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What is Business Analyst? Business Analyst Tutorial Guide for Beginner

What is Business Analyst?

What is Business Analyst?

Business Analyst is a most popular profile and many organizations employ business analyst in order to generate more leads and earn a profit. This article will cover all of the necessary facts that are associated with BA profile along with a little introduction to Business Analyst profile, roles, and responsibilities.

Today on the internet, you can find many facts that are associated with BA profile and may get confused about this. This article will provide you with precise information of the profile and you may even shape your career as per your skill as Business Analyst for the industry that best suits your skills.

The Topic That Will Be Discussed Throughout the Blog Include –

  • Who is a Business Analyst?
  • Roles & Responsibilities for a Business Analyst
  • Important Business Analyst Skills
    • Analytical Skills
    • Leadership Skills
    • business planning skills
    • Technical Skills
  • Become a Business Analyst
  • Business analyst Career Plan

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Who is a Business Analyst?

Business analysts have a key role in current business scenarios and some people think that Business Analysts have to only generate money for the business organizations that may and may not be true depending on the requirement. Moreover, the actions of business analysts impact the financial status of any organization.

If we talk about the responsibilities of a business analyst then they are expected to communicate with all business stakeholders and to analyze or validate the business process requirements related to any change in the business process, policies, and the information system. A skilled business analyst professional can enhance productivity, efficiency, and profitability of the organization.

There are some basic business perspectives that can be helpful for the success of any business organization. In order to be a successful business analyst, they are required to have the below-listed skills:

  • Understanding of the complete business process and its structure
  • Ability to improve the current business process
  • Knowledge of the steps and tasks that are required to implement new features
  • To identify and design and implement the new features
  • To identify and assess the implementation of new features

Role and Responsibilities of a Business Analyst

A business analyst can work with almost any sector and their roles differ depending on the sectors for which they are employed. So, depending on the industry and organization there can be many categories and roles of a business analyst. Usually, following roles are offered by various organizations:

  • Business Process Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • IT Business Analyst
  • Business System Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Functional Architect
  • Usability or UX Analyst
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Important Business Analyst Skills

For any of the business, the Business Analyst must have certain skills are considered must for the profile. The required skills for the professionals are analytic skill, leadership skill, business processes, and planning and technical knowledge. These skills can make the professionals a successful analyst. These skills are defined below:

  • Analytical Skill: A business analyst can become successful if he possesses good analytical skills. To analyze the current business scenario and other competitive business processes a BA must have the skill and knowledge of analysis. They are required to analyze data, user or stakeholder workflow and inputs and other documents, so must know the methods of analyzing data.
  • Leadership Skill: Due to leadership skill a business analyst can forecast budget and help the team members and direct them as and when needed.
  • Business Process and Planning: They must know the way to plan the project scope and understand and implement the project requirement, to identify the resources that are required for any project. A Business analyst must have the knowledge and skill to plan business process in an efficient manner
  • Technical Skills: Here, technical skill means to have the knowledge of all technicalities. Not only in IT sector, instead of for any sector it is good if the BA will have the knowledge of his field, like if he is from IT field then he must know about the operating system, networking, SDLC, database concepts, hardware, and other technical concepts.

Become a Business Analyst

If you want to be a successful business analyst and planning to start your career as BA, then there are some requirements that can help you in making your career successful. You can kick-start your business analyst career by following these guidelines and concepts. Below listed steps can help you to shape the career as a business analyst:

1). Confirm your Career Choice and Learn the basics of BA Profile

As you are going to enter a new field so you must have complete knowledge of this profession. There are plenty of resources that can help you in gaining knowledge of this profession. Accumulate enough knowledge of this profession and become a successful professional. Gaining knowledge about the profile is the first step towards shaping the career as BA professional. As too many professionals waste their time in identifying the necessary skills and the exact responsibilities of them. Determine that is BA profile right choice for you or not so that you can become a successful professional.

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2). Identify your Leveraging Skills for the BA Profile

If you are joining BA profile in your mid-career then you may already possess many of the required and necessary skills that are important for BA profile. You can make your skills transferable to the required BA profile skills as per your career background and qualification. You can also opt for any transitional role or we can any transformational role. Whether you possess a deep career history as a business analyst it is most likely that one or more skill of your current career can help you in leveraging your profile. It may be either your communication skill or deep experience in any relevant domain or industry; you may convince your potential manager with your existing and required skill for your profession.

You may possess following skills as per your industrial experience and they can help you in shaping the career as a successful professional. The required factors include:

  • Application Expertise
  • Industry Domain Experience
  • Expertise in any specific process like HR, finance or technical
  • Experience in broad functional areas of any specific organization

There are a number of transitional business analysts in the industry that are successful in their profession. Many opportunities exist for those professionals and can be leveraged for the aspirants. You can also showcase your past experience of any profile in your BA resume.

3). Know the Tangible Feedback of Your Transformation

Once you decide your BA profile and make it your career choice then you should take the feedback of your skills either from your managers or by applying to various jobs. You can ask your manager to share various career goals and business opportunities. Here the real aim is not to find the real opportunities, but to take the appropriate feedback about the career goals that you have decided for you.

It is quite a known fact that any specific skill can make you employable in good organizations and really marketable. You can get the entryway through such skills. You can strengthen your position with the help of such skills.

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4). Do Work with BA approach and strengthen your Position

You may have done an analysis of your career now is the time to add some professional development plan and to explore many opportunities for the volunteer positions. As all the tasks of business analysts are related to each other so try to explore new opportunities and expand your existing experience as BA or from your previous profile. Practice for the Following:

  • Craft new use cases
  • Facilitate meetings
  • Identify and explain project scope
  • Craft use cases
  • Improve existing business process

Now at this point when you understand the profile if business analyst thoroughly, then you can search for the relevant opportunities. When you will try to find out single opportunity, many will come to the way that can help you in shaping your career as a successful business analyst.

5). Focus on Finding Your First Organization for this new Role

You may qualify for BA role in your current organization, but all jobs and situations are not same. Some Bas find the outside world and requirement quite different from the current organizational one. There is a complete process to search for the job of BA profile. So follow a complete path to transform your career as BA, even future Bas can also learn from their current job role and technical analyst role as well. There are certain selected roles that can be performed by business analysts. Put your all efforts in finding the best-fit job for this profile of BA and then design and start your career as a business analyst.

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Business analyst Career Plan

Business analyst profile can involve various roles and responsibilities. You must try to leverage your current skill set if you are going to switch your career and also can start a fresh career as BA professional. Plenty of opportunities are waiting for this profile. There are certification exams as well for the same and you can take any of them to become the perfect resource and successful BA.

Here, we have provided a detailed overview of BA profile and the requirement for successful BA professional. To know more about business analyst profile and course content, you can join Business analyst certification program with JanBask Training right away.

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