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15+ Digital Marketing Certifications - Cost, Eligibility, Passing Tips

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We receive hundreds of queries from young career enthusiasts to professionals working in different fields asking whether Digital Marketing Certifications Online is worth taking the plunge or not?

Well, that’s a practical thought or doubt. A decade back Digital Marketing was just like “shout into the void”, wasn’t it? 

And suddenly, it’s the most happening & one of the top 10 jobs in the US ever!

The Digital Marketing jobs are in plenty. Pay is good. Work comfort is so there. But all these are only possible after the Digital Marketing certification from a premier name? Well, that’s debatable, but the silver lining is, certified digital marketers, do stand out and serve as a prized possession to small companies or even gigantic brand labels.

Let’s just know what is Digital Marketing certification & why it is so worth it at all!!!

What is Digital Marketing Certification? Why Should I Own Them?

Digital Marketing Certifications have become the industry standard or benchmark that validates your uncanny ability to help online businesses, bloggers, portfolios produce quality content, apply drastic internet marketing tactics to drive extreme traffic & improve SERP ranking.

Why You Should Own Digital Marketing Certifications - You May Ask?

  1. You get well-rounded knowledge - With Digital Marketing Certification online, you can brush up from fundamental to advanced skills around:
  • SEO - Search Engine Marketing
  • Google Search
  • Display Ads
  • Remarketing
  • Content Production & Marketing
  • Social Media Management covering - Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SMO, Quora, Reddit
  • Email, Mobile & Geo Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Mobile App Marketing
  • Growth Hacking, Brand Building
  • Marketing Automation
  • Google Web Analytics & Monitoring
  1. High-end salary paycheck - Digital Marketers already are in the 10 in-demand jobs in the US. On average, a skilled & certified Digital Marketer salary can be between $72,816 to $128,004 annually. With complete digitalization in this post-pandemic scenario, marketers can attract a lucrative pay scale based on their relevant skills and certifications.

  2. More job profiles to explore - By obtaining the certifications, you can plan your career in a lot of different Digital Marketing Roles like:

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • SEO executive
  • Content Writer or Editor
  • Content Marketing Specialist
  • Social media marketer
  • Inbound marketing manager
  • Conversion Rate optimizer
  • Advertising or Internet Marketing Manager
  • Email Marketing Specialist

Other than just well-rounded knowledge, pay scale, and great profiling, here are the other key benefits of Digital Marketing Certifications.

  • By topping your resume with such certification, you open a flood gate to great market value and career opportunities.
  • They give you a competitive advantage over non-certified professionals, thus, making you in every way highly preferable for job options. 
  • You feel empowered and confident in your knowledge & feel like “yay I am ready to take over & overcome the real-time marketing challenges”.
  • You can confidently take up not just full-time Digital Marketing jobs, but as well run your own gig as a freelancer or as a full-bodied internet business.

Now, you know the wholesome benefits of Digital Marketing certifications (and might have decided to rope one under your belt), let’s get ahead and know about the Best Digital Marketing Certification online you can specifically eye on.

15+ Digital Marketing Certifications Online - Cost, Skills, Exam Pattern & More

Check out these affordable and highly-authorized Digital Marketing courses or certification programs that you can pursue while managing school, running your own internet business, or without quitting your regular Marketing

Types of Overall Digital Marketing Certifications

1. OMCP Digital Marketing Certification

OMCP (online marketing certification professional) Digital Marketing Certification is awarded to individuals who have extensive training & knowledge in applying the best digital marketing practices. The exam is conducted in 3 series (1 base exam + 2 specialty exams). Thousands of companies prefer hiring OMCP certified professionals.

How to Get OMCP Certification? OMCP Digital Marketing Certification

  • OMCP digital marketing certification cost - It’s $395 & $225 for exam retake + $150 for per skill exam. 
  • Questions Type - Multiple-choice questions
  • Duration - 75 minutes for base exam (covering 64-68 questions) & 30 minutes for each specialty exam (Covering 17-28 questions)
  • Delivery Mode- Online proctored
  • Expiry- Lasts two years

OMCP exam sections - 

  • CRO - Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Email & Mobile Marketing
  • SEO & Paid Search
  • Digital analytics
  • SMM
  • Marketing Automation

How to Apply? Visit Here! 

