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Salesforce Lightning Training

Now learn to use the Salesforce Lightning UI with the help of in-depth knowledge of Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS). Sign for this wonderful online Salesforce Lightning training that guides you through the concepts of Salesforce Lightning Certification exam, by giving you more advanced exposure in the field of Salesforce Lighting and its components.

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Salesforce Lightning Training Course Roadmap

Scroll through the concepts that we cover in our Salesforce Lightning Training to make you a leading Salesforce Lightning Training.

Lightning Experience

    • What is Domain Management?
    • Creating Custom Domain for the organization
    • Configuring Custom Domain
    • Configuring Authentication Setting for your Domain
    • Introduction to Lightning Experience
    • Common business issues faced by companies today.
    • Lightning Component Framework
    • Introduction to aura framework
    • Enabling and Disabling of Lightning Experience for your organization
    • Migrating from Classic to Lightning Experience Vice-Versa

Lightning Custom Labels & Expression

    • Global Value Providers
    • Using $Browser
    • Using $Locale
    • Using $Resource
    • Building Lightning Pages With App Builder Domain
    • Need Of Custom Domain
    • Setting Custom Domain
    • Test & Deploy Custom Domain
    • Latest change in CSS - Extend SLDS
    • Need to Implement: flexipage
    • What is Custom Labels?
    • Steps for Creating Custom Labels
    • Getting Label in JavaScript
    • Setting Label using Parent Attributes

Lightning Bundle

    • Lightning Design System Considerations
    • Add Lightning Components In Salesforce1
    • Lightning Component Vs Visualforce page programming
    • Using Lightning Component On Home Page
    • Using Helper in Lightning Component
    • Lightning: namespace Vs UI: namespace
    • Using subject in Lightning Component
    • Performing DML with Lightning
    • Override Standard Actions with Lightning Components
    • Configure Components for Custom Tabs
    • Components Naming Rules
    • Components Composition
    • Components Attribute Passing
    • Component Body

Lightning Component & Controller

    • Combining App, Component and JS Controller
    • Using client side controller to fire events
    • Using client side controller to handle events
    • Conditional Activity In Component
    • Conditional Activity In Controller
    • Passing parameters to server side controller
    • Calling server side controller function
    • Checking response state of controller calling
    • Getting response from Server side controller
    • Enqueue server side controller calls


    • What is the Event?
    • Need of Events
    • Creating Custom Component Event
    • Registering an Event
    • Handling Component Event
    • Communication between components
    • Event in Salesforce
    • Using Helpers For Complex Client-Side Event Handling
    • Base Helpers For Complex Client-Side Event Handling
    • Component events in Action
    • Creating Event
    • Event Attributes
    • Calling Action on Event Trigger
    • Component.getEvent()
    • Setting Event parameters
    • Parsing data,Get event data

Application & Component

    • Using Attributes in Application
    • Components Markups
    • Conditional Mark-up
    • Dynamically Show OR Hide Mark-up
    • Components Naming Rules
    • Using Attributes In Components
    • Working With UI Components
    • Calling Component from App


  • Scroll through the concepts that we cover in our Salesforce Lightning Training to make you a leading Salesforce Lightning Training.

    Following a very craftily prepared curriculum of the Salesforce lightning training course, over hundreds of students have already have qualified Salesforce Dev, Salesforce Admin, and Salesforce App Builder & Salesforce Lightning Developer certification over the last few years and are placed with some of the leading corporations around the world. Salesforce Lightning expertise is a very highly-demanded skill today, and the demand is sure to increase further in the coming. The experts of the industry estimate the future demand for Salesforce’s Lightning skills to stay exponential for at least the next ten years.

    Here is what all we cover in our online Salesforce Lightning Course to make you Salesforce Development Expert. Each topic has been detailed with the sub-topic that we cover.

Course Curriculum

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Salesforce Lightning Corporate Training

Salesforce Lightning Corporate Training & Certification

You can now create a highly functioning Salesforce CRM team with our specialized Salesforce Lightning Corporate Training Program

FAQs on Salesforce Lightning Certification Course and Training

Salesforce Lightning FAQs

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Samantha Paul

The Salesforce Lightning Training and Certification course offered by JanBask Training is so good. It is the only course among the various online training courses that do not require a technical background as a prerequisite to taking this course. This is because, in their training sessions, everything starts from the very basics. Also, the course is of very short duration and is quite affordable. The class schedule is also very flexible. You can also get a recording of your previous classes to recollect the concepts that you had learned earlier. You also get to participate in live discussions and debates. You can ask as many numbers of queries as you may have, the tutor is very patient and cooperative.

Ramandeep Singh

I had enrolled for the online training course on Salesforce lighting Training and Certification provided by this online education platform called the JanBask Training. I found their course to be quite up-to-date, and it also contained the scope for practical training as was required for good marketing-related training. I got real-world training in coding and testing scenarios with the help of regular homework based on developing test cases, test plans, planning the methodologies, etc. The best part about this training course is that it is only a few six weeks long and it gives you good training in practical skills.

Bill Bowden

I wanted to build a career in Salesforce Lightning field as it was a very trending career choice among my classmates of college and other friends and therefore, I had enrolled in JanBask Training’s Salesforce Lighting Training and Certification Course. The course curriculum is very well planned, the education resources are very interesting so that you are never bored at any time in your Salesforce Lighting training program. Their live sessions are full of engaging debates and surprise tests, which is very exciting. You get actual real-life industry cases to work on as your routine assignments after the instructor-led sessions are over.

Cadena Maurice

Salesforce Lightning Certification ids a very good IT certification to have these days. I took the assistance of JanBask Training in the process of achieving it and man what training it was. The course contains almost everything that you need to know for a good career in the field. It also contains a very good amount of practical training in tools and methodologies. The course sessions are flexible as well as they come in self-paced modules also. They also help you with your certification exam and job interviews. You can also take a demo class and then decide whether you wish to continue in the course or not. They give you the due amount back if you want to discontinue.

Sheena Edwards

I found JanBask Training to be the best Online training platform that I have seen in my career so far. I had subscribed for Salesforce Lightning Training and Certification. The course is quite well organized and comes with varied forms of learning resources like the PPTs, Videos, and regular assignments that makes everything easy to grasp. The best thing about their training regime is that if you are stuck somewhere while doing some exercises you can just send an email regarding the doubt to the support team, they will call you up and guide you with the steps to solve it for sure. It has excellent trainers and support team. This course helped me with my Salesforce lighting basics.

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