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Build data science skills, learn Python & SQL, analyze & visualize data, and build machine learning models with advanced Data Science Online courses. Learn every aspect of the data science ecosystem & land your dream job.

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A Comprehensive Overview of Data Science Courses

Accelerate your career with our cutting-edge Data science online courses designed in guidance with industry and academia to develop job-ready skills and let you gain a competitive advantage.

Advance Towards Your Professional Goal With Data Science Certification Program

Make the right career move by gaining the right skills with Data Science online courses. Get end-to-end learning experience, work on real-time industry projects and be future-ready with a Data Science course online.


$103 billion

Estimated Market Size

Organizations turn to a data scientist for robust data predictions. Get yourself trained with the right Data Science certificate programs and stay ahead of the curve.


190 K

Data Science Jobs Available

The adoption of Big Data and Analytics adoption among fortune 500 companies is enormous, and employment will reach its peak by 2026. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be around 11.5 million new jobs for Data Science professionals by 2026.



Most-Demanded IT Skill

The Data Science market is to grow from $37.9 billion in 2019 to $230.80 billion by 2026 making skilled data professionals highly in demand. Gain immense learning with top-rated Data Science online courses now.



Average Data Scientist Salary

Data Science professionals are among the highest-paid salaried jobs in the world. Be a part of this ecosystem, pursue a career in data science and be among the top-earning professionals with an industry-recognized Data Science course online.

Leverage Value with Data Science Online Courses

Gain real-world data science experience with projects designed by industry experts. Build your portfolio and advance your career with our best Data Science Courses online.

 Leverage Value with Data Science Online Courses Course

What Skills Will You Learn in Data Science Courses?

  • Learn Statistical analysis and computing, Machine Learning & Deep Learning
  • With our Data science Beginner to Advanced courses, gain knowledge of SAS and other analytical tools.
  • Get adept at working with unstructured data and develop strong business acumen.
 Who Can Apply for the Data Science Course? Course

Who Can Apply for the Data Science Course?

  • A degree in B.Tech, B.E., BCA, B.Sc (IT), M.Tech, MCA, M.Sc, M.A (Economics) or MBA
  • Marketing Professionals, IT professionals and Developers, Project Managers & professionals with curiosity to learn about Data science
  • Students with a STEM background (Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics) can apply for the course.
What are the unique features of the Data Science Online Course? Course

What are the unique features of the Data Science Online Course?

  • 24x7 Learn from mentors and peer community with similar perspectives to resolve any conceptual doubt.
  • Learn from experts, who bring current best practices and case studies to sessions that fit into your work sessions.
  • Cutting-edge and well-designed curriculum.

What Makes Going For Online Data Science Certificate Course Imperative

Students and professionals are opting for online courses because of the immense benefits they gain through credible online certification programs.

 What Makes Going For Online Data Science Certificate Course Imperative Course
Achieve a Life-long Relationship with Data Science Online Courses:
  • In our Data Science certificate course online, you get a mentor’s undivided attention and can have doubts cleared quickly without hassle.
  • Data Science courses online, get you current facts and knowledge delivered through experts. It includes industry-relevant live projects and case studies to enhance your skill-sets.
  • Gain exposure to the latest resources, tools, and technologies of the data science world practically.
  • Be in control of your Data Science career path with flexible training sessions as per convenience with Data Science online courses.
 Achieve a Life-long Relationship with Data Science Online Courses: Course
Roadblocks of Offline Courses:
  • Offline Data Science classes lack the flexibility and convenience of self-paced learning.
  • Offline studies are challenging to opt for working people.
  • Offline study is an expensive mode of study due to the infrastructure cost involved.
  • Offline education lacks exposure to the newest Data Science technology.
  • The centers of learning in offline courses are often too far off from the residences.
  • The quality of tutors may not always be very good and suitable for the students.

Data Science Admission Process

Jump-start your Data Science journey with our online Data Science program, aligned to meet industry standards. Learn the entire Data Science admission process to get started.

