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Business Analyst Training Course Roadmap

Understand in detail how our business analyst career path looks like

Business Analysis & Stakeholders Overview

    1. Business Analysis Introduction & career Path
    2. Business Analysis Framework & Techniques
    3. SDLC Models Overview
    4. Stakeholder Identification & Management
    5. Stakeholder Analysis & Engagement techniques
    6. Critical analysis of Business Process
    7. Business Process mapping and Modelling
    8. As Is - To be Analysis and Documentation
    9. Requirements Overview
    10. Requirement Types (Business, Stakeholder, Functional, Non-Functional and Transition)

BPMN, Requirement Elicitation & Management

    1. Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring
    2. Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN)
    3. BPMN Notations and Symbols
    4. Requirement Elicitation Tasks
    5. Manage Stakeholder Collaboration
    6. Requirement Management & Communication
    7. Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM)
    8. Gap Analysis
    9. Impact Analysis & Risk Analysis
    10. Risk Mitigation Techniques

BA Tools & Design Documents

    1. UML Overview, History and Its Importance for a BA
    2. Structural Diagrams (Class, Object, Package, Component, Composite, Deployment and Profile Diagram)
    3. Behavioural Diagram (Use Case, Activity, State Machine, Sequence, Communication, Interaction Overview and Timing Diagram)
    4. MS Visio and Balsamiq tool (Wireframe and Mock-ups) Overview
    5. Practical session of MS Visio (draw Use Case diagram)
    6. Practical session on Balsamiq for Wire Frame creation (Website homepage)
    7. User Stories Overview
    8. Business Requirement Document (BRD)
    9. Functional Requirement Document (FRD)
    10. System Requirement Document (SRD)

Enterprise Analysis, Agile & Scrum

    1. Enterprise IT Analysis Overview (PESTLE, PORTER'S 5 FORCES, SWOT, etc.)
    2. Assessing Capability Gaps and determine solution approach
    3. McFarlan's IT grid, Gartner's curve, Zachman's Framework and TOGAF Framework
    4. Agile Methodology overview and its manifesto
    5. Agile Software Development Lifecycle
    6. Scrum Concepts in detail
    7. Managing Sprint Planning, Daily SCRUM, Sprint Review & Sprint Retrospectives
    8. Scum Master, Product Owner and Development Team in detail
    9. Kanban Overview
    10. Preparing User Stories, Product Backlog, Sprint Burn Down Charts overview

SQL, Database & Software Testing

    1. Database concepts and the 3rd Normal Form, Primary Key & Foreign Key concepts
    2. SQL DDL & DML commands
    3. SQL DCL & TCL Commands
    4. SQL Data Query Language (SQL Practical sessions)
    6. Data Modelling, OLAP, OLTP and ETL Concepts
    7. Software Testing (Manual & Automation)
    8. Types of Software testing and Importance of UAT
    9. Deployment Environments (Dev, Test, Staging and Production)
    10. Test Cases overview

Domains, Tools & BA Certification

    1. Health Care domain overview
    2. Insurance domain Overview
    3. Banking and Financial Services (BFSI) domain overview
    4. E-Commerce domain
    5. Supply Chain Management and Logistics Overview
    6. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) & Its Importance
    7. JIRA overview
    8. Basecamp & Mantis Overview
    9. Go to meeting & WebEx overview
    10. BA Certification & Resume preparation support

Business Analyst Training Course Roadmap

  • With a dynamic curriculum, JanBask Training offers you a business analysis training that can make you job-ready in no time. Sit tight and scroll through the curriculum that we have to offer to you-

    • Analysis, Business Analysis, IT Business Analysis defined
    • Objectives of Business Analysis
    • Business Analysis Core Concept Model
    • Who is an IT Business Analyst
    • Business Analysis Levels or Views - Process
    • Project, Enterprise, and Industry
    • Business Analysis Framework and Techniques
    • IT Business Analysis Software
    • IT Business Analyst Skills
    • IT Business Analyst Career Path

Course Curriculum

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