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SSIS Training & Certification

Become the most demanded professional of your industry with a cutting-edge curriculum and professional SSIS Training that will help you learn the basics of database querying, Microsoft SSIS and gain expertise in SSIS- SQL Server Integration Services.

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Why Microsoft SSIS Certification?

Get hands-on training in SSIS and become an expert who is not that easy to


World's leading open-source database


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SQL Growth


Increase in demand for SSIS developers is expected by the year 2021, making the present times the best to enrol for SSIS Certification Training.


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Entry level positions start at $59,250 per year while highly experienced workers make up to $150,023 per year.

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Jobs have been posted so far in the year 2019 for SSIS developers

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Earn your SSIS Server Certificate

Best-in-class content by leading faculty & industry leaders in the form of videos and projects, assignments & live sessions.

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Career Counselling

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Resume Feedback

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Interview Preparation

SSIS Training Course Roadmap

Have a sneak peek into our online SSIS Course Curriculum

Introducing Power BI

    • Introduction to Power BI - Need, Importance
    • Power BI - Advantages and Scalable Options
    • History - Power View, Power Query, Power Pivot
    • Power BI Data Source Library and DW Files
    • Cloud Collaboration and Usage Scope
    • Power BI service & Power BI mobile apps
    • Power BI Installation and Cloud Account
    • Power BI Cloud and Power BI Service
    • Power BI Architecture and Data Access
    • OnPremise Data Access and Microsoft On Drive

Getting and Transforming Data with Power BI Desktop

    • Power BI Desktop - Installation, Usage
    • Getting Data: Excel vs Power BI Desktop & Service
    • DirectQuery vs Import Data
    • Recap and What's Next
    • Sample Reports and Visualization Controls
    • Power BI Cloud Account Configuration
    • Understanding Desktop & Mobile Editions
    • Report Rendering Options and End User Access
    • Power View and Power Map
    • Power BI Licenses

    Modeling with Power BI

    • Introduction to Modeling
    • Setup and Manage Relationships
    • Cardinality and Cross Filtering
    • Default Summarization & Sort by
    • Creating Calculated Columns
    • Creating Measures & Quick Measures

Power BI Visualisations

    • Introduction to visuals in Power BI
    • Create and customize simple visualizations
    • Combination charts & Slicers
    • Map visualizations & Matrixes and tables
    • Scatter charts & Waterfall and funnel charts
    • Gauges and single-number cards
    • Modify colors in charts and visuals
    • Shapes, text boxes, and images
    • Page layout and formatting
    • Duplicate a report page
    • R integration in Power BI Desktop
    • Exploring data &

Publishing & Sharing

    • Introduction to content packs, security, and groups
    • Publish Power BI Desktop reports
    • Print and export dashboards and reports
    • Manually republish and refresh your data
    • Introducing Power BI Mobile
    • Create groups in Power BI
    • Build Apps, Use Apps & Update Apps
    • Integrate OneDrive for Business with Power BI
    • Publish to web
    • Completion of Power BI Guided Learning

Power BI and Excel & Data Refresh

    • Introduction to using Excel data in Power BI
    • Upload Excel data to Power BI
    • Import Power View and Power Pivot to Power BI
    • Connect OneDrive for Business to Power BI
    • Understanding Data Refresh
    • Personal Gateway (Power BI Pro and 64-bit Windows)
    • Replacing a Dataset
    • Troubleshooting Refreshing

Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) & Power BI Projects

    • Introduction to DAX
    • Essential concepts in DAX
    • Why is DAX important?
    • DAX Syntax
    • Data Types in DAX
    • DAX Operators
    • DAX tables and filtering
    • DAX queries
    • DAX Parameter Naming
    • Power BI Project

SSIS Training Course Roadmap

  • Have a sneak peek into our online SSIS Course Curriculum

    Here are the topics that will be covered during your SSIS training to help you achieve your SSIS certification in the very first attempt, along with the dream job that you have been aiming for.