Prerequisites for Data Science Online Courses Course

Prerequisites for Data Science Online Courses

Learners should be graduated and have an active interest in statistical analysis and programming to pursue a career in Data Science. Additionally, professionals familiar with Machine Learning and AI, Python Programming & SQL database concepts will find transitioning into the Data Science industry easily.

Who Should go for Data Science Certifications Course

Who Should go for Data Science Certifications

Data science certificate programs are suitable for individuals looking to build a career in top IT organizations, particularly for engineers, Marketing professionals, Software and IT professionals. These certificate programs are a boon for aspiring professionals looking to make it big in the industry.

 Eligibility for Data Science Course Online Course

Eligibility for Data Science Course Online

This Data Science certification & training course is suitable for individuals looking to build a career in Data Science. The minimum criterion is a Bachelor’s Degree. Students with a STEM background (Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics) can apply for the course.

Data Science Professional Exams  Course

Data Science Professional Exams

Our Data Science certificate course online not only makes you industry ready but also prepares you for higher professional accreditations such as Certified Analytics Professional (CAP), Data Science Council of America (DASCA), IBM Data Science Professional Certificate & Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate.

Data Science Online Course Overview  Course

Data Science Online Course Overview

Get versatile training in data-centric research with strong methodological foundations in the decision sciences and competency to work in multiple programming environments (R, STATA, SAS, SPSS, Python, Hadoop, Spark, and SQL). This specially tailored training will enable the professionals to meet challenges.

Most In-Demand IT Skill - Data Science

Data Science is one of the most sought-after skills of 2022. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that about 11 million jobs will be created by 2026. Further, after completion of Data Science Online courses, the average salary of a Data Science professional ranges from approx 7,08,000, backed up by lucrative perks and top-notch job roles.

Take the First Step Towards A Winning Career!

Most In-Demand IT Skill - Data Science Course

Enhance Profile Through Comprehensive Data Science Certificate Programs

Attain the necessary knowledge and high-end skills required for well-paid job profiles that Data science course online will get you. Lead a lucrative career path by becoming a Data Science professional & assist companies to make data-driven decisions.

Student Testimonials

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What to say about this amazing course of AWS Solution Architect training, it is just awesome. It is a course that contains excellent learning sessions that are very easy to follow and understand. It can easily be taken by a novice too. You don’t need a deep or profound AWS knowledge to take this. The instructor does an excellent job of describing the material and also keeps you engaged and rooted during the entire training and certification course. This course provides great information to help study for the AWS Solution Architect Certification exam. I would highly recommend this course to everyone. The instructor does a great job of covering all aspects very methodically.

- Nicola Sequeira

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I am sure that JanBask Training is a platform that leaves no chance or method to make you the best professional in your field. Their course is short and job-oriented. They know what the recruiters want and prepare you accordingly. This is a very short span of training that would change your life for good. They have very intelligent and patient mentors who would never shy away from answering even the silliest of the doubts for you. All you have to do is to invest some honest time to learn, and the amazing team takes care of the rest.

- Garry Arathon

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At JanBask Training You get special doubt clearing sessions, tips for resume writing, interview questions and answers, etc. The course also comes with regular tests, MCQ sessions, etc. An amazing course to get a good grip on the concepts of computing. I was a novice when I had joined JanBask Training and today I can proudly say that I am a certified AWS Solution Architect expert. The platform provides an amazing curriculum that shows the planning effort of a good and knowledgeable team. You get trained in high-quality digital sessions where you can debate with the mentor and classmates just like an old-school regular classroom. You get a very collaborative learning environment.

- Josh Patel

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Well, to be honest, I had a lot of fun while taking my AWS Solution Architect Training Course. The course support system is amazing. You can approach them anytime and be assured of getting an answer within a timeframe of a few minutes. I must say that it is an amazing online training program with excellent mentors, interesting curriculum, special focus certification sessions, etc. I would recommend to everyone. A very comprehensive yet short duration course on AWS Solutions Architect that will make you a candidate that every organization out there is looking for. The course is very short, as well as precise.

