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61 In-demand Software Testing Tools To Boost QA & Testing Efforts


Software testing demands weighing software to end user and system needs. During the software development life cycle, testing can be carried out at the coding or module stages. The 2 major components of software testing are - 1. Validation, and 2. Verification.

Tools testing software assures professionals that the software in the development stage fulfills the project's intentions and verifies the product's trustworthiness and security. Therefore, getting acclimated with the testing tools is important if you’re planning to work as a software developer, which will help you improve your software’s QA process. You can also sign up for online QA training to understand the concepts in detail.

These bug-tracking top software testing tools make sure that the software is free of malware and other types of defects. And these tools for testing software checks whether the software application is of excellent quality and ready to use.

Remember that the job of a software tester is crucial even though all the tools are in their hands. They look after several factors: platform, cross-browser compatibility, easy tool maintenance, hardware and software needs, design blueprint, and more. A software testing certification is necessary to have a comprehensive knowledge of software testing and running all these jobs.

Do not waste any further time! Let’s dive straight into the topic!

Types of Software Testing Tools

Two major categories in which software tester tools are placed - Static and Dynamic

  1. Static testing software tools - These tools help work on static testing procedures. It uses general techniques for testing and doesn’t test how the software functions.
  2. Dynamic testing software tools - These tools help work on dynamic testing procedures and use current data for software testing.

Top Software Testing Tools

The increasing dependence on test automatization has brought about the advent of a huge no. of automatized tools for testing software, making it hard to choose which one is the best. Therefore, in order to help you decide which tool is best for you, we’re sharing a list of the top 61 best software testing tools depending on their important features, USP, and so on. 

Let’s explore the list of the most compelling software test tools.

1. Selenium

It is a well-acclaimed and widespread software testing tool with playback abilities for practical test creators, test automation, and periodic testing abilities.


Software developers and testers mostly use it for regression, functional, and service testing. Its presently the ideal tool, offering experienced people permanent employment possibilities and employed by the internet, mobile, JAVA, etc., top MNCs who hire software engineers anticipate UFT testers. Through QTP/UFT tutorial, master the concepts of QA software testing life-cycle and get practically introduced to various levels of software testing.

3. Nessus

Concerning active scanners, Nessus is the finest tool worldwide. It offers quick discovery, outlining assets, delicate data identification, and vulnerability assessment of your security standards. Several expert penetration testers and auditors also use this tool.

4. Selendroid

If you’re trying to test the UI of all the different types of Android applications, you must use Selendroid. Using the Selenium 2 client API tool, test writers can develop test scripts, which both actual devices and other emulators could use. 

To accelerate the testing process, incorporate Selendroid like a node using Selenium Grid. several gestures are advocated by advanced user interactions AOI, which makes it easy to create test cases.

5. Remote Test Kit

This tool is developed by NTT Resonant Inc. the goal if the actual system test cloud, which facilitates human and automatized testing on several real Android and iOS systems, is fulfilled. This tool is subsequently compatible with Xcode and Eclipse for Android and iOS.

Additionally, the systems are rebooted automatically after every test, and the test data is removed from all the applications. The remote test kit also supports Selenium Webdriver and Jenkins. It is possible to copy and paste the tests from the end user’s device or on an iOS device to a local computer with the help of the real-time Clipboard Sync feature.

6. SoapUI

Soap UI is one of the best free tools testing software using REST and Service-oriented Architecture web services and functional, load, compliance, and security testing. The premium version of SOAPUI, PRO, contains more properties that improve productivity.  SoapUI supports IDEA, Eclipse, and NetBeans, which is a multi-platform. It can be used for creating and mimicking in conjunction with testing.

7. Testsigma

Testigma is an excellent choice if you wish to simplify each step of your software testing process, from design to reporting and debugging, under the same roof. The aim of this automation tool is to make the testing process astonishingly easy and cooperative. A complete guide on software testing tutorials will help you get started in the software testing field.

All the mobile, web, and API tests could be executed using codeless test scripts and different proficiencies such as visual UI testing, data-driven testing, 2FA testing, etc. despite having numerous Testsigma rivals, it has flourished in codeless automation testing.

8. Screenster

Screester is a useful tool for testing web applications for regression, that could be utilized with any Windows OS and needs Java 6 and above and all leading browsers. It makes provisions for verification and provides complete API access whenever needed, taking screen captures at every step and measuring them with the baseline.

