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What Is The Average Salary Of Digital Marketers?

It is great to be in marketing, not just because of new platforms and social media channels added to our marketing toolkit but marketing salaries went up by an average of 19 percent during the last few years. Today, every brand needs to be present online to strengthen its position, so digital marketing experts are needed for taking a brand online and making it popular among competitors.

Here, the question comes when the digital marketing field is that much emerging then how much a digital marketing expert does make usually? The job outlook is amazing, especially for those having a background in the digital marketing domain, and they are willing to expand their knowledge base in the same field by learning new skills and online marketing tactics. In this blog, we would discuss the career options available in the digital marketing domain and their average salaries.

“Only 8% professionals across the USA, UK and Ireland were found to have achieved entry-level skills”

Digital Marketing Salaries at the Entry-level

There is a wide range of opportunities emerging in the digital marketing field as compared to the past ten years. The expansion of the digital marketing industry demands skilled and knowledgeable resources worldwide. The average salary of a digital marketing expert at the entry-level position is calculated as $47 k per year. It goes up with time, and the state also affects digital marketing salaries. Digital Marketing Salaries at the Entry-level Salaries also get affected by the level of experience and your education skillset. More than 50 percent of digital marketing experts are self-employed and working on multiple projects together. Notably, the salary of content strategists went up by 40 percent, and social media managers salaries by 20 percent on average.

According to research, digital marketing experts who are taking the highest salary packages are good at conversion rate optimization, content strategies, and SEO comes at the third position.

A range of skills that affect the digital marketing salaries include strategic marketing, online marketing, web content management, email marketing, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Marketing, web analytics, Graphic designing, Content management, Google Analytics, Google Ad Words, web designing etc.

Digital Media Manager Salaries

A digital marketing manager implements marketing projects and comes up with great marketing strategies to promote products and services online. They generally focus on improving sales through brand loyalty and recognition. He is well versed in e-commerce skills and able to keep up with rapid changes in the marketplace. Digital Media Manager Salaries

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Job titles and salaries

  • Digital marketing manager – $64, 450
  • Inbound marketing manager - $74, 345
  • Senior digital media manager - $99,724

The common job profiles under senior digital media manager include SEO Manager, Content Strategists, or Email marketing managers.

Job responsibilities of a digital media manager

  • He can manage a team of professionals responsible for digital marketing.
  • He delivers and develops digital marketing strategies for attracting customers and promoting products or services online.
  • He designs and implements marketing campaigns to enhance the overall influence of the brand.
  • He identifies the best practices and online statistics to optimize marketing performance.
  • He oversees the development of web content and exploration of sales channels.
  • He generally requires a bachelor’s degree to enter the field, but it is not mandatory.
  • He manages the subordinate staff based on their daily performance levels.
  • He makes sure that business goals or project milestones are achieved in adherence to approved budgets.
  • He has extensive knowledge of department processes, and he generally reports to the head of the Unit.
  • He requires a minimum experience of 5 years in Digital marketing domain before he is promoted as a Manager.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Expert Salaries

SEO is still considered as one of the most important aspects of a digital marketing plan. According to HubSpot, Google is responsible for 94 percent of mobile traffic and 96 percent of total organic traffic. It means SEO can really help you in boosting the overall traffic to your website. As an SEO professional, it is your responsibility checking that content is very well written and supported by the Google search engine.

SEO management is a rapidly evolving job that requires frequent skills updates in terms of data and algorithm changes etc. He should always be prepared to implement changes as required. If you are skilled, it makes you a valuable resource of the Company, According to HubSpot, SEO is growing tremendously, and organic presence is considered the topmost priority by marketers. SEO Expert Salaries

Job titles and salaries

  • SEO specialist - $43,821
  • Inbound SEO expert - $50,223
  • SEO Manager - $66, 236
  • Inbound SEO Manager - $70, 123

PPC Marketer Salaries

Pay-per-click is a special type of paid advertising technique where businesses pay when users click on their ads. It helps in driving more sales to your site, and you have to pay for the final output only. Your main objective is attracting the high potential customers with the minimum ad spend. PPC experts have to analyze Company data from multiple angles and optimize it based on requirements. PPC is a special field that requires highly strong analytical skills. PPC Marketer Salaries

Job Titles & Average Salaries:

  • PPC Manager: $50,035
  • PPC Professional: $44,219
  • PPC Analyst: $43,315

Role and Responsibilities:

  • He is responsible for managing daily account activities related to Yahoo, Bing, Google AdWords, and more search platforms.
  • He monitors keywords, monthly budgets, market shares, quality score, and other important account metrics.
  • He is responsible for creating a wider keyword list. He also helps in graphics designing, copy suggestions, etc.
  • He contributes to design marketing strategies, campaigns, display networks, revenue tracking, and other paid initiatives.
  • He manages new paid search campaigns, ad group, and other paid marketing initiatives.
  • He communicates with the team on project deliveries, timelines, and the final output. He works with other team members closely to meet the Company goals.

