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Boost your career with our online Data Management courses. Master the database fundamentals and gain industry knowledge to handle databases. Learn Anytime, Anywhere, at your own pace!

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A Comprehensive Overview Of Data Management Courses Online

Our Data Management Courses give you immense knowledge and professional advantage by mastering industry-required skill sets.Take the first step in your data management career today!

Why Data Management Course?

Organizations are looking for professionals who can work on massive data sets and derive meaningful insights, helping the organization in decision-making. Gaining Data Management skills will prepare you for the most sought-after job opportunity.



Work Opportunity in Spectrum of Industries

Every industry is dependent on DATA. Business intelligence, sales, finance, education, healthcare, marketing, and every function sector needs skilled Data Management professionals. Land your dream job with the best data management certification.


$103 Million

Jump in Data Analytics Market

The Data Analytics Market is expected to rise to $103 Million by 2025. This indicates that 1.5 million new jobs are projected worldwide in this field. By enrolling in competitive online Data Management courses, you can master the skills that prepare you for the workforce.



Rise In Salary

The data management salary has risen 36% in the last five years. The rising need for qualified data managers has also led to a payscale of approx $100,000 per year. The best online data management courses will help you land your dream job and gain a competitive edge.

The Inclusive Data Management Certification Learning Curve

Upon earning professional and credible certification, more than 59% of professionals move up the ladder, 76% are confident in their skills to keep pace with the changing industry dynamics, and 80% gain placement with top companies. Make The Right Move Now!

 The Inclusive Data Management Certification Learning Curve Course

Learn & Upskill By Enrolling in Our Online Data Management Course. You Gain:

  • Extensive knowledge of methods and frameworks to harness data to generate value.
  • Create a data-focused plan to acquire an edge in your industry.
  • Recognize and control the data lifecycle.
  • Develop a competent data strategy team.
  • Utilize your data assets to create new value.
  • Secure your data with new-age learning.
 Skills Up Through Our Competitive Online Data Management Course that gets you expertise in: Course

Skills Up Through Our Competitive Online Data Management Course that gets you expertise in:

  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Big Data
  • Hadoop
  • Oracle
  • SQL
  • Business Analytics
  • Data Engineering & much more
 Features of Our Data Management Online Course  That Makes it Exceptional: Course

Features of Our Data Management Online Course That Makes it Exceptional:

  • Build your skills to become job ready
  • Live interaction classes from industry experts
  • Advanced Data Management Course Completion Program
  • Access to live sessions and self paced videos to refresh concepts
  • Real life industry training using Big Data, Hadoop, Machine Learning and much more.
  • Get an actual feel of artificial intelligence.

Online Data Management Courses Benefits

Learn new Data Management skills the way you want, and get a competitive edge with online Data Management courses that can lead to new opportunities.

 Online Data Management Courses Benefits Course
Be a Life-long Learner with Online Data Management Courses:
  • With the online Data Management Certification courses, get the undivided attention of instructors and mentors 24*7. Connect anytime and from anywhere to resolve your queries.
  • Be in control of your Data Management career path with flexible training sessions and study anytime you want without compromising your work schedule.
  • Earn lifetime access to top Data Management Beginner to Advanced courses tailor-made to suit the changing industry dynamics.
  • Online Data Management courses expose the student to learning using different LMSs (learning management systems), incorporate audio/video into assignments, participate in online training workshops and further enhance their technical skills.
 Be a Life-long Learner with Online Data Management Courses: Course
Offline Courses Are Outdated
  • Offline study is an expensive mode of study and leads to unplanned utilization of time and resources.
  • You may miss out on life-long accessibility to study material, projects, and presentations as available in online classes.
  • More communication barriers between the instructor and the students.
  • The centers of learning in offline courses are often too far off from the residences.
  • The quality of tutors may not always be very good and suitable for the students.
  • Offline courses may not offer all the materials that are being offered by online classes.

Data Management Courses Admission Process

Grow and validate your skills with Data Management courses. A comprehensive and student-centric admission process to suit the needs of our learners.

 Eligibility for Data Management Courses Course

Eligibility for Data Management Courses

For admission to the data management courses online, candidates should have a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent degree. Professionals with basic understanding of SQL and database frameworks should apply for the course for career advancement opportunities.

 Data Management Admission 2022 Course

Data Management Admission 2022

Register, fill up, pay, and submit the application form for online QA courses. Furnish proof of your academic qualifications & work experience. These courses give you the extra mileage in your journey to achieve professional excellence. These courses are in line with your career needs.

