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DevOps Training & Certification Course

Be the expert of deployment for your company. Learn the DevOps skills with the latest DevOps Training. Master the concepts of facilitated delivery and conveyance through DevOps Online Training.

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Why DevOps Certification?

Read the given facts and understand the need for a DevOps Certification in today's job market


DevOps is the most demanding IT skill


According to CA report 80% of Global Fortune Organization Expected to Adopt DevOps Technologies by End Of 2019

DevOps Growth


DevOps Market Size Worth $12.85 Billion by 2025 - Grand View Research, Inc


The average Devops salary in USA is $140,002


The role of DevOps Engineer has seen a 225% jump in postings on Indeed.

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Instructor-led Live Online DevOps Classes

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Earn your DevOps Certificate

Best-in-class content by leading faculty & industry leaders in the form of videos and projects, assignments & live sessions.

Career Counselling

Career Counselling

Resume Feedback

Resume Feedback

Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation

DevOps Training Course Roadmap

Here is a glance of the topics covered in our DevOps Courses

Intro to DevOps

  • Introduction to DevOps ,Tools, Linux and Shell Scripting

    • Brief history and introduction of DevOps
    • Why we need DevOps?
    • What is DevOps culture, SDLC introduction and agile methodology.
    • DevOps engineer's roles and responsibilities
    • What is Continuous integration, Continuous delivery and Continuous deployment?
    • Introduction to DevOps tools Git,Maven, Jenkins, Ansible,Docker,AWS etc.
    • Introduction about cloud, virtualization and physical infra.
    • Introduction to Linux, Basic and advance Linux commands, Administration command and file system.
    • Introduction to Shell Scripting and writing scripts.
    • Veriables, looping, decision making in scripting

GIT and Maven

  • SCM (GIT) and Build tool (Maven)

    • What is VCM?
    • Overview about Git Source code management.
    • Guideline to install and setup Git on Windows and Linux machine
    • Overview about Git workflow and GitHub.
    • Working on Git administration commands
    • Understanding of Git branching.
    • Overview about Build and build process and Maven
    • How to setup Maven.
    • Introduction about POM and maven life cycle and goals
    • Maven plugins, dependency management and project templates

Jenkins & Ansible

  • CI\CD Tool and Configuration Management using Ansible

    • Introduction about CI tool Jenkins
    • Benefits of Jenkins and architecture
    • How to Setup Jenkins on Windows and Linux?
    • Jenkins integration with other tools and plugins management
    • How to secure Jenkins and global tool configuration
    • Jenkins job setup and configuration and configuring Jenkins slave nodes?
    • Introduction about configuration management tool Ansible
    • How to Setup Ansible and setup SSH connection and inventory?
    • Writing Ansible playbooks?
    • Understanding Ansible roles and modules.

Docker and Cloud Computing

  • Containerisation technology using Docker and Cloud Computing

    • Introduction to containerization and why we use containerization in DevOps
    • Introduction about Docker and installation and Setup Docker.
    • Docker architecture and major components.
    • Introduction to Docker images and container.
    • What is Dockerfile and how to create Docker image?
    • Docker compose and push images to Docker hub
    • Introduction to cloud computing
    • Introduction to cloud modules IAAS,PAAS and SAAS.
    • Introduction about public, private and hybrid cloud.
    • Characteristics of cloud and advantages


  • Cloud with AWS and Log Management tool using ELK

    • Introduction about AWS cloud platform
    • How to setup an AWS account and secure it using AMI service.
    • Managing AWS users, groups, roles and policies.
    • Managing AWS instances using EC2, Security Group and Key pair.
    • Working with AWS services like ELB, EBS, S3, VPC, RDS and Route 53 etc.
    • Introduction to Log management tools?
    • Why Log is important in DevOps?
    • Introduction about ELK.
    • Configuring the ELK log management tool(ElasticSearch, Logstash and Kibana)
    • Configuring the beats for collecting logs from client servers

Nagios and Q&A

  • System Monitoring tool using Nagios and Q&A

    • Why Monitoring in important for continuous monitoring in DevOps?
    • Introduction to Nagios for monitoring
    • Concepts behind Nagios
    • Installation and configuration Nagios.
    • Generating reports and configuring notifications and checks.
    • Analysing applications, network and server related issues.
    • Q&A session to discuss queries and doubts.
    • Overview on resume preparing and interview questions.
    • Demo on sample Jenkins pipeline

DevOps Training Course Roadmap

  • Here is a glance of the topics covered in our DevOps Courses

    Our course curriculums are prepared after very thorough research of the market and industry trends. This is done bearing in mind that our vision is to give you a training that prepares you to take on the challenges that will come in your way as a DevOps professional. Let's see what all is covered in this DevOps Training Course.

