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DevOps Certification Training Course

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  •  Intense Learning, Teamwork, Expert mentors, anytime support, & systematic content delivery.
  •  Get deeper insights on various DevOps tools like Git, Docker, Jenkins, Nagios, and Puppet etc.
  •   Accelerate the overall production or deployment of software products & IT services.
  •  Earn DevOps courses certifications and get your dream job with an attractive salary package.

Do You Know Why DevOps Training is Necessary to Grow Your Career?


DevOps is the most demanding IT skill


of DevOps jobs across industries as per


is the average Devops salary in the USA


Billion is the expected market size of the DevOps industry as per Grand View Research, Inc.

Salary Trend

 A Few Compelling Facts

DevOps is a blend of tasks performed by application development and systems operations teams. The DevOps team focuses on standardizing development environments and automating delivery processes to improve efficiency and delivery predictability. DevOps practitioners are responsible for speeding up the production of software and IT services so that these products and services can be pushed to market more frequently.

 Future of DevOps

DevOps has a huge potential due to its major benefits within the organization and to the business. Most DevOps-enabled and capable tools currently exist as part of the larger IT operation and development toolbox. It is predicted that DevOps ready tools would see the largest growth potential. This leaves a huge window of opportunity for someone who is seeking to make a mark in DevOps courses.

 Job Market

The DevOps trend goes way beyond implementation and technology management and instead necessitates a deeper focus on how to effect positive organizational change. It is becoming a valued skill for IT professionals. DevOps certified experts’ Avg. Take home salary ranges from $85,200 to $150,000 annually. In the USA, the salary range for certified DevOps engineer and architect goes between $140K - $190K per year.

. How will it impact your career ?

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DevOps Training

With our online DevOps Training and Certification course:

"You can apply for different DevOps roles and get hired by most eminent MNCs worldwide. "

Our Reviews

Instructor-led Live DevOps Training

"Best instructors are hired to make you the best in your job profile."

Learn DevOps online by certified expert trainers with a complete access to learning material, personalized mentorship, and flexible learning schedules.

Self-paced Video DevOps learning

"Alter the speed of your sessions according to your comfort zone."

In case, you miss live classes then get access to recorded videos and other learning materials in the form of PPTs, PDFs, high-quality videos etc.

Practical Approach 

"Balanced training curriculum covering theoretical and practical aspects appropriately."

Our training is a perfect blend of theoretical and practical concepts where you will learn working on various DevOps tools that are considered highly in demand across industries.

Real-world case studies

"Carefully designed projects to maximize your learning potential."

On completion of your DevOps tutorials, you will get hands-on assignments and real-world projects to enhance the overall learning exposure and make yourself job ready.

Anytime Teaching assistance

"Difficult concepts are made easy with assignments and regular support."

24*7 teaching assistance to resolve your DevOps related queries instantly and stay connected with the expert educators anytime.


"Achieve your goals as an Devops and be an asset to your company."

Earn certifications and witness a huge career growth as soon you complete a project. A certified DevOps engineer usually earns higher as compared to other practitioners across industries.

Course Objective

  • The DevOps certification training course is designed with an objective to prepare the learners for a successful IT career in DevOps, the open source framework that reduces the gap between software engineers and operations.
  • Get expertise in continuous delivery, agile development, configuration management, automation, fast deployment, or team collaboration etc.
  • Learn using various DevOps tools like Git, Docker, Jenkins, Nagios, and Puppet in our DevOps practitioner training.
  • DevOps is a highly paid skill, so start training and earn certification to become a most demanding IT resources worldwide.

Skills you will learn?

With online DevOps tutorials, you will learn about DevOps ecosystem, learn Git for automatic source code management, learn Jenkins for configuration management, learn how to build any software product pipeline perfectly, learn test automation tools, understand Docker for containerization, master Docker basics & use-cases, master Puppet, Learn Nagios for continuous monitoring, work on case-studies, hands-on assignments to become a champion in DevOps and explore the endless job opportunities like never before.

