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A Complete Guide for accelerating your career growth in Data Science

The world is in dire need of data science experts who know what they are doing. Data scientists are no less than the gladiators in suits these days who protect their companies from zillions of things. They are the walking database of all the business insight that the companies would need from time to time. A McKinsey Global Institute study had stated that the USA confronts a deficiency of around 150,000 experts with profound logical abilities and there are more than 200,000 open positions posted by Companies in the USA till today. The demand and need for people with right skills and aptitudes will proceed to increment, and those who are as of now in information science jobs, are pretty much certain to see their pay rates increment very soon. As the overall demand for talented experts to fill these positions builds, the pay rates offered are additionally prone to a good increment—even those holding the lowest paying information researcher employments will, in any case, bring home a handsome average pay of $60,000 and up. It does not matter where you stand in your IT career; currently, it is always better going ahead with a planned journey. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up! And catch the Data Science Express before it’s too late with our comprehensive data science guide. This e-book covers the following topics in detail to help you with remarkable career growth.
  • Detailed Introduction to Data Science Concepts
  • Career opportunities and Learning path in Data Science
  • In-demand skills for getting hired
  • Average Salaries you may get as a Data Science Expert
  • Data Science Certifications to boost your career graph
  • An impressive Data Science Resume Template
  • Entry-level job options for Learners
  • Future scope of Data Science

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