2. AMA PCM Certification

PCM certification by American Marketing Association validates your knowledge around the modern marketing challenges, and is conducted in the 4 tracks:

  • PCM Marketing Management
  • PCM Content Marketing
  • PCM Sales Management
  • PCM Digital Marketing Certification Program Pro (latest addition)

PCM Digital Marketing Certification Cost - $249 for AMA members, $349 for non-AMA members, and $229 for AMADC members. The cost of Digital Marketing Certification Program Pro is $1,955.

  • Passing Score - 80%
  • Questions - 120 multiple-choice questions
  • Duration - 2 hours (15 minutes break halfway through)
  • Retake - 3 attempts to pass the PCM certification exam

Skills Tested in Each AMA PCM Track

Digital Marketing Pro

PCM Marketing Management

PCM Sales Management

PCM Content Marketing

  • Display & Video Marketing
  • Website Optimization
  • Advertising
  • Email 
  • Google Analytics
  • Content Marketing
  • Paid Search (PPC) Using Google Ads
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Marketing Communication
  • Value capture, creation, delivery
  • Marketing Evaluation
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Ethical Issues Affecting the Marketplace
  • Understanding & Targeting the Marketplace
  • Organizing a SalesForce
  • Forecasting and Quota Development
  • Organizational Relationship
  • Personal Selling
  • Organizational Buying
  • Customer Relationships & Strategies
  • Multi-Channel Content Creation
  • Metrics, Measurement, and Optimization
  • SEO and Distribution Best Practices
  • Use Content for Effective Lead Gen
  • Content Marketing ROI
  • Align Content with Marketing Funnel
  • Storytelling and Content Production
  • Editorial Calendar Design

How to Apply for this exam? Visit Here! 

3. Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Administrator Exam

This Salesforce Admin Cloud Cert evaluates your knowledge to configure options in Marketing Cloud, perform admin tasks while ensuring digital marketing best practices. The Salesforce name may seem technical, but this certification doesn’t require any programming or development-related knowledge, just basic digital marketing skills.

Exam Details 

  • Exam Cost -  USD 200 + Taxes
  • Retake Fee - USD 100 + Taxes
  • Delivery - online & offline
  • Duration - 105 Minutes
  • Passing Score - 67%
  • Passing score - Online & offline
  • Question type - 60 MCQs

4. Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant

The exam verifies your ability to set & use tools in the marketing cloud to provide holistic & strategic email marketing solutions for business brands. You will need to have Salesforce Marketing Cloud Admin certification in hand to apply for this exam.

Exam Details

  • Exam cost - USD 200 + Taxes
  • Retake fee - USD 100 taxes
  • Passing score - 67%
  • Delivery mode - Online & offline
  • Duration - 105 hours
  • Questions - 60 MCQs + 5 unscored questions

5. HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification

This inbound marketing certification will help you validate your understanding of inbound marketing techniques, tools & methods. With this certification, you will know how to write & promote content for roping in qualified leads & conversions. This certification will establish your knowledge of:

  • How to do social media marketing?
  • How to prepare a conversational growth strategy?
  • How to nurture leads?
  • How to tune marketing & sales together?
  • How to leverage customer marketing?

This certification is free of cost & has 8 lessons covered in 34 videos and you get the certification once you pass its 8 quizzes.

6. Digital Marketing Certification by JanBask Training

Digital Marketing Course & Certification by JanBask Training is another choice to upskill around the latest online marketing practices & tools in and about its 10 weeks of training. The course helps you upskill around:

  • Digital Marketing concepts, search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Basic and Advanced Google Search and Display Ads, Remarketing
  • Content Marketing, SMM, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, SMO, Quora, Reddit
  • Email, Mobile, GEO Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Influencer Marketing along with Mobile APP Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization, Growth Hacking and Marketing Automation
  • Google Web Analytics, Reports, Webmaster Tools

During this Digital Marketing program you get:

  • Study in a live environment with 15+ years of experienced industry expert marketers as trainers.
  • Student learning management portal with free ebooks, 20+ assignments to solve, 30 PPTs, and other whitepapers. 
  • Lifetime access to 50+ hours of recording with live class.
  • Free demo class, mock classes, Digital Marketing resume & interview questions preparation by experts.