DevOps Engineer & architect training goals For Beginners:

  • DevOps practitioner training starts with elementary concepts which build the foundation of any learner.
  • To make the foundation stronger, an important concept involving practical components with Theoretical knowledge build to ensure rest of the stages gets a strong base.
  • Also, get familiarized with popular DevOps tools, DevOps programming basics that are necessary to learn for stepping ahead.
  • Once a student completed its basic DevOps training successfully, he can move ahead to learn DevOps at the advanced stage.

DevOps Engineer & architect training goals At Advanced Stage

  • The advanced online DevOps training starts with the revision of basics you learned to till the time.
  • Stepping ahead you will learn about continuous delivery, agile development, automation, integration, advanced DevOps programming, practical training on DevOps tools etc. that will help you to become a successful DevOps engineer and architect.
  • Learn DevOps online with effective delivery of contents including live interactive classes, recorded classes, presentations, project-based DevOps practitioner training etc.
  • Automate the code delivery and deployment pipeline with the help of various tools like –
    • Code management tools
    • Build tools
    • Tools to automate the testing process
    • Learn configuration through Docker tools
    • Tools for configuration management
    • Tools to monitor software development and deployment process.
  • Once training is completed successfully, you will be acquired with enough skills to apply for DevOps jobs and certification courses.

Who should attend DevOps online training program?

The course is intended for IT professionals looking to build a long-lasting career in DevOps. Also, the people with a strong zeal to learn DevOps concepts at basic or advanced level can join this course for a successful IT career. Here, is a quick list who should attend DevOps course on priority.

  • IT Developers and IT operations experts
  • Automation engineers, testing professionals
  • Security engineers, Data practitioners
  • DevOps consultants or stakeholders
  • Anyone with a strong desire to learn DevOps can join either he belongs to IT background or non-IT background.

DevOps Courses Exam and Certification

Once you will enroll for DevOps classes online, get an immediate access to a variety of content in different formats.

  • On successful completion of DevOps practitioner course, assignments, case-studies or industry-level projects, you are entitled to apply for DevOps related certifications.
  • Once your Practical Hadoop big data training is complete, you need to attempt a project to get eligible for the certification.
  • Once online DevOps Certification is awarded, you can apply for different DevOps roles and get hired by most eminent MNCs worldwide.

Learning Path

Program Modules

Introduction to DevOps

  • History of DevOps, Important terminology, and DevOps Tools
  • What is DevOps, Define DevOps, and Why DevOps
  • DevOps main objectives, Infrastructure As A Code, and Prerequisites for DevOps
  • DevOps and Software Development Life Cycle-Waterfall Model, and Agail Model
  • DevOps Roles & Responsibilities
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment
  • Containers and Virtual Development, Configuration Management Tools

Introduction to Cloud Computing

  • Evolution of Cloud Computing IAAS, SAAS, PAAS Cloud Models
  • What is cloud computing, Characteristics of cloud computing,
  • Cloud implementation models, Cloud service models
  • Advantages of cloud computing, Concerns of cloud computing.

DevOps and Overview of Tools

  • Dev ops Introduction & Infrastructure setups
  • Linux Cmd + Administration,
  • Shell scripting, Bash &korn,
  • Installing Git, GIT Command Line, Maven , Repo sync
  • Jenkins configuration / installation, Plugin management, and automatic Deployments
  • Chef workstation installation, Configuration of server, and Connecting nodes and server
  • Understanding AWS Regions and availability zones
  • Docker Setup, Docker commands, and Docker commands
  • Environments & Change Management-UAT, Staging, and Production
  • Need for DEVOPS, Tools in market, and Tools installation

LINUX Intro & Overview

  • Basic Linux/Unix commands , and Unix and linux difference
  • Linux File system structure
  • Changing file permissions and ownership
  • Types of links soft and hard link , and Start and stop services
  • Filter commands, Simple filter and advance filter commands
  • Package installation using RPM and YUM