      • Why we use MS SQL?
      • What is a database table?
      • Key factors to create database/tables?
      • The syntax for creating a database?
      • Database files and its usage?
      • Datatypes and its usage in SQL Server tables?
      • The syntax for creating tables?
      • Databases - Relational and Others
      • The Database as part of the System Architecture
      • SQL Server Versions and Editions
      • SQL Server Services and Components
      • SQL Server Client Tools
      • Introducing the Transaction Log
      • Database Snapshots
      • Schemas and Database Objects
      • Practice
    • What are DDL, DML statements?
    • SQL Server wildcards?
    • Single and Multi-rows insertion?
    • What are filters and why we need to use them?
    • Table/Column Aliases & Usage?
    • Delete v/s Truncate?
    • SQL Server Operators - Its Types and Usage?
    • Arithmetic Operators
    • Range Operators
    • Logical Operators
    • List Operators
    • Comparison Operators
    • Data Integrity And Normal Forms (BCNF)
    • Foreign Key And Reference Attributes
    • Tables With Keys & Constraints (BCNF)
    • Check And Default Constraints Usage
    • Null And Identity Properties
    • Usage Duplicating Identity Property Values
    • Unique Key Constraint And Not Null
    • Disabling Constraints & Composite Keys
    • Primary Key Constraint & Importance
    • SQL JOIN - What are Joins and why we need them?
    • INNER JOIN - Purpose and Performance?
    • OUTER JOIN - Types, Advantages, and Usage?
    • CROSS JOIN - Advantages and Limitations?
    • Self Joins, Merge Joins and Sub Queries?
    • SELECT Statements - IF, SWITCH, CHOOSE?
    • Sub Queries, Nested Queries and EXISTS?
    • INSERT INTO ... SELECT & Data Copy
    • All together with Case Studies
    • SQL Server Views Introduction?
    • What are Schemas?
    • SQL Server Views Types?
    • What are Schema Binding and its usage in SQL Server Views
    • What is the difference between User Views and System Views?
    • Check option in SQL Server
    • SQL Indexes - What are the Indexes?
    • SQL Indexes Types - Indexes Types?
    • SQL Indexes Usage - Purpose and Performance?
    • SQL Column Store Index - Syntax and Usage?
    • Performance Comparison Of Column Store V/S Clustered
    • Stored Procedure
    • What is SP'S and why we need them?
    • Stored Procedure Types and Parameter Stored Procedure?
    • Nested Stored Procedure?
    • Stored Procedure Usage For Insertion, Updating and Deleting?
    • Error Handling in Stored Procedure?
    • Stored Procedure With Out Parameter?
    • What are SQL Functions?
    • Different types of SQL Functions?
    • What are the System Functions?
    • What are different types of System Functions and Its Usage with examples?
    • What are User Defined Functions and Its Usage with examples?
    • What are the different types of User Defined Functions?
    • What is the difference between Stored Procedure and User Defined Functions?
    • SQL Triggers - What are the Triggers?
    • SQL Magic Tables?
    • SQL Triggers Types - Triggers Types?
    • SQL After Trigger Usage - Purpose?/li>
    • SQL Instead of Trigger Usage - Purpose?
    • What are cursors
    • Different types of SQL cursors
    • Detail discussion about cursor types
    • What is CTE and Recursive CTE
    • What is Dynamic SQL with examples
    • Difference between Temp tables and Table variables
    • Difference between CTE and Temp Tables
    • What are Pivot and Unpivot
    • What are the Transactions?
    • Advantages of Transactions?
    • What is SQL Server Merge?
    • What are SQL Injections?
    • What are SQL Keys, Rank, Locks, and Isolation Levels?
    • Need for SSIS for ETL Operations
    • Data Pipelines and Buffer Usage
    • Data Warehouse Design and SSIS