If you ask are Digital Marketing certification worth it with JanBask, yes they are. This Digital Marketing Certification program is accredited and gives you holistic knowledge. From classes to certification to interview preparation, you get every help that makes you ready for the real-time marketing gigs & challenges.

To know this Digital Marketing Certification Program’s fee, free demo class, or weekday & weekend batch-related details, visit here!

Types of Social Media Marketing Certifications

7. Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification

The Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification develops your practical skills to grow social media followers, engagement, and desired business outreach. This certification verifies your knowledge around building social media strategy, optimizing media profiles, performing social content marketing, and driving audience.

Exam Details

  • Exam Cost - It costs $199 USD
  • Mode - Online Exam
  • Duration - 60 minutes
  • Questions - 60
  • Expiry - None
  • Passing Score - 80%
  • Retake - Can retake as long you require to pass, with no extra cost
  • Skills Tested - Fundamentals of social media marketing

To apply for the exam & know complete details, you can visit here.

8. Facebook Blueprint Certification Exams

Facebook Blueprint Certified exams are intended to verify your competent knowledge around creating holistic Facebook marketing plans & campaigns for visible gains as qualified reaches, leads & audience base.

Facebook Blueprint Certification offers you 7 different certifications under it as follow:

1. 100-101: Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate Level

This 100-101 is an Associate Level exam that tests your foundational understanding of advertising around Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. 

  • Exam cost - $150
  • Duration - 90 minutes
  • Language - English, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese, Korean, German
  • Delivery Mode - Online or at Pearson VUE Professional test center

To apply for the exam & know complete details, you can visit here.

2. 200-101: Facebook Certified Marketing Science Professional

200-101 is a professional level exam that tests your ability to use data & insights to make informed marketing decisions for businesses. You need to know how to manipulate data based on research & strategies.

  • Exam cost - $150
  • Duration - 105 minutes
  • Delivery modern - Proctored online or at Pearson VUE test center

To apply for the exam & know complete details, you can visit here.

3. 300-101: Facebook Certified Creative Strategist Professional

This certification exam tests your ability to create strategies to drive mobile creatives for better results on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram channels of digital businesses & brands. 

  • Exam Duration - 90 Minutes
  • Exam cost - $150 
  • Delivery modern - Proctored online or at Pearson VUE test center

To apply for the exam & know complete details, you can visit here.

4. 400-101: Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional 

The purpose of this certification exam is to help you plan & build competitive Facebook marketing strategies that complement & contribute to the business brand’s holistic marketing game plan. 

  • Exam Duration - 105 Minutes
  • Exam Cost - $150
  • Delivery mode - Online or offline at Pearson VUE testing centers

To apply for the exam & know complete details, you can visit here.

5. 410-101: Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional

The exam verifies your ability to use the best tools, methods, and ad policies to buy the ads for Instagram, Facebook, Messenger.

  • Exam Cost - $150
  • Exam Duration - 105 Minutes
  • Delivery mode - Online or offline at Pearson VUE testing centers

To apply for the exam & know complete details, you can visit here.

6. 500-101: Facebook Certified Marketing Developer

This certification measures your technical understanding in implementing the marketing solutions & is conducted in two parts --- in MCQ & coding part.

  • Exam cost - Costs $150
  • Duration - 90 minutes for the MCQ exam, 1 hour is for the coding exam.
  • Delivery mode - Can be given online & offline

To apply for this exam & get complete exam details, visit here.

7. 510-101: Facebook Certified Advanced Marketing Developer

This exam is an advanced version of a Certified Marketing Developer. It assesses your advanced competency in implementing technical marketing solutions. And it is also conducted in 2 parts, one in MCQ form & the second in coding type.

  • Exam cost - $150
  • Duration - 90 minutes for MCQ exam, 2 hours for coding type exam.
  • Delivery mode - Can be given online & offline

To apply for this exam & get complete exam details, visit here.

9. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

The purpose of the exam is to verify one’s knowledge to manage subscriber’s data, message design, inbox delivery & manage external integrations.

