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SQL Server DBA Training & Certification

Get Consolidated SQL Server DBA training that will help you learn the database basics, SQL Server topics, best practices for database management to gain confidence with our SQL Server DBA online certification and take your career ahead in the database field.

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Instructor-led SQL Server DBA training

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Why Microsoft SQL Server DBA Certification?

Get high-level SQL Server DBA Training that can shape your career in a dynamic field of the SQL. Take a quick look at what makes SQL Server DBA certification so popular these days.


Open-source Database popular worldwide


An Average salary taken by skilled SQL Server DBA professional

SQL Growth


Hike in demand of SQL skills is expected by the year 2022


Jobs are posted on different job portals for skilled DBAs as per indeed.com


hike in overall employment prospects by 2024 and a wonderful opportunity for new DBAs to learn SQL Server.

Dive deep into the SQL Career

Learn about Career benefits, in-demand skills, average salaries and tips to Crack Job Interview.

SQL jobs


Worldwide BI and Analytics Market to grow to $22.8 billion in next 2 years - Gartner.

Instructor-led Live Online SQL DBA Training Classes

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Earn your SQL Server Certificate

Best-in-class content by leading faculty & industry leaders in the form of videos and projects, assignments & live sessions.

Career Counselling

Career Counselling

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Resume Feedback

Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation

SQL Server DBA Training Course Roadmap

Here are the milestones that you will achieve with our Microsoft SQL Server Course Training

Introduction of SQL Server 2008

    • Availability and Scalability Features
    • Security Features
    • Data Management Features
    • Administration and Maintenance Features
    • Development Features
    • To enable SQLiMail
    • SQL DBA: Job Roles and Responsibilities
    • Routine, Emergency Maintenance DBA Roles
    • Database Types: OLTP, OLAP, DWH, HTAP
    • MS SQL Server - Technical Advantages
    • Versions and Editions of SQL Server

Configuring SQL Server 2008 and Testing Mail Delivery Installing

    • Installing Microsoft SQL Server
    • SQL Server 2008 Editions
    • System Requirements
    • Preparing for a SQL 2008 Installation
    • Installation Checklist
    • Setup Features
    • Using the System Consistency Checker
    • Component Install
    • Unattended Installation
    • Upgrading from previous versions of SQL Server
    • To verify the Installation

Administrative Tools SQL Server Management Studio & other Important tools

    • Management Studio Windows
    • Registered Servers
    • Object Explorer
    • Review Database Objects
    • Modify Database Properties
    • Create Database Scripts
    • The Maintenance Plans Node
    • Solution Explorer & Query Editor
    • Upgrading to SQL Server Computer Manager
    • SQL Server 2008 Services node
    • SQL Server 2008 Network Configuration node
    • SQL Server 2008 Native Client Configuration node

Monitoring, Database & Index Maintenance

    • Managing Metadata Views
    • Metadata Storage & System Views
    • Index Management
    • New Index Features
    • Creating Indexes
    • Online Index Maintenance
    • Parallel (multiple CPU) Index Operations
    • Lock Options & Included Columns in Indexes
    • Partitioned Tables and Indexes
    • Using the Database Tuning Advisor

Security Features of SQL Server 2008, Backup & Recovery

    • Implementing Securables & New Security Features
    • Principals, Securables & Permissions
    • Manage Database Permissions
    • Disaster Recovery
    • SQL 2008 Disaster Recovery Feature
    • Enhanced Features & Database Snapshots
    • Creating a Snapshot & Common Snapshot Applications
    • Undeleting table rows & Undoing a table update
    • Recovering a dropped object
    • Backup and Restore concept and types

Database Availability & Replicating Information

    • SQL Server 2008 Data Availability
    • Server Clustering concepts
    • Failover of SQL Server Cluster
    • Database Mirroring
    • The Witness Server and Automatic Failover
    • Configuring Database Mirroring
    • Replication concept
    • Distributor Administration
    • Creating and Managing Publications and setting up of various types of replication
    • Subscribing to a Publication
    • Transforming Published Data
    • Monitoring and Performance
    • MS SQL Server DBA Project

SQL Server DBA Training Course Roadmap

  • Here are the milestones that you will achieve with our Microsoft SQL Server Course Training

    With our completely specialized curriculum of the SQL Server DBA training course, over hundreds of students have already have qualified SQL DBA certification over the past seven years and are placed with some of the leading corporations. SQL is the most sought-after skills today, and the demand is sure to increase further. Expert estimates future demand for Salesforce skills to stay exponential for at least the next 20 years. Here is what all we cover in our online SQL Server DBA Course to make you DBA Expert. Each topic has been detailed with the sub-topic that we cover.

