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Why Join Our Affiliate Program?

Because we have in-demand, high-quality, job-oriented online courses that are highly received by individual aspirants & enterprises, equally. When creative Publishers, Content Creators, or Bloggers like you sign up to our affiliate program, you get:

Global Online Training

Easy & Quick Setup

It takes only a few minutes to start placing our Affiliate Links to your site or social media & start earning great incentives. We provide you with customized creatives, content, marketing collateral with compelling discounts & offers.

Certified Professionals

Transparent Tracking

Our affiliate dashboard offers a real-time view of every click, traffic, sales, and commission. With which, you can easily track your performance & see for yourself, each time you earn a commission.

learner-focused approach

Competitive Commissions

Get 10% commission on each sale value, you help us drive, with no commission caps or minimum value to target. Your commission tier will go up, the more you will bring us the referrals through this program.

24/7 Assistance

Dedicated Affiliate Manager

We introduce you to a dedicated affiliate manager to help plan strategies for your website’s enhanced visibility to hit the ultimate sales creation. Our affiliate experts will stay in touch to meet your every doubt & suggestion.

learner-focused approach

Timely Payouts

We appreciate your hard work, thus we don’t delay in paying your well-deserved commissions. Each time you bring us a buyer of any course, you earn a quick commission. We have multiple payment options for your hassle-free collection.

24/7 Assistance

Financial Freedom

By being our long-term affiliate partner, you can create a sustainable business model & gain your financial freedom early on. By helping us expand our sales outlets, you can continue making high-end incentives + bonuses for exceptional performances.

How does it work?

Help us spread the word & monetize the traffic in just 3 simple steps!

1 Uncountable Learners Trained


Join along with other passionate bloggers, co-creators who are already earning big incentives with JanBask Training’s Affiliate Program!

2 Top IT Courses

Promote Affiliate Links

Help us promote our affiliate links, banners with crazy deals, discounts by placing them over your site, social media, or emails.

3 Industry Trainers

Enjoy Credited Commission

On each sale, enjoy the 10% incentive + timely bonuses. Receive actual dollars on every lead that converts, without payment delays & obligations.

Why JanBask Training is Every Learner’s Choice?

We are one of the leading online skill-building platforms that nurture job-oriented aspirants with today’s prevalent technologies & skills. With our on-demand courses, we have strived a reputation that can help you maximize your conversions & earning opportunities. We are loved because we deliver:

Uncountable Learners Trained

Instructor-led Live Online Courses

We provide quite accessible & virtual classes, which are led by real industry experts as trainers. We deliver a learning experience that is similar to in-person training.

Top IT Courses

Personalized Students Dashboard

We have a dedicated Learning management system that tracks learners’ progress & gives them access to content such as Presentations, Assignments, MCQs, eBooks & a lot more.

Industry Trainers

Resume & Job Readiness

We do not just teach the right skills. We prepare learners for the real world out there. We help to draft a perfect resume & how to approach interviews like a pro.

Learn Anytime Anywhere

Ongoing Deals & Pricing Plans

The best part learners find about us is our timely offers and flexibility to pay the fee, after enrolling for any offered course.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a partner, we provide you resources to help you deliver the best results.

How does JanBask Training’s affiliate program work?

JanBask Training has a variety of IT & business training courses, which you can help us reshare & resell with your audience to earn a competitive commission, each time they convert. You can promote our created banners, marketing materials, affiliate links to your site, emails, or social media to help us drive traffic, sales & your incentive opportunities.

Am I Qualified For JanBask Training’s Affiliate Program?

Any established content creators, bloggers, or publishers are most welcome to participate in our affiliate program. You need to have a dedicated website, mobile app, or any web presence. If you are an influencer with a recognized social media following, you too can participate.

How can I sign up for the JanBask Training’s affiliate program?

Get here to join our affiliate network. If you are new at this, don’t worry, our dedicated affiliate experts will guide you through every step.

To whom can I distribute your affiliate program’s courses?

We have a larger audience base. Our courses are equally explored by:

  • College students - looking to pursue a technology-led career
  • Sound professionals - working in technical & non-technical field
  • Big corporations - looking to train their workforce for futuristic skillset

You can target any of these groups & experience easy conversions, without a fail.

How can I earn through this Affiliate Program?

It’s simple, you just have to share our affiliate links, banners, or deals to your web resources & help drive qualified traffic to our site. And in return, you will get a quick commission on each sale that takes place. During the program, you get access to a real-time dashboard that tracks all your performance, sales, and commission generation, so you get to see how you are doing & getting compensated.

It’s simple to earn through our affiliate program, try it now!

What will I get with the JanBask Training’s Affiliate Program?

When you form a long-term synergy with JanBask Training’s affiliate partner program, you get:

  • Dedicated affiliate managers to meet your small to complex queries and help you develop expert strategies for end goals.
  • 10% affiliate fee on each sale you bring us, through any course. Plus, timely bonuses to value your efforts.
  • Long 30-day tracking cookie.
  • Customized creatives, banners & endless affiliate links with attractive discounts, coupons, or deals.
  • Variety of high-demand courses/products to spread & share for more traction & conversions.
  • Timely meetings to gauge your performance, help you strategize better, and meet any bothering doubts or suggestions.
  • A chance to establish a sustainable business with consistent & increasing earning opportunities.

Help us get the right traction, and we will help you enjoy bulky commissions with additional bonuses.

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As a partner, we provide you resources to help you deliver the best results.