  • Exam cost - USD 200 + taxes
  • Retake cost - USD 100 + taxes
  • Duration - 90 Minutes
  • Passing Score - 65%
  • Questions - 60 MCQ + 5 uncensored questions
  • Exam delivery - Online + offline

10. Youtube Certified Program

Youtube is a rising social media network that can contribute massively to your digital marketing campaigns to further increase your overall internet popularity.

Youtube certified is the best series of certification programs that validates your knowledge around Youtube system, tools, analytics, management, how to create better content, improve channel growth, monetize assets, content ownership & so on. 

Changes in Youtube Certified Badges:  According to Youtube, it no longer distributes the Youtube Certified Badges. And also, old badges are also no longer valid.

11. Hubspot Email Marketing Certification

This free Hubspot email marketing certification validates your knowledge around how to create an email marketing strategy & grow business with it. You will gain core knowledge on how to do contact management & email segmentation, create responsive copy and deliver email, how to use email marketing tools & gain good traction with them!

This is a roughly 3 hours module that covers 9 lessons in 28 videos and requires you to get the 9 quizzes right in order to claim the certification.

Types of Content Marketing Certifications

12. Hubspot Content Marketing Certification

This Digital Marketing Certification course for content marketing helps you validate your knowledge around:

  • Chief content research, producing a content hierarchy or structure on a consistent basis
  • Producing quality & optimized content & copies that fulfill both readers’ & search engine’s demands.

It’s ideal for those who are willing to become or already are content producers, or overall marketing managers in a firm or a self-established setting.

It’s a 6 hours certification journey, where you need to answer 11 quizzes, cover 12 lessons to cut the ultimate chase.

Types of Ad Management Certifications

13. Google Ads Certifications

Even under Google Ads Certification, you will find 6 broad certifications that are based on display, video, search, apps, measurement, shopping ads.

  1. Google Ads Display Certification 

This Digital Marketing Certification Google Ads Display will help you prepare powerful display strategies & campaigns. And will also teach you how to:

  • Identity campaign type of Google Display ads
  • Reach new & old users with Google Display Ads
  • Plan & write an attractive message on Google Display Ads
  • Increase overall awareness & consideration of business products & services on Google Display

For more details, visit here!

  1. Google Ads Video Certification

This Digital Marketing Certification Google Ads Video Certification helps you validate your understanding of making creative strategies, capture & drive the audience’s attention from video streaming platforms like Youtube. Google ads video certification lets you:

  • Understand video ads & their formats
  • Understand creatives that can connect you with a Youtube audience base
  • Develop a strategy that can help drive awareness, consideration & purchasing action from Youtube.

For more details, visit here!

  1. Google Ads Search Certification

This Digital Marketing Certification Google Ads Search will help you verify your knowledge in making & optimizing Google Search campaigns. You will learn how to use automated solutions like bidding to maximize positive outcomes from a campaign. 

With this certification, you will know:

  • Use of Google Ads auction
  • How to plan & deliver text in an ad
  • How to leverage automated bidding
  • How to use search audiences tool for reaching the right one
  • Use of optimization score & performance planner to increase conversions 

For more details, visit here!

  1. Google Shopping Ads Certification

This Digital Marketing Certification Google Shopping Ads Certification helps you increase your understanding of how to create & optimize Google shopping ads for more outreach & conversions. With this certification, you can learn:

  • Ways to promote local or online inventory
  • Ways to plan & promote local catalog ads
  • Ways to increase conversions with performance planner & Automated bidding
  • How to Reach qualified leads & customers for sales

For more details, visit here!

14. Microsoft Advertising Certification

This Microsoft Advertising certification or Bing Ads Certification makes you learn how to get more gains in return for the marketing dollars spent on the ads. 

With this certification, you validate your knowledge on:

  • How to optimize ad campaigns & gain through them
  • Understand & leverage the marketing reporting methods & Microsoft Marketing tools

However, the certification is free to apply but to pass it, you need to score at least 80% marks

Types of Analytics Certifications

15. Google Analytics Individual Qualification

Google Analytics is a most needful tool today as it collects data about where your digital marketing practices are going wrong or right. Having this Google Analytics IQ certification will help you validate your knowledge around assessing & manipulating the customer or competitors’ insight.

This exam is free to take. It’s 90 minutes long and to pass it, you must acquire 80% marks.