      • Why we use MS SQL?
      • What is a database table?
      • Key factors to create database/tables?
      • The syntax for creating a database?
      • Database files and its usage?
      • Datatypes and its usage in SQL Server tables?
      • The syntax for creating tables?
      • Databases - Relational and Others
      • The Database as part of the System Architecture
      • SQL Server Versions and Editions
      • SQL Server Services and Components
      • SQL Server Client Tools
      • Introducing the Transaction Log
      • Database Snapshots
      • Schemas and Database Objects
      • Practice
    • Need for DBA
    • SQL DBA: Job Roles and Responsibilities
    • Routine, Emergency Maintenance DBA Roles
    • Database Types: OLTP, OLAP, DWH, HTAP
    • MS SQL Server - Technical Advantages
    • The syntax for creating tables?
    • Databases - Relational and Others
    • The Database as part of the System Architecture
    • SQL Server Versions and Editions
    • SQL Server Services and Components
    • SQL Server Client Tools
    • Introducing the Transaction Log
    • Practice
    • What are DDL, DML statements?
    • SQL Server wildcards?
    • Single and Multi-rows insertion?
    • What are filters and why we need to use them?
    • Table/Column Aliases & Usage?
    • Delete v/s Truncate?
    • SQL Server Operators - Its Types and Usage?
    • Arithmetic Operators
    • Range Operators
    • Logical Operators
    • List Operators
    • Comparison Operators
    • Data Integrity And Normal Forms (BCNF)
    • Foreign Key And Reference Attributes
    • Tables With Keys & Constraints (BCNF)
    • Check And Default Constraints Usage
    • Null And Identity Properties
    • Usage Duplicating Identity Property Values
    • Unique Key Constraint And Not Null
    • Disabling Constraints & Composite Keys
    • Primary Key Constraint & Importance
    • SQL JOIN - What are Joins and why we need them?
    • INNER JOIN - Purpose and Performance?
    • OUTER JOIN - Types, Advantages, and Usage?
    • CROSS JOIN - Advantages and Limitations?
    • Self Joins, Merge Joins and Sub Queries?
    • SELECT Statements - IF, SWITCH, CHOOSE?
    • Sub Queries, Nested Queries and EXISTS?
    • INSERT INTO ... SELECT & Data Copy
    • All together with Case Studies
    • SQL Server Views Introduction?
    • What are Schemas?
    • SQL Server Views Types?
    • What are Schema Binding and its usage in SQL Server Views
    • What is the difference between User Views and System Views?
    • Check option in SQL Server
    • SQL Indexes - What are the Indexes?
    • SQL Indexes Types - Indexes Types?
    • SQL Indexes Usage - Purpose and Performance?
    • SQL Column Store Index - Syntax and Usage?
    • Performance Comparison Of Column Store V/S Clustered
    • Stored Procedure
    • What is SP'S and why we need them?
    • Stored Procedure Types and Parameter Stored Procedure?
    • Nested Stored Procedure?
    • Stored Procedure Usage For Insertion, Updating and Deleting?
    • Error Handling in Stored Procedure?
    • Stored Procedure With Out Parameter?
    • What are SQL Functions?
    • Different types of SQL Functions?
    • What are the System Functions?
    • What are different types of System Functions and Its Usage with examples?
    • What are User Defined Functions and Its Usage with examples?
    • What are the different types of User Defined Functions?
    • What is the difference between Stored Procedure and User Defined Functions?
    • SQL Triggers - What are the Triggers?
    • SQL Magic Tables?
    • SQL Triggers Types - Triggers Types?
    • SQL After Trigger Usage - Purpose?/li>
    • SQL Instead of Trigger Usage - Purpose?
    • What are cursors
    • Different types of SQL cursors
    • Detail discussion about cursor types
    • What is CTE and Recursive CTE
    • What is Dynamic SQL with examples
    • Difference between Temp tables and Table variables
    • Difference between CTE and Temp Tables
    • What are Pivot and Unpivot
    • What are the Transactions?
    • Advantages of Transactions?
    • What is SQL Server Merge?
    • What are SQL Injections?
    • What are SQL Keys, Rank, Locks, and Isolation Levels?
    • Need for SSIS for ETL Operations
    • Data Pipelines and Buffer Usage
    • Data Warehouse Design and SSIS
    • SIS Data Types and Conversions
    • DW Components and SSIS Tools
    • SSIS Local & Global Variables
    • SSIS Configuration and Catalog DB
    • Dynamic Precedence Constraints
    • Control Flow Tasks Architecture
    • Dynamic Connection Managers
    • Data Flow Tasks Architecture
    • SSIS Parameters Usage and Variable?
    • Control Flow Breakpoints?
    • Data Flow Data Viewers and Audit
    • Transformations in SSIS?
    • Different types of SSIS Transformations?
    • Case Study About Transformation
    • Common V/S Other Transform
    • Deployment Versioning & Options >SSIS Deployment Phases & Manifest Files
    • Project Packaging > Validation & Verification Techniques
    • SSIS Checkpoints and Usage » Data Analytics and Debugging > Data Profiler & ADO Connections
    • Configurations and benefits
    • Package Event Handling
    • System Events and Audits
    • SQL Server Logging Limitations
    • Encrypting SSIS Catalogs
    • Package Store and SSISDB
    • Comparing SSIS 2008 R2 & 2012 & 2014
    • Project Business Requirement Document > Analysis of requirement
    • Databases Design/Schema Design
    • Kick off ETL
    • Business Validations
    • Business Transformations
    • Deployment in different environments like QA, Staging, and Production
    • Report Designer Usage and Scope
    • Enterprise and Ad-hoc Reports
    • Report Builder Usage and Scope
    • Working with multiple Datasets
    • Report Manager and Options
    • Configuring Dynamic DataSets
    • Report Delivery & Layout Planning
    • Report Designer Usage and Scope
    • Enterprise and Ad-hoc Reports
    • Report Builder Usage and Scope
    • Working with multiple Datasets
    • Report Manager and Options
    • Configuring Dynamic DataSets
    • Report Delivery & Layout Planning
    • Create a New Project in SSRS 2014
    • Shared Data Source, Shared Dataset, Report
    • Embedded Data Source Embedded Data Sets
    • SSRS Table Report
    • Creating SSRS report using Wizard
    • How to add Groups in SSRS reports
    • Format Fonts and Background Color of a Textbox in SSRS
    • Format Numbers in SSRS 2014
    • Repeat Headers on Each Page in SSRS
    • Report Models and parameters
    • Keep Headers Visible While Scrolling in SSRS
    • Filters at Tablix Level in SSRS
    • Report Designer Vs Report Builder
    • Report Server Configurations Tools
    • Report Migrations and Precautions
    • Cascading Parameters in SSRS 2014
    • Drill down reports in SSRS 2014
    • Using Report Builder Wizards
    • Map Reports with UI and Site Settings
    • Report Parts and Web Services
    • Report Parameters in SSRS 2014
    • Multi-Value Parameters in SSRS 2014
    • Multiple Parameters in SSRS 2014
    • How to pass stored procedures in SSRS 2014
    • SSRS Matrix Reports
    • SSRS Matrix Reports Using Wizard
    • Grouping in SSRS Matrix Reports
    • Drill down in SSRS Matrix Reports
    • Column Charts In SSRS
    • Pie charts in SSRS 2014
    • Indicators in SSRS 2014
    • Formatting the Pie Chart
    • Gauges in SSRS 2014
    • Data bars in SSRS 2014
    • Sub reports in SSRS 2014
    • Deployment process for SSRS 2014
    • Data Warehousing - Overview
    • Data Warehouse Features
    • Types of Data Warehouse
    • Functions of Data Warehouse Tools and Utilities
    • Data Warehousing - Terminologies Metadata & Metadata Repository
    • Data Mart & Points to Remember About Data Marts
    • Data Warehousing - Delivery Process
    • Data Warehouse Models
    • Data Warehousing - Schemas
    • SSAS Data Source
    • SSAS Data Source View
    • Add or Remove Tables from Data
    • EXAMPLE Source View in SSAS
    • Create Dimension in SSAS
    • Star schema and Snowflake Schema
    • Create OLAP Cube in SSAS in SSAS 2012
    • Sales Projects

