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Top 15 Penetration Testing Tools To Know In 2019

Penetration Testing tools help you to identify security weaknesses within a network, server or web application. These tools are also named as Pen Testing security tools and help to identify unknown vulnerabilities for network apps that may cause a security breach. These tools protect your network from unauthorized access when hackers attack your system. In this blog, we will discuss best penetration testing tools to give you 360-degree protection against unwanted hacking attempts.

1). NetSparker

It is an easy to use web application security scanner that automatically finds SQL injection, XSS and other vulnerabilities in your application. It is available as the on-premise SAAS solution.


  • Accurate vulnerabilities detection with unique proof-based scanning technology.
  • Minimum scanning required as scanner detects URL automatically.
  • Seamless integration with SDLC using REST APIs.
  • Scalable solution and able to scan up to 1,000 apps in 24 hours only.


It continuously scans for vulnerabilities in your web apps. It allows customers to manage the lifecycle of vulnerabilities and provide them with proper guidance on how to fix those vulnerabilities. This security testing tool is designed having developers in mind.


  • It scans all SQL variants, XSS, and 5000+ other vulnerabilities.
  • It detects 1000+ vulnerabilities for the WordPress platform.
  • It allows accessing all features through an API.
  • It allows integration with CI tools, slack, and JIRA.
  • It uses PDF reports to showcase security.
  • It allows diverse scanning profile from safe to aggressive scans.

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3). Owasp

The open web application security project (Owasp) is a worldwide non-profit organization focused on improving the overall security of software. This project has multiple tools to pen test various protocols and software environments.


  • Owasp has its own set of open source testing tools that are free for everyone to use.
  • It generates security alerts for vulnerable dependencies in your GitHub projects.
  • It is a code quality management tool able to spot bugs quickly and improves the very basic security checks native to the application.
  • it is a commercially supported tool that is used worldwide with deep scanning facility.

4). Acunetix

It is a fully automated penetration testing tool that accurately scans JavaScript, HTML5, single-page apps. It can audit complex web apps, issues compliance, and a wide range of network vulnerabilities.

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  • It scans all SQL variants, XSS, and 5000+ other vulnerabilities.
  • It detects 1200+ vulnerabilities for the WordPress platform.
  • It is fast and scalable. It can scan hundreds of pages together in one attempt.
  • It integrates with popular WAFs and issues tracker to aid in the SDLC.
  • It is available on-premises as a cloud solution.

5). Wireshark

It is a network analysis tools that capture packet in the real-time and converts them to the human-readable format. It can also be named as the network packet analyzer that gives accurate details about network protocols, packet information, decryption etc. It is an open source program that can be used with different operating platforms.


  • It captures packets in a live environment and performs offline analysis.
  • It captures compressed files that are decompressed on the fly.
  • It supports multiple platforms and exports the output to XML, CSV, or plain text.
  • It allows decryption support for many protocols that include WPA, WEP, SSL, IP etc.
  • It applies coloring rules to packets for quick intuitive analysis.

6). W3af

It is a web application attack and audit framework. It includes three types of plug-ins that communicate together to test and search for vulnerabilities extensively. It has the features to exploit vulnerabilities that it finds during the search.


  • Proxy support
  • DNS Cache
  • HTTP response cache
  • File uploading using multipart
  • Cookie handling
  • HTTP authentication

7). Metaspoilt

It is a popular and advanced framework for pen testing that checks the code for security breaches as soon as it enters the system. In this way, this testing tool is able to prevent attacks before it spoils the actual functionality of a software system.


  • Manual Brute Forcing
  • Basic CLI (Command Line Interface)
  • Third-party import
  • Website penetration testing

8). Samurai Framework

It is a penetration testing software program support on the virtual box and pre-configured to work in a pen testing environment.


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  • It is an open source, free tool
  • It contains other free testing tools that focus on website attacks more.
  • It includes a pre-configured wiki to set up the central information store during the pen testing.

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9). Kali

It usually works on Linux machines and enables you to create a backup plan that fits your needs completely. It is an easy way to update the database for security compliances. The hands-on knowledge in TCP/IP protocol and the basic network is useful while working with this tool.


  • It allows 64-bit support and brute force password cracking.
  • It comes with pre-loaded tools that are suitable for password cracking, vulnerabilities detection, LAN sniffing etc.
  • It is easy to integrate with some of the best tools like Wireshark and Metaspoilt.

10). AirCrack

It is a great testing tool for wireless pen testing that detects vulnerabilities for wireless connections. It is powered by the WEP, WPA, WPA2 encryptions etc.


  • It provides support for more cards and drivers
  • It supports all types of operating systems and platforms.
  • It supports for WEP dictionary attack.
  • It improves the tracking speed and supports the fragmentation attack.

11). ZAP

It is the popular security testing tool that is maintained by hundreds of international volunteers. It helps to find security vulnerabilities in web apps during the development and testing phase.


  • It helps to identify security holes in web apps by stimulating an actual attack.
  • It scans response from the server to detect specific issues.
  • It attempts brute force access to files and dictionaries.
  • It helps to construct the hierarchal structure of the website.
  • It helps to identify open holes in the target website.
  • It supports 11 language and full internationalized framework.

12). SQL Map

It is an open source pen testing tool that automates the entire process of detecting and exploiting the SQL injection flaws. It comes with plenty of detection features for an ideal penetration test.


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  • It provides full support for SQL injection techniques.
  • It allows direct connection with the database without passing via a SQL injection.
  • It supports the dump database table entirely or specific columns.
  • It automatically recognizes passwords stored in the hash format.
  • It allows users to select a range of characters from each column’s entry.
  • It establishes a TCP connection between the affected system and the database server.

13). SQL ninja

It is a penetration testing tool and aimed to exploit SQL injection vulnerabilities on a web application. It uses Microsoft server on the back end and provides access to a vulnerable database server even in a hostile environment.


  • It allows integration with other popular testing tools that are discussed earlier.
  • It allows data extraction using DNS tunnel and fingerprinting of the remote SQL.
  • It offers “direct” and “reverse” bindshell, both for TCP and UDP.

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14). Dradis

It is an open source framework for penetration testing. It allows information maintenance that can be shared among participants of pen-testers. This information help users to understand what is completed and what needs to be completed more.


  • It uses an easy process for report generation.
  • It supports attachments and seamless communications.
  • It can be integrated with existing tools or system using server plug-ins.
  • It is platform independent with a wider range of features to detect unknown vulnerabilities in no time.

15). BeEF

The Browser Exploitation Framework is a pen testing platform that majorly focuses on the web browser. It uses GitHub to track issues and host its GIT repository.


  • It checks the actual security poster by using client-side vendor attacks.
  • It allows to hook multiple browsers together and launching direct command modules.


The tools we discussed in the blog are the best ethical hacking and penetration testing suites in the world. Nowadays, you may find tools for almost anything you imagine. With the implementation of security testing tools, Companies can have more ways to protect their apps and systems. So, get ready to learn these powerful penetration testing tools and get hired by top Companies worldwide in 2019.  For a detailed and practical approach to testing tools, you may join the QA certification course at JanBask training and start exploring the best testing frameworks.

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