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Top 40 Advanced Mobile Testing Interview Questions and Answers for 2020


Are you looking for a career change in mobile testing? Are you familiar with black-box or white-box testing on mobile devices? Do you have some previous experience in mobile testing? Have you ever applied for mobile testing jobs? If yes, then this blog is for you that will help you to prepare for the mobile testing interview and starting an established career in the testing field.

There are different professionals associated with the profile like mobile test engineers, mobile automation test engineers, mobile application test engineers, quality engineers, security test engineers, senior mobile testers etc. have a look at wisdom jobs mobile testing interview questions answers to prepare yourself better for the next interview.

A. Mobile Testing Interview Question & Answers

1). How mobile testing and mobile app testing are different?

Mobile testing means checking the functionalities of a mobile device while mobile app testing means testing applications running over mobile devices. I hope the difference is pretty much clear to you now.

2). What are the possible types of mobile applications?

Mobile apps are majorly categorized into three categories – These are native, web, and hybrid apps.

  • Native apps – Native apps are available in the Google or Apple Plat Stores. They are easy to download and install on to your mobile phone and running as a native application only. For example – WhatsApp, Instagram etc.
  • Web Apps – The apps that are made available from different web browsers like IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari etc. with the help of your mobile wi-fi connection. These could be m.facebook.com, m.gmail.com and more.
  • Hybrid Apps – As the name suggests, hybrid apps are the perfect combination of the web or native apps and they can be used as per your convenience.

3). Do you know how to check the CPU usage on mobile devices?

For this purpose, you just need to install an advanced application or tool on to your mobile device and check the CPU usage right away.

4). Name a few bug tracking tools that are suitable for mobile testing.

There are a plenty of options for the same like JIRA, Bugzilla, QC etc.

5). When you are performing mobile testing, what are the possible number of networks available there?

This is necessary to test the application on multiple networks like 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi networks etc. It would be great if you may test the application on a slower network to track the performance of an application.

6). What are the possible things to consider while testing a mobile application through a black box technique? 

  • Don’t forget to check your application on multiple devices.
  • Make sure it is connected or disconnected properly every time you are changing the IP address or the port number.
  • Send messages repeatedly to multiple devices.
  • In the end, don’t forget to test the app on multiple browsers too like IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari etc.

7). What are the possible things to consider while performing the sanity testing technique on a mobile application? 

  • You need to check whether the app is installing or uninstalled properly from the mobile device.
  • You should test the application on multiple networks like 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi networks etc.
  • Don’t forget to check whether the app is working perfectly after installation.
  • Now check either you are able to receive calls or not while running an application.
  • Check for compatibility either you are able to attach images from Gallery or not.
  • This is time to make your hands dirty with some kind of negative mobile app testing by adding invalid credentials.

8). How will you check either a particular belong to the Android or IOS family?

The files with the extension “apk” are android files. Files with the extension “IPA” are taken as the IOS files.

9). What is the full form of MMS, MO, MT, and WAP in mobile testing? 

  • MMS – Multimedia Messaging
  • MO – Message Originated
  • MT – Message Terminated
  • WAP – Wireless Access Protocol

10). What is GPRS and how it works on to your mobile device?

GPRS is a general packet radio service that works on your mobile device with the help of IP transmissions. It helps in the transmission of IP packets with the help of a cellular network. It helps you in accessing web services on your mobile device.

11). How will you explain the streaming media concept for your mobile device?

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Streaming is the process of downloading content from a particular server. With the help of this process, the desired content can be delivered from the server to the user device.

12). What is the latest version of Windows available so far?

It is Windows 10. (It keeps on changing so check accordingly)

13). What is the latest version of Android available so far?

It is Pie 9.0 that was released in August 2018. (It keeps on changing so check accordingly)

14). What is the latest version of IOS available so far?

It is IOS 12.1. (It keeps on changing so check accordingly)

15). Name a few automation tools available for the mobile application testing.

There is an iPhone tester for the IOS powered devices and screen fly for the Android-powered devices. However, the list is pretty long and you can choose any of them based on requirements.

16). How can you check the size of screens on your mobile devices?

This is an emulator that helps you to achieve the objective.

17). How will you differentiate the two terms emulator and simulator from each other?

The working of an emulator is based on software and hardware both while working of a simulator is based on software only. Simulation is a system that behaves exactly like something while an emulator is defined as the system that exactly behaves like something else.

18). What are the common mobile app testing challenges faced by the developers? 

  • How to work with different operating systems?
  • Testing app functionalities on a variety of handsets
  • Testing app on different mobile networks
  • Checking screen sizes etc.