Why Hiring Managers Prefer Certified Digital Marketers?

Let’s finally unveil the key reasons why small and big enterprises prefer candidates with the best Digital Marketing Certification online.

These days, companies, brand portfolios, bloggers prefer hiring certified Digital Marketers over non-certified ones because:

  • Saves efforts, time & cost in onboarding training - Imagine you are a certified Digital Marketer who already knows the real-time SEO, social media, marketing automation & more such practices. This will help companies’ resourceful time, money & efforts that they might have to invest on you for training.
  • To help them train other staff - They hire you with certification so that you can train the other team members & make them competent as well.
  • To get certified solutions - When you have the best digital marketing certifications from HubSpot, Google, Facebook, your solutions are always preferred as righteous & don’t need second thoughts & maybes.
  • To set a standard for other professionals - With a certification in hand, you can influence & inspire other traditional staff to upskill & obtain the trending Digital Marketing Certifications as well.
  • To get increasing ROI - When they hire you as a truly skilled & trained digital marketer, they get surety that whatever strategy & solutions you will bring forth, it will help them draw increasing returns. It means your inputs are going to meet the business bottom lines somehow.

Who All Can Apply for Digital Marketing Certifications?

We have seen even technical experts routing towards Digital Marketing certifications & career.” There is no barrier to entry in this widely-known field.”--- Says Digital Marketing Trainer at JanBask

Digital Marketing is one such amazing career field where you are liberated to enter it from any XYZ career background. Whether you are a Data Scientist, Sales rep, or artist, you can anyhow make a profound career in Digital Marketing, without requiring any prerequisite knowledge. A quick formal training will come in handy to make you an expert in it.

You can take up Digital Marketing skills & certification from the ground up and start meeting modern marketing challenges.

You can be a fresher who just graduated or a working professional in some advanced tech field or similar field as junior SEO executive, Digital Marketer, Content Writer, Social Media Manager or so, despite that, you can go for any Digital Marketing Certification Programs.

Best Tips to Pass Your Next Digital Marketing Certification Exam

Are you searching how to become a certified Digital Marketer? That's a smart move! For that smart move, have you prepared enough? Don’t worry, here we will walk you through some effective tips that will help you pass your Digital Marketing Certification Exam with flying colors.

1. Know the Preferred Certification Exam’s Objective & Details

Get time to first understand the best Digital Marketing Certification online you have chosen. Like its:

  • Objective
  • Syllabus, concepts, topics
  • Prerequisite Knowledge
  • Professional experience
  • Current exam version name & details
  • Exam format, question types, duration, passing score, delivery mode, etc

Though we have covered every popular certification & its respected details. In case, we have missed anything, you will easily find this information on official websites, through peers, colleagues, forums, etc.

This small analysis will give you a broader view of what you need to prepare for ahead.

2. Find Right Learning Mode & Study Materials

Select any one learning style. Is it going to be a self-study or Digital Marketing Certification Course Online?

Some prefer self-study, while some prefer Digital Marketing Certification Course Online. If you go for the second option, you will have easy access to:

  • Video training via real-field experts
  • Access to eBooks, study guides, frequent practice tests from actual dumps

Going for a Digital Marketing certification course online is actually crucial, especially if you are going for these certification exams for the first time, as beginner levels can be tough & might require experts’ help.

Also, getting the right study materials & resources is very important. If you are thinking of studying alone, make sure you have the best guides, books, videos, whitepapers & study materials. If you are approaching online training platforms camps like us, we will provide you with the best study materials, which actually have the concepts & topics that are tested in each of the above digital marketing certification exams.

During our accredited Digital Marketing certification training, along with nurturing the right job skills, we will also help you with certifications, resume & interview preparation.

3. Make a Proper Study Timetable

Doesn’t matter if you are studying yourself or via some training platform, in every case, you still need to have a dedicated study timetable. Along with that, do identify the hours, days & time limit for which you will study in a day. 

Even if you are taking the online classes, get time separately to revise & learn to ingrain the concepts more effectively.

4. Practice Previous Digital Marketing Certification Dumps

In the end, Just practice enough, and apply your gathered knowledge over the previous exam dumps, which you can easily get online or within our Digital Marketing Certification Program. If you choose to study with us, we will conduct regular quizzes, orals, MCQs, mock tests with real-time exam feel, to help you revise your digital marketing concepts.

