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Big Data Hadoop Certification Training Course

Gain foundational data skills applicable to marketing. Collect and analyze data, model marketing scenarios, and communicate your findings with Excel, Tableau, Google Analytics, and Data Studio.

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Why Big Data Hadoop Training & Certification?

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Big data management Framework

$670.8 B

Global Hadoop Market is Estimated to Reach $670.8 billion by 2025

$120 K+

The average Hadoop Developer salary in USA is $120,450 per year

1.6 M

Shortage of Hadoop skilled experts in the US.


Postings for Hadoop jobs have moved up by 64%, compared to last year. Alice Hill MD at Dice

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Earn your Hadoop Certificate

Best-in-class content by leading faculty & industry leaders in the form of videos and projects, assignments & live sessions.

Career Counselling

Career Counselling

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Resume Feedback

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Interview Preparation

Big Data Hadoop Course Roadmap

Take a look at the benchmarks you will achieve during your Big Data Learning Path

Hadoop Architecture, HDFS and MapReduce

    1. Introduction to BIGDATA and HADOOP.
    2. Relation between Big Data and Hadoop.
    3. What is the need of going ahead with Hadoop?
    4. Scenarios to apt Hadoop Technology in REAL TIME Projects.
    5. How Hadoop is addressing Big Data Changes
    6. Importance of Hadoop Ecosystem Components
    7. What is HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System).
    8. HDFS Architecture - 5 Daemons of Hadoop
    9. Replication in Hadoop - Fail Over Mechanism
    10. Hadoop Cluster Setup and JDK Installation.
    11. Why Map Reduce is essential in Hadoop?
    12. MapReduce and drawbacks Task Tracker Failure in Hadoop Cluster.
    13. Map Reduce Life Cycle & Communication Mechanism of Job Tracker & Task Tracker

Unix Shell & Apache Pig Installation

    1. How to write a basic Map Reduce Program
    2. Compression Techniques in Map Reduce
    3. Unix Shell Scripting Basics and commands.
    4. How Unix shell used in hadoop
    5. PIG Installation (Hands on Installation on Laptops)
    6. Introduction to Apache Pig
    7. Map Reduce Vs Apache Pig
    8. Where to Use Map Reduce and PIG in REAL Time Hadoop Projects
    9. How to write a simple pig script
    10. Parameter substitution in PIG Scripts
    11. How to develop the Complex Pig Script
    12. Bags , Tuples and fields in PIG

HIVE Installation & User Defined Functions

    1. HIVE Installation(Hands on Installation on Laptops)
    2. Local Mode & Clustered Mode
    3. Hive Introduction and need of Apache HIVE in Hadoop
    4. When to choose PIG & HIVE in REAL Time Project
    5. Importance Of Hive Meta Store.
    6. Communication mechanism with Metastore.
    7. Hive Integration with Hadoop & Hive Query Language(Hive QL)
    8. SQL VS Hive QL, Data Slicing Mechanisms and Partitions In Hive
    9. Partitioning Vs Bucketing
    10. Collection Data Types in HIVE
    11. User Defined Functions(UDFs) in HIVE
    12. UDFs, UDAFs, UDTFs and need of UDFs in HIVE
    13. Hive Serializer/Deserializer - SerDe
    14. Semi Structured Data Processing Using Hive(XML/JSON)
    15. HIVE - HBASE Integration

SQOOP & Hbase Installation

    1. Sqoop installation with MySQL Client
    2. Introduction to Sqoop.
    3. MySQL client and Server Installation
    4. How to connect to Relational Database using Sqoop
    5. Different Sqoop Commands
    6. Hive-Imports, Incremental import,
    7. import all table and import using password on file
    8. Hbase introduction and HDFS Vs Hbase
    9. Hbase Data modeling Elements
    10. Hbase Architecture & Clients(REST,Thrift,Java Based,Avro)
    11. Mongo DB basics & Introduction to MongoDB
    12. Features of MongoDB
    13. REAL Time Use Cases on Hadoop & MongoDB Use Cases

YARN Architecture, Impala & Apache Spark With Scala

    1. What is YARN?
    2. Difference between Map Reduce & YARN
    3. YARN Architecture(Resource Manager,Application Master,Node Manager),
    4. When should we go ahead with YARN
    5. YARN Process flow and Web UI
    6. Different Configuration Files for YARN.
    7. What is Impala? & How can we use Impala for Query Processing?
    8. When should we go ahead with Impala
    9. HIVE Vs Impala
    10. Real time Use Cases with Impala.
    11. Interactive Scala - Scala Shell
    12. Functional Programing in Scala
    13. What is Functional Programming
    14. Difference between Object Oriented and Functional
    15. Flume Master , Flume Collector and Flume Agent
    16. Real Time Use Case using Apache Flume.

