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10 Best Power BI Project Ideas To Boost Your Skills


If you aspire to become a BI developer with a lucrative package, this blog might help you in your quest. Dive deep and Explore these carefully compiled Power BI projects showcasing impressive interactive dashboards, exceptional graphs and charts, and a host of other features that are sure to impress. Business environments are data-driven today, and Power BI is one of the most reliable tools for obtaining compelling market-driving insights through interactive reports and dashboards. 

Read this Microsoft Power BI Tutorial For Beginners to get an idea of the concepts. 

Businesses leverage Power BI to make better, more informed decisions, which is why the demand for BI professionals is soaring higher with each passage of the day. Analyzing the impact of data and using Business Intelligence to enhance a firm’s growth, companies today seek impactful candidates with hands-on experience in Power BI projects to ensure efficient meeting of business objectives.

This has led to rising discussions around effective Power BI project ideas that strengthen the resume since those will be some of the best skills to demonstrate on your resume. We leverage our longstanding experience to discuss and suggest some demanding Power BI project Ideas to help Business Intelligence aspirants secure jobs with top-notch brands globally.

But before we move on to discussing the tailored Power BI project ideas for beginners, intermediates and professionals, let us discuss the basics of Power BI, first.


What is Power BI?

Power BI is a business intelligence tool developed by Microsoft and released for general public use on 24th July 2015. It helps businesses to analyze the raw data collected over their platforms and understand the insights to make informed decisions. 

Power BI can be integrated with various data sources such as Google Analytics, SQL Database, Azure, and other similar platforms to fetch and visualize useful insights in real time. Users can even upload offline Excel spreadsheets to clean the data and create a simplified visualization for useful insights.  

So, without further ado, let’s dive deep into some of the most popular Power BI Project Ideas, starting right from the beginner’s level. 

Power BI Project Ideas: Beginners to Experienced

Creating reports and dashboards across various domains by practicing with Power BI sample datasets will strengthen the conceptual hold and enrich the aspirants' resumes, ensuring a positive response from the hirers. The below-outlined Power BI project ideas have been selected cautiously to give enhanced exposure to the aspirants, from beginners to advanced.

For Beginners

Employee Satisfaction Dashboard

Build a dashboard that displays metrics on employee satisfaction and engagement. The metrics help trace customer dissatisfaction and take appropriate actions, resulting in employee retention.

Data for employees’ feedback may be collected with surveys or by inducing a strategic approach involving HR professionals to collect anonymous responses. This may include sub-sections with departments and related satisfaction scores to analyze the best—and worst-performing divisions.

A visualization for collected data can be created on the Power BI dashboard, displaying insights into the various divisions and dissatisfaction parameters on a general note. This dashboard will show trends in various quarters and help the company plan and implement effective measures to retain employees. 

Procurement Spend Analysis

Procurement spend analysis will involve collecting procurement spend data and analyzing them to identify cost-saving opportunities and optimize supplier relationships, improving the overall procurement efficiency of the organization. This project will further help analyze the trends for the rising cost of supplies, necessitating the need to plan effective procurement strategies, including searching for substitutes to control the overall cost of production, service, or a project.

The dashboard creation process may involve the following:

  • Gathering procurement data from ERP systems or procurement databases.
  • Visualizing metrics such as total spending category-wise.
  • Logistic cost across the various modes.
  • Supplier performance score.
  • Price variation analysis

Visuals like Scattern plots may be used to identify outliers, and heatmaps may be used to visualize spending patterns.

Social Media Analytics Dashboard

Businesses today extensively use social media platforms to promote their products and boost sales. This is done by professionals having a Social Media Marketing Certification. As such, a project on analyzing social media performance would be a valuable addition to your resume. The project would include analyzing the metrics to understand audience engagement, sentiment, and effectiveness of social media campaigns.

Export data from the social media platform dashboards and upload them into Power BI. Use Power query to clean the data for analysis. Engagement rates, follower growth, campaign spending, and sentiment analysis could be visualised categorywise with bars and trends on the Power BI dashboard and effective strategies can be developed to make the social media spends more effective. Unnecessary spending can be mitigated based on analysis and need.

For Intermediates

Power BI project ideas for intermediates

Real Estate Investment Analysis:

Real-state development is booming across the various sections. A Power BI dashboard can be created using the market data, and insights can be analyzed to identify investment opportunities, forecast property values, and optimize real estate investment strategies.

The input data for this Power BI project idea will include property prices, rents by location, and market volatility factors. The output data may include stacked bards spanned horizontally over time for various input elements, showcasing the rise and fall on the vertical axis. Gantt charts and sunburst chart visualization can be used to display insights into investments over the years on various resources.

The insights can be analyzed to identify undervalued properties, forecast future property values, and optimize real estate investment portfolios.

