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21 Coolest Software Testing Tools With Their Features & Benefits


Software Testing Tools are products that initiate various software test-related activities like - requirement gathering, planning, build creation, executing tests, test analysis, and defect logging. Such testing tools check the robustness of software and its performance. 

As per Statista, a CIOs’ & senior tech professionals’ panel found that most companies spend at least 23% of the budget on QA & testing. Every company is using automated software testing tools to test the software. 

But the million-dollar question is what are the best software testing tools going around?  

Well, in the market, the QA tester tools are available in free & paid versions. However, the free tools come with some limitations on functionality, while the paid tools come with all required functions. 

So, what we have done is - we have shared a complete list of the 21 best tools along with manual testing tools and automated software testers available in paid and free versions. The blog will also tell you why it is beneficial to invest in such software.  

Do not waste any further time! Let’s dive straight into the topic!

List of 21 Best Software Testing Tools in 2022

Here we go with the list of best QA tools to test software. Some of them are freely available or open-source and the licensed or paid functional testing tools. 

It is a long list, so we suggest you take a seat on your armchair & grab a cup of coffee while reading!

The list follows! 

1. Selenium - Software Testing Tool

It is an open-source software testing tool, it is available for free and is supported by the Apache 2.0 license. There are several reasons for rating it among the best qa test tools available in the market. 

Let’s find out!

Key Features of Selenium

  • Some of the key features are in several languages, the testing scripts can be written in this software like Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Groovy, and Ruby. 
  • Moreover, the tool can be deployed on Linux, Windows, and MAC OS. The two available versions of Selenium are Selenium IDE and Selenium RC. 
  • Selenium Web Driver or RC is used to test the web applications and Selenium IDE is just a tool to play records. 
  • It is quite easy to use and a popular tool and several online e-books are available to learn this highly used and popular functional testing tool.

Hence, it is one of the best software testing tools out there.

2. Coded UI Test - Software Testing Tool

CUI or Coded UI Test is a Microsoft testing tool and for this, you may need a visual studio 2013 virtual machine on your system.

Some Key Features of Coded UI Test Are

  • One can conveniently validate the behavior and functionality of the application through this licensed tool. 
  • This easy-to-install and paid tool uses less scripting and the database manager of this tool is based on XML.
  • As one of the top software testing tools, it supports various technologies like - Web Services (like - ASPX, SOAP, etc.), Window-based desktop applications & phone applications, Windows Presentation Foundation, Web Apps (like - HTML, HTML5, Silverlight.)

That’s why it is the best QA test tool on our list.

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3. TestRail - Automated & Manual QA Tester

With TestRail, you can conduct web-based scalable & customizable tests. You can easily set it up within minutes with a SaaS or cloud-based solution, or install on your own server.

Some of its features are….

Key Features of TestRail

  • Manages both manual and automated test cases efficiently.
  • It gives you real-time reports on testing progress.
  • Comes with informative metrics and activity reports. 
  • Boost testing efficiency through personalized to-do lists, email notifications, and milestones.
  • This QA test tool documents every test using screenshots. 
  • One can create their own customized templates or use built-in ones.
  • One can integrate with tools in their CI or CD or DevOps pipeline which includes - Bugzilla, JIRA, TFS, and more.  
  • Tailor-made for critical projects or large teams.
  • Provides Docker container support.

4. IBM Rational Functional Tester - Automated Software Tool

For automated functional testing, this is one of the most popular and featured tools. The tester can link all the tests with the design document and the requirement through this testing automation tool

IBM Rational Functional Tester Features Are

  • The testing scripts are either in Java or visual basic .Net based. 
  • This tool can help you to perform regression, functional, and GUI testing. 
  • The automated software tester comes with Storyboard testing - simplifies editing & test visualization through natural language.
  • It offers screenshots of various test results.
  • You will get data-driven tests.
  • Supports large team collaborations and is integratable with other software.
  • You can avail its services both in free & paid versions.

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5. Load Testing Tools

Load testing is a comprehensive way to test software. These testing automation tools are used to measure web application performance or load capacity. 

Load Testing Features

  • They test the performance of the application under normal conditions or peak traffic conditions. 
  • As one of the best-automated software testing tools, such tools identify software malfunctions.
  • They improve software scalability & reduce system shutdown risks.
  • Provides protection to the cost of failures.
  • Helps to check flaws in software to improve the UX.
  • These tools come in free & paid versions as well. 

6. XRay

Xray is the #1 manual QA tester going around at the moment based on our research. It's a tool packed with various features inside and gets integrated with Jira seamlessly. 

res now!

Let’s check out the features

XRay Features

  • Offers traceability between the tests, defects, requirements, and executions.
  • It provides a definition of reusable preconditions.
  • You will get tests organized in test sets and folders.
  • Tests tracking progress plans.
  • You will be able to test in various environments.
  • Easily integrates with frameworks related to testing automation frameworks like - Nunit, Robot, JUnit, etc. 
  • Comes with an in-built REST API.
  • Also, comes with CI integrations like Jenkins, Bamboo.
  • You will find in-built reports.