Public cloud with AWS

  • Setup your own account and Manage it
  • IAM- Manage users, groups, roles & policies
  • Secure your AWS account
  • Ec2 services-Instances, AMI, EIP, Security groups, key pairs
  • EBS-Manage Volumes for ec2, backups & restores
  • ELB- Load balance your own website
  • S3 -Use S3 to host websites & as a centralized storage
  • RDS- Setup & Manage your own Highly available Database

Puppet for Configuration Management

  • Puppet Architecture, Puppet terminology and about Manifests
  • Installation and Configuration, Configuring Puppet Master and Agent
  • Puppet Language Basics Using Basic resources like file, exec, package service
  • Virtual Resources, Exported Resources, Resource Collectors
  • Templates Overview, Using Dynamic Content with Templates
  • Example Code Manifests/Modules, SSH, Sudo
  • Puppet Forge, Module structure, Tomcat with Puppet Modules

Jenkins – Continuous Integration

  • Introduction about Jenkins, Jenkins Architecture
  • Installing Jenkins, Build Cycle, and Understanding continuous integration
  • Installing and configuring Jenkins using WAR and RPM
  • Java and Maven installation and configuration
  • Creating Jobs, Running the Jobs, Adding and updating Plugins
  • Securing Jenkins, Authentication Jenkins Plugin

Working with Docker– Containers

  • Platforms for Docker Dockers vs. Virtualization
  • Docker Architecture, Understanding the Docker components
  • Installing Docker on Linux.
  • Running commands in container, Running multiple containers
  • Creating a custom image, publishing the custom image.
  • Docker Networking, Accessing containers, and Container Routing
  • Docker Compose, Installing the Docker, and Terminology


  • Overview to VAGRANT, Uses of Vagrant in an environment
  • Vagrant versions , Alternatives of Vagrant
  • Installing Virtual box, Configuring Vagrant
  • Provisioning with Vagrant, Operations on the VM, and Connecting to the VM

System Monitoring

  • Introduction to Nagios, Concepts behind Nagios
  • Nagios Installation Basic configuration, creating a new host and service
  • creating a new e-mail contact, verifying configuration
  • Generating reports, Configuring notification, Configuring checks, Managing Flapping

DevOps Project Work & Certifications

  • Projects for Hands on practice on DevOps
  • Daily Assignments and Case Studies
  • Study materials for practice
  • AWS Sysops/DevOps Certifications AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate or AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional
  • Puppet Certification Puppet Certification Program

Upcoming Batches

Starting Duration Price  
Mon - Fri
6 Week
USD 799
Mon - Fri
6 Week
USD 799
Mon - Fri
6 Week
USD 799

Learn DevOps course online – FAQs

Give a subtle idea about the location of this course.

The course would be directed on the web and subsequently, the location does not make much of a difference. We have DevOps learners all over the world and majority of them are from - Canada, Chicago, Washington D.C, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangaluru, Mumbai and many more. 

How will virtual classroom training be conducted to learn DevOps course online?

This is a live streaming concept where virtual classroom training is given by most experienced and certified DevOps professionals that enrich your overall learning experiences. Our trainers have relevant industry experience, strong academic background, DevOps related certifications, excellent communication skills and teaching background that makes them most suitable sources to train the most aspiring minds in the industry. . 

What should I do if I miss any Live interactive session for online DevOps training and certification program?

You will be given access to LMS where you can check all recorded classes for the particular dates you missed the live classes. So, you don’t have to get worried about anything as we strictly follow the content retention phenomenon at JanBask.

Will I be placed in Top MNCs once DevOps training online completed?

Well, you will be acquired with enough skills to apply for various DevOps jobs for leading MNCs. But please understand we are an IT Training providing Company, not a placement agency. .

How will virtual classroom training be conducted to learn DevOps course online?

This is a live streaming concept where virtual classroom training is given by most experienced and certified DevOps professionals that enrich your overall learning experiences.

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