    • History of DevOps
    • What is DevOps?
    • Why Implement DevOps?
    • DevOps Culture Terminology
    • DevOps Engineers Roles & Responsibilities
    • Continuous Integration vs Continuous Delivery vs Continuous Deployment
    • Cloud vs Containerized vs Physical Infrastructure
    • Introduction to DevOps Tools
    • Introduction to Linux
    • Introduction to Scripting
    • Introduction of Cloud
    • Introduction to Docker as Container Technology
    • Introduction to Ansible as Configuration Management tool
    • History and Overview of Linux OS
    • Difference between Unix and Linux OS
    • Linux Architecture
    • Linux Filesystem
    • Working with file and Permissions
    • Linux Administration Commands
    • Linux Generic Commands
    • Working with Linux Processes
    • Linux Filters with AWK and Sed
    • Installation and Installation of Packages
    • Introduction to Linux Scripting
    • The Shebang Different type of variables and their definition
    • Looping in Scripts
    • Decision Making in Scripting
    • What is Version Control System?
    • Git and other version control systems
    • Git Overview Installation and setup of git on local System
    • Branching Models in Git
    • Git Administration
    • Git Branching and Merging
    • Git Sharing and Updating Projects
    • Introduction to GitHub
    • Creating own account on GitHub and using it
    • Maven Overview
    • Maven Build Profile Maven Setup
    • Maven Plugins Maven POM
    • Project Templates Maven Lifecycle
    • Dependency Management
    • What is Jenkins?
    • CI/CD using Jenkins
    • Why use Jenkins as a CI tool?
    • Jenkins Plugin Management
    • Jenkins vs. Other CI tools
    • Jenkins Jobs and its Types
    • Jenkins Architecture
    • Jenkins Job Setup and Configuration
    • Jenkins Setup as CI tool
    • Jenkins slave Configuration
    • Jenkins Integration with other tools
    • Build a sample test job for the demon
    • Introduction to Ansible
    • Ansible Comparison with other configuration management tools
    • Ansible Setup on a local system
    • Ansible Coding Style
    • Ansible Inventories
    • Ansible Management and Administration commands
    • Playbooks in Ansible
    • Ansible playbooks hidden features
    • Why and how to use roles in Playbook Using templates in Ansible?
    • How to uses Conditions inside Ansible playbook?
    • How to use loops in the playbook?
    • Introduction to Security feature of ansible
    • Using variables in the playbook
    • Execution playbook of multiple sets of servers
    • What is Containerization?
    • Why should we use containerization in DevOps?
    • Introduction to Docker
    • Docker VS VM Docker Architecture
    • Major Components of Docker Installation and Setup of Docker
    • Introduction to Docker Images
    • Overview of Dockerfile and its components
    • Docker Containers
    • Docker Images vs. Container Building docker image and creation of container from the image
    • Introduction to Docker Hub and Registry Publishing and pushing docker images to docker
    • Registry Docker Networking and Storage overview
    • Overview of Docker hub
    • Using Docker compose and building multiple containers.
    • Evolution of Cloud Computing
    • IAAS, SAAS, PAAS Cloud Models
    • What is cloud computing?
    • Characteristics of cloud computing
    • Cloud implementation models
    • Cloud service models
    • Advantages of cloud computing
    • Concerns about cloud computing
    • Setting up an account & Managing it
    • IAM- Manage users, groups, roles & policies
    • Securing AWS account
    • Ec2 services-Instances
    • AMI, EIP, Security groups
    • Key pairs EBS-Manage Volumes for ec2, backups & restores
    • ELB- Load balance your own website
    • S3 -Use S3 to host websites & as a centralized storage
    • RDS- Setup & Manage your own Highly available Database
    • What is monitoring in DevOps?
    • The concept of Continuous Monitoring
    • Different monitoring Tools
    • ELK as a monitoring tool
    • Why use ELK?
    • Different components of ELK
    • Installing Elasticsearch
    • Logstash and Kibana
    • Configuring Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana
    • Introduction to ELK Beats
    • Conditions of using different beats
    • Configuring beats with ELK
    • Security and notification in ELK
    • Introducing Nagios for Monitoring Concepts behind Nagios
    • Installing and configuring Nagios creating a new host & service in Nagios
    • Generating reports, configuring a notification,
    • Configuring checks, Managing Flapping

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DevOps Corporate Training & Certification

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I had a great experience of learning Devops course from JanBask Training. Course instructor was very knowledgeable, and handed the class very well in terms of making it interactive and interesting.

Jiten Miglani

I had a great experience of learning Devops course from JanBask Training. Course instructor was very knowledgeable, and handed the class very well in terms of making it interactive and interesting.

Chris Hughes

I went through a DevOps course in my college 2 semesters ago; I found the course far too superficial and far too fast without much motivation from the professor. This course has a much easier pace, better examples and provides motivation for what we are studying. The JanBask team gives its best to support us.

Ronny Maron

The course is suitable for beginners, it is very well structured and the steps are explained clearly and in detail.

Marcel Gaude

Good course. Got to learn so much more things about DevOps. The instructor was very good and cleared all the doubts. Thank you.

Wilson Omar Palomeque Zamora

As a beginner to DevOps, this course gives a solid foundation to build upon.The descriptions of concepts and working examples are crisp and to the point without being a drag. Allover it’s a good course.s

Arjoyita Roy

A very good course of DevOps at JanBask. The instructor does a great job of covering all aspects very methodically. The way the chapters are grouped is really helpful for a beginner. Thanks a lot.

Atul Punj

A very valuable course. Learnt DevOps concepts, ANT, GIT and Jenkins all in one place. Very methodical and practical. A must for someone who is into DevOps. Overall great course.

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