7. WebLOAD - QA Test Tool

You can perform stress or load testing through this testing tool by using Ajax, Oracle, NET, HTML%, and Oracle Forms. 

Well, that’s nice! But what are its features? 

WebLOAD - Key Features

  • This tool supports large-scale performance or load testing with complex scenarios. 
  • With this tool, you can test the loads generated by the cloud or on-premise devices.
  • You will find features like - scalability, integration, and performance as a single process for web and mobile applications testing.
  • Comes with a flexible delivery model, i.e., using SaaS or own-web hosting.
  • Simulates the scenario of any user.
  • That’s why it is among the best software testing tools in 2022 winning several awards. 
  • Finally, you will find a licensed version available on its website.

8. JMeter - Automated Software Tester

Apache JMeter is an open-source application or tool based on the Java platform and is mainly considered for performance testing

JMeter Features

  • You can create functional and load test plans through this tool. 
  • The tool can also be loaded into a server or network to analyze certain conditions and to test them as well. 
  • Initially, it was launched to test the web application, but later the scope of the tool has been widened. 
  • The functional performance of Java resources like Servlet, Java Objects, Perl Scripts can be easily tested through JMeter.

9. Test Pad

Testpad comes around as a more accessible and simple, simpler and more accessible manual QA tester. Test Pad lays importance on pragmatism over the process. 

All this sounds great, right?

Let’s take a look at its features then!

Test Pad Key Features

  • If you are a guest tester, you will get invited by email. No need to have accounts!
  • Easy and straightforward to use for manual testers. 
  • You will find an editor driven by a keyboard with a UI powered by javascript.
  • ‘Drag And Drop’ organization available for test plans.
  • You can think of new testing ideas and add them while testing. 
  • Boasts of a “lightweight integration with issue trackers,” including JIRA.

10. Hewlett Packard Testing Tools - HP LoadRunner

This is a performance testing tool from HP. The tool offers a range of features, let’s check the same out. 

HP LoadRunner Features

  • You can use this one of the best software testing tools to test the load or performance of the software in peak time. 
  • It can handle thousands of users at the same time easily. 
  • Moreover, you can gather all of the performance and infrastructure-related information through LoadRunner. 
  • Various sub tools of LoadRunner are Virtual User, Controller, Load Generator and Analysis.
  • HP LoadRunner’s tools are compatible with Linux and Windows operating systems.

11. HPE Unified Functional Testing (UFT)

UFT was earlier popular as Quick Test Professional Test or QTP. It is automated testing that allows the automation of user actions for client-based apps. 

Now, note down some of its features here!

HPE Unified Functional Testing Features

  • This automated software tester is responsible for managing errors throughout the app. 
  • It can recognize objects, and it can prepare detailed documentation as well. 
  • The tool uses a Visual Basic Scripting Edition scripting language to manage or control objects under testing.
  • It also does testing driven by data.
  • You can also extend this tool with separate add-ins for various development environments. 

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12. JIRA Agile Testing Tool

JIRA is a popular testing tool for agile apps and it is highly suitable for software engineers or project managers working on an agile project. 

Key Features of JIRA

  • The tool can manage tracking defects.
  • You can generate reports from it. 
  • As one of the best automated software testing tools, it can manage an agile project development process, and more. 
  • It is based on agile methodologies, mainly Scrum and Kanban.

In between, we hope that you are not getting bored, right? 

There's a lot more to come so stay with us!

13. PractiTest - Automated Software Tester

PractiTest comes as an end-end management tool for software testing. Through this tool you will have complete visibility into the process of testing.  

Key Features of PractiTest

As one of the best QA tester tools, it provides a deep & broader understanding of the test results.

  • Offers a range of third-party integrations.
  • Features a robust API, trackers to identify bugs, and automation tools
  • Completely customizable catering to constant demands among large teams.
  • You can reuse the tests and correlate their results across various products. 
  • You can organize anything & everything fast.
  • You will be able to view the data using advanced reports and dashboards.
  • Also, you will receive fast customer support. 

14. Watir - QA Test Tool

Waitr comes across an open-source & cross-platform web application testing tool. As one of the best testing automation tools, it falls under the family of Ruby libraries for automating web browsers. 

Let’s take a sneak peek into its features!

Key Features of Watir

  • It is among the best free software testing tools.
  • You will get active support from this testing tool’s community. 
  • It is one of the testing automation tools that support various browsers on multiple platforms.
  • It is a lightweight & powerful tool.

15. Eggplant Mobile Application Testing Tool

Moving ahead to the QA testing tools list, let us discuss eggplant. It is a licensed tool and is majorly used for apps testing and GUI testing in mobile phones. 

Key Features of Eggplant

  • You can use it for manual testing, automation testing, or functional testing to enhance the overall productivity of a mobile app. 
  • Also, it can work on different operating systems as per the requirement. 
  • You can test any technologies on any other platform like - UI, APIs, cloud, IoT, and robotics.
  • There is a provision for testing environments on the cloud to scale testing capacity.
  • It is based on the Object-based approach that usually follows the image-based search techniques.

