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DevOps Training and Certifcation Course - DevOps Tools

Master the foundation of DevOps and get trained in DevOps Tools like Git, Chef, Docker, Jenkins, Puppet, Ansible and Nagios.

Know The Reason behind, Why DevOps Is bringing The higher Employment!

DevOps is a blend of tasks performed by application development and systems operations teams. The DevOps team focuses on standardizing development environments and automating delivery processes to improve efficiency and delivery predictability.

DevOps has a huge potential due to its major benefits within the organization and to the business. Most DevOps-enabled and capable tools currently exist as part of the larger IT operation and development toolbox. It is predicted that DevOps ready tools would see the largest growth potential. This leaves a huge window of opportunity for someone who is seeking to make a mark in DevOps.

The DevOps trend goes way beyond implementation and technology management and instead necessitates a deeper focus on how to effect positive organizational change. It is becoming a valued skill for IT professionals. DevOps certificated professional’s Avg. Take home salary ranges from $85,200 to $150,000 annually.

  • A DevOps Practitioner is responsible for speeding up the production of software and IT services so that these products and services can be pushed to market more frequently.
  • As the future unfolds, DevOps would continue to expand into companies of all sizes, with the evidence of the correlation between strong IT performance and competitive advantage.
  • Today, some of the most popular vendor-specific DevOps platforms include the ones owned by Microsoft and VMware.
  • Puppet Lab’s DevOps survey has also indicated that companies with such high-performing IT teams are twice as likely to exceed their profitability.

For Beginners:

  • DevOps program starts with elementary concepts which builds the foundation of any learner.
  • To make the foundation more strong, an important concept involving practical components with Theoretical knowledge is build to ensure rest of the stages gets a strong base.
  • Strong Theoretical knowledge along with and Practical components, this unique blend empowers this program to bring the best out of the training.
  • Once candidate clears the basic level is entitled to go for advanced.

At Advanced Stage:

  • Clearing up the basic knowledge to get started with Advanced version.
  • Stepping ahead with Hadoop & Spark Overview, Python Learning, Intro to R programing, Data inputting, Manipulation, Basic Statistic, Mining, Visualization etc through Hands on Training.
  • Live sessions, Recordings, Study Materials, ppt’s, mini & major projects and lot other things are shared with candidates with lifetime access.
  • This Data Science Module prepares you to successfully apply and conquer the Certifications & all these projects & environment builds you to go and compete for any IT Job.
  • Specific Attention to Every Candidate Needs: Trainer focuses on every single candidate and a batch comprises of a small bunch of students which enables special attention on every individual.
  • Live Answers & Instant Resolution: Trainer listens to all the questions of the candidates & provide the solutions with some good real time examples.
  • Active Learning & Team work: Discussion among the group, working with the Live Data Science Project with other learners to increase the skills like group coordination, team building etc.
  • Slick Feedback: Confusing concept, classes moving too slow or fast, the trainer immediately changes the learning pattern according to students live feedback.
  • Strong Retention in Learning: trending visuals, Data Science live Project to deliver the content effectively among candidates.
  • Learn more sitting at your place where nothing can distract you, giving you 100% learning environment.

DevOps Training Classes Schedule

Starting Duration Price  
Mon - Fri
6 Weeks
09.00 - 10.00 PM
( EST )
USD 599
Mon - Fri
6 Weeks
09.00 - 10.00 PM
( EST )
USD 599

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Frequently Asked Questions - DevOps Training Program

All our demo sessions are available free of cost to all serious learners. After enrollment, you may choose to opt for a free demo class. After Demo class, if you feel our program is not matching your expectation you may choose to cancel and ask for a refund.

As all our programs are Instructor led and delivered in a live environment, and not mere recorded sessions. Rest assured for getting ample of opportunities to interact with not only the Instructor but also with the other students who are participating in the class. We also have a couple of group sessions dedicated to this kind of trainer-learner interaction.

We deliver the training from very basics so Trainer would start from the Scratch, It’s not necessary to be from an IT background to become a master of a certain technology, all you need is enthusiasm and guidance from our instructor.

Our instructors are working professionals from the Industry with relevant experience of 10-12 yrs. They are the experts and well trained for providing online training so that candidates get a great learning experience.