Some Other Tips to Prepare for the Digital Marketing Certification Exams!

  • To make your learning more fun & easy, you can study in groups with friends, or colleagues you work with.
  • Join networks of certified Digital Marketers over social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook or so. This will help you get to know what’s new & fresh in the market.
  • Don’t subside your health. Take 6-8 hours of sleep, eat a nutritious diet, meet friends, feel happy, keep your body active & fit. All this will help increase your attention & retention rate for learning the concepts with ease.
  • At last, please don’t get hard on yourself as Digital Marketing is no rocket science to learn. It is all practical & fun, you can pick the basics of Digital Marketing certifications offered by Google, Facebook, Hubspot or so, and our team will help you get prepared for them with great video content, projects & fun assignments. Don’t believe it, our demo class is always free!

If you are finding it hard to navigate Digital Marketing Certifications or overall career, our career counselors would love to indulge in a free candid chat. Schedule a quick call!

Final Thoughts on Digital Marketing Certification Online!

A decade back Digital Marketing wasn’t much popular and so were its related jobs & certifications. And now it’s the top 10 jobs in the US, Woah!!!

But as soon as people find comfort in accessing & exploring marketplaces online rather than just physically, Digital Marketing became a necessary act for businesses than a choice.

And since not all businesses couldn’t establish themselves properly on the digital channels, they started demanding skilled & certified Digital Marketers, who live & breathe the accurate answers to cope with modern marketing challenges as:

  • Lead generation & nurturing
  • Online ranking, traffic retention & conversions
  • Customer engagement
  • Brand & product outreach to the desired customer
  • Brand building
  • Better ROIs on what’s invested

In the above article, we just jot down the 15+ Digital Marketing Certification options (based on different aspects of marketing) that are worth taking a consideration. To take the above Digital Marketing Certification program, you can be a fresher, college graduate, professional working in the tech or creative field, or literally anyone who has that zeal to learn online marketing from scratch.

If all these choices seem overwhelming, we would suggest making your bet on the Digital Marketing course by JanBask Training. Our holistic certification program will give you an end-to-end ability to apply great tactics & strategies to meet the business’s bottom lines. Don’t believe it? How about going for our free Digital Marketing demo class and then decide what’s best???

Frequently Asked Question on Digital Marketing Certifications Online!

Q1) Is Digital Marketing Certificate worth it?

Ans. Yes, Digital Marketing certifications are worth it if you are obtaining them from big names like Google, Facebook, Salesforce, Microsoft, Bing, AMA, etc and after pursuing a holistic digital marketing training online. A Digital Marketing certification from a leading name will definitely give your resume & candidature an edge while appearing for the job.

Q2) Does Digital marketing jobs pay well?

Ans. Digital Marketing is a constantly growing job. In fact, it is one of the top 10 jobs in the US. And has grown more in popularity, especially after this post-pandemic scenario. Anyone who plans a career around Digital Marketing or its involved disciplines like SEO, social media, email marketing, influencer manager separately will have the chance to rope in amazing career profiles with the desired payscale.

Q3) What are the benefits of Digital Marketing Certifications?

Ans. If you consider pursuing Digital Marketing Certification online by names like Google, Facebook, Salesforce or so after a quick Digital Marketing Certification course, you will enjoy:

  • Verified knowledge of modern marketing challenges & their solutions
  • More upgrade in the paycheck & the profiles
  • Boost of confidence to approach good jobs, pursue freelancing gig or start own internet marketing or any other business

Q4) Which certification is best for Digital Marketing?

Ans. You can go for Google Analytics, Google Ads Certifications, Facebook Blueprint Certifications, Salesforce Cloud Marketing Certifications, HubSpot Content Marketing, or Email Marketing certifications. If you are looking for a complete Digital Marketing Certification course, JanBask Training has a complete training program that upskills you with the right skills and offers you recognized Digital Marketing training completion Certification.

Q5) How to get a Digital Marketing Certificate from JanBask Training?

Ans. To get digital Marketing Certification online from JanBask Training, first, enrol in our free demo class. Then join the complete digital marketing certification program of 10 weeks. Learn each concept taught in a live environment, understand the concepts taught both theoretically & practically. 