16. SeeTest Functional Testing Tool

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This is among the best software testing tools because of a range of features. Let's take a look at them.

Key Features of SeeTest Functional Testing Tool

  • It is a mobile application testing tool that can work on Windows, Blackberry, and IOS platforms. 
  • This tool can perform functional testing, automation testing, visual testing, and more. 
  • You can use it for both real devices and emulators. 
  • This QA testing tool can use self-learning algorithms to enhance recognition technology. 
  • It can be used for the cloud environment as well.

17. SpiraTest - Software Testing Tools

SpiraTest comes across as a state-of-the-art test management tool for both big & small teams.

SpiraTest Key Features

  • In a single environment, Spiratest helps to manage plans, tests, bugs, tasks, code, and requirements. 
  • Manages test sets & cases easily. Also, runs exploratory or manual testing. 
  • Comes with a SaaS or on-premise version.
  • It can integrate with more than 60 applications.

All this makes it one of the best testing automation tools.

Hey, we are not finished yet, stay with us for 5 more minutes!

18. Kobiton

Kobiton helps to automate performance, visual, functional, and compatibility testing. It enables testing across all IoT and mobile devices. 

Kobiton Key Features

  • You can access Real devices on both Private and Public clouds.
  • Offers on-premise solutions.
  • Automated performance, visual, functional, and compatibility testing in scripted or scriptless mode.
  • It generates 100% open-standard Appium code along with each scriptless test.
  • You will get an unlimited use policy.

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19. Avo Assure

Avo Assure comes with a 100% no-code automation testing solution that helps you test the end-end processes of a business using just a few clicks of buttons.  

Okay, let’s take note of the features!

Avo Assure Key Features

  • This automated software tester creates & executes tests without a code. 
  • Achieves 90% coverage in E2E test automation.
  • Leases testing accessibility.
  • Using the Mind Maps feature, this tool designs test cases and defines test plans. 
  • It is easily integratable with various tools like - Sauce Labs, ALM, Jira, Jenkins, etc. 
  • Access easily interpretable reports.

20. Lambda Testing Tool

LambdaTest offers a highly reliable & scalable cross-browser testing solution on the cloud. With this tool, you can test the websites across 3K+ browsers & OS combinations.

Key Features of Lambda Testing

  • It is a secure, scalable, and reliable cross-browser testing platform based on the cloud.
  • You can conduct tests in parallel to test execution time reduction by 10x
  • By leveraging CI or CD pipeline integrations, you test continuously. 
  • It is possible to carry out ‘Live & Interactive’ cross-browser testing on the latest desktop & mobile browsers. 
  • This QA tool executes native app testing on various mobile simulators or emulators.

21. Testim

Testim is among the latest software testing tools. This tool uses machine learning to execute and maintain fast automated tests. The tool has the capacity to analyze any test case within a matter of minutes. After that, it can execute the tests on various mobile or web platforms.  

Some Key Features of Testim Are

  • It is among the best QA testing tools which can easily add annotations to find out the flaws in the system. 
  • Provides easy-to-understand annotated screenshots through the bug tracker. 
  • If you are a software developer, just click on the automated bug test to automatically reproduce in the browser.

That’s it we are done with our list of the best software testing tools in 2022.

Hey, but, don't go anywhere, you must not miss the benefits of using such tools!

Benefits of Using These Software Testing Tools

Before signing off, we will give you some reasons for investing so much in software performance testing!

  1. Reduce Repetitive Tasks - Using software testing tools helps in the reduction of repetitive work. People make the same mistakes again and again. But with automated testers, the chance of making mistakes becomes lesser.
  2. Enhanced Consistency - With QA tester tools, you can do the same tests again & again with better consistency. This is not possible while doing this task manually in a similar way every time is a problem.
  3. Objective Assessment - A human may interpret the data from the test results incorrectly. But, with qa test tools this subjective pre-conceived notion is eliminated.
  4. Ease of Access to Information - Software testers make information easily accessible and easy to read. The test reports in the form of graphs or charts are pleasing to the eyes of a person.

Finally, on Best Software Testing Tools in 2022

The QA testing tools mentioned above are not limited, instead, there are several such tools available on the internet. However, with our intense research, these software testing tools efficiently test and track your application or product performance.  

With continuous testing, it is possible to find out the ‘GREY AREAS’ and subsequently take corrective measures to offer the best products to your customers. Moreover, apart from testing the functionality of any software using functional testing tools, one can also test the security measures of the application through software testing tools, which is one of the serious concerns nowadays. 

You can also use the testing tool to test the payment gateway, network security, and other functions of the software. To perform testing and increase its performance you may use the best tool from the above-mentioned software testing tools list. So, it is evident why businesses spend “MILLIONS OF DOLLARS” on such testing activities.

We hope we have covered you nicely here with regards to the best software testing tools in 2022. You can share your suggestions in the comment section. For any queries, do get in touch with our experts for a free guide on QA testing on the JanBask Training website as it is a cool career option these days! 

Till then Stay Safe & Healthy!

Happy Reading!

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