in the Page Layout
    4. Working with Quick Actions in the Page Layout
    5. Working with Related Lists in the Page Layout
    6. Working with Visualforce Pages & reports in the Page Layout
    7. Introduction to Lightning Components
    8. Lightning Components
    9. Lightning Component Capabilities
    10. Lightning Components vs. Visualforce


  • Following our highly specialized curriculum of the Salesforce App Builder training course, over hundreds of students have already have qualified Salesforce Dev, Salesforce Admin, and Salesforce App Builder certification over the past seven years and are placed with some of the leading corporations. Salesforce is the most sought-after skills today, and the demand is sure to increase further. Expert estimates future demand for Salesforce skills to stay exponential for at least the next 20 years.

    Here is what all we cover in our online Salesforce App Builder Course to make you Salesforce Development Expert. Each topic has been detailed with the sub-topic that we cover.

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