19). What are common web services used by web developers these days?

These SOAP, REST, Restful etc.

20). Does mobile internet setting is supported by Selenium automation testing tool?

Yes, it is supported but you have to use the Opera web browser in that case.

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B. Advanced Mobile Testing Interview Questions & Answers

21). What is the best strategy to test any mobile app as per your experience?

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It includes – System integration testing, Functional Testing, HTML control testing, installation or uninstallation testing, performance testing, browser compatibility testing, check performance on multiple browsers, gateway testing, network security testing etc.

22). Write a test plan for the mobile app.

  • Define the objective of testing first.
  • Now decide on the automation testing tools.
  • Now list the possible number of features that should be tested for your app like network, security, performance, size, memory, or battery etc.
  • In this step, make a list of features that should not be tested.
  • Now define the test cases and test strategy.
  • Define a timeline for the testing process.
  • Make a list of the total number of resources required for testing.

23). Explain the most critical bug that you have managed over during your work experience.

There is not a fixed answer to this question and it will vary from person to person based on their previous work experiences.

24). How can you create an Emulator on Android? 

  • Here, you have to give a name in the name field.
  • Now decide on the desired API from the list.
  • Give the size details.
  • Now make the needed skin selection.
  • Now click over create AVD option
  • Now select the needed AVD option.
  • Click on the Start button now and Launch.

25). What should be the selection criteria for test automation tools for mobile testing?

The automation tool should support the following features –

  • Multiplatform compatibility
  • Script usability
  • Source code changes
  • Jailbreak statements
  • Compatibility with different operating systems

26). When should you choose the manual testing?

You can prefer the manual testing in two possible cases as given below –

  • If the app needs to be tested only once or twice.
  • If a small functional code is added to the application.

27). When should you choose automation testing?

You can prefer the automation testing in two possible cases as given below –

  • If there is a need for performing testing over again and again
  • Automation testing is suitable for complex scenarios too.

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28). What are the challenges faced by developers when testing the app in the cloud?

The possible challenges as per the experience are listed below –

  • Higher subscription costs
  • Difficult subscription models
  • Lock-in
  • Internet connection issues
  • Time-consuming
  • Tough to understand

29). What facts should you consider while testing an application for security? 

  • Check the application for multi-user support.
  • How files are accessed by third-party users?
  • How data is encrypted or decrypted for sensitive information?
  • There should not be any malicious content within your application.

30). What do you mean by the port testing for mobile devices?

When you are checking the same function on different platforms or devices, it is called the port testing. There are two possible cases here – Device testing and the platform testing.

31). How many types of automation testing tools are available for mobile devices?

There could object-based or image-based mobile testing tools to automate the testing based on different scenarios.

32). How to make the Bluetooth settings on your phone?

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In the modern phone, there is a shortcut on the home screen only that can be used to connect with available devices quickly. For older versions, you should first search the available devices and connect with the desired one.

33). How will you differentiate the WAP testing and web testing?

WAP testing is basically needed for the network application while Web testing is needed for portals or websites majorly.

34). What are the different types of GPRS classes and how are they used?

There are three classes of the GPRS as discussed below.

  • Class A – You can connect to the GPRS or GSM together both at the same time.
  • Class B – You can connect to both GPRS and GSM but only one at a particular time.
  • Class C – You can either connect to GPRS or GSM or switch off the other connection manually.

35). What are the common types of bugs found when testing an application?

These are CRITICAL, BLOCK, MAJOR, and MINOR bugs. You should handle each of them as per the requirement and follow the best testing strategy too.

36). Is there any other name for the peer review meeting?

The other name for the peer review meeting is the Technical review meeting.

37). Where are the APNs stored?

APNs are stored within contexts and they are identified by numbers and specify how one data connection can be established.

38). What are the possible number of features that one mobile application should have?

There are possibly 9 key features that mobile application should have which include push notification, searchable content, content types, speed, security, easy navigation, payment gateway, social login, and HTML5 with responsive design.

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39). How will you define the application package in mobile testing?

The application package means the target application that you need to be tested for errors, bugs, defects etc.

40). What are the possible numbers of testing performed during the standard android strategy?

These could be integration testing, Unit testing, system testing, or operation testing etc. based on the features available within a mobile app, there are other tests too that can be performed.

So with this, we have come to an end of the questionary of the Mobile testing blog. I hope this blog will be beneficial for you to crack your interview. Wish you all the very best for the interviews! Apart from this if you want any certification on Quality testing, then you can enroll with Janbask Training. JanBask Training is a dynamic, highly professional, and a global online training provider committed to propelling the next generation of technology learners with a whole new way of training experience.

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