9. Tricentis Tosca

It is also an excellent choice if you need a test automation platform that could expedite and boost complete testing. This AI-powered, codeless automation testing platform might accelerate innovative solutions throughout different industries by helping you remove the testing blockages and resolve risks.

You can execute different tests using this tool along with exploratory testing, API testing, system integration testing, and mobile testing. Additionally, it offers performance testing by interacting with NeoLoad.

10. Soasta TouchTest

It is an application testing software that facilitates gestures and several touches and now face competition because of this testing tool from Soasta. It could be tentatively authorized by allowing internal variable values and looking for internal application state changes. 

Furthermore, it helps in making mobile testing more straightforward for various regions. The test setup can be in hand at a laboratory, crowd-sourced, or utilized as an external test component.

11. Appium

Appium is one of the best open-source automation testing tools created with the assumption that the testing local applications must be simple and unburdened as per the requirements for an SDK or even collection.

12. SauceLabs

This tool allows users to run tests over 700 various OS, systems, and combinations of browsers inside the cloud. It provides a comprehensive test framework for the automation testing of desktop and mobile apps. Using real and virtual systems, this technique is used for testing mobile applications as well as websites. 

This tool facilitates plugin connections with several CI platforms and provides automatized testing for continuous integration and deployment. Presently, it assists 500+ various OSs, device platforms, and a combination of browsers. For value addition to your testing career QA software tester career path will be helpful.

13. Squish

Is an effective GUI testing tool for cross-platform mobile, desktop, embedded, and online apps. It automates the system and functional regression testing for its GUIs ans HMI (Human-machine Interfaces). Squish is a GUI testing tool that assists Webkit content and is completely cross-platform for AWT, SWT, RCP, Swing, and JavaFX applications.

14. SeeTest

SeeTest is a highly acclaimed mobile automation app that supports both object-based and image-based recognition. It can automatize apps for Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Android. It also allows connecting to different emulators and on-site and cloud-based systems along with other systems.

15. Ranorex

Using this Windows-based Graphic User Interface testing tool from Ranorex, it is possible to test any app using a dynamic GUI, along with mobile, desktop, and web-based applications. It is used for real testing, including developers and testers, to boost distributed and dependable testing for efficiently discovering the problem.

16. PureLoad

This tool has functions like “recorder” and “comparer” that facilitates dynamic data input, scenario debugging and producing traffic load doe single or distributed sources. Using this tool, all testing phases, along with the definition, modification, setup, execution, automation, troubleshooting, and test environment, can be accelerated.

17. JCrawler

To test stress or push testing web apps, JCrawler is used, which involves crawling and investigative features. When working with this tool, users can supply many URLs to JCrawler to start with, and then when it starts to crawl every URL, the app will get loaded. XML document could be used to construct load parameters, which could be activated as often as required to configure the load constantly.

18. ElectricCloud

Facilitates business users to modify the UI, making it easier for ono-technical people to maintain track of projects. Using this technology, organizations can instantly ensure security and conformity when onboarding new staff using self-service pipelines, managing pipelines, and releasing for DevOps.

19. Cucumber

BDD i.e., a Behaviorally Driven Development tool known as Cucumber, is an open-source tool supporting many languages, and has several customers such as PayPal and Cannon. It is solely supported by an online environment and is used by 20% of testers, and it was designed to provide an excellent UX.

20. TestComplete

TestComplete is the most efficient software testing solution for desktops, mobiles, and web apps, supporting many scripting languages, such as VBScript, Python, and JavaScript, and many testing techniques, such as distributed testing, regression testing, keyword-driven testing, and data-driven testing.

You can configure and perform actual UI with the help of its strong features, such as recording and replaying. Smartbear is another product developed by the same company that can be connected with this automated software testing tool.

21. WorkSoft

The best Agile and DevOps continual automation platform offered by WorkSoft, an automated software testing tool for SAP, is developed and engineered to solve the most complex automation problems. WorkSoft also offers an absolute platform for constant test automation without coding. 

This software testing platform is developed to fulfill the needs of big enterprises that cope with business critical processes, where testing through several applications and devices is important.

22. Silk Test

It is offered by Microsoft, a test automation tool for automatized real and regression testing. It is known for being fast, efficient and high quality, supporting testing on mobile devices and multiple browsers. With the help of keyword-driven testing, the main feature of this platform creates a cooperative environment for test designing.

23. Grinder

It is a java-based load testing software testing tool processing graphical console apps when integrating test scripts throughout workstations. It provides a distributed infrastructure that allows the maintenance and management of several load injectors, automated recording of HTTP scripts, and consolidated distribution of scripts.