Course Curriculum

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SQL DBA Training Corporate Training

SQL Server DBA Corporate Training & Certification

Being the most popular open source database, the Microsoft SQL Server DBA Corporate Training will help your workforce to build a strong foundation and gain hands-on experience in understanding the relational databases.

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Expert mentors have set up the education in the smartest way through a user-friendly portal. You may get training from industry-experts and certified professionals. Also, you will get constant support from the team as required by you. I must say it is just a wonderful place where an individual may get the best education with practical examples and assignments. Also, education can be availed in the budget by users either they are students or working professionals. The education standards are really amazing and implemented by established professionals at JanBask Training as a token of endless appreciation.


JanBask Training is the single platform for all your education needs and considered as one of the best institutes for watching recorded classes anytime you need. Trainers appointed at JanBask Training are well educated and helps you in taking your career goals ahead. They listen to your queries patiently and helps to resolve them to the utmost satisfaction. They help in customizing content based on your needs. They not only resolve issues related to the course and gives proper career guidance too. It was an amazing experience to be a part of JanBask Training, and I would recommend it to everyone.


I just completed my SQL DBA course from JanBask Training, and I must say I have improved my skills a lot today. My all doubts and queries were answered well by expert mentors at JanBask Training. Even if you are a beginner with no coding background, you can start your career without any hurdles. You may start from basic-level and solve assignments given after every chapter. The practical SQL DBA training at JanBask makes you industry-ready and helps you in getting attractive salary packages too in the ned. Fantabulous job, guys!


JanBask Training is just the right place that delivers the right education experience. It holds a lot of information about different courses and mentors are industry professionals having 2-3 years of working experience in the same technology. I attended the SQL DBA certification course, and I must say I am successful today just because of the right training platform I choose in the beginning. The course content covers everything from basic to advanced and makes you a pro in that particular technology. Obviously, we cannot rely blindly on training, but self-studies are always important to get succeeded in the particular domain you desire.


I took the SQL DBA course from JanBask Training and instructor was so friendly and knowledgeable that he did explain everything in detail as required. There were excellent curriculum and optimum learning standards, followed by the team. Instructors gave much time to digest each topic after every session. JanBask team is so friendly and try to approach you in all circumstances. There are assignments, Quizzes, projects, PPTs, whitepapers for each course to make you proficient in that particular technology. Because of overwhelmed education standards I experienced during my training, I recommend JanBask training to everybody who wants to learn new technologies seriously.

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