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Top Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

Question: Describe what is the meaning of digital marketing?

Answer: Digital marketing is the kind marketing strategies through the internet. It comprises numerous methods like SEO, SEM and relation building and many more.

Question: How can you classify the digital marketing?

Answer: The digital marketing/statement is characterized into two sections

  • Inbound Marketing: These techniques takes the benefit of social mass media, digital blogs in e-books, webinars or e-newsletter to upsurge the number of ticks on links and study more about a business and its facilities.
  • Outbound Marketing: This section comprises employing ads, cold-calls, e-mails or reach out possible clienteles through digital means

Question: Why is online marketing favoured over offline advertising?

Answer: Most of the individuals go for Digital Marketing today since of various assistances. The online tool for promotion is SEO, Presenting, and Web Expansion. The quantity of leads is astonishing. One can reach numerous persons online and set a universal target. Whereas the quantity of individuals who favour reading newspapers, viewing television, etc. is lessening, relatively.

Question: Explain the meaning of the term responsive website?

Answer: Responsive Website may mention to numerous things like a site formed using Responsive Web Design (RWD), and a reckless website that replies very well to employer interactions. A website that regulates its layout as per the viewport scope and the location of the device. The content obtainable on big screens and minor screens are the similar but with a diverse layout to offer an optimal knowledge on that screen scope.

Question: What is the most real way to upsurge traffic to your website?

Answer: To efficiently upsurge traffic to your website emphasis on mentioning links and SEO. It will not only benefit one gain guests but will also benefit in brand acknowledgement. Though, the most significant feature is to emphasis on User Retaining. For example, receiving a Moz link and getting 10k companies on the website is fairly a decent result. However, you must note that the adaptation rate will be comparatively low. Though, the transformed leads are sure to land on the website numerous times. But if your emphasises on recollecting users, you will practice an improved conversion rate grew from those thousands of appointments in a pair of months. By concentrating on appealing the user, you can shape a site where individuals will keep impending back.

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Question: Describe what are the important parts where you can practice keywords to enhance the site ranking?

Answer: For improved page ranking, you must need the keywords in subsequent areas

  • Keyword in Web page content
  • Keyword density in frame text
  • Keywords in Captions
  • Keyword in Website Heading
  • Keyword in Website URL
  • Keyword in Meta tag

Question: Describe what is PPC or Pay Per Click promotion?

Answer: Pay Per Click also recognized as Cost Per Click, is a method used to straight traffic to websites. In this practice, publicists pay the originator(website possessor or host of the website) when the ad is ticked. In other words, it is the quantity consumed to get an announcement clicked.

Question: Clarify what are the main models for defining Pay-Per-Click?

Answer: The main replicas for defining Pay-Per-Click are

  • Flat rate PPC: In this type of model, both producer and publicist decide to a static amount that will be remunerated for each click. In most period, the originator has an amount card for PPC plan based on diverse areas of their website or system. The quantity varies as per the content that usually appeals more or less individuals.
  • Bid based PPC: In this type of prototypical, the publicist contests with other promoters in a private auction hosted by a producer. The promoter will inform producer for the supreme amount of bid he is eager to pay.

Question: Explain that what is the meaning of Google AdWords?

Answer: Google AdWords is the solitary most prevalent PPC promotion system in the globe. It works on Pay per click prototypical. The AdWords stage permits the occupational to create ads that seem on Google search engine and their additional possessions.

Question: Describe what is an operative PPC keyword should be like?

Answer: An actual PPC keyword should be

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  • Applicable: List out the embattled keywords
  • Comprehensive: Apart from maximum prevalent keywords it should comprise the “long conclusion of search”
  • Extensive: PPC is iterative, consequently the keyword list should be continuously growing and familiarizing

Question: Describe what are the significant elements to enhance the adaptation rates per PPC?

Answer: Conversion rate is nobody but to carry more invitees to your site. To upsurge the conversion rates, you must emphasis on subsequent things

  • Write convincing content on your website that is applicable to the keyword or search enquiry
  • Uphold a high degree of significance amid your ads and consistent landing pages
  • The webpage should be simple registration procedure, validation up for a newsletter or making an acquisition
  • Check project of your landing page which should have correct mixture of colour, plan and GUI to attract more clienteles

Question: What should be the method for operative Pay Per Click operations?

Answer: For real Pay Per Click campaign, you want to do subsequent things

  • Enhance more PPC keywords: By adding additional keywords that are pertinent to your occupational, you can enlarge the influence of your pay per click
  • Divided Ad groups: By excruciating up your ad collections into lesser and more pertinent ad groups, you can advance click-through-rate (CTR)
  • Evaluation expensive PPC keywords: Review exclusive and underperforming keywords
  • Improve landing page: To bring into line with separate search enquiries adapt the content and call-to-action of your pier page
  • Add undesirable keywords: To recover campaign relevancy and decrease wasted apply, add non-converting relations /undesirable keywords. (When exploration with that keyword, it will not display your website/content)

Question: Describe what is the meaning of on-page and off page optimization?


  • Off page optimization: It is the procedure of increasing your search engine position by getting exterior links directing back to it
  • On page optimization: On page optimization, straight contracts with the content and building of the website.

Question: What one should do to evade the consequence?


  • Do not association to any additional site with bad page rank
  • Evade Poison words, for instance word “link”, when your hypertext this manuscript to give the link to your site it develops poison words
  • Evade thieving text or imageries from other areas
  • Evade re-directing users to additional page complete revive meta-tags – don’t directly send user or visitors to additional page even beforehand he or she ticked on the web page link

Question: Describe what are the features of “bad links”?

Answer: The features of “bad links” are

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  • Associations from sites that are unconnected to your sites
  • Associations from low Page Rank and Little traffic
  • Associations from link connections
  • Associations from those sites that are not in Google directory
  • Salaried links
  • Link from the similar anchor texts coming from numerous sites
  • Spams links from blogs or trainings.

Question: Why is online advertising favoured over offline promotion?

Answer: Now a day, it is an age of digital advertising. The online price for publicizing is SEO, Presenting, and Web Development. The amount of predictions is astonishing. One can reach many persons online and you can set your mark as wide-reaching. Whereas the number of individuals who favour reading newspapers, viewing television, etc. Consequently, the mark is within an exact area. The customer's reach ability of online advertising is more than offline promotion.

Question: What lured you to this digital marketing job?

Answer: When the examiner is asking you about what involved you to this job, there are some things he is wearisome to know. Give examiner a good impression about your standards and partialities that match up with the necessities of the business. Be truthful and ask yourself what made you put on for this job – was it site? The corporation? Or a superb occasion? Emphasis on the part and say that you required to work for one of the finest officialdoms and the chance was a walking stone in taking the occupation ahead.

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