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Oracle Database Administration & RAC Training and Certification

Looking for Oracle & RAC training and certification in live classes? JanBask Training offers six-week oracle database administrator training program. Real-time classes & live project to improve your Oracle DBA RAC skills. Be expert in Oracle & get complete Oracle DBA training which makes you a demanding IT resource. Free trial class also available

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Oracle DBA Certification Training Course Roadmap

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Introduction & Oracle Database Software

  • Introduction to Oracle DBA

    • Introduction on Oracle DBA
    • Oracle 12c DBA Architecture
    • Explore the Oracle 11g database architecture
    • Oracle database Overview, DBA Responsibilities.

    Installing the Oracle Database Software

    • Install software with the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI)
    • Tasks of an Oracle Database Administrator
    • Tools Used to Administer an Oracle Database
    • Installation: System Requirements
    • Installing Oracle Grid Infrastructure
    • Installing Oracle Database Software
    • Install and configure 11g and 12c Oracle Database Software

Creating an Oracle Database

    • Create a database with the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA)
    • Create a database design template with the DBCA
    • Generate database creation scripts with the DBCA
    • Using the DBCA to Create a Database
    • Password Management
    • Using the DBCA to Delete a Database

Managing the Oracle Instance

    • Start and stop the Oracle database and components
    • Use Enterprise Manager (EM)
    • Access a database with SQL*Plus and iSQL*Plus
    • Modify database initialization parameters
    • Understand the stages of database startup
    • Describe the stages of database startup
    • Describe database shutdown options
    • View the Alert log, Use the Data Dictionary

Managing Database Storage Structures

    • Using appropriate Storage settings, Types of segments.
    • Describe table data storage (in blocks)
    • Define the purpose of tablespaces and data files
    • Understand and utilize Oracle Managed Files (OMF)
    • Space Management in Tablespaces
    • Tablespaces in the Preconfigured Database
    • Automatic Storage Management (ASM)
    • Set up initialization parameter files for ASM instance
    • Managing Undo Data, Explain DML and undo data generation

Administering User Mangement

    • Create and manage database user accounts
    • Authenticate users, Predefined Administrative Accounts
    • Assign default storage areas (tablespaces)
    • Create and manage roles & profiles
    • Implement standard password security features
    • Control resource usage by users

Oracle Database Security & Oracle Network

  • Implementing Oracle Database Security

    • Describe DBA responsibilities for security
    • Apply the principal of least privilege
    • Enable standard database auditing
    • Specify audit options, Review audit information

    Configuring the Oracle Network Environment

    • Create additional listeners
    • Create Net Service aliases
    • Configure connect-time failover
    • Control the Oracle Net Listener
    • Test Oracle Net connectivity
    • Identify when to use shared versus dedicated servers
    • Use Enterprise Manager to create and configure the Listener
    • Enable Oracle Restart to monitor the listener
    • Use tnsping to test Oracle Net connectivity
    • Identify when to use shared servers and when to use dedicated servers


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Course Curriculum

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Oracle DBA Corporate Training

Oracle DBA Corporate Training & Certification

The online Oracle DBA training, as well as the certification program, is quite perfect for any person who is interested in mastering the database administration skills and the database development, particularly:

FAQs on Oracle DBA Certification Course and Training

Oracle DBA FAQs

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Sabin Ivanovici

This course will definitely help you with studying for the OCA exam. Knowing the functions of each part of the database will help you in your job as a DBA. This will even help you with interview questions.

Ashish Shinde

Concepts are explained very well. They are explained in simple terms and are crystal clear. Architecture lessons are really useful for new and intermediate students. I would strongly recommend this course for new DBAs. I would like to see some quiz and exercises so that students can learn/practice further.

Taylor Sansom

Very good information and the inclusion of installing a virtual environment and then installing Oracle gives the student a great exposure to not only the background of Oracle but the environment and how it is installed. Better course than I expected.

Rahul Pal

This course has provided me with a great deal of information. I highly enjoy the provided quizzes and software downloads that can be used to follow along with the instruction.

Astha Sharma

Great job by the instructor. Explanations were in plain and simple English. The delivery and the tools of multi-media employed are super! They make understanding very easy.

Roopa Karkera

This course is a great to start with for an Oracle DBA. All the concepts are well explained. The course is engaging and interesting as well. Thank you JanBask for this wonderful course.

Malla Kalva

The instructor is very clear and explains the processes in a way to understand how they work. I also like the little quizzes but they could be a little longer for further testing an user’s knowledge.

Marius Buivydas

The Instructor is doing an awesome job and I am learning a lot. The delivery and the tools of multi-media employed is super! They make understanding very easy.

Amit Pathak

Very understandable lectures. The author deserves applause for his great teaching skills. He covered the basic concepts very clearly. Very very helpful. Thank you.

Roberto Gaui

The instructor speaks with high energy and enthusiasm, easy to follow and the enthusiasm is contagious. Instructor breaks down concepts into easy to understand terminology.

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