Apache OOZIE and Spark

    1. Oozie Introduction, Oozie Architecture & Job Submission
    2. Spark Vs Map Reduce Processing
    3. File Operations in Spark Shell.
    4. Introduction to Spark Components.
    5. What is RDD and why it is important in Spark
    6. Core Features of RDD & Lazily Evaluated
    7. Different Operation on RDDs
    8. Actions and Transformation in RDD
    9. Running Spark in a Clustered Mode.
    10. Introduction to Spark SQL
    11. The SQL Context, Hive Vs Spark SQL
    12. Introduction to Data Frames [ Dfs ]

Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop

  • Hadoop career roadmap

    With the help of our Big Data Courses and the curriculum associated with it, many of our students have landed great jobs with high paying salary packages. Here is what we cover during the Hadoop Course.

    Here is what all we cover in our online Salesforce Course. Each topic has been detailed with the sub-topic that we cover.

Course Curriculum

Get the Big Data Hadoop Curriculum

Hadoop Corporate Training

Big Data Hadoop Corporate Training

Skill your workforce in new age technologies with our cutting edge curriculum

FAQs on Hadoop Certification Course and Training

Hadoop FAQs

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Customer Reviews

Jeff Martin

I am very satisfied with all aspects of the Hadoop course at JanBask. The course provides very interesting lessons and is really comprehensive and covers the entire syllabus. Classes gives the complete explanation of the context and not just the technical details.

Steve Saunders

I am totally new to the field of Big data and was looking for a course which can provide me with knowledge about each and every aspect of it in detail. This course provided me exactly same what I was looking for. Now, I know each and every aspect of the Big data in detail. Thank You JanBask for such a good learning.

Patrick Bradley

It is a great course. It helps students to understand the Hadoop ecosystem. This valuable knowledge shared by the lecturers at JanBask certainly help students to jump into any advanced topics of big data.

Dina Hay

I had a very good experience at JanBask understanding concept of Hadoop The instructor explained the concept in a very basic and practical manner which made the understanding more clear.

Madison Bowers

I like the way the course is presented. It has enough material for a beginner and an experienced as well. To me, the concepts were easy to understand with examples, HD Audio Video quality is excellent and the trainer is expert knowledgeable.

Christopher Castro

Had a great experience taking Hadoop classes. The lecture was medium paced easy to understand, the voice was clear and loud. The instructor showed enthusiasm in solving my queries. The lecture content was concise and gave an overall idea of big data technologies as expected from this course.

Richard Sequeira

I must say, it was a wonderful explanation and the sequencing of sections are very appropriate for learning. Completing this gives me enough exposure to start my next steps in Big Data career.

Rohit Jain

I had a very helpful experience at JanBask by taking up this course. The instructor is clear and articulate. He provides practical tips and meaningful examples to reinforce the lessons.Training videos are great. I love the way you explain the materials and concepts. Thank you.

Alexis Carlson

This Big Data classes at JanBask are very informative and well taught. I really appreciate the instructor digging deep into Big Data Fundamentals. It makes a lay man grasp Hadoop and Big Data fundamentals with ease

Ajay Singh

Pretty good course covering most of the important topics in Big Data. Concise and clear, and easy to follow. Great efforts by the Instructor. Many thanks for this wonderful course and excellent support.

Smita Arora

Great Big Data Course. Great examples, clear and precise explanation of Big Data concepts. The learning process is fun because of great content and visuals. I strongly recommend this course to anyone who wants to understand important Fundamental Concepts of Big Data.

Suruchi Singhal

After completing this course, I am very much satisfied. Course content and structures are really good. One feedback will be to add few more hands-on exercises.

Heloisa Santos

Instructor is very knowledgeable about Big Data. I feel very much confident after completing this course. This course has given me a good kickstart to enter into Big Data world. Thank you.

Pradeep kohli

I had very little knowledge of Big Data before starting this course. This course has given me a good foundation and would recommend it to anyone who wants to gain knowledge on Big Data.

Harnold N

It’s an excellent course on Big Data provided by JanBask. It provides with lots of opportunities both within the course and independently to apply learned concepts in Big Data.

Braxton Willis

It’s a great course. Everything explained is very well with a good number of examples. It’s well presented and informed and provides great insights into Big Data. This course was very fundamentally engaging. Highly recommend this course.

Caden Beck

The Hadoop course here is easy to follow and very helpful. It provided clear explanations with easy to understand examples. It covered all the topics in detail and is quite engaging. It’s perfectly what I was looking for.

Robert Thomas

Amazing course. Provides a comprehensive coverage with self explanatory content and presented in a very well organised manner. Good training provided for a person like me who is looking forward to excel in Hadoop. Thank you JanBask.

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