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CM level 5 Software Testing Tools

Today every task is getting automated through software, it has become quite unavoidable to make the software non-vulnerable. Not only CM level 5 instead every size either medium or small size companies are using automated testing tools to test the software. In the market, the tools for testing are available in two modes one is proprietary and other is freely available. The free tools come with some limitation on the functionality, while the paid tools come with all required functions.

Along with manual tools, the automated testing tools are also used by the testing professionals to ease their testing task. This article discusses these tools in detail.

Software Testing Tools

Some freely available or open source and the licensed or paid functional testing tools are:

1). Selenium - Software Testing Tool

It is an open source software testing tool, it is available freely and supported by Apache 2.0 license. In a number of languages, the testing scripts can be written in this software like Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Groovy, and Ruby. Moreover, the tool can be deployed on Linux, Windows and MAC OS. The two available versions of Selenium are Selenium IDE and Selenium RC. Selenium Web Driver or RC is used to test the web applications and Selenium IDE is just a tool to play records.  It is quite easy to use and popular tool and a number of online e-books are available to learn this highly used and popular functional testing tool.

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2). Coded UI Test - Software Testing Tool

CUI or Coded UI Test is a Microsoft testing tool and for this, you may need visual studio 2013 virtual machine on your system. One can conveniently validate the behavior and functionality of the application through this licensed tool. This easy to install and paid tool uses less scripting and the database manager of this tool is Based on XML.

3). IBM Rational Functional Tester- Software Testing Tool

For automated functional testing, this is one of the most popular and featured tools. The tester can link all the tests with the design document and the requirement through this testing automation tool. Moreover, the testing scripts are either in Java or visual basic .Net based. This tool can help you to perform regression, functional and GUI testing. The trial version of the tool is also available for 30 days with limited functionality.

4). Load Testing - Software Testing Tool

A list of most popular load testing tools is given below. The comprehensive and widely used performance or load testing tools are used to measure the web application performance or load capacity. They test the performance of the application under extreme stress condition or in peak traffic conditions. Though the tools are of both types freely available and paid ones, the paid tools also come with trial versions.

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5). Webload - Software Testing Tool

You can perform stress or load testing through this testing tool by using Ajax, Oracle, NET, HTML% and Oracle Forms. This tool supports large-scale performance or load testing with complex scenarios. The tool is popular worldwide and has won a number of awards. The licensed version is available on its site. It can test the loads generated by the cloud or on-premise devices.

6). JMeter - Software Testing Tool

This application or tool is based on Java platform and is mainly considered for performance testing. Functional and load test plans can also be created through this tool. The tool can also be loaded into a server or network to analyze certain conditions and to test them as well. Initially, it was launched to test the web application, but later the scope of the tool has been widened. The functional performance of Java resources like Servlet, Java Objects, Perl Scripts can be easily tested through JMeter.

7). HP LoadRunner - Software Testing Tool

This is a performance testing tool of HP. It is available on HP software division. The tool is used to test the load or performance of the software in peak time. It can handle thousands of users at the same time easily. Moreover, you can gather all of the performance and infrastructure related information through LoadRunner. Various sub tools of LoadRunner are Virtual User, Controller, Load Generator and Analysis and is compatible with Linux and Windows operating systems.

8). Lastly - Software Testing Tool

The above list of QA or testing tools is not limited, instead, there are a number of such tools available on the internet. Moreover apart from testing or the functionality of any software one can also test the security measures of the application through testing tools, which is one of the serious concern nowadays. You can also use the testing tool to test payment gateway, network security and other functions of the software. To perform testing and increase its performance you may use the best tool.

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