Healthcare Analytics Dashboard:

A Healthcare Analytics Dashboard can be an excellent implementation with the care service providers in the United States. It would lead to analyzing care services data, including medication and health check-up visits, to improve patient outcomes, optimize resource allocation, and enhance operational efficiency.

Patient records such as demographics, medical procedures, and treatment outcomes can be collected and integrated into the Power BI dashboard with bars and Gantt charts along a timeframe axis to plot vertical assistance needed over time to the patients. Similar dashboards can be created for the hospital treatment process and recovery outcomes. The insights from the dashboard can be used to improve resource allocation, reduce wait times, and implement evidence-based practices to enhance patient care.

Supply Chain Risk Management Dashboard:

The objective of creating a Supply Chain Risk Management Dashboard is to analyze supply chain data to identify potential risks and disruptions and develop strategies to mitigate them. The pathway to achieving this objective may include gathering supply chain data such as supplier performance, inventory availability labels, and transportation metrics.

The dashboard may reveal crucial insights into the whole supply chain management, including a potential need to expedite the ordering process, mitigate transportation delays, and optimize inventory levels with a strategic contingency plan. Maps can be used to visualize the geographical distribution of suppliers and identify high-risk regions.

For Advanced level

Power BI Project Ideas For Advanced Level

Customer Churn Prediction Model

Customer retention is crucial for business growth and a solid turnover and is often a challenge too. A predictive model designed for forecasting customer churn probability may help companies target at-risk customers with retention efforts.

A predictive dashboard can be built with Power BI that analyzes customer complaint data, their purchase behavior, interactions, repeat purchases, and cross-sales to forecast churn possibilities. Outputs may lead to adopting a proactive approach, including customized solutions and instant support, to retain the customer. Bars, Graphs, and Charts may be used to display trends with complaining customers, resulting in identifying the critical categories for necessary improvements. 

E-commerce Conversion Funnel Analysis

Conversion funnels have always been in buzz with almost all e-commerce platforms for their contributions to conversions, but not all e-commerce platforms make the right use of them. They often need changes based on strategies, making it necessary to analyze the effectiveness of the conversion funnels. 

A Power BI dashboard displaying the conversions for various campaigns and the applied conversion funnels may help in identifying the effectiveness of the conversion funnels and making changes that drive improved conversion results.

Input data may include e-commerce data including website visits, cart additions, and purchases. Use Power BI query to clean the data and create a dashboard that gives insights into visit-to-purchase conversion rates, cart abandonment rates, and checkout completion rates.

The insights may help mitigate the friction points in the progression of users through each stage of the conversion funnel, including a need to improve the website’s design and simplify the checkout process.

Project Management Dashboard

All projects, whether software development or construction, need completion within a planned schedule. This is mandatory to mitigate the cost overrun. As such creating a Project Management Dashboard is a need of every project today. With Power BI project management dashboards, the flaws in the execution process can easily be identified and strategies can be developed to expedite the lagging portions, ensuring project completion on time and within the allotted budget.

The input data may include assigned timelines, tasks, resources, and budgets, and visual outputs may comprise Gantt charts for project timelines, stacked bar charts for resource allocation, and KPI cards for project status. The dashboard may help to identify project bottlenecks, reallocate resources, and prioritize tasks to ensure project success.

Environmental Sustainability Dashboard:

A carbon reduction plan is a mandate with industries in the United States. Regulatory norms necessitate to submit carbon reduction method statements and act to reduce carbon emissions within federally specified timelines. 

This Power BI project idea will help analyze environmental data to track carbon emissions, energy consumption, and waste generation, as well as develop strategies to reduce environmental impact.

The Power BI dashboard will reflect carbon reduction progress over time and visualize metrics like greenhouse gas emission by source, usage trends, and waste diversion rates.

Real World Power BI Projects

Understanding the practical use of Power BI in industries and Microsoft SQL BI Developer Job Responsibilities may help individuals, especially beginners, learn how companies tailor recommendations to match the interests of the users and target potential customers. 

Analyzing the below-mentioned real-world Power BI projects may give in-depth insights into the practical use of business intelligence in Industries. These are as follows:

Real World Power BI Projects

  • Product Sales Data Analysis by e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Walmart etc.
  • Financial Statement Analysis by Fintech Corporation.
  • Movie Sales Visualization before release by Hollywood production houses.
  • Loan Application Analysis by Banks globally.
  • Inventory and Supply Chain Analysis in Industries

Hence, the utility of these projects depicts that the importance of Power BI cannot be overstated. Join an MSBI certification course, take the Certification and effectively emerge as a certified MSBI professional. Learn more about Microsoft Power BI Certification Exam- 2024 Updated Guidelines. 

In the section below, we will learn more about its importance with the help of some compelling stats.  

Why Power Business is Important?

With a 15.96% market share, Microsoft’s Power BI is the second most used business intelligence tool globally, and sources forecast that Business Intelligence jobs will grow by 23% between 2021 and 2031. 

