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Top DevOps Interview Questions and Answers

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Find below the list of DevOps interview questions and answers jotted down by experts of JanBask Training to help job seekers

DevOps Interview Questions and Answers

DevOps Interview Question: Describe what is DevOps?

Answer: It is an afresh emerging term in IT field, which is unknown but a research that highpoints the connotation and announcement of mutually software developers and further information-technology (IT) specialists. It emphases on bringing software invention quicker and let down the failure amount of issues.

DevOps Interview Question: Why is the necessity of DevOps?

Answer: Corporations are now facing the necessity to carrying more and quicker and improved requests to see the ever more persistent demands of mindful users to decrease the ” Time to Marketplace “. Devops often benefits placement to occur very profligate.

DevOps Interview Question: What is agile expansion and Scrum?

Answer: Agile growth used as a substitute to Waterfall development training. In Agile, the expansion process is more iterative and additive, there is more challenging and response at every stage of development as opposite to only the latter stage in Waterfall.

Scrum is used to accomplish composite software and product growth, using iterative and additive performs. Scrum has three roles

  • Product owner
  • Scrum master
  • Team

DevOps Interview Question: Which are the topmost DevOps tools? Which tools have you operated on?

Answer: The most prevalent DevOps tools are stated below:

  • Git: Variety Control System tool
  • Jenkins: Unremitting Integration tool
  • Puppet, Chef, Ansible: Arrangement Management and Deployment tools
  • Nagios: Unceasing Monitoring tool
  • Docker: Containerization tool

You can also remark any other tool if you need, but make certain you contain the above tools in your response.

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The second part of the response has two options:

If you be involved with all the above tools then you can say that I have operated on all these tools for emerging good excellence software and organizing those software’s effortlessly, regularly, and consistently.

If you be involved only with some of the over head tools, then remark those tools and say that I have specialism in these tools and have an impression about the respite of the tools.

DevOps Interview Question: What are the benefits of DevOps with admiration to Technical and Business viewpoint?

Technical assistance:

  • Software delivery is incessant.
  • Decreases Difficulty in problems.
  • Quicker approach to resolve problems
  • Manpower is abridged.

Business welfares:

  • High degree of bringing its features
  • Steady operating environments
  • More time increased to Add values.
  • Allowing quicker feature time to market

DevOps engineer Interview Questions and Answers

DevOps Interview Question: What are the major variance between the Linux and Unix operating systems?



  • It fits to the family of multitasking, multiuser operating systems.
  • These are typically used in internet servers and workstations.
  • It is initially derivative from AT&T Unix, industrialized starting in the 1970s at the Bell Labs study centre by Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie, and others.
  • Equally the operating systems are open source but UNIX is comparatively alike one as associated to LINUX.


  • Linux has perhaps been home to every programming language recognized to humankind.
  • These are cast-off for personal computers.
  • The LINUX is founded on the kernel of UNIX operating system.

DevOps Interview Question: Can we deliberate DevOps as an agile practice?

Answer: Yes, DevOps is a program to reconcile and coordinate development and manufacture start over a set of virtuous performs. Its development is driven by a profound changing demand of professional, who want to hurry up the variations to stick closer to the necessities of corporate and the client.

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DevOps Interview Question: What is DevOps engineer’s responsibility with respects to Agile development?

Answer: DevOps specialist exertion very methodically with Agile development teams to assurance they have a condition essential to support purposes such as automatic testing, incessant Integration and unceasing Delivery. DevOps specialist must be in continuous contact with the developers and make all compulsory parts of environment work flawlessly.

DevOps Interview Question: Clarify with a use case wherever DevOps can be cast-off in industry / real-life.

Answer: There are numerous businesses that are using DevOps so you can reference any of those use cases, you can also raise the below instance:

Suppose ABC is a peer-to-peer e-commerce website intensive on handmade or antique substances and provisions, as well as exclusive factory-manufactured substances. ABC wriggled with unhurried, tender site apprises that regularly produced the site to go down. It pretentious sales for masses of ABC’s users who sold properties through online marketplace and endangered driving them to the contestant.

With the benefit of a new practical management team, ABC transitioned from its waterfall model, which twisted four-hour full-site placements twice daily, to a more agile method. Nowadays, it has a fully automatic deployment cylinder, and its incessant delivery performs have reportedly caused in more than 50 deployments a day with less disturbances.

DevOps Interview Question: How does your setup a script to track each time a source receives new obligates through push?

There are three conducts to arrange a script to run each time a source obtains new commits through thrust, one desires to describe moreover a pre-receive, apprise, or a post-receive catch liable on when precisely the script needs to be triggered.

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Pre-receive catch in the starting point repository is appealed when obligates are pushed to it. Any script certain to this catch will be performed before any orientations are updated. This is a valuable hook to run writings that help apply development rules.

Update hook the whole thing in an alike manner to pre-receive catch, and is also activated before any informs are made. Though, the update hook is named once for every obligate that has been strapped to the end of repository.
Lastly, post-receive hook in the source is appealed after the informs have been acknowledged into the terminus repository. This is a perfect place to arrange simple deployment writings, invoke some incessant integration systems, message notification emails to source maintainers, etc.

Hooks are native to every Git source and are not versioned. Scripts can moreover be created within the hooks calendar inside the “. git” directory, or they can be formed elsewhere and associations to those scripts can be located within the directory.

DevOps Interview Question: Why is Incessant Testing significant for DevOps?

Answer: You can response this question by saying, “Incessant Testing permits any change made in the code to be tested directly. This circumvents the glitches shaped by having “big-bang” testing left-hand to the end of the series such as announcement postponements and quality matters. In this way, Incessant Testing eases more recurrent and good class releases.”

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