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How To Write A Job Description of Business Analyst?


The job description is the first touch point between a Company and the new hire. When millions of people are looking for a job, a great job description attracts most potential candidates for the position. It starts with a suitable job title that includes the general term, experience level, and other special requirements too.

The general term will make the job title more searchable when people are looking to apply for jobs. The level of experience helps to pull out most suitable applicants by outlining the amount of responsibility and prior knowledge needed. A clear job title helps to understand what is needed and exact requirements as discussed by the Company.

Once the job title is ready, the next important section to focus here is Business Analyst Job Summary. A great BA job description will also include clear and compelling job summary and role needed within the Company. It will explain the type of candidate and expectations for the position. With a clear job title, job summary, and role or responsibilities, the candidate can quickly analyze if the job is a good fit for him or not. So, let’s get started with the business analytics job description.

Business Analyst Job Responsibilities

It is considered the most important part of the job description of business analyst - where the Company explains what work is needed from the candidate to complete. Here is the outline of job responsibilities and duties that are performed on a regular basis. The Company may add extra roles or responsibilities based on the requirements.

  • Develop comprehensive E2E test cases at the application levels.
  • Create direct channels for communication between software developers and the team so that work can be completed without any managerial interjection.
  • Identify the business trends by utilizing the real-data, compile analysis report, and follow-up on all results.
  • Design a comprehensive management plan for each project and hold regular stakeholder meetings to keep interested parties updated in the project progress.
  • Document or determine the client requirements for business processes and abide by those requirements for future projects.

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Business Analyst Qualification and Education Background

This section outlines the preferred skills needed for the position. It may include qualification, previous experience, certification, technical skills etc. It also includes soft skills or personality traits that you envision for a successful hire. Business Analyst Qualification and Education Keep the list concise here to attract qualified candidates only. Also, add relevant keywords and terms to be understood by anyone. Here is a snapshot of skills on you can write.

  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in IT/CSE or any other technical field.
  • 3-5 years of work experience
  • Advanced SQL management and maintenance skills
  • Practical experience with Microsoft Office and Visio
  • Detailed analytical capabilities and strong decision-making abilities.
  • Hands-on expertise in user testing and case management.

What does a Business Analyst Do?

A skilled business analyst assists with the implementation of business information systems across multiple departments. They identify problems within an organization and figure out the solution to achieve the ultimate business goals. He is also responsible to prepare financial reporting to develop initiatives or strategies that optimize costs and improve internal or external reporting.

What does a Business Analyst Do?

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A business analyst also conducts analyses of product lines, market analysis, , and overall profitability of the business. Additionally, they develop or monitor quality data metrics, and ensure business reporting needs are met. The job description of business analyst usually includes –

  • Budget and forecasting
  • Create a detailed business plan including business analysis, outlining problems, and suggest solutions or opportunities for the business.
  • Financial Modeling
  • Planning and Monitoring
  • Variance Analysis
  • Pricing, Reporting
  • Define project requirements and report them back to stakeholders

In addition to financial or operational modeling, a business analyst is expected to develop new models that underpin sound business decisions. The end goal is providing meaningful financial insights that accelerate business decisions, align resource allocation within company budget. A business analyst should derive fresh initiatives for financial planning and business intelligence systems.

Requirements Management - Key Role and a Business Analyst Job Duties

In the complex business environment, the organization’s ability, agility, adaptability to manage constant changes through innovation can be keys to success. Traditional methods are no longer good especially when economic conditions are unfavorable. Here the role of the business analysis process comes in where companies achieve goals by translating customer needs into new products, services, or profits. A business analyst can make it all happen with the right set of skills more effectively.

Key Role of a Business Analyst

The primary objective of a business analyst is helping businesses to implement technology solutions in a cost-effective manner and communicating them clearly with stakeholders, partners, or facilitators. Requirements Management is one of the core skills for business analyst profile. Developing technical solutions of tough business problems starts with defining, analyzing, or documenting requirements. Requirements Management at the project-level can help to fulfill business needs effectively.

The lead role of a business analyst in most of the projects include:

  • Eliciting Requirements
  • Assisting with business cases
  • Planning and monitoring business needs
  • Documenting, translating, and simplifying requirements
  • Requirement management, communication, requirement analysis etc.

A skilled business analyst also uses requirements to drive or design test cases, process change requests, manage the project scope, installation, or deployment etc.

Business Analyst Deliverable

Based on the needs of employers, the job deliverable may vary from a business analyst. Some are limited to IT-projects only while some may involve financial, accounting, or marketing operations. Business analyst online training is recommended for professionals currently working with banking, insurance, telecommunications, or marketing sectors.

Business Analyst Deliverable

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A business analyst typically needs to assess or validate requirements and to determine if a solution has fulfilled requirements or not. It may use sophisticated methods, tools, or matrices to achieve business benefits and corporate goals in such areas like production, billing, workflows, manufacturing, customer relationship management etc.

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What does it take to become a successful business analyst?

To become a skilled business analyst, there is a need for specialized business skills or knowledge that will advance the Company’s objectives and contribute remaining its competitiveness in a complex economy. The core skills of a business analyst include-

  • Written or verbal communication;
  • Technical writing skills
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Modeling tools or techniques
  • Business case development
  • Leadership

Increasingly, modern business organizations recognize the value of BA online training in terms of potentially improving the overall performance. Business analysts may leverage training to stay ahead of the competition and ensure they possess the capabilities needed to deliver effective business solutions for complex business problems.

Further, there are no fixed education requirements for a BA profile, but it may vary from employer to employer. The basic educational background needed for the profile is discussed already that is common to almost all organizations. The education or training requirements also depend on the specific role or industry type. It is possible to enter the field with a graduation degree or two-year experience in the industry. So, just go through the BA job description and read every aspect thoroughly, you might be able to ace the interview if you are able to understand all the points.

Almost every employee needs a bachelor’s degree. Some may prefer a master’s degree too depending on the requirements and salary that they are offering for that particular opening. As BA degree programs are not available widely and few are not able to afford the expensive degree programs, they plan to join related certification courses to get hands-on training on different BA concepts. Some individuals also prefer self-learning but for that make sure that you have adequate amount of learning material which will help you develop the relevant skills.

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Additionally, a few employers prefer to hire candidates with IIBA or CBAP certifications. The certification makes sure that candidates have all the critical skills that are required for BA jobs. The goal of online BA training is to master the skills needed to:

  • Implement advanced strategies to gather, review, or analyze requirements.
  • Prioritize requirements and create conceptual mock-ups or prototypes
  • Master the strategic business modeling, traceability, or quality management techniques.
  • Apply best effective practices and problem-solving approach for seamless communication
  • Apply for certification exams like IIBA or CBAP. Most training programs prepare aspirants for certification exams and syllabus is also designed accordingly.
  • Get hired for most sought-after business analyst jobs.

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So, what is the job description of business analyst all about? Becoming successful as a business analyst takes commitment and proper planning. Without any proper planning, you may feel like you lost the way, as business needs and economic conditions change fast. No one is sure how the job market will look after a few weeks or months. It is a good idea to enroll yourself in an online BA training now and acquire the necessary skills and hands-on expertise that may help you to excel in this exciting field.

Did our job description of business analyst help you understand a business analyst job duties? This BA job description will make you realise that a business analyst’s job is not just limited to gathering information and documentation. 

If you are an aspiring business analyst, then sign up for our BA training course or take part in one of the demo classes to get an idea of how the courses are run whereas if you are a company looking out for a potential BA, you can customize the business analyst job description sample according to your needs and post it on various job portals.

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