24. PractiTest

Is another helpful tool for QA processes and test administration. Using an end-to-end method, it supports its users in maintaining processes, if they’re for software testing or development. It simplifies integrating with popular programs such as JIRA, Bugzilla, Selenium, SoapUI, QTP, Slack, Jenkins, and many more.

Other features include requirements elicitation, test development and execution, and bug tracking and reporting to the correct team members.

25. App Loader

This tool is highly effective. Also, this tool is a cost-effective load-testing solution that assures the developed applications are working efficiently and assists several testing types, such as stress testing, security testing, smoke testing, functional testing and regression testing. A comprehensive functional testing tutorial will help you understand how to check functionalities. 

App Loader QA testing tool solution is designed especially for each industry and all Windows front-end apps. You don’t need to pay the additional cost or implement any plugins or wrappers.

26. Load Storm

It is a cloud-based tool that determines whether mobile and web applications can be measured. It could be developed to connect several users with distinct login credentials for load testing on mobiles and websites. 

In addition, it has efficiently resolved the issues of costly performance testing tools outpacing the organization’s budget. This tool is also easy to use and computable.

27. Sandstorm

Sandstorm supports email, web, and mobile. It supports testing throughout browsers from different regions, mimicking caching with the help of JavaScript and core Jave APIs and offers an all-inclusive, flexible framework for modifying the test cases. 

It manages resources for the most broadly used web apps and database servers. Furthermore, its UI might be responsible for dynamic parameters and automated cookies.

28. Carina

Aside from other things, web-based apps and iOS and Android applications can be tested with the help of an open-source performance testing tool referred to as Carina, which is a Java-based tool whose architecture is developed with the help of other open-source tools for software testing such as Appium, Selenium, etc.

29. Tarantula Test Management Tool

It was developed for testing agile apps. It uses Tags, and AmsrtTags for creating an appropriate testing environment.

30. Gatling

This open-source software testing tool is quite good. Depending on the response time of a test case, it can support in anticipating whether or not it’ll collapse. This tool is also known for fault detection in the initial steps of the app or software development cycle.

31. TestRail

Is a flexible, customizable, web-based test case management source. Fasten the process in just a few minutes with a cloud-based or SaaS solution, or implement on TestRail your server.

32. Xray

Is the no.1 manual & automated test management application for QA. A full-featured tool that stays inside and effortlessly integrates with JIRA. The aim of Xray is to help businesses enhance their product quality using highly effective and efficient testing. You can master the different software testing skills like test case design techniques, different types of testing and testing environments through manual testing training courses.

33. Zephyr Scale

Is a flexible, consistent test management tool within JIRA, with advanced test planning, reporting, and reusability features.

34. Testpad

Is an easily accessible manual testing tool that focuses on reality than process. Rather than governing cases individually, it makes use of checklist-inspired testing plans that could be adjusted to wide-ranging styles containing exploratory testing and even conventional test case management.

35. Testmo

Is a no.1 integrated test management solution for modern-day teams - including all your test cases, exploratory testing, and automated tests in a single powerful platform. Testmo provides a fast and solid UI with opulent metrics. And complete integration with JIRA, GitHub, GitLab, and many more.


It’s a modern test management tool for teams of all sizes. Enclosing a completely agile way of performing. This tool helps you manage needs, plans, tests, bugs, tasks, and codes within a single ecosystem. It works unconventionally with minimum configuration and complies with your requirements, methodologies, workflows, etc.

37. Avo Assure

Is a one hundred percent no-code automation testing tool that allows you to test back-to-back business processes with just a few clicks of the buttons. Being diversified, it helps make testing effortless throughout the web, desktop, mobile, ERP apps, Mainframes, associated emulators, and much more.


It authorizes test teams to use its flexible and trustworthy cross-browser testing platform on the cloud. Quality assurance teams can utilize the potential of this tool, with the help of which they can test their sites over 3,000+ browsers and operating system configurations. It’s possible to accomplish the best test coverage and fast launching due to different features.

39. Watir

This is an open-source, cross-platform web app testing tool, and it’s one of the most flexible and resilient automation tools of Ruby libraries useful for web browser automation. This software testing tool collaborates with a browser similar to a human being. Therefore, it clicks links, fills out forms, and validates tests.

40. Testim

It is a present-day automation tool that uses ML to accelerate the authorization, execution, and management of automatized tests. The tester can analyze test cases in a couple of minutes and execute them on several web and mobile platforms.