- Vivian Demorest

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The AWS Solution Architect curriculum is quite up-to-date. My instructor is a very passionate fellow. I had a great time while learning this training course. Also, my certification exam went quite well, and I am hopeful about hearing positive results very soon. My job applications have also been selected. I am just waiting for my certification now. Thank you, JanBask Training, for making all of this possible. I will highly recommend this lecture for getting certified in the field of AWS or cloud computing. The course is very detailed yet short. You don't have to join with any skills or a particular background.

- Disha Khosla

FAQs On Data Science Online Courses

Data Science Course Online Certifications are necessary because:

  • They verify the professional's approved knowledge in the Data Science field.
  • They increase job interview invitations extensively.
  • They propel your career prospects - during the job hiring preferences and salary negotiations.
  • They instill positivity and confidence in approaching any job or project.

Hence, you must have a certification as a Data Science professional.

Data Scientist is one of the hottest professions of this year. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics sees unprecedented growth in the field of data science and predicts 11.5 million job openings in 2026 rising at an annual growth rate of 28%. Our Data Science certification course encourages you to master job-critical skills including statistics, hypothesis testing, data mining, clustering, decision trees, linear and logistic regression, data wrangling, data visualization, regression models, recommendation engine, supervised and unsupervised learning, and much more.

Our Data Science certificate course online offers a comprehensive curriculum with live-online instructor-led classes. This Data Science certification training concludes with a Capstone project designed to reinforce the learning by building an industry-relevant product encompassing all the key aspects learned in the Data Science Training program. The skills learned in this Data Science course will help prepare you for the role of a Data Scientist.

After the completion of the Data Science certificate course online-

  • You will have a crisp knowledge of the role of data science in the industry
  • You will have the confidence, knowledge, and methods to proceed as a certified data science
  • You can be a part of the online learning community of JanBask Training Certification data analytic programs to brush up on your skills and interact with the learners and experts across the globe
  • You can expect the door opening up for a wide range of jobs. You can try your luck in giant firms as certified data scientists.
  • You can have a bright career in data science by pursuing the data analysis online course with extensive knowledge and expertise in the field.

Data Analyst and Data Scientist are two in-demand job roles. But, on the level of skills and responsibilities the data analyst courses and data science syllabus differ a little. Here’s how:

Data analytics courses enhance individuals' knowledge of statistics and probability, Python programming, and SQL. The courses in data analytics are designed to give learners the knowledge to analyze data with MS Excel and create reports using Tableau, exploratory data analysis & data wrangling.

The Data science syllabus provides them with a strong foundation in calculus, linear algebra, statistics, and probability, Well-versed in Python, SQL, R, SAS, MATLAB, Spark, Data visualization using Power BI, and Storytelling using Tableau, Machine learning, and cloud computing.

In short, A Data Scientist course is recommended for those who want to create advanced machine learning models. A Data Analyst course is better suited for those who want to start their career in analytics.

A moderate degree of coding is necessary for data science. Data science requires only sufficient coding knowledge to transform and analyze data or machine learning packages for advanced users, which can be further elevated with the right data science training. High-level coding similar to software engineering is not necessary for data science. However, this may vary across positions.

Careers in data science have been generating quite the buzz lately and it’s not unfounded. With the best online data science courses & affordable data science course fees, the opportunities are endless. Here are the top careers that you can opt for after you complete your data science course duration:

  • Data Architects and Administrators
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Business IT Analyst & more

It is extremely important to understand that for a data scientist to add real value to a business and bring about positive and beneficial change, there is a certain set of non-technical related softer skills that you will attain in this data science degree:

  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Business acumen
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork
  • Problem solving

Data science professionals use generalist programming languages as well as languages for designing applications and databases.

Here are the most important programming languages:

  • Python
  • R
  • SQL
  • JavaScript
  • C/C++ & others

This is why our best data science online course has incorporated the best programming languages in the program to excel your career to new heights.


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