    • SIS Data Types and Conversions
    • DW Components and SSIS Tools
    • SSIS Local & Global Variables
    • SSIS Configuration and Catalog DB
    • Dynamic Precedence Constraints
    • Control Flow Tasks Architecture
    • Dynamic Connection Managers
    • Data Flow Tasks Architecture
    • SSIS Parameters Usage and Variable?
    • Control Flow Breakpoints?
    • Data Flow Data Viewers and Audit
    • Transformations in SSIS?
    • Different types of SSIS Transformations?
    • Case Study About Transformation
    • Common V/S Other Transform
    • Deployment Versioning & Options >SSIS Deployment Phases & Manifest Files
    • Project Packaging > Validation & Verification Techniques
    • SSIS Checkpoints and Usage » Data Analytics and Debugging > Data Profiler & ADO Connections
    • Configurations and benefits
    • Package Event Handling
    • System Events and Audits
    • SQL Server Logging Limitations
    • Encrypting SSIS Catalogs
    • Package Store and SSISDB
    • Comparing SSIS 2008 R2 & 2012 & 2014
    • Project Business Requirement Document > Analysis of requirement
    • Databases Design/Schema Design
    • Kick off ETL
    • Business Validations
    • Business Transformations
    • Deployment in different environments like QA, Staging, and Production
    • Report Designer Usage and Scope
    • Enterprise and Ad-hoc Reports
    • Report Builder Usage and Scope
    • Working with multiple Datasets
    • Report Manager and Options
    • Configuring Dynamic DataSets
    • Report Delivery & Layout Planning
    • Report Designer Usage and Scope
    • Enterprise and Ad-hoc Reports
    • Report Builder Usage and Scope
    • Working with multiple Datasets
    • Report Manager and Options
    • Configuring Dynamic DataSets
    • Report Delivery & Layout Planning
    • Create a New Project in SSRS 2014
    • Shared Data Source, Shared Dataset, Report
    • Embedded Data Source Embedded Data Sets
    • SSRS Table Report
    • Creating SSRS report using Wizard
    • How to add Groups in SSRS reports
    • Format Fonts and Background Color of a Textbox in SSRS
    • Format Numbers in SSRS 2014
    • Repeat Headers on Each Page in SSRS
    • Report Models and parameters
    • Keep Headers Visible While Scrolling in SSRS
    • Filters at Tablix Level in SSRS
    • Report Designer Vs Report Builder
    • Report Server Configurations Tools
    • Report Migrations and Precautions
    • Cascading Parameters in SSRS 2014
    • Drill down reports in SSRS 2014
    • Using Report Builder Wizards
    • Map Reports with UI and Site Settings
    • Report Parts and Web Services
    • Report Parameters in SSRS 2014
    • Multi-Value Parameters in SSRS 2014
    • Multiple Parameters in SSRS 2014
    • How to pass stored procedures in SSRS 2014
    • SSRS Matrix Reports
    • SSRS Matrix Reports Using Wizard
    • Grouping in SSRS Matrix Reports
    • Drill down in SSRS Matrix Reports
    • Column Charts In SSRS
    • Pie charts in SSRS 2014
    • Indicators in SSRS 2014
    • Formatting the Pie Chart
    • Gauges in SSRS 2014
    • Data bars in SSRS 2014
    • Sub reports in SSRS 2014
    • Deployment process for SSRS 2014
    • Data Warehousing - Overview
    • Data Warehouse Features
    • Types of Data Warehouse
    • Functions of Data Warehouse Tools and Utilities
    • Data Warehousing - Terminologies Metadata & Metadata Repository
    • Data Mart & Points to Remember About Data Marts
    • Data Warehousing - Delivery Process
    • Data Warehouse Models
    • Data Warehousing - Schemas
    • SSAS Data Source
    • SSAS Data Source View
    • Add or Remove Tables from Data
    • EXAMPLE Source View in SSAS
    • Create Dimension in SSAS
    • Star schema and Snowflake Schema
    • Create OLAP Cube in SSAS in SSAS 2012
    • Sales Projects

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