41. AppliTools

It’s an automation testing tool that authorizes applications' and websites' look, feel, and UX. It's developed in a way that it can easily integrate with the current tests rather than requiring to devise any new test.

42. TestComplete

This automation test management solution helps improve efficiency and minimize the cost of the testing process. TestComplete provides a very easy-to-use UI that helps QA teams to deploy automation solutions in a very short time.

43. Browsera

Is an outstanding browser compatibility testing tool that facilitates testing websites and its components in several different browsers. It can also be used for testing websites and all their pages for scripting and design errors.

44. CrossBrowser Testing

This tool helps to make sure that websites or web applications work appropriately in different browsers. Using this tool, it's possible to execute simultaneous automation tests, compare screenshots and distantly debug actual desktop and mobile device browsers.

45. SauceLabs

It is a Selenium cloud computing solution that helps automation cross-browser testing and can perform testing on any operating system and browser combination.

46. Ghostlab

It is a Mac-based software testing application that supports testing out responsive designs across different devices and browsers. Ghostlab is a tool for organized browser testing and sy.

It is a tool for synchronized browser testing. It synchronizes scrolls, clicks, reloads and form input across all connected clients to test a full user experience.

47. Browsershots

Browsershots is a cross-browser testing tool allows testing website which is running on Windows, MacOS, Android or iOS. It provides screenshots of a website across 200+ browsers. This tool provides screenshots of websites in a testing environment which is helpful for finding all the major HTML or CSS faults.


WebLOAD is an excellent testing tool which offers many powerful scripting capabilities, that is helpful for testing complex scenarios. The tool supports hundreds of technologies from Selenium to mobile, enterprise application to web protocols. It is possible to generate load both in the cloud and on-premise using this tool.


Loadrunner is a load testing tool for operating systems such as Windows and Linux, which facilitates efficient web application testing and also helps evaluate the performance and outcome of web apps under substabtial load.


Is a load and stress testing tool that works well for all windows operating systems, offering easy and economical way for testing all kinds of websites. Wapt works with similar efficiency on securing HTTPS sites, dynamic web content and RIA apps under the data managed mode.

51.Silk Performer

It is the most economical load testing solution which helps to accomplish all the performance related expectations, complex applications and service-level needs. Silk performer also helps to assist in cloud integration.

52. Jmeter

Apache Jmeter is an open source tool for load testing which is a Java desktop app, developed to load test functionality and calculate website performance. It is now scaled for other test functions.

53. Loadfocus

It is one of the best cloud testing tools for load testing and performance testing. One of the major significance of performance testing is to make sure that the software works efficiently under stress. Loadfocus also provides cloud testing services such as website speed testing, mobile apps, API testing including mobile emulation on various types of mobile systems.

54. BlazeMeter

It is also a load testing tool that delivers high performance software to instantly run performance tests for mobile applications, website or API to verify performance at its each development step.

55. k6 Open Source

It is one of the best open source load testing tools which is broadly utilized by businesses worldwide in order to build websites, mobile apps, web-based applications and APIs by carrying out all kinds of tests.

56. SOAPSonar

It is an API testing tool which concentrates on minimizing the time and complexity to build and manage test cases. SOAPSonar also assists in testing each individual serive separately of the client app and yet categorizes the test workflow for automatization. Additionally, the development and execution of these test cases need no coding or programming skills. Wondering what API testing is? Click here.

57. SoapUI

It is an excellent software testing tool which is a cross-platform open source tool for operational testing of SOAP and REST written using Java.

58. Tricentis

It is an API testing tool useful for managing test cases and minimizing testing time, human efforts, costs, etc. by developing and carrying out test cases.

59. NetSparker

It is a security testing tool that scans websites automatically, web apps and web services for vulnerabilities. NetSparker is an automatic scanner that identifies and verifies vulnerabilities using proof of concept.


OWASP is known as Open Web Application Security Project is a tool that helps businesses develop, purchase, and manage reliable and trustworthy software.

61. Telerik studio

It is a software testing tool that tests web and desktop app of all types of Windows operating systems. It is useful for testing functionality, load and performance of web and mobile apps.

Why Is Online Software Testing Important?

Software testing is the process of verifying whether the software product fulfills the proposed requirements and assure that it is free of flaws. Its aim is to discover errors, or gaps as compared to actual needs. Remember that the errors can appear at any phase of the software development life cycle. Therefore quality assurance is important because some of the errors might remain undetected. 