If required, talk to our trainers offline to resolve any doubts. Solve each & every real-life case assignment & project, take the quizzes, test your knowledge on the modern digital marketing concepts via real-like mock tests. And once you successfully finish our training, and have end-to-end acquired the knowledge of digital marketer, we will award you with our globally recognized “Certificate of Achievement for Digital Marketing”.

Now you know how to get Digital Marketing Certificate with us, what’s the wait for, start with your free demo class now!

Q6) Will Digital Marketing Certification programs help me with my job?

Ans. Digital Marketing Certifications online are just benchmarks that help you test your knowledge you gathered with any professional training. It is your ultimate skills & knowledge that will make you shine bright in the interview & gain better career opportunities.

Enroll in our accredited Digital Marketing Program to get the proven skills, hiring companies are looking for!

Q7) Who can apply for Digital Marketing Certifications?

Ans. Anyone can apply for the Digital Marketing certification & training program with JanBask:

  • A fresher or graduate from any subject or discipline
  • A working professional in tech, the management, or creative field
  • A novice content writer, digital marketer, SEO specialist or so.

You can be from any professional or career background to pursue Digital Marketing Certification online!

Also, feel free to spam us in the comments below what Digital Marketing certification online are you interested in opting for. Let’s start a conversation thread!

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  • Introduction to cybersecurity
  • Cryptography and Secure Communication 
  • Cloud Computing Architectural Framework
  • Security Architectures and Models
Cyber Security Course

Upcoming Class

16 days 05 Jul 2024

QA Course


  • Introduction and Software Testing
  • Software Test Life Cycle
  • Automation Testing and API Testing
  • Selenium framework development using Testing
QA Course

Upcoming Class

8 days 27 Jun 2024

Salesforce Course


  • Salesforce Configuration Introduction
  • Security & Automation Process
  • Sales & Service Cloud
  • Apex Programming, SOQL & SOSL
Salesforce Course

Upcoming Class

7 days 26 Jun 2024

Business Analyst Course

Business Analyst

  • BA & Stakeholders Overview
  • BPMN, Requirement Elicitation
  • BA Tools & Design Documents
  • Enterprise Analysis, Agile & Scrum
Business Analyst Course

Upcoming Class

9 days 28 Jun 2024

MS SQL Server Course

MS SQL Server

  • Introduction & Database Query
  • Programming, Indexes & System Functions
  • SSIS Package Development Procedures
  • SSRS Report Design
MS SQL Server Course

Upcoming Class

9 days 28 Jun 2024

Data Science Course

Data Science

  • Data Science Introduction
  • Hadoop and Spark Overview
  • Python & Intro to R Programming
  • Machine Learning
Data Science Course

Upcoming Class

2 days 21 Jun 2024

DevOps Course


  • Intro to DevOps
  • GIT and Maven
  • Jenkins & Ansible
  • Docker and Cloud Computing
DevOps Course

Upcoming Class

5 days 24 Jun 2024

Hadoop Course


  • Architecture, HDFS & MapReduce
  • Unix Shell & Apache Pig Installation
  • HIVE Installation & User-Defined Functions
  • SQOOP & Hbase Installation
Hadoop Course

Upcoming Class

2 days 21 Jun 2024

Python Course


  • Features of Python
  • Python Editors and IDEs
  • Data types and Variables
  • Python File Operation
Python Course

Upcoming Class

17 days 06 Jul 2024

Artificial Intelligence Course

Artificial Intelligence

  • Components of AI
  • Categories of Machine Learning
  • Recurrent Neural Networks
  • Recurrent Neural Networks
Artificial Intelligence Course

Upcoming Class

10 days 29 Jun 2024

Machine Learning Course

Machine Learning

  • Introduction to Machine Learning & Python
  • Machine Learning: Supervised Learning
  • Machine Learning: Unsupervised Learning
Machine Learning Course

Upcoming Class

23 days 12 Jul 2024

 Tableau Course


  • Introduction to Tableau Desktop
  • Data Transformation Methods
  • Configuring tableau server
  • Integration with R & Hadoop
 Tableau Course

Upcoming Class

2 days 21 Jun 2024

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