Other insights reveal the current valuation (2023) of the Business Intelligence market is around $29.42 billion and is expected to reach $54.27 billion by 2030, indicating a huge surge in Power BI adoption in the upcoming years. The current adoption rate is 26%. 

(Source: Fortune Business Insights)

This sounds like a deadly combination, indicating the importance of Power BI  for both companies and business analyst aspirants. As such. Pursuing a career in business intelligence will give early learners an advantage. 

How To Do Effective Power BI Data Presentation?

An effective Power BI data presentation involves a combination of thoughtful design, clear communication, and strategic storytelling. Laid below are a few mandatory steps that we recommend following when presenting a Power BI project:

Recommended steps to present a power bi project

  • Understand your audience: Before creating your Power BI report, analyze your audience who will be viewing it and what insights are they expecting. Tailor your presentation accordingly and be specific.
  • Plan your layout: Create a clean and intuitive layout to ensure the presentation should flow in order. Back-test the layout with colleagues to get their views and opinions. 
  • Use appropriate visualizations: Choose the right visualization elements to match the right presentation and convey the message effectively.
  • Provide context: Make your presentation contextual with highlighted points in a story telling manner. Including relevant information and comparisons with benchmarks or targets.
  • Make it Interactive: The Power BI visualisation elements should open insights on clicking, making it interactive and insightful.
  • Tell a story: Structure your presentation as a narrative that guides viewers through the data and its implications. Start with an overview, delve into specific insights, and conclude with actionable recommendations or next steps.
  • Test before presenting: Before finalizing your Power BI report, test it with sample users and gather feedback. 

The Evolution of Power BI in Business Intelligence

The evolution of Power BI in  Business Intelligence marks a transformative journey since its release in July 2015. Characterized by innovation, adaptability, and empowerment, Power BI captured around 15.96% of the Business Intelligence market share in less than 8 years of its release. The growth trajectory was led by innovative inductions, including the expansion of functionalities and integration capabilities over the years. 

It has evolved into a comprehensive suite encompassing data modelling, analytics, and collaboration features as we see it today. Hence, the power BI developer job market is becoming more and more lucrative with each passage of day.

With the introduction of the Power BI service, users can share their projects globally, and hold webinars with live demonstrations of visual insights.  Different data sources can be integrated through connectors and APIs, eradicating data integration imitations.  Power BI can be integrated with popular data sources, including Excelsheets, ERP systems, and cloud services, enabling users to leverage data from diverse sources.

The evolution of Power BI also underscores a shift toward self-service analytics and augmented intelligence. With features like natural language querying, automated insights, and AI-powered data preparation, Power BI empowers users of all skill levels to derive meaningful insights from data with ease, reducing reliance on other divisions of a business. 


The rise of business intelligence has paved the path to sustainability for industries as well as job aspirants. Learning Power BI by enrolling in an MSBI Training Online and Certification Course could benefit students beyond the need and scope of jobs, and the real essence of knowledge comes from practicing Power BI projects in several domains. 

By engaging with Power BI projects, individuals besides solidifying their understanding of the tool, also demonstrate their ability to translate complex data into actionable insights. Power BI project ideas can help beginners gain expertise and represent themselves strongly during the interviews. We recommend studying Power BI sample datasets to practice building reports and dashboards, solidifying your foundation as a Business Inteligence professional.


Q1) Is Coding skill required to learn Power BI?

No, you don't need to have coding skills to learn or use Power BI. Power BI employs drag-and-drop functionalities to create the visualization elements. Power BI fetch information from your data source to display insights using the elements you choose.

Q2) What types of data sources can be connected with Power BI?

Power BI can connect to a wide range of data sources, including Excel spreadsheets, SQL databases, cloud services (such as Azure, Google Analytics, and Salesforce), and even web pages through web scraping.

Q3) What is the difference between Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service?

Power BI Desktop is a desktop application used to create visualization elements on the dashboard whereas  Power BI Service is a cloud-based service which allows you to publish or share your work with others. It is important to note here that the Power BI service is a paid subscription-based service whereas the Power BI Desktop is a free-to-use application.

Q4) Can I create interactive dashboards with Power BI?

Yes, Power BI allows you to create interactive dashboards by adding various visualizations (such as charts, graphs, maps) and slicers (filters) that enable users to explore and interact with the data dynamically.

Q5) Where can I get Power BI developer training?

There are many resources available to learn Power BI, including official Microsoft documentation. We suggest enrolling on professional courses led by industry experts only. JanBask Training is a similar premier institute with over a decade of experience in quality education and mentorship. Our courses are led by industry experts across the various domain, including the Power BI developer training. You may check our Power BI developer course curriculum to learn about the course contents.  With a network of more than 500 active recruiter, we nurture students with exclusive placement assistance and  Job Assistance Programs, guiding our students with interview preparation and other technical assistance even after the course completion. 


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