Social Media Expert Salaries

Becoming a social media expert is really tough than usual. Here is a quick look at stats for your reference.

  • Eight percent of Instagram users follow some type of businesses.
  • Seventy percent of total Americans and 30 percent of the total world population uses Facebook.
  • Twenty-six percent of total Facebook users who click on ads, make a purchase eventually.
  • The user engagement has increased up to 91 percent over the last few years.
  • Most Pinterest users are inspired by new ideas when they are checking the post for the first time.

Having a sound social media presence is crucial in today’s market space, and only social media experts can help you in establishing a good social media presence. He helps in increasing user engagement, building brand loyalty, converting customers, etc. Social Media Expert Salaries

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Job Titles & Average Salaries:

  • Social Media Strategist: $51,248
  • Social Media Marketing Manager: $49,552
  • Social Media Manager: $49,146
  • Social Media Specialist: $41,702
  • Social Media Coordinator: $39,024
  • Inbound Social Media Manager: $54,514

Role and Responsibilities

  • He is responsible for goal settings, content management, SEO activities, lead cultivation, sales enhancement, etc.
  • He also takes care of brand awareness and building an online reputation.
  • He administers and publishes high quality and relevant content on sites.
  • He works on a regular publishing schedule.
  • He works on different strategies to improve the content structure and the overall SEO outputs.
  • He leverages the right set of tools for content management. He promotes content through social media platforms.

Content Manager Salaries

A content manager oversees all activities related to the content from brainstorming to calendar, and creation to the layout. They are also directing the creative team, setting goals, and deadlines, etc. A content manager is working with freelancers, account managers, and editors to get content materials on time and designing impressive content copies as per the latest marketing trends.

The content manager role comes with a lot of responsibilities, so leadership skills are must here. In a few circumstances, Company requires a degree in communications, marketing, or any other similar field. Moreover, Company value experience with a proven track record. Content Manager Salaries

Job Titles & Average Salaries:

  • Content Manager: $56,709
  • Inbound Content Manager: $62,688

Role and Responsibilities:

  • A full-stack content manager is responsible for developing and documenting a powerful content strategy.
  • He is defining a channel that can be used by organizations to reach and communicate with customers.
  • He is establishing standards, tools, techniques, best practices, and workflows for managing content marketing life cycle.
  • He is responsible for maintaining and managing content inventories. A content inventory is a content hub where all contents can be centralized and accessed by the team when required.
  • He is responsible for coordinating and collaborating with other team members and departments to set up content opportunities.
  • He hires and manages freelance content creators as per the project requirements.

Blogger Salaries

There are multiple ways of making money as a blogger. You can earn with your own published blogs and make them viral through social media strategy. These days Companies focus on customers more instead of other in-house activities.

For this purpose, they need highly meaningful contents that can be shared by customers. This is the reason why writers are hired by Companies at a very good package and demand for skilled writers is increasing almost every passing day.

Most Companies hiring bloggers demand a bachelor’s degree in English or Journalism. A small or medium-sized Company is more willing to work with skilled writers with relevant experience. Blogger Salaries

Job Titles & Average Salaries:

  • Blogger: $41,889

Role and Responsibilities

  • He generates ideas for posts and converts them into meaningful words. He writes, edits, and publishes meaningful content.
  • He promotes new posts with the help of emails, ads, social media, and other popular platforms.
  • He advocates and educates about other products and services.
  • He maximizes the traffic size by utilizing search engine optimized keywords.
  • He invites other bloggers to contribute content to the webpage.
  • He monitors responses of posts through the social media platform or website for a better understanding of the audience.
  • He is familiar with all the latest industry trends for possible opportunities to attract new customers and creating more engaging content.

Developer Salaries

A software or mobile app developer design apps or websites that we can use every day on our smartphones or tablets. It is necessary to have a background in web designing for developing a sound and result-driven website. Developers are also testing websites for bugs and troubleshooting issues as soon as they come up.

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Developing is a purely technical aspect of digital marketing that demands a background in IT programming. If you have the sound programming knowledge, then it can be a sound bet for you working as a developer. Developer Salaries

Job Titles & Average Salaries:

  • Mobile Applications Developer: $72,037
  • Software Developer: $69,674

Final Words:

Digital marketing is revolutionizing the advertising space. Gone are the days when you turned the TV down for silence commercials. People are embracing advertising because ads are more relevant and personal now. All these strategies enforce excellent user engagement and focus more on what your customers need exactly.

Digital marketing is creating space for new job opportunities that will leave you fulfilled and compensated. So, if you are planning for a successful career in digital marketing space, then you have taken the right decision today and get ready to start your journey with JanBask Training in the Digital marketing space.

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