Data Management Certification Entrance Exams  Course

Data Management Certification Entrance Exams

The data management entrance exam is an important test for those seeking a career in data management. The exam tests the knowledge on data storage, data retrieval, data analysis, and data security. Candidates may apply for Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) exam and the Master’s in Data Analytics (MDA) exam post completion of a credible certification course.

Data Management Without Entrance  Course

Data Management Without Entrance

To earn better job opportunities and to work in exceptional teams across big organizations one needs to be clear of the certification exam, without qualifying for the entrance the chances of job opportunities will be limited. These exams act as a passport for a greater and brighter future.

#1 World No. CRM - Data Management

From artificial intelligence to graph technology, every progressive organization is infusing data management into business strategy and digital transformation for data-driven decision making, quantifying outcomes and amplifying data-fueled business changes.

Take the First Step Towards A Winning Career!

#1 World No. CRM - Data Management Course

Top Profile Through An Inclusive Data Management Course

Become career ready with our online Data Management courses. Make your resume stand out with top data management specializations.

Product <br>Analyst Course


Data  <br>Architect Course


Database Administrator Course

Database Administrator

Data  <br>Engineer Course


Machine Learning  <br>Engineer Course

Machine Learning

Decision  <br>Scientist Course


Data  <br>Analyst Course


Data  <br>Scientist Course


Student Testimonials

quotes1 icon

I had a great experience of learning Devops course from JanBask Training. Course instructor was very knowledgeable, and handed the class very well in terms of making it interactive and interesting.

- Manik

quotes1 icon

I had a great experience of learning Devops course from JanBask Training. Course instructor was very knowledgeable, and handed the class very well in terms of making it interactive and interesting.

- Jiten Miglani

quotes1 icon

I went through a DevOps course in my college 2 semesters ago; I found the course far too superficial and far too fast without much motivation from the professor. This course has a much easier pace, better examples and provides motivation for what we are studying. The JanBask team gives its best to support us.

- Chris Hughes

quotes1 icon

The course is suitable for beginners, it is very well structured and the steps are explained clearly and in detail.

- Ronny Maron

quotes1 icon

Good course. Got to learn so much more things about DevOps. The instructor was very good and cleared all the doubts. Thank you.

- Marcel Gaude

quotes1 icon

As a beginner to DevOps, this course gives a solid foundation to build upon.The descriptions of concepts and working examples are crisp and to the point without being a drag. Allover it’s a good course.

- Wilson Omar Palomeque Zamora

quotes1 icon

A very good course of DevOps at JanBask. The instructor does a great job of covering all aspects very methodically. The way the chapters are grouped is really helpful for a beginner. Thanks a lot.

- Arjoyita Roy

quotes1 icon

A very valuable course. Learnt DevOps concepts, ANT, GIT and Jenkins all in one place. Very methodical and practical. A must for someone who is into DevOps. Overall great course.

- Atul Punj

FAQs on Online Data Management Courses

The data management online course is a learning program that teaches students how to effectively manage data. This can include everything from organizing and storing data to retrieving and analyzing it.

There are many benefits to taking our data management online course. Perhaps the most obvious is that it can help you develop the skills you need to be successful in the field. In addition, our online data management course can be more convenient and flexible than a traditional classroom course. You can typically study at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Here are some of the advantages of our data management online course:

  • To become professionals in Data Management
  • Gain industrial knowledge
  • Well researched instructor-led virtual classes and tailor made study materials
  • Gain insight into the real time situation
  • Live interaction classes and doubt clearing sessions
  • Live project experience on Data Management

After the completion of the Data Management course:

  • You will have a crisp knowledge of handling the databases in the industry
  • You will have the confidence, knowledge, and methods to proceed as a certified Data Manager
  • Join the JanBask Training Certification online learning community for master data management online courses to sharpen your skills and interact with other students and professionals around the world.
  • On gaining the training and certification, you can try your luck at the big companies.

By enrolling in the data management online course with vast knowledge and skills in the industry, you can have a successful career in this field.

One of the most popular technical platforms for utilizing big data in a business is Hadoop. It might be quite difficult to start with big data. So before you pursue your certification, we think it's crucial to master the fundamentals of the technology. To help you comprehend the Hadoop environment and cover your fundamentals, JanBask offers in-depth certification data management courses for beginners.

The data management online course is for :

  • Individuals who want to learn how to effectively manage data.
  • Beginners who want to jumpstart their career in this field.
  • Tech Professionals who want to land their dream job in this field.
  • Business owners & managers who want to gain more insights of Data Management Framework.

Our master data management online courses will have live interaction classes and peer-to-peer communication forums will help you clear your doubts. Our teaching professionals will respond to your queries. There are regular faculty Q&A sessions to clear your doubts.


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