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How to Make Successful Career as Business Analyst in UK?

A business analyst is a person who is involved in data assessment for a company and its associated systems for identification of needs and gives suitable resolution to the issues encountered. It is a well-defined role which needs to be handled with a matured mindset. Your work in the organization can be confined to a specific project or can cover other aspects. So, to analyze the current situation and make suggestions for the future, you should have a clear understanding of the work the organization is carrying out and also the industry it caters to.

It is not necessary that your role will be centered around the Information-Technology aspect of the business. Your role is important as you will be helping the organization to meet the goals of its internal and external stakeholders. You will also have to maintain links with both the internal and external departments or clients to convey how their inputs will make what difference to the organization.

Business Analysts in the UK can be known by different names

Business Analysts Designation

business analyst curriculum

Primary Responsibilities of a Business Analyst

The responsibilities of a business analyst are primarily to get complete knowledge about the business organization, its vision, strengths, issues, and areas of improvement. You should be able to provide accurate solutions which are majorly the IT and technological solutions. Here is a list of responsibilities which you will be expected to handle:

  • Communication with the employees of the company for understanding the needs of the organization.
  • Work in sync with the external stakeholders and clients of the organization and take their suggestions and feedback into consideration for the improvement of the product or process.
  • Make use of data modeling for analysis of your findings and make suggestions for strategic and operational improvements. You should also factor in the associated risks so that you set the right expectations. Herein you will also have to boil down to the correct set of features or IT which will be needed to put your recommendations into practice.
  • You should also seek to gain agreement from the top management to be able to implement your recommendations in the setup.
  • Also, you should also be able to effectively communicate the uses of your recommendations across different departments and help them tide over their concerns and uncertainty.
  • You should also be good at the production of written documents for supporting your work in a proper and presentable format so that you can present the same to the stakeholders when necessary.
  • Furthermore, you should also give proper support to your team and other staff to implement the changes as suggested by you, including the help, which will be needed to resolve any issues which are encountered.
  • You should also make sure that the plans are made and various processes are created for evaluating the impact of your suggestions. This will also involve taking onus for overseeing the implementations and reporting the evaluation.

Expected Salary for a Business Analyst in the UK

The role of a business analyst is a permanent one usually, but many organizations have also started to employ contractual or freelance analysts for a short-term commitment. The salary will, however, depend on the years of experience and the level of expertise you have. Latter if backed by suitable certifications generally gives you an edge over other contenders and also hands you better pay-out.

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  • The salary for freshers in the domain falls in the range of £21,000-£31,000.
  • If you have an experience of around five years, then you can expect a salary between £32,000 and £38,000.
  • While veteran or highly experienced business analysts know no end to the money, they can make and their salaries per se fall in the bracket of £49,000 and £145,000.

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Expected Hours of Work

This statistic will vary depending on the nature of your employment.

  • The work-week for a permanent and full-time employee ends on Friday but may extend over a weekend depending on your clients.
  •  In case of contractual employment, you may consider longer working hours in a week and also on weekends for completion of your project in the designated time-frame.
  • For a freelance commitment, the concept of work-hours is unique and is mostly based on a few hours a day until the end of the project.

 Even in a full-time commitment with a proper work-week, you will need to have an open and flexible approach to the number of work hours.

Required Qualifications

  • Business Analyst is a very competitive work profile, so having a degree in business information systems or business computing systems to back your expertise and interest is a clear advantage. A degree in any other relevant field can also substantiate if you can impress your employer by demonstrating extraordinary analytical skills.
  • You may also consider taking some professional certifications which will sharpen your skills about successful business change programs. These certifications are recognized all across the world. Here is a list of certifications which you may consider depending on the level of expertise and work experience.

Business Analyst Qualifications LevelFoundation Level

  • Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis
  • Foundation Certificate in Business Change
  • Foundation Certificate in Commercial Awareness

Practitioner Level

  • Practitioner Certificate in Benefits Management and Business Acceptance
  • Practitioner Certificate in Business Analysis Practice
  • Practitioner Certificate in Data Management Essentials
  • Practitioner Certificate in Modelling Business Processes
  • Practitioner Certificate in Requirements Engineering

Professional Level

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  • Professional Certificate in Advanced Requirements Engineering
  • Professional Certificate in Agile Business Analysis
  • Professional Certificate in Benefits Planning and Realisation
  • Professional Certificate in Business Architecture
  • Professional Certificate in Business Finance

Consultant Level

  • Advanced International Diploma in Business Analysis

Expert Level

  • Expert Business Analyst Award

Key Skills Required by a Business Analyst

There are a few skills which are necessary to be a good Business Analyst along with excellent soft skills. You are very often required to communicate between the IT department and some other peripheral of the organization, and thus you should be able to accurately perceive, comprehend, analyze and state the information which is needed to the appropriate person at the right time.

Key Skills Required by a Business Analyst

Here are a few skills which you should possess:

  • Strategic Thinking ability
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Technical writing
  • Various client-serving techniques
  • Team building and leadership
  • Presentation

Along with the above, there are some technical pockets about which you should have the right knowledge like data modeling, project management, SQL, banking, Scrum, business intelligence.

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Employers in the UK

Business Analysts are needed in almost all the sectors ranging from multinational corporations to small independent enterprises. There has been a rising trend of self-employed or private consultants in the area. Some of the notable job agencies which will help to get you the right agency are:

Technojobs, CWjobs, businessanalystjobs, Dice, etc.

Career Prospects in the UK

Every kind and level of the organization needs business analysts, so there is a huge scope of the same in the UK. At the beginner level, you may consider gaining experience by summer internships, work shadowing, or any other kinds of projects which will be very helpful for the development of your career. You may, with progress, specialize into a particular domain of your interest. Many organizations offer highly competitive salaries for the right talent. You should know your core and also consider upskilling along your journey.

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