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Tableau With Data Science Training & Certification

This course offers an amazing learning experience with Tableau that has taken a growing standard in BI for data visualization and dashboard creation. The data visualization with Tableau course will help you to work with various data sources, create compelling visuals, and roll out data science products as per the Company requirements. By deeper and meaningful insights, students will be empowered to harness the data in a striking way that can provide immense value to organizations instead of their sizes. So, register now for data visualization with Tableau & get certified with us!

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Why Online Tableau with Data Science Certification?

This certification will help you to shape and grow your career in Tableau and Data Science domain together. To become a Tableau professional, it is necessary to master data science first to work on multiple data sources effectively and driving meaningful insights from the same. Let us focus on a few facts that make Tableau with Data Science courses so popular these days.


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Do You Know Why Data Visualization With Tableau Training is Necessary to Grow Your Career?


Tableau & Data Science expert salaries are noted 77 percent higher than other IT domains.

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Tableau with Data Science Training Course Roadmap

Here are the milestones that you will achieve with our Tableau with Data Science Course Training

Introduction to Visualization & Tableau

    • Course Introduction and Specialization
    • Introduction to Data Visualization
    • What is Data Visualization
    • Why do we need Data Visualization?
    • Tools for Data Visualization
    • Installing Tableau
    • The Tableau Interface
    • Creating Your First Visualization
    • Tableau Workbook, Sheets and Dashboards
    • Filter shelf, Rows, and Columns
    • Dimensions and Measures
    • Distributing and Publishing

Connecting to Data Source

    • Data Connections Overview
    • Connecting to the data file, database servers
    • Managing Fields & Extracts
    • Saving and Publishing Data Sources
    • Data Prep with Text and Excel Files
    • Join Types with Union
    • Cross-database Joins
    • Data Blending
    • Connecting to PDF
    • Preparing Your Data for Import
    • Primary Types of Connections
    • Preparing Your Data
    • Connecting and Merging Multiple Data Sources

Visual Analytics

    • Getting Started with Visual Analytics
    • Drill Down and Hierarchies
    • Sorting & Grouping
    • Creating and working Sets
    • Using the Filter Shelf
    • Interactive Filters
    • Parameters
    • The Formatting Pane
    • Trend Lines & Reference Lines
    • Forecasting
    • Clustering
    • Working with Time Serie

Mapping, Dashboards, Stories

    • Getting Started with Mapping
    • Maps in Tableau
    • Editing Unrecognized Locations
    • Spatial Files
    • Expanding Tableau's Mapping Capabilities
    • Custom Geocoding
    • Dashboards and Stories Introduction
    • Building a Dashboard
    • Dashboard Objects
    • Dashboard Formatting
    • Dashboard Interactivity Using Actions
    • Story Points
    • Animation with Pages

Calculations in Tableau

    • Calculation Syntax
    • Introduction to LOD Expressions
    • Modifying Table Calculations
    • Aggregate Calculations
    • Logic Calculations
    • String Calculations
    • Number Calculations
    • Type Calculations
    • Conceptual Topics with LOD Expressions
    • Date Calculations