Software testing online by JanBask Training will introduce you to the core concepts, principles and working knowledge of quality assurance from expert trainers. You can understand the real world scenarios by working on real-time job oriented projects and case studies. 

There's a likelihood that the final code may contain functionality or design errors, hence to discover these issues before occuring in any critical circumstances is necessary and for that it is necessary to conduct software testing.

Software testing is thus crucial because if there are any bugs or errors in the software product, they could be discovered early and resolved before the software product gets launched. A thoroughly tested software product assures reliability, security and improved performance, which results in saving time and money as well as customer satisfaction. 

Software testing happens to be an major part of SDLC, because of the following reasons-

  1. Helps save money
  2. Improves security
  3. Improves quality of the product
  4. Improves customer satisfaction
  5. Improves software development process
  6. New features can be added easily
  7. Evaluates software performance

Benefits of Using These Software Testing Tools

Before signing off, we will give you some reasons for investing so much in software performance testing!

  1. Reduce Repetitive Tasks - Using software testing tools helps in the reduction of repetitive work. People make the same mistakes again and again. But with automated testers, the chance of making mistakes becomes lesser.
  2. Enhanced Consistency - With QA tester tools, you can do the same tests again & again with better consistency. This is not possible while doing this task manually in a similar way every time is a problem.
  3. Objective Assessment - A human may interpret the data from the test results incorrectly. But, with qa test tools this subjective pre-conceived notion is eliminated.
  4. Ease of Access to Information - Software testers make information easily accessible and easy to read. The test reports in the form of graphs or charts are pleasing to the eyes of a person.

Hey, it’s not over yet. Keep learning about software testing by joining our Software QA testing community now!

Things to Consider When Selecting Tools for Testing Software

Software testing is no more a phase in software development life cycle since software development has progressively become a continuous process so does the testing. Automatizing tests is considered the best method in order to accomplish best coverage, boost efficiency and effectiveness of the SDLC. Therefore, once any business decides to go for automation testing, the next step is to discover the best software tester tools that meet your requirements. Follow the below steps to choose the right software testing tool. 

  1. State your requirements
  2. List down skills of your team
  3. Check out available tools
  4. Evaluate ROI for each tool
  5. Scale up slowly


A software tester’s job role is crucial irrespective of so many tools, they need to assess so many factors such as cross-browser and platform compatibility, ease of managing tools, hardware or software requirements, project requirements, customer support, licensing costs, training needs, etc. before selecting the best software testing tool for their projects. The aforementioned tools will no doubt fit into most of the testing requirements that can help software testers in a big way!

We hope we’ve covered the maximum no. of best software testing tools. There could be many other software tester tools available in this domain. Out of these, which one do you use?  You can also share in the comment section. For any queries, or to know about software testing near me, do get in touch with our career experts at JanBask Training for a free guide on QA testing courses, as it is a cool career option these days!


Q1. What is Software testing?

Ans- Software testing is the process of evaluating and identifying errors or bugs in a software product. This reduces development cost and makes the product perfect for use.

Q2. What are the characteristics of software testing?

Ans- These are the characteristics of software testing-

  • High probability of error detection- To detect maximum errors, a tester should understand the software  and try to find means in which the software can fail.
  • No redundancy- Every test should have a distinct purpose because resourced and time is limited.

Q3. What are the criteria for software testing?

Ans- Software testing is based on two fundamental principles-

        i) Reliability- Testing is reliable if all the test cases detect the same set of errors.

        ii) Validity- Validity is done to see whether the software or products fulfill the users' needs.

Q4. Why is software testing necessary?

Ans- Software testing is vital for the following reasons-

  • Improves security- Software testing is a must to save data from the attack of hackers. It ensures that a product is safe for use by customers.
  • Detects compatibility- Software testing is compatible on different devices and platforms and hence, is gaining popularity.

Q5. What are the steps of software testing?

Ans- software testing includes 7 vital steps. They are-

  • Project planning
  • Gathering requirements and analysis
  • Designing
  • Coding
  • Testing
  • Deploy
  • Maintenance

Q6. What is the future scope of a software tester?

Ans- QA Testing is one of the in-demand skills globally. Software testers have broad and entirely adaptable vocation ways that they may change as per their requirements. They can move towards becoming Project Managers or Business Analysts if they have a decent comprehension of the various enterprises.

Q7. How much does a QA tester earn on average?

Ans- As per Indeed, The QA Tester makes an average salary between